Don't Ruin Your Smartphone

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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy - 8 days ago
One person who orders a case today will also receive a brand new smartphone inside the package -
Tom Jones
Tom Jones - 4 hours ago
Dont buy this fake trash
Mi Ba
Mi Ba - 4 hours ago
Isaiah Fadipe no only from Gabon)
Otoniel Cardona
Otoniel Cardona - 4 hours ago
That same case is on Alibaba for $11
Mo Bash
Mo Bash - 7 hours ago
Joshua Chia
Joshua Chia - 4 hours ago
I don't like you no more bruh...Man,been a fan for years tho...
CRAZYGAMER14 - 4 hours ago
stop hating
Zomious - 4 hours ago
Copycat Therapy
Jasraj Johal
Jasraj Johal - 4 hours ago
You bitch!
Unsubscribed you today!
Daniel DanDanDn360
Daniel DanDanDn360 - 4 hours ago
The note10 pluse 5g dousnt have a case,theair is a diference in size between the note 10 pluse and the pluse 5g. The same with the s10,so can you mack a case for those verients of phones but if im wrong pleas tell me.
Jimmy Ma
Jimmy Ma - 4 hours ago
I dislike this guy so much after doing this. Copying someone else’s case and claiming he made it. -.- on top of that charging $45 for a case you can get around $15-$17.
CodeRed001 - 4 hours ago
Hope you get sued :)
Juan Solo
Juan Solo - 4 hours ago
I just got a great idea for a product I just reviewed... I mean, something I thought of all by myself, just now
Peter - 4 hours ago
Lmao buys a bunch of cases bulk and calls them his design, unbox full of shit therapy
The Same Same
The Same Same - 4 hours ago
I knew you had it in you, Lew(d). SAD.
Fatt Boii
Fatt Boii - 4 hours ago
Boo shucks.
Otoniel Cardona
Otoniel Cardona - 4 hours ago
You're just a rat, unsub
victor hernandez
victor hernandez - 4 hours ago
Xiutie - 4 hours ago
just because it looks like carbon-fiber doesn't mean its gonna protect my phone
J Collado
J Collado - 4 hours ago
Omar Herrera
Omar Herrera - 5 hours ago
Stop coping peoples work! This is a PITAKA's design!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sai Bea5t
Sai Bea5t - 5 hours ago
tang ina mo gago!
mag bigti kana
bistado ka bobohan mo!
pakyu ka 45!
BigPapi Jr
BigPapi Jr - 5 hours ago
Lew why did u do it to yourself man i thought u were actually chill but ur a scamming bitch
Alru Waldeck
Alru Waldeck - 5 hours ago
wow what a con man
shafin Md
shafin Md - 5 hours ago
that's why you never made to my subscription list... RIP
IPenguinTeethI - 5 hours ago
Unsubscribed to you, you POS.
LUXO - 5 hours ago
Ohh no no no Lew you screwed this up. Unsub
Magemor - 5 hours ago
I seriously was a big fan, I felt I could trust you.
Then you decided to be the terrible big CEO that goes ahead and makes small growing companies go bankrupt by stealing their ideas.
And then you make a 45 minutes video explaining EVERYTHING... Except you explained nothing.
If you had been honest, or even just recognized your faults and apologied, I'd have had no problems with the case.
But no, you just behaved shadily.
I'm sad to say I unsubscribed.
Bye Lew, bye Willy Du, bye Jack.
Memes n Shet
Memes n Shet - 5 hours ago
Just come clean man,keeping this up won’t help you,it’ll just damage your career and credibility.
Please ask yourself whats more important:all this or just being honest?
Kazimir N.
Kazimir N. - 5 hours ago
Phonerebel did it better
Unknown Mystique
Unknown Mystique - 5 hours ago
Don’t Ruin Your Career.
R0CKY - 5 hours ago
Lew, you clearly did not "make this case"....

When did you become a greedy salesman? You used to be about delivering the truth to the masses!

I have watched Unbox Therapy since it's infancy and Lew you have ignored the elephant in the room. Many YouTube viewers watch your content for your input and advise, including myself. After the fiasco of your "Later Case" all you had to do was deliver what you've always done for years which was you talking about the details of the issue and you just couldn't do that because for once you couldn't "Unbox" the truth.

I am just one view out of the millions you have watching you but please consider the one person taking a stand against a fraudulent YouTuber.

Goodbye Lew and Unbox Therapy, I'm officially unsubscribing.
Han Solo
Han Solo - 5 hours ago
Lew, I gotta say I love your channel but this is too much. You needed a few extra bucks so you ripped off somebody else’s design.
Browney - 6 hours ago
I hope you’ll get sued for what you’ve done, you fuckin copycat.
Lorenz Hofilena
Lorenz Hofilena - 6 hours ago
2019 biggest reseller goes to

Raditram - 6 hours ago
I'm glad I unsubbed loooong ago.
Rudraksh Sharma
Rudraksh Sharma - 6 hours ago
You should come out and give an explanation about the accusations surrounding you Luke...
Zladdy Kalash
Zladdy Kalash - 6 hours ago
You done fucked up Lew, you done fucked up.
MALO - 6 hours ago
Don't Ruin Your Smartphone, Ruin your reputation.
Ruby H.
Ruby H. - 6 hours ago
Trio - 6 hours ago
Unsubscribed, lost a long time viewer.
Tamás Bánki
Tamás Bánki - 6 hours ago
Liar! Unsubscribed.
Dylan Le Grange
Dylan Le Grange - 6 hours ago
B Team
B Team - 7 hours ago
Lew, I like the hustle.
Joe Lee
Joe Lee - 7 hours ago
A blatant lair...Don't trust this guy never anymore.
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