UPSIDE DOWN MAGIC (2020) "The Power of Shadow Magic"✨Trailer | Disney Channel Original Movie

Deb Carreiro
Deb Carreiro - 3 days ago
I don’t get the movie at the end an now
BrentMHuynh - 7 days ago
I honest thought, this movie was made from disney LOL
Linnesca Paniaguavazquez
I watch it is very cool
asowle - 7 days ago
So its about a black girl locked in a basement and told what to do by a white woman...Yes thats Disney...
Stardust Pie
Stardust Pie - 8 days ago
let’s b honest: we all wanted 2 strangle the Sage Academy faculty (minus Skids) throughout the entire movie
Zariah Washington
Zariah Washington - 9 days ago
Im so happy that upside down magic came out today
I.L.O Studio
I.L.O Studio - 9 days ago
Why are they calling it a "original movie"
It's not original if they took it from somewhere else
If it was original they would have completely made it up themselfs
Ratrutret’s yt
Ratrutret’s yt - 8 days ago
considering this is nothing like the books they probably did and just took the name
I.L.O Studio
I.L.O Studio - 9 days ago
Only 1% of the stuff in there is accurate
Like in the books shadow magic was not even mentioned at all
Lola The Bulldog
Lola The Bulldog - 9 days ago
This doesn’t look like the book but if it made it just like the book, it would be boring. I’m kinda glad they didn’t put all 8 characters in the story because I got WAY too confused reading the book.
disney girl
disney girl - 11 days ago
This nory have 13 year old?!in book say nory have 10.
And also,i thing disney channel most make a series from whatever after book.
Make a animation series from book!
Lola The Bulldog
Lola The Bulldog - 9 days ago
I’m sorry buuuuuut... What?
matthew acura
matthew acura - 9 days ago
Learn how to type
Aaliyah White
Aaliyah White - 14 days ago
Yay another stupid movie made by Disney what’s next the most dumbest movie ever
Queen Geneva
Queen Geneva - 15 days ago
I think it's going to be a good like thing for Disney Channel but I'm trying to find a website name I don't know what it is can you have y'all tell me what it is if you know it
Mya owns it!
Mya owns it! - 16 days ago
VERY different from my favorite book series! I will not ever watch this!
Carmen Ross Navarrete
Carmen Ross Navarrete - 17 days ago
I see that this movie is only on Disney channel but I don’t have Disney channel