FORTNITE x BATMAN!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Eddie Pulido
Eddie Pulido - 15 days ago
I think both of the Batman🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇🦇
Person _gorb
Person _gorb - 18 days ago
Person _gorb
Person _gorb - 18 days ago
Sup me
Sidak Swaich
Sidak Swaich - 19 days ago
Can you gift me the batman skin
GaMer boy4ever
GaMer boy4ever - 20 days ago
Best bundle i've ever seen i also got it
Predator MKII
Predator MKII - 3 days ago
@dragonbreath 75 PredatorMKX
Predator MKII
Predator MKII - 3 days ago
@dragonbreath 75 trade accounts plz
Predator MKII
Predator MKII - 11 days ago
Trade accounts plz
Chason Stanford
Chason Stanford - 21 day ago
this batman mode is the best
i love it.
Richard Delmar
Richard Delmar - 22 days ago
100M Clan
100M Clan - 24 days ago
The batman outfit is actually a legendary. It just has batman series for garnen or extra
Taylor Ferguson
Taylor Ferguson - 24 days ago
anyone 2020?
Tiffany Randolph
Tiffany Randolph - 27 days ago
jāý loves school
jāý loves school - 27 days ago
Will it ever come back
Chloe Young
Chloe Young - 28 days ago
Did u rlly miss a purple tac!?🤔🥺
Ron D
Ron D - 29 days ago
I was not here for that 😔😔
Ali Aljaaidi
Ali Aljaaidi - Month ago
Can you please gift me the battle pass please please please I love your videos so so much
Angel Wardah
Angel Wardah - Month ago
Dark night
TheBoiiB _
TheBoiiB _ - Month ago
500Th comment lol
Daniel C
Daniel C - Month ago
TG is a god at fortnite
Shadon Starling Jr
Shadon Starling Jr - Month ago
Gina Lazaro-Macabunga
Gina Lazaro-Macabunga - Month ago
i love it
3 Mob
3 Mob - Month ago
can someone please gift it to me🥺
Kera Brannigan
Kera Brannigan - Month ago
Gift me ninja please my username is bertieth
Diana Quiroz
Diana Quiroz - Month ago
A cop cop cop
Michael Tapp
Michael Tapp - 2 months ago
I like the dark night bat man outfit
rhonnie david
rhonnie david - 2 months ago
TYPICAL GAMER can you send me some vbux pls. Callum B
Ashleigh Xxo
Ashleigh Xxo - 3 months ago
I’m genuinely curious does TG have something wrong with him😂(not a hate comment btw, he just seems strange lmao)
Dante Love
Dante Love - 3 months ago
2:31:21 you can't tell me he does not have aimbot
Dante Love
Dante Love - 3 months ago
Y u take a green revolver over a purple
Dante Love
Dante Love - 3 months ago
Thay shouldn't of even released the comic one the dark knight one is SO much better
Jackeem Manjares
Jackeem Manjares - 4 months ago
Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis - 4 months ago
Batman is 😎😎😎
Stephanie Reindollar
Stephanie Reindollar - 4 months ago
I'm up on a Saturday
Justin Joseph
Justin Joseph - 4 months ago
pro beatmaster
pro beatmaster - 4 months ago
2020 anyone?
Mark Murray
Mark Murray - 4 months ago
up to 5 hours? shorten it!
Dominick Holland
Dominick Holland - 5 months ago
Hey does any buddy know if Batman will ever come out again ?
Damian Mendez
Damian Mendez - 5 months ago
Dylan Young
Dylan Young - 6 months ago
comic book
Dio Brando
Dio Brando - 6 months ago
*And this is how you RUIN batman*
Ice GangDF23
Ice GangDF23 - 6 months ago
I like the dark knight movie outfit
Liberty Taylor
Liberty Taylor - 6 months ago
thats not fake guys
The Gamer
The Gamer - 7 months ago
4:08 how Batman celebrates
Nicole Wayland
Nicole Wayland - 7 months ago
I love your videos awesome my name is Connor
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia - 7 months ago
I love that I love that man he's my homie
Animeamv Zezelitboy
Animeamv Zezelitboy - 7 months ago
When u see Batman doing the floss 😯
Animeamv Zezelitboy
Animeamv Zezelitboy - 7 months ago
Dark knight
Antonio Anderson
Antonio Anderson - 7 months ago
GM3 Aviation
GM3 Aviation - 8 months ago
You are a mindless toilet bug!!!🤬
Seoul Skippy
Seoul Skippy - 8 months ago
I watched the video when you did the area soft video
KAYDYN playz
KAYDYN playz - 8 months ago
Dark night one
Alani Hatten
Alani Hatten - 8 months ago
i understood the quote
Sarah Burt
Sarah Burt - 8 months ago
Sarah Burt
Sarah Burt - 8 months ago
Cop hell No that ant no drope
Cheeonn Lee
Cheeonn Lee - 8 months ago
the new one
the new one ok
Damian Whitmore
Damian Whitmore - 8 months ago
The bat, is the only mammal capable of flight. Since all Batman does is glide, he is really a variety of squirrel.
AlphaWOLF_playz 24
AlphaWOLF_playz 24 - 8 months ago
Can you gift me Catwoman. My epic is Alex_Is08
Ben The Bird
Ben The Bird - 8 months ago
4:06 - 4:14 when you see batman is a great dancer
The video game Warrior
The video game Warrior - 8 months ago
Can you please give me Batman my name rileydodgers8
Felicia Speare
Felicia Speare - 8 months ago
He would use a mech because he has gadgets
Felicia Speare
Felicia Speare - 8 months ago
That Batman skin looks nice
Felicia Speare
Felicia Speare - 8 months ago
Its so dope
Apple Pro
Apple Pro - 8 months ago
Ur just salty
Lexyslit The robloxian
Lexyslit The robloxian - 8 months ago
You got a good Batman voice
Lexyslit The robloxian
Lexyslit The robloxian - 8 months ago
I dont know who Bruce Wayne is
Me: Bruh he is Batman lol
Jessica Strickling
Jessica Strickling - 8 months ago
I want you to show me the GTA months but you’re playing Fortnite right now I like your girls kind of hands please show me them
Anis - 8 months ago
When does he use the classic outfit?
rangasamy varadhan
rangasamy varadhan - 8 months ago
Asking typical gamer for 129th time for video of future fight game play
Quinn Evans
Quinn Evans - 8 months ago
Deavon Maenhout
Deavon Maenhout - 8 months ago
I choos de Dark Knight skin
Andrew Max
Andrew Max - 8 months ago
Ty pls do batman enemy with in
Elite Narrow
Elite Narrow - 8 months ago
which batman skin is your favorite/comis
Elite Narrow
Elite Narrow - 8 months ago
i meant comic skin
Peyton Zihlke
Peyton Zihlke - 8 months ago
whenever i get bored playing games i watch youtube, whenever I get bored watching YouTube i go watch typical gamer Typical Gamer = never fails to cure boredom
Not Kylan Jenkinson
Not Kylan Jenkinson - 8 months ago
Batman is the best hero in the Dc movie but where’s roben at he should be with Batman because Batman is the best roben have a green kap is cool
Monique Smith
Monique Smith - 8 months ago
I like dark knight Batman
CARTER CAUGHLIN - 8 months ago
''i will not get off until i get a dub''
video duration:3:26:23
CARTER CAUGHLIN - 8 months ago
i know what where is he from
Dalton Carter
Dalton Carter - 8 months ago
Wary Tv
Wary Tv - 8 months ago
i. One
South Cak AON
South Cak AON - 8 months ago
Wonder what other characters they'll put in the game
Agentkilla killa
Agentkilla killa - 8 months ago
Sir last time I checked batman didn't use guns
Liljosh Bandz
Liljosh Bandz - 8 months ago
I had found one bat signal at junk junction
Clifford Liles
Clifford Liles - 8 months ago
Typical man
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