Satisfying ASMR To Tingle You Immediately - Fast ASMR No Talking

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StacyAster - 8 months ago
Hey guys 🤗 waiting for a long version?
(upd) published a long version:
Hadia K
Hadia K - Month ago
Yes thank you! Oh and can u do more breaking make up
Cyn Chuah
Cyn Chuah - 3 months ago
Hi, may I use the video for my research on asmr?
Melody Pedrajas
Melody Pedrajas - 4 months ago
OMG yes
It's the only ASMR video that y really like
Giorgia Pietropaolo
Giorgia Pietropaolo - 5 months ago
StacyAster Amazing video!😍 can I ask you which camera did you use?
Alan - 19 hours ago
I should call her...
Devin Gibeck
Devin Gibeck - Day ago
Not really sure what I just watch here O.o
Healthy Spice Kitchen
RoxyLuffer - Day ago
My first thought is "I hope you didn't spend a lot of money on those makeup products..." XD
cassiane robert
cassiane robert - 2 days ago
Tu mérite des like et des milliers de like et des millions d abonner hooo monde 😂👍👍👍😪😪😴 car je suis francaise et en accent dans tes vidéo ses espagnole et anglais 😂👍
marcy - 4 days ago
I wish I understood or could appreciate any of these videos. I've watched many different types, and nothing. They just don't work on me.
Jaidy_ Daisy
Jaidy_ Daisy - 4 days ago
2020 exists
The world: 2:38
Helen besumbu Itoe
Helen besumbu Itoe - 5 days ago
Is just the best 😊
Laluna - 6 days ago
I want to eat it
Andrew Swinn
Andrew Swinn - 8 days ago
2:32 why do I want to eat it?
TX-Mistic - 11 days ago
TX-Mistic - 11 days ago
TX-Mistic - 11 days ago
Pastel,Sweets,AndMore! - 11 days ago
Do you know what misophonia is and what is causes to people who have it. Read up on it and rethink some things.
Zahra - 11 days ago
What model is ur camera??! Its amazing.
Space Robot Five
Space Robot Five - 13 days ago
Too much too fast. Slow the fuck down!
Oliver K
Oliver K - 11 days ago
The video name is Fast ASMR, asshole 🤦🏻‍♂️
Arham Shahzar
Arham Shahzar - 13 days ago
Shoba T
Shoba T - 13 days ago
Sis from which country are u
nour styles
nour styles - 14 days ago
Only people who think this is a waste of time will not get satisfyed
Abida Khan
Abida Khan - 15 days ago
Thanks for making this type video iam no sleep night and i will watch this videos i will sleeping 😀😪😴😴
Rohan Green
Rohan Green - 15 days ago
Ignacia UwU
Ignacia UwU - 17 days ago
Comentario en español ;v
Mayte Valdez
Mayte Valdez - 18 days ago
Me parece un gran desperdicio de productos.. en verdad me desespera.
Areeza Fatima
Areeza Fatima - 19 days ago
Idk but these satisfying sound are making me kinda' hungry😂😂
Everlyne C L
Everlyne C L - 20 days ago
This is actually a nice change, surprisingly.
Lujan - Livia Pistán Menne
Like si no hablas ingles pero ves el canal y los videos 😔✌
kimchi uwu
kimchi uwu - 21 day ago
This is so uncomfortable
Manal Bhutta
Manal Bhutta - 21 day ago
Time staps! ( if u don't now how to go to the description) :-) ./
0:00 Preview
0:11 Different Soda Sounds
0:27 Coffee Beans
0:30 Crushing Kinetic Sand
0:34 Body Butter Sounds
0:39 Vinegar droplets on baking soda
0:43 Vinegar pouring on baking soda
0:50 iPhone screen protector peel off
0:53 Crushing soap roses
1:03 Pouring soda
1:13 Popping then squeezing orbeez and foam out of the ball
1:17 Rubbing mini spatula over them
1:21 Crushing kinetic sand with a glass cup
1:26 Smushing kinetic sand with glass(it kinda looks like an earth pattern)
1:29 Cutting kinetic sand
1:37 Cutting deodorant off of a stick
1:39 Smushing deodorant with a mini spatula
1:44 Mini spatula sticking on and off of paint
1:50 Bubbles through a straw in water
1:57 Stirring orbeez
2:01 Crushing orbeez
2:11 Body scrub sounds
2:14 Blue water on blue ice
2:18 Stirring cup of blue ice
2:23 Popping than squeezing cream out of banana
2:28 Cutting then squeezing out orbeez from a banana
2:31 Poking with a mini spatula (orbeez and cream mix)
2:35 Pressing on soap shavings
2:38 Cutting purple-green kinetic sand
2:47 Cutting floam ball
2:57 Mini spatula on a foundation sponge
3:02 Foundation droplets
3:08 Shaving cream
3:12 Blue food coloring droplets on shaving cream
3:15 Stirring blue into the shaving cream
3:19 Sizzling baking soda in a glass
3:24 Kinetic sand cutting with a metal plate
3:32 Scratching up makeup highlighter
3:42 Dropping cotton balls into a cup
3:44 Pouring lotion on cotton balls
3:50 Smoothing out foundation drops
3:54 Toothpaste
4:00 Blush scratching
4:11 Jell on blush powder
4:15 Bath bomb in the water
4:24 Lip gloss tube thingy
4:39 More makeup destroying
4:47 Jell on makeup
4:51 Bath bomb
ava martinucci
ava martinucci - 21 day ago
*time stamps*
0:00 ~ filling glass with soda water
0:11 ~ stirring soda with straw
0:28 ~ coffee beans
0:31 ~ kinetic sand
0:35 ~ moisturiser
0:39 ~ liquid over sand?
0:51 ~ peeling the phone cover thingy
0:54 ~ cracking soap roses?
1:04 ~ pouring a perfectly filled glass of pepsi
