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JAZZ MAN - 5 hours ago
One of my favourite cartoons is a man seeing the doctor and has a sword right through him. Doctor points to the curtain and says “undress behind there, and try not to tear the curtain”.
Dog:I peed
21stCentury Ozman
21stCentury Ozman - Month ago
NOT satire! Look it up in a dictionary.
Derlin Claire
Derlin Claire - Month ago
At 2:15,The Dutch sentence translates as"He has WIFI!
Derlin Claire
Derlin Claire - Month ago
The lone bird seems to be perched in thin air,whereas the other birds are sitting on a Telephone Pole line.So,apparently,therefore ,he,the bird must have Wireless,ie WIFI!
Natalia Kirk
Natalia Kirk - Month ago
at 2:15 it translates into he has wifi!
Balasaravanan Palanirajh
What is the name of the music please? Reminds me of the Oceans's 11 movies
ღ • a n y x a y y • ღ
xaenon - 2 days ago
@Natalia Kirk Well, what do you expect? The people who post retarded remarks like that are doing the only thing they know how... aping other peoples' shit. For me, it's an endless source of amusement watching them parrot shit they don't even really understand. It makes me feel a LOT better for our generation, at least we could think for ourselves. What they don't realize, of course, is how utterly f***ed they're going to be when they can't blame us for their problems anymore.
Natalia Kirk
Natalia Kirk - 12 days ago
@65CSX true true
65CSX - 12 days ago
Nope! Not sure whom would find these humorous but not my generation. We like our comedy funny. This looks like stuff geared to the pajama boy generation.
Natalia Kirk
Natalia Kirk - Month ago
the boomer's meme/joke is just plain stupid and racist
TikTok but on crack
TikTok but on crack - Month ago
No one:

Dan Laleman
Dan Laleman - Month ago
My favorites are turning on the dishwasher and taking the stairs
Marc Colten
Marc Colten - Month ago
Unfortunately time ran out before it got to any of the funny ones.
Jelly Turd
Jelly Turd - 2 months ago
The music is the best part
Elmer Borja
Elmer Borja - 2 months ago
I could not take i cried in the whole video mybe not cry only tears
Elmer Borja
Elmer Borja - 8 days ago
Wait i did not say that
Andrew D
Andrew D - 3 months ago
The boomer is strong with this one
xaenon - 2 days ago
look at you, pretending you know what that means...
Marin Borg
Marin Borg - 3 months ago
Love all the Far side comics
A Diamond
A Diamond - 3 months ago
2:00 translates to: "The year ended rather poorly for our friends, I know it's hard.."
What is the joke supposed to be??
Natalia Kirk
Natalia Kirk - Month ago
for me, I got the year ends rather bad for our friends! I know, it's hard
Gary Bangle Bangle
Gary Bangle Bangle - 5 months ago
Boring wasted time.
yo_youtuber_boi - 5 months ago
Hahahha omg i am laughing sooooooo hard this is soo funny u need a award?
Shadow King 24
Shadow King 24 - 2 months ago
dave dave
dave dave - 6 months ago
Not satire. OMG TOP: must try harder.
Void970 t
Void970 t - 9 months ago
Perhaps pick a language and stick with it.
Tonix_Energy - 5 months ago
Shut up pick a diffrent video to watch if you have hate to this video 😤
Dcl A
Dcl A - 9 months ago
Franklin Archambault
Franklin Archambault - 9 months ago
don't let the feminist watch or it is the courts for you
Ton Jansen
Ton Jansen - 10 months ago
Alan Butterworth
Alan Butterworth - 10 months ago
Not satire
Expat47 - 10 months ago
I think you need to look up the word "satire" and, maybe, copyright.
NyuuMikuru1 - 10 months ago
One that sold refrigerators to the eskimos is a smart idea, keeping the foods from freezing. Yes, they do have those up there.
Walter Cameron
Walter Cameron - 10 months ago
7nailsin vegetables why
Rr Ss
Rr Ss - 10 months ago
"satire: wit, irony, or sarcasm used to expose and discredit vice or folly". These cartoons may be humorous, but they are not satirical.
Mickey Bitsko
Mickey Bitsko - 10 months ago
Cheese old men's magazines have reached the status of self-satire.
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