Satisfying ASMR To Tingle You Immediately - Fast ASMR No Talking

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StacyAster - 29 days ago
Hey guys 🤗 waiting for a long version?
(upd) published a long version:
Lila Schmetterling
Lila Schmetterling - 15 days ago
Do you reuse things like soap or wax?
그것Mar-IA - 18 days ago
100th reply UwU
Sara Santos
Sara Santos - 19 days ago
Oiii amo seus vídeos
T s u k i軽い
T s u k i軽い - 22 days ago
Your videos make me sleep always uwu ur awesome uwu💙👌🏻
txsha.avocado OOF
txsha.avocado OOF - 23 days ago
StacyAster ur not stacy asmr anymore
Noa Suau Gómez
Noa Suau Gómez - 37 minutes ago
I love it🤩🤩🤩😱
YummyKate ASMR
YummyKate ASMR - Hour ago
Jason Wong
Jason Wong - 2 hours ago
what kind of camera is this damn
Maria Aparecida stoco da silva
hey gosto de voce burra
E Presto
E Presto - 8 hours ago
3:50 slapped me
игры тв
игры тв - 10 hours ago
Ктонибуть из 2 м есть русский
DankMeme - 13 hours ago
Is nobody going to talk about how there’s no ads?
Michael Hawthorne
Michael Hawthorne - 14 hours ago
1:10 that’s some next level skill
Penelope the cat
Penelope the cat - 15 hours ago
I havent got my tingles yet am I doing something wrong? :/
Le Hackeur Mouahaha
Le Hackeur Mouahaha - 17 hours ago
SelenaGomez678 - 17 hours ago
Anyone else coming back here everyday?
Catho Devos
Catho Devos - 19 hours ago
Love your ASMR
Darynaaa - 20 hours ago
3:40 боль. 4:01 боль
V̶āpσ尺乇σи - C̶h̶a̶n̶
The thumbnail: Ruined makeup
*Girls have left the chat*
[ Àlayá ]
[ Àlayá ] - 21 hour ago
This is so comforting to hear when you are stressed
MontcomHorror - 21 hour ago
This is get out the crusty, old, expired makeup and dried-out deodorant and put it to good use.
Yekta Safarali
Yekta Safarali - 22 hours ago
That scraping soins tho
Kashan900 - 23 hours ago
Stacy! Do what you do best. Hypnotize! Stacy style.
nismoSTUDIOS - 23 hours ago
Im still paying respect bc she had a floppy bananna
AppleDJack - Day ago
This making me want to piss not relax
Ruma Isha
Ruma Isha - Day ago
Noo nooo don't ruin highlighter 🤧
No. - Day ago
0:35 I'm obsessed with this oop
Евгения Алыпова
просто супер АСМР
Morpheous _
Morpheous _ - Day ago
Can  we  just  talk
 about  how  perfect 
this  was?
Ice Cream
Ice Cream - Day ago
I watched the whole video thinking it was preview 😂😂😂
PurpleSoba - Day ago
*We not gonna talk about that iPhone case??*
Evelyn Yang
Evelyn Yang - Day ago
Stacy: Destroying makeup
Me: Were they not Jeffree Star approved? Knew it.
Rusteen Rieko Valmoria
I love visual triggers!!!!
Lexi Starks
Lexi Starks - Day ago
0:34 why is nobody talking about how weird that sounds. No hate though
yogurt - Day ago
0:35 someone please tell me what this is
Kawaii Kittii
Kawaii Kittii - Day ago
Why is nobody talking about her camera being godlike?
Leafeonishere -
Leafeonishere - - Day ago
The most satisfying part
The cups are perfectly filled
bby potato
bby potato - Day ago
I hit the replay button like a hundred times
Murat ŞAHİN - Day ago
asmr no no I love noo
Nina Wicks
Nina Wicks - 2 days ago
My baby sis when she has no diaper on
FunnyGamer And FoxyZoneMaster YT
That is actually dope
Gunter j
Gunter j - 2 days ago
2:44 is how earth is gonna end
• iiBuddyBooii •
• iiBuddyBooii • - 2 days ago
00:53 ☺️
HYALOID - 2 days ago
lagado1lag - 2 days ago
Really like the sound of 3:33. what is called? Need more videos of this!
Perlun - 2 days ago
No nut november end 2:23
Jasmiiin Cher
Jasmiiin Cher - 2 days ago
I was enjoying the video until the make up part started 😕
Lady M8
Lady M8 - 2 days ago
Lauren Ahmu
Lauren Ahmu - 2 days ago
Could you do an hour for that awwww
Lauren Ahmu
Lauren Ahmu - 2 days ago
O:35 is, amazing
Paula Meneses
Paula Meneses - 2 days ago
Isso é asmr ou é tente ñ chorar? Manoo
Rozie Won
Rozie Won - 3 days ago
Am I the only one who got irritated? 🤯
Danika Cole
Danika Cole - 3 days ago
So relaxing😍👑
aymen #dz#
aymen #dz# - 3 days ago
0.50 omg
todoroki's not ok
todoroki's not ok - 3 days ago
I liked the chocolate fizzy fizz water
Lynie Brown
Lynie Brown - 3 days ago
I edited this comment, can anyone tell me what it used to say ??
Sgt Edits
Sgt Edits - 3 days ago
Clocko gacha
Clocko gacha - 3 days ago
*Thats what good possy sounds like*
Kopenga - 3 days ago
my brain wanted to eat half of the things you put on screen
Teddy Bear Gacha
Teddy Bear Gacha - 3 days ago
1:38 I really liked that sound and the one after it! If you want could you do more of those triggers? 🥰
MAMA Nugget
MAMA Nugget - 3 days ago
Me: Turns up volume so I can relax better
YouTube: MiNt TrIdEnT gUm
Da Marfam
Da Marfam - 3 days ago
Uhhhhhhh best ASMR ever!!!!!!!!
Julia Coutinho
Julia Coutinho - 3 days ago
Só eu que do nada gosto de assistir esses vídeos na madrugada? Kkk sla mano muito doido kkkk
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