1:14 ~ popping stress ball thing
1:18 ~ “squishing” stress ball filling?
1:22 ~ squishing kinetic sand
1:29 ~ cutting kinetic sand
1:36 ~ “scratching” deodorant?
1:40 ~ squishing deodorant
1:45 ~ satisfying red goo
1:52 ~ bUbblEs 🤩🤩
i gtg but i’ll finish this latter
Kriti Mahajan
Kriti Mahajan - 22 days ago
ok guys ill be honest i dont get tingles easily and in this video i didnt get tingles as well .....but ill really like to say that the way she did it and presented it was just so nice and satisfying to watch all the sounds and the video made all of my stress fade ...THANK U SO MUCH FOR THIS MASTER PIECE
iiSoftiiCloudii - 22 days ago
Can u do more kenetic sand cutting?
R_ _Vene
R_ _Vene - 23 days ago
Is no one gonna about how that cut defied gravity?that is some scary stuff
kelly regina ortega
kelly regina ortega - 24 days ago
eu to com uma do do dinheiro dela
ღツsr. sten ღツ
ღツsr. sten ღツ - 24 days ago
Pessoas que amam maquiiagem vendo a capa do vídeo 👁👄👁💅
💧 💧
Florymel - 24 days ago
omg i didn't have enough of some of these
Randomojis - 25 days ago
When the paint dropped it reminded me of the pigeon poop that landed on my head the other day........
Thiago Souza ASMR
Thiago Souza ASMR - 25 days ago
Abbigail Brown
Abbigail Brown - 26 days ago
3:40 so THATS what my sister does to every palate i own.....
Abbigail Brown
Abbigail Brown - 26 days ago
2:44 2020 be like XD
Abbigail Brown
Abbigail Brown - 26 days ago
2:26 *ralphs*
Juliet Kesselring
Juliet Kesselring - 26 days ago
Phone: *dies while im watching asmr*
Me: welp. Time to do it the old fashion way
Me: *puts ear in bubbling acid
Jordan M.T
Jordan M.T - 26 days ago
Excelente 😊
Caterina Gheorgsdottir
Caterina Gheorgsdottir - 28 days ago
Wait! What? But this is also a visual masterpiece, l am not saying that other ASMRtists aren’t great at their visuals, but many parts of this video here can easily be put in a cool hip music video
Kleiner Pilot
Kleiner Pilot - 28 days ago
Если бы еще в добавок добавить космическую музыку на задний фон, цены бы не было такому видео
Kleiner Pilot
Kleiner Pilot - 28 days ago
Visual ecstasy
carina maria
carina maria - 29 days ago
Did she just buy a phobe to get that peel o. O
Jasalina - 29 days ago
3:57,I never thought toothpaste would look that beautiful 😍😅😂
Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki - 29 days ago
4:32 girl in red vibes anyone?
Duckie Malfoy
Duckie Malfoy - Month ago
Hi wherever, whoever you are... get some rest love. Tommorow is a new day and you dont wanna ruin that day feeling sleepy. Just know that i love you and everyrhing is gonna be okay 💕 *virtual hugs*
Nàtalia games fofinha carvalho
دانة الجمعه
دانة الجمعه - Month ago
Møshi Gacha
Møshi Gacha - Month ago
I used to think that ASMRs were annoying,and also used to think that the first A and S of ASMR used to stand for ‘annoying sounds’ lol
TGB Maniac
TGB Maniac - Month ago
I didn’t know you could crush orbeez
Dizznmo - Month ago
Some of these are absolutely gross and annoying, especially the sounds, yuck!
CheckMate 44
CheckMate 44 - Month ago
Катя Пелымская
Этот человек знает что нужно мне!
leah brown
leah brown - Month ago
Her or his trigers are actually good comment this if u think the same❤️❤️
Nicolas Chatelain
Nicolas Chatelain - Month ago
je n'ai jamais vue autant de gachi
Cheska Mae
Cheska Mae - Month ago
Anyone watching from August 2020?
Isieczeq San
Isieczeq San - Month ago
Gosh asmr Youtubers really ruin everything they have to make us fall asleep doe
Ava Marshall
Ava Marshall - Month ago
U should watch @bakeryasmr
Ava Marshall
Ava Marshall - Month ago
Tiny box of Waffles
Tiny box of Waffles - Month ago
Ok imma try NOT to be satisfied
Not even 2 seconds in the video
KittyQveen - Month ago
This is soooo relaxing I’m like half asleep right now lol👍❤️
Emaan Usman
Emaan Usman - Month ago
Diego Ramos
Diego Ramos - Month ago
soy el comentario que
español que buscas
harvest - Month ago
1:14 anime girls in hentai be like
bonus: 3:54
YURI' - Month ago
The soda looks like coffee lol. Nice video btw. Keep up the good work!
Charlie Calvert
Charlie Calvert - Month ago
Nobody: Legit no one: Me:iS ThaT a pAPEr sTraW eWwwwWwWwwWwwWw tHey gEt sO sOgGy!!
Ame Rodriguez
Ame Rodriguez - Month ago
Este video solo me estreso
Anonymous Cookie
Anonymous Cookie - Month ago
1.25x 👌🤤
Grievous_22 - Month ago
Sadly Oddisfying
Melissa Seales
Melissa Seales - Month ago
I love this video thanks so much beautiful
nabila izza salimah
nabila izza salimah - Month ago
Omj nenengin banget dah
Eric S
Eric S - Month ago
Those fucking soda pouring skills.
Eric S
Eric S - Month ago
Fuck I pissed myself at the start of the video.
Kassy Koala
Kassy Koala - Month ago
3:02 to 3:08 and
3:12 to 3:14
is like when you have a nosebleed and the blood is falling down
꧁Keeba Kitsune꧂
꧁Keeba Kitsune꧂ - Month ago
4:12 That’s my fav シ
Basically Lauren
Basically Lauren - Month ago

