Louisiana teacher Mickey Smith Jr. wins 2020 Grammy Music Educator Award

drake defee
drake defee - 5 days ago
I love it so much my man Mr. Smith finally made it when I was in the band at maplewood he was nominated for a Grammy two years in a row and I’m so happy he finally won
Frost rider
Frost rider - 14 days ago
my teacher was a semi finalists but you knownshe is a food teacher when she said "i doesnt matter, its an honor to even be in the semi finalists and im glad that i losted to someone this great". so both my teacher and this one thank you! for being amazing
Dupage Rock Music School
Dupage Rock Music School - 17 days ago
Music is the medicine. Congrats@ Micky
Journi2Me - 18 days ago
Awww I love this! I played clarinet and the saxophone in school. Loved being in the band. Great Job Sir!
Mr_ F0il
Mr_ F0il - 19 days ago
Hands-down the best teacher I've ever had. He taught me to believe in myself and my playing no matter what, in a very tumultuous point in my life. Wish my other band teachers would have been that cool, haha. He definitely deserves this award.
Marissa Wilkins
Marissa Wilkins - 19 days ago
Y’all that my teacher husband mrs. smith congrats to u is this why u was not here mrs.smith at school
Ashlyn carlin
Ashlyn carlin - 19 days ago
He was my 8th grade music history teacher at mms
V Williams
V Williams - 21 day ago
You make Mossville proud
Edna Richardson
Edna Richardson - 21 day ago
Congratulations Mick,,,,,,🎼🎼🎼🎼🎵🎶🎵🎶❤️
Mariah Finley
Mariah Finley - 21 day ago
Yes Louisiana that's what I am talking bout
Hillbilly Politico
Hillbilly Politico - 21 day ago
Tried to watch this but just can not stomach the fake "news" voices. Yuck! What are y'all doing?!
_ ZonE _
_ ZonE _ - 21 day ago
🎶Oh when the saints🎶
🎶Go marching in🎶
Champions of Mid May
Champions of Mid May - 21 day ago
Strike up another affirmative action win.
D_Roi - 21 day ago
Very much needed, that affirmative action! The "majority" have been winning, inherently and with privilege, for a real long time.
Dean Kenney
Dean Kenney - 21 day ago
Music education should be mandatory. If you don't play your part, it pulls the whole unit down.
Angelica RoseMarie
Angelica RoseMarie - 21 day ago
YESSS HONEY YESSS!!! Mickey Smith Jr., is soooo blessed within his families' generation of inspirational African American leaders ... to carry on the tradition of "keep on going" until you focus/change you perspective to succeed.
Mr. Smith, has become the most popular leader/mentor ... who honestly connects with his positively motivated
students, within the "each one teach one" inspirational motivation movement, and the overall international/universal resounding beautiful sounds of music.
I agree ... with the student who said, "He's SUPER AWESOME!"
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Mickey Smith Jr., for being honored with this year's ...
Grammy Music Educator Award. WOW ... YOU ROCK!!!
L. MyHanh Barden
L. MyHanh Barden - 21 day ago
Exactly! Keep teaching! ❤️
Mickey Smith Jr.
Mickey Smith Jr. - 21 day ago
More at mickeysmithjr.com
If you’re an educator join Mickey Smith Jr.’s FREE Facebook page today at SOUND180 EDUCATORS for motivation, inspiration, enrichment and solutions to create a sound school year.
XiiSladaZi - 22 days ago
Van Thai
Van Thai - 22 days ago
Thanks to the Trump' Defense Team. I now have the 'real truth', not the Communist Democrats' 'fake truth' concocted in secret in the Congress attic by a bunch of Democrat morons. Trump 2020 full speed ahead !!! Thank you Mr. president and your super team.
Norma Nixon
Norma Nixon - 22 days ago
i Wanted To Teach Music, It Gives One An Opportunity To Save Lives! 'ALL' Schools Need This!
Marc N Davidson
Marc N Davidson - 22 days ago
I grew up in Lake Charles, not too far from Sulphur, and am so excited to see this honor go to Mickey Smith Jr. Congratulations and thanks for making a difference!
Danyel Garcia
Danyel Garcia - 22 days ago
"I loved him the way he was but I loved him enough not to leave him just the way he was."
Tyrone Jr
Tyrone Jr - 22 days ago
I go to school here
Tyrone Jr
Tyrone Jr - 22 days ago
Good job mr Smith
Brenda Melancon
Brenda Melancon - 22 days ago
Congrats for your well deserved honor! As a teacher of incarcerated youth here in Louisiana; I know we need people like you! I was also a band kid from Opelousas, La and raised two band kids in Cecilia, La. Kudos to you and keep on "keeping on"!
Kat Lap
Kat Lap - 22 days ago
This makes me proud, my mom was a teacher, I am glad he is getting his recognition, teach our kids sir, you’re a treasure
Bob Cieslinski
Bob Cieslinski - 22 days ago
Nigel Hinds
Nigel Hinds - 22 days ago
This is a wonderful person
Susan Fontaine
Susan Fontaine - 22 days ago
Wow we need teachers like this .
winger690 - 23 days ago
You make Louisiana proud! My mom is from there and loves music just like me. I'm in New York City.
SPCsulphur8212 - 23 days ago
I heard the announcement! Great job, Mr. Smith!
nintenmetro - 23 days ago
We have yet to see Disney-Pixar's Soul, but Mr. Smith reminds me of Jamie Foxx's lead role in the film as Mr. Gardner, a middle school teacher with a dream to go big with his talent.
"We have a short time on this planet. So do something that will truly bring out the real you."
Adrianne Cooper
Adrianne Cooper - 23 days ago
Thank you Mr. Smith for being a great teacher and mentor!🎶🎶
Francisco Santos
Francisco Santos - 23 days ago
Theresa P.
Theresa P. - 23 days ago
DeGrate1896 - 23 days ago
1:37: His "typically frugal grandmother Lillie Mae spent $400 on a used saxophone." That was probably a much inflated price and she wasn't familiar enough to know it, but hallelujah that the person in whom she invested rose to the occasion. Well done, Lillie Mae. See what your faith has brought to fruition. Oh that every investment paid off so well.
Danielle Roby
Danielle Roby - 23 days ago
I have no Subscribers
I have no Subscribers - 23 days ago
I'm on national news
Couv - 23 days ago
I've been taught by him multiple times and he is honestly just a whole hearted person and has taught me alot. Also love the song he played "mercy mercy"
Mrs. Renee' Moss
Mrs. Renee' Moss - 23 days ago
I'm so proud!!!
Jonathan Hooper
Jonathan Hooper - 23 days ago
Congratulations, sir! And thank you for getting off the podium and close to the students where the teaching actually occurs!
Evan Mitchell
Evan Mitchell - 23 days ago
I’m a student in that band
French horn player
Norma Dominguez
Norma Dominguez - 23 days ago
You're so lucky!
aro 327
aro 327 - 23 days ago
They call it the remainder its the number that remains.
Tara R
Tara R - 23 days ago
Congratulations you make us proud
From London
Regina Moore
Regina Moore - 23 days ago
Can ANYTHING good come out of Louisiana. ... YES it can!! Bravo Mr. Smith!
Richard Borders
Richard Borders - 23 days ago
Congratulations from a fellow music teacher. You're making a lasting impact on these students.
Macy Wacy
Macy Wacy - 23 days ago
A great human being and a extraordinary teacher! Congrats well deserved!
Bryan Leger
Bryan Leger - 23 days ago
Congrats Mickey. This is a great accomplishment.
ilovearashi151 - 23 days ago
Congratulations, Mickey!!!! Super proud of you, my friend!!!
Jolie Dubriel
Jolie Dubriel - 23 days ago
Amazing and inspiring Goo Mickey!! So happy for you!!!
miss33ti - 23 days ago
Awesome! Congratulations!!! Louisiana proud!
Janet LeLeux
Janet LeLeux - 23 days ago
Damnitt Mickey.... I didn't want to cry today!!! UGHHHHH. I can't even put into words how proud I am of you right now, and how excited I am. I can only imagine the screaming that was happening in that house from you, Eugenia, and the kids. BRAVO!!!! Truly well deserved.
seeking wisdom
seeking wisdom - 23 days ago
Alright brotha! Great works. Black excellence
Bruce Plauche
Bruce Plauche - 23 days ago
That is Mickey and has always been Mickey. Genuine.
Amos Orr
Amos Orr - 23 days ago
Way to go Mickey!
T. The Zombie Whisperer
T. The Zombie Whisperer - 23 days ago
Dude is black, no wonder he is so awesome, 😎
Kat Lap
Kat Lap - 22 days ago
He is awesome, may he teach our kids /)
LetsBeClear - 22 days ago
..you sound DUMB
Linda Staves
Linda Staves - 23 days ago
What a Wonderful story. Mickey Smith Jr, You Make Us PROUD!
ALICE - 23 days ago
We need more teachers like him, love students and love teaching.
SPCsulphur8212 - 21 day ago
Jaqueezzy Hoodlum Intelligence is the best ability.
Jaqueezzy Hoodlum
Jaqueezzy Hoodlum - 21 day ago
SPCsulphur8212 Grammys don’t mean anything when your school always loses to lewis in every sport every year
SPCsulphur8212 - 21 day ago
Jaqueezzy Hoodlum how many GRAMMYS does your school have?
Jaqueezzy Hoodlum
Jaqueezzy Hoodlum - 21 day ago
Kaiden Visser Lewis is a better school
Kaiden Visser
Kaiden Visser - 23 days ago
He do be cool doe he teaches at my school and rayvon is my basketball teammate
Anthony Wright
Anthony Wright - 23 days ago
Karen Dapremont
Karen Dapremont - 23 days ago
Yes Sir! You have done something Amazing
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