Sing It or Eat It Challenge | YAK-APELLA ft. 5SOS

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phoe - 16 hours ago
for some reason link gives me calum's cool uncle energy
Gwen Llewellyn
Gwen Llewellyn - 21 hour ago
This is everything my 7th grade self wanted.
Ana Borrego
Ana Borrego - 22 hours ago
JAJAJAJAJAJA Ashton me da vida. Se hizo re pendejo con la sangre JAJAJA
Liiyah Zuniga
Liiyah Zuniga - Day ago
Deo Gabumpa
Deo Gabumpa - Day ago
Faaaaaavoriteeeee baaaaaanf
Naomy Aguirre
Naomy Aguirre - Day ago
mel - Day ago
Kristin Craig
Kristin Craig - 2 days ago
Please bring them back!
Kylie Raiber
Kylie Raiber - 2 days ago
I appreciate the fact that this is a real video that exists
Rachel Sato
Rachel Sato - 3 days ago
Rhett and Link are like so used to this. Eating things like this🦗🐍
Diana Ice
Diana Ice - 3 days ago
Ashton is my favorite part of drinking the blood because he’s just there like “ wait, you all doing it now? Thought we could wait a minute. Oh uh... Are we seriously drinking this? What the... Oh god they’re drinking it! Nope I’m not drinking it. Just gonna slide it over here. Yup that was delicious. Gross”
Ami Smith
Ami Smith - 4 days ago
That's the best thing I ever seen
Kaela Belle
Kaela Belle - 4 days ago
Rhett said "valued attempt" the first time, what did he say immediately after at 10:04???
Aron Air
Aron Air - 4 days ago
I never knew these guys were Australian
Monica whitehead
Monica whitehead - 5 days ago
Link: it’s all that Tokyo stuff
Everyone: wait what?
Madmouse 101
Madmouse 101 - 5 days ago
I don't know em well, not a real fan that listens to their music, but I do listen to Teeth so i at least acknowledge their existence XD
Heaven Williams
Heaven Williams - 5 days ago
they have a bad food fetish
lina 096
lina 096 - 5 days ago
this is everything 11 year old me could've ever hoped for
Haley Booth
Haley Booth - 6 days ago
This is the collaboration I never knew I needed.
Ginger Keys
Ginger Keys - 6 days ago
I love Ashton the most “let’s get it Mike” 🥺
VeliaCorail - 7 days ago
Ashton not drinking the blood and discreetly puting it away is so hilarious I can't x)
chenoa morony
chenoa morony - 7 days ago
Ashton through the whole blood section was the best and Rhett saw him not drink it as well aha
Kaitlyn Boatright
Kaitlyn Boatright - 7 days ago
Funny highlights:
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane - 8 days ago
the boys are so Australian i can't with them
alana suleiman
alana suleiman - 9 days ago
ashton just watching them all suffer and not drinking it is such a mood
alana suleiman
alana suleiman - 9 days ago
Alex La Rondelle
Alex La Rondelle - 10 days ago
I honestly could probably down blood, I do it a lot during nosebleeds
Alex La Rondelle
Alex La Rondelle - 10 days ago
sOn oF sTeVe IrWiN
Zaddy Phantom
Zaddy Phantom - 11 days ago
Ashton is a big old mood
Just here To comment yuh
Just here To comment yuh - 11 days ago
Damn this is cool
shownu thee stallion
shownu thee stallion - 12 days ago
it’s like they became even more australian for this
Terra Thompson
Terra Thompson - 13 days ago
9:56 Michael is the most adorable thing ever
Jodie Mills
Jodie Mills - 15 days ago
Calum looks like a Yakuza member
Emily S
Emily S - 16 days ago
Lmao what would Ozzy Osbourne do?
Bill Murray
Bill Murray - 16 days ago
Michael at 9:52 was so cute
Hiding so he didn’t have to see value eat the cockroach omggg 😂😂
Camilla Santamaria
Camilla Santamaria - 17 days ago
"No calum what have you done?" 😂😂
1D My_History
1D My_History - 17 days ago
Yesss all my favorite pp in the world 🥰
Doesnt smell like caca to me Senõr
How you doing buddy, cucumbers are fantastic watermelon is also delicious and SUMMER TIME IT FEELS GOOD IN THE POOL WHEN I DIP IN WITH a towel around my feet.
-Ashton 2020
Maddee - 18 days ago
cal looks so happy here aw
zaile - 19 days ago
calum holding the bin for luke like he's done it a thousand times is a phat mood
Bukchigi - 22 days ago
Feirs Samita
Feirs Samita - 23 days ago
The funniest show they’re on ever.
Lee uwu
Lee uwu - 24 days ago
calum takes the bucket because he knows luke is going to vomit and then he holds it for him--
Not Hitler
Not Hitler - 25 days ago
I’ve never seen this band before

I love them
Evangeline Burch
Evangeline Burch - 27 days ago
Link does not care who you are he will scream at you telling you do do something gross XD
Gamer f
Gamer f - 27 days ago
whhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttttttt? 12:30
Léna Ptnr
Léna Ptnr - 27 days ago
I don't look that good when I throw up, why is Luke perfect?
Luis Caminero
Luis Caminero - 27 days ago
Rhett was literally the Kobe Bryant of his team.
Sherrif Shrew
Sherrif Shrew - 28 days ago
Lol they just thought rhett was some kind of blood expert that could tell you things just from looking at it
Júlia Figueiredo
Júlia Figueiredo - 28 days ago
Galopeira versão gringa e premium
Merre B
Merre B - Month ago
An episode full of Giants
Gioia Müller
Gioia Müller - Month ago
ash: from your chest mike
leslie nguyen
leslie nguyen - Month ago
how does this video exist omggg
lady Sweet
lady Sweet - Month ago
I like this one good show
Awkwardlife 18
Awkwardlife 18 - Month ago
8:17 damn, Rhett
9:40 I love their reactions
10:37, 12:53 Ashton's like 'yeah, I drink this a lot' and then he doesn't even drink it
JT Hyunjin
JT Hyunjin - Month ago
IS NO ONE GOING TO TALK ABOUT THAT CALUM ATE A fking cockroach??? Wth? Is that even safe????
Punk Rock
Punk Rock - Month ago
But Ashton's face though... when he cheated 😂😂😂
CarlyVega - Month ago
I’ll 👩‍👩‍👧‍👧
Helen-Ashley .B
Helen-Ashley .B - Month ago
They should have done some breathing gym.
Kaytlynn Egan
Kaytlynn Egan - Month ago
Who knew this fun fact? James cordon used to be the fifth member way back when 😯😯😦😦😧😧😧 oh am I the only one who didn’t know that until tonight 😭😭
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