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N Voss
N Voss - 20 hours ago
At first I thought he was Ronnie James dio, now I know he's really Joe cocker
Matthew Balentine
Matthew Balentine - Day ago
forgive me if i don't know whats going on .. but the street trumpet player needs to be at some of your shows.
Matthew Balentine
Matthew Balentine - Day ago
bucket list...fight jack black. How can you not love this dude (8:24 it was the Bassoon.)
Maisy Mae
Maisy Mae - Day ago
😁 Smoke some trees !
Michel Feldheim
Michel Feldheim - Day ago
Is this guy EVER tired or exhausted? 🤣
James McBean
James McBean - Day ago
my birthday aug 10 :)
John Noir Smith
John Noir Smith - 2 days ago
I love the title of this video! "Hmm...I'm Jack Black, and I'm meeting Jack White in this video. What should I call it? Should it be 'Jack Black & White'? Or 'Jack Black finally meets Jack White'? No. I know. What do you get when you combine black and white?"
Open Play Explore
Open Play Explore - 2 days ago
This channel is awesome. Keeps me positive
FunkyDoolittle - 2 days ago
Jack White got the best vinyl plan and studio in the world...
Asia and Caucasia
Asia and Caucasia - 4 days ago
Doesn’t matter if Jack Black or white! 😂🤣😂🤣😂
William Reardon Videos & Roblox
The Beatles used 4 tracks, not 8 tracks
Lorne Reimer
Lorne Reimer - 5 days ago
why am I not touring with this act, these guys are so awesome!!!!!!!!!
Who tocha My spaget
Who tocha My spaget - 5 days ago
Not to be rude the guy in 4:27 looks like lord farquaad himself
Gene Phillips
Gene Phillips - 6 days ago
When you enter the prison showers... 6:38
TheLegend27 - 7 days ago
classic goldeneye intro
Arcter Bass
Arcter Bass - 7 days ago
Is anyone gonna comment on Jack blacks sand tshirt
RockismyAir - 8 days ago
This is awesome.
Jack Black and Jack White both are awesome as frrrrrrick.
And yes, you should so do an album with him.
Greg Johnson
Greg Johnson - 8 days ago
Does this mean Tenacious D was in my HOME TOWN? At Lollapalooza?! 😦
spookiideii - 8 days ago
why is jack black wearing a sans shirt
Cyber Dagger
Cyber Dagger - 9 days ago
I love that hes wearing a sans shirt. Mr black of jack. I love you m8.
MDizzle - 10 days ago
New album

I can always help out
misterK1nd - 11 days ago
Jack black wit dat undertale shiirt
Alejandro Aguilar
Alejandro Aguilar - 12 days ago
what gutar is the red one at 7:08
Scrub homicide
Scrub homicide - 12 days ago
Cool shirts man
Marciline Thomas
Marciline Thomas - 12 days ago
not to be a horrible person but watching greg descend into insanity makes me happy
Onyx Skull
Onyx Skull - 13 days ago
Delicious Cheeseburger
Delicious Cheeseburger - 14 days ago
7:13 🤙🏻🤙🏻
Antonio Edison Jr
Antonio Edison Jr - 16 days ago
Moe Ghost
Moe Ghost - 20 days ago
Ah yes the duality of man jack black and jack white
Carlos Sanchez
Carlos Sanchez - 24 days ago
Cool Dragon Ball t-shirt!
Jordan Moyer
Jordan Moyer - 25 days ago
I can’t help but notice you didn’t wash your hands after the deuce
Amanda Hernandez
Amanda Hernandez - 26 days ago
It took me a while to realize that they were singing black or white...bc Jack Black and Jack White 🤦
TahtOneKid Jade
TahtOneKid Jade - 27 days ago
Was jack wearing and undertale shirt?
TahtOneKid Jade
TahtOneKid Jade - 27 days ago
zxenon555 - 28 days ago
Any one knows name of photo at 7:43?
Murray Mitchell
Murray Mitchell - 29 days ago
I will always respect jack White and his work but this is beyond belief. Surely it's some kind of sick pisstake?
Nova Apothany
Nova Apothany - Month ago
Please do a album with jack white lmao
RockismyAir - 8 days ago
LaMusicade4 - Month ago
Now I want pozza
Adam Hanson
Adam Hanson - Month ago
jack black should play sans in an undertale movie.
Shiny plaugey Boi
Shiny plaugey Boi - Month ago
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