$1,000 Tattoo - Worth It Tattoos • Part 2

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Yangg YG
Yangg YG - 4 hours ago
Dis time no face time from gf haha y??
Heather Low
Heather Low - 15 hours ago
Umm can I be apart of this show
motherofmusic 2
motherofmusic 2 - Day ago
Will you get me a $1,000 tattoo? Puhlease
Lethal's Little Spin
What happened to Pat?
Makaelyn Slager
Makaelyn Slager - Day ago
Lowkey made me cry....
Lumen Rp
Lumen Rp - 2 days ago
Who is pat??
fabulous waffle
fabulous waffle - 2 days ago
Aww poor guy lost his friend pat i feel so sad now
Keisha Gano
Keisha Gano - 2 days ago
I like how the artist and the canvass get to have this deep connection. I mean thats good
JustAnother sadperson
JustAnother sadperson - 2 days ago
I need to get a tattoo from this guy in my life.
mdtnumber13 - 2 days ago
Yeah idk if I would even pay $500 for that tattoo. The quality detail and size is suspect for the price that was given. The client deserves better with the story he brings. Just my honest opinion. No offense.
lars kristensen
lars kristensen - 3 days ago
thats one hell of an artist. i like how he need to get his imagination triggered before he can "see " the end result.
i have it that way with mechanical ideas.
Cam Benzo
Cam Benzo - 3 days ago
Bro is real creative and a big mind salute🤝
dot bot
dot bot - 3 days ago
goddammit bro its his body let him do what he wants to
Sean Carrell
Sean Carrell - 4 days ago
This man is a real artist. A genius
Elias Padilla
Elias Padilla - 4 days ago
i wonder what drug this dude was addicted with
Sean NsBets
Sean NsBets - 4 days ago
i know this video is 6 months old..... Why was the art mirrored? Breaking Bad , the bear had it's Right side burnt , the Oil Painting , Same.. but the Tattoo is reversed? Nobody noticed? Explain? i blame Nicole Petrou @badkittyno the "stencil artist" clearly put the Paper in the printer wrong.
Sean NsBets
Sean NsBets - 2 days ago
@Юля Плюсик True. i did hear him say that.. But you don't simple Reverse an image / flip / mirror a logo just for the sake of being able to see it better. i think they did it for another reason.
Юля Плюсик
Юля Плюсик - 3 days ago
As he said, the reason was so when Ben looks at his arm, he can see a bear's eye (another side of the bear's face is pretty much goes to the back of the arm, so it is not so visible)
Mohammad Suelta
Mohammad Suelta - 4 days ago
The consultation is everything!
Arvi Arancillo
Arvi Arancillo - 5 days ago
Actually its a masterpiece damn!🔥
From 🇵🇭
Kidd_out - 5 days ago
Anyone else realize ben has a DNA strand tattoo on his right arm
P. P.
P. P. - 5 days ago
I like the bear tattoo 100 times better than the ones from the last video
12darkspider - 6 days ago
last chance
last chance - 6 days ago
beautiful piece of art
kk Singh
kk Singh - 6 days ago
Not worth it ... That art is ready bad .. there is no dimension in it ... That to for 1000$ .... My ass
chaz honaker
chaz honaker - 7 days ago
Wow what an Artist.. Amazing work man.
TF M - 7 days ago
Landon Palotsee
Landon Palotsee - 7 days ago
Can u do a part 3?
Canna Myth
Canna Myth - 7 days ago
I really like the way Scott thinks and his work is stunning.
Sheila Burrell
Sheila Burrell - 7 days ago
These tatts are good but some i defiantly wouldn't pay 1,000 for. I have grate tatts from grate artist's and big tatts with detail.
If im getting 1,000 tatt it better be a full sleeve
Bryson DeRaaf
Bryson DeRaaf - 8 days ago
mad respect to ben for coming clean about his addiction takes a lot for a person to admit it
Mega Color
Mega Color - 9 days ago
this guy is not that good. hes avg. $1000 for 4 hours? LOL!
Aidan Holland
Aidan Holland - 6 days ago
Gotta include the time it took to create the concept and prep as well.
burger flipper
burger flipper - 9 days ago
All his friends and family keeps dying wtf
Jared J
Jared J - 9 days ago
The song at 10:40 is Awaken by Twuan for those asking.
Trucker Life
Trucker Life - 9 days ago
He didn't have to call his gf every time, they break up?
Dedwinx - 9 days ago
1000 dollars for the fortnite cuddle team leader
Tiffany Sollog
Tiffany Sollog - 10 days ago
That warms my 🖤.
TotalProductions123 - 10 days ago
What's with this guys friends dying.
Theyoutubeidiot - 11 days ago
Great tattoo but, the bear was entirely backwards, the burns should've been on the right side😂
Destiny Hopfer
Destiny Hopfer - 11 days ago
wrestling reality
wrestling reality - 11 days ago
8:53 India
Evin Sabberton
Evin Sabberton - 12 days ago
I think it's funny how in the first video everyone was all over this guy but now everyone's shitting on him lmao.
I think he does better at tattoos that hes actuslly into
thot-patroller jo bro
thot-patroller jo bro - 12 days ago
5:45 i, buzzfeed have a dream
Ava Mooltrey
Ava Mooltrey - 12 days ago
I think the 80 buck tatt was just too heavy handed.
antony hewson
antony hewson - 12 days ago
This guy has probably been recovering from smoking weed!! He aint no ex heroin addict for sure💯💯
antony hewson
antony hewson - 12 days ago
That artist is basically saying "my way or nothing"..its supposed to be what the client envisions not the artist..can tell he is narcissistic as hell💪💪💯💯
Ferdinand Saur
Ferdinand Saur - 12 days ago
the 80$ tatto still good,meanwhile other more expensive tatto has been faded
Saoirse Darch
Saoirse Darch - 13 days ago
This dude is so unlucky I am happy he can have a great reminder thanks to the tattos
Erick Ramirez
Erick Ramirez - 13 days ago
What is the name of the song in 3:15 I really need to know plz
Azu Copuz
Azu Copuz - 13 days ago
I love the painting!!
GurlAintHappening Msp
GurlAintHappening Msp - 13 days ago
Rip Pat
freewithnature - 14 days ago
Some people can talk crap about this dude but he comes up some some decently creative stuff, specially when I think of the tattoo “artists” that are here lol. We have a very small pool of talent here.
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