FASHION PHOTO RUVIEW: RuPaul's Drag Race UK Series 1, Episode 1

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Alexander S
Alexander S - 7 hours ago
It should be sucrose guardian. Kisses from a chemistry professor.
Mr. James
Mr. James - 12 hours ago
she wore a black shoe with that pink outfit HOWEVER the queen had a black purse and gloves to pull it together and Cheryl did not.
john adams
john adams - 19 hours ago
This is an INSULT to women, an repulsive to men
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane - 19 hours ago
I'm sorry Vivienne is wearing the same stuffed duck that my dog humps every time she's angry so I have to love it
Miranda Morris
Miranda Morris - 21 hour ago
Vinegar Strokes is the name of the face made when someone has an orgasm. :D
flo A
flo A - 23 hours ago
*if you smell vinegar when you're stroking you need to wash your dxck* !!!!😅
Marisol Ferreira Simões
Thank you to the Gay Lords! They are back!
krisy's life
krisy's life - Day ago
hunting queen was my favorite.
Lee Erobos
Lee Erobos - Day ago
Ever heard of Bootleg Opinion? It's even better.
Manuela Montuori
Manuela Montuori - Day ago
Divina de campo giving us Golden Girls realness
Brandon Rodriguez
Brandon Rodriguez - Day ago
Where is part 2!!!!?
Jillian Grey
Jillian Grey - 2 days ago
YAY Ravens back!!
roro1980 - 4 days ago
She has nothing in the bag but £5 - it’s a thing
Yorufan7 - 5 days ago
A year???
Tamara L
Tamara L - 5 days ago
Wow Raven is been to close to rupaul, she is even looking like him hahahaha
prince - 6 days ago
OMFG they arent on focus WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS sksjdlakdlsf
creativailability - 6 days ago
An I’uoooo
Yami Hana
Yami Hana - 6 days ago
Why didn't they do the hometown looks as well 🤔 I live for these videos 🤣 honestly these two hahaha 🖤
glockenrein - 6 days ago
Fucking finally. I don’t watch this show when it’s not Raja and Raven.
Joshua Enker
Joshua Enker - 6 days ago
‘She should have ordered a steamer’
André Luís Ferreira
André Luís Ferreira - 6 days ago
Raja, what is that outfit
CazzaMcSpazza - 6 days ago
FYI, vinegar strokes are the last few strokes of the penis before ejaculation.
Makeup Mik
Makeup Mik - 6 days ago
The pound coin doesn’t weigh a pound
JustheMessenger - 6 days ago
I would like to point out that when the queen dresses for the order of the garter, the garter regalia is worn on her shoulder. But I love the cheekiness of that outfit!
Rodrigo Solorzano
Rodrigo Solorzano - 6 days ago
No Violet? No Katya? No me
Queen V
Queen V - 6 days ago
Did y’all really toot the man baby?????
Ms Ita
Ms Ita - 6 days ago
Yaaaaaaassssss! I’m so happy the original and BEST duo are back together again!!
Sarah Ellis
Sarah Ellis - 6 days ago
I'm not sure if I watched the actual episode at all because I think I just stared at Raven the whole time
TrueFace - 7 days ago
Omg I’ve never saw Fashion Photo Ruview with Raja and Raven. In fact I’ve started watching it because I’m a huge fan of Aquaria and I’ve watched whole series with Raja and Aquaria, BUT
Now I see what you guys are talking about. Raven so so so funny and cool, they have an amazing chemistry with Raja
It’s a toot!
MelaninKhaleesi - 7 days ago
Dmitrijini __
Dmitrijini __ - 7 days ago
My brother said Baga Chipz looks like Mrs. Doubtfire
Janice Marshall
Janice Marshall - 7 days ago
I can stop pouting now that the both of you are reunited and it feels so good 😊
Antony Fordham
Antony Fordham - 7 days ago
Awwww I luv how they were told to mention ravens work on rupaul cause they got called put for not mention him at the Emmy's lmaooo no even low key bout it
Simone Vanderwolf
Simone Vanderwolf - 7 days ago
Seeing Raven back on again gave me LIFEEEEEE 😍😍😍
sam smith
sam smith - 7 days ago
I haven’t watched fpr since they left and now finally they’re baaack 😭
Brendan Pilkington
Brendan Pilkington - 7 days ago
The Queen used to wear a lot of kaftans on her African tour in the 70s. That’s what inspired Vinegar’s look.
sensesurround - 7 days ago
Glucose Guardian? Epic!
Roxana Tapia
Roxana Tapia - 7 days ago
Raja, Nails gurl
Oscar Castro
Oscar Castro - 7 days ago
finally TALENT is back
JJ - 7 days ago
thank god Raven is back xxxxxxxxx yas
Onyeneke Khel
Onyeneke Khel - 7 days ago
only the second person and Raven has already thrown shade.... we hv missed this duo 😍😍
Mrs. Arthur Morgan
Mrs. Arthur Morgan - 8 days ago
Cheryl looks like a pretty Pandora Boxx.
Archer Candy
Archer Candy - 8 days ago
Trend alert: Biscuit Baskets *ded*
idopoliti - 8 days ago
11:38 - it's Crazy how the colors of the clothes look completely different in a video compared to the pic they look at. Things like that might change their mind sometimes
Lucas Rodrigues
Lucas Rodrigues - 8 days ago
this is the best part of Rupaul's dragrace UK. Raven & Raja back again. The rest is kinda meh.
ballyhigh11 - 8 days ago
Raja is wearing her Union Flag hat upside down. It was bugging me all the way through the ruview
Calista Liotta
Calista Liotta - 8 days ago
man raven is fucking glowing
Allis Haus
Allis Haus - 8 days ago
I just love u gurls together
ohjeezriles - 8 days ago
Ugh, don’t give the racist one a toot. Come on.
Cindy Woodside
Cindy Woodside - 8 days ago
Raja and Raven. I’m so happy. I love you both. Congratulations on all that you both have accomplished.
texaschick74 - 8 days ago
Raven has returned...HELL YA! Missed you! Can't beat a Raja & Raven moment!
Stephanie Donato
Stephanie Donato - 8 days ago
Yes Raven and Raja are back!
Chas Corum
Chas Corum - 8 days ago
My Alabama queen.
blackrose 98
blackrose 98 - 8 days ago
They are back back back back backkkk
darling - 8 days ago
Rachel Ribeiro
Rachel Ribeiro - 8 days ago
The trend alert had me dying 💀😂
Martin Alfaro
Martin Alfaro - 8 days ago
That Dragrace season 1 filter 🤣🤣
TeeMyra M Knight
TeeMyra M Knight - 8 days ago
I miss them so much 💙❤️
grumpy munchkin
grumpy munchkin - 8 days ago
Instead of glucose guardian couldn't you just call them insulin
jarednil69 - 8 days ago
The fashions in this first episode are light years better than the second.
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