not even a single soul:

the lipgloss coming out looking like my cats poop
匚卄工匚K 匚卂尺尺ㄖㄒ
This feels nice, but i'm on the weird side of internet again
Asia Scott
Asia Scott - Month ago
Me watching:😪😪😴😴💤💤
What I wake up to: hi sisters James Charles here
Mimi Cmoi
Mimi Cmoi - Month ago
J ai des frissons et c dur de me mettre des frissons dans l asmr!♥
•Wølfie_Gacha04• - Month ago
Me:*watching ASMR*
my bro:*pulls out my headphones*
Me: satans son
All Trap Music
All Trap Music - Month ago
чувствую себя наркоманом...
aniyahtheYT - Month ago
What in the heck 3:26
Itz_Lynne - Month ago
1:16 must have been hard to clean
Karen White
Karen White - Month ago

Not a soul:

Not even my mom cause its 2 : am:

0:35 :*me when I crack my knuckles*
Kalina Petrova
Kalina Petrova - Month ago
*2:54* is my favourite.
ac0rruptlunatic 000
ac0rruptlunatic 000 - Month ago
Recorded with an eyeball
Troy Valencia
Troy Valencia - Month ago
She waste all of her important things just to relax us I feel guilty
Learning K-12 Edu Channel
kinetic sand: yOu CaNnOt CuT mE dOwN
Shani Perera
Shani Perera - Month ago
Here in my opinion, are the best asmr’s:
Miss E and Mister F
Miss E and Mister F - Month ago
Don’t mind this
This is for me after scrolling through the comments and clicking on time stamps
Emily Ciboski
Emily Ciboski - 11 days ago
Omg relatable
__Zhenya __
__Zhenya __ - Month ago
Ты тоже увеличиваешь звук?🤤🤙

Are you mak ing the sound to the maximum too? 🤤🤙
Gacha Mint Girl PL
Gacha Mint Girl PL - Month ago
No hate or smtg,but,did she buy a new phone just to make it asmr? I mean the part when she takes the foil off 😂😅😅
Charlotte Curry
Charlotte Curry - Month ago
She looks like she’s rushing and she has never rushed so much in her whole entire life
Never More
Never More - Month ago
You so kreativ 😍
•Bæcøn Thìccs•
•Bæcøn Thìccs• - Month ago
Imagine teh mess after the vid-
puffy yoongles
puffy yoongles - Month ago
forbidden food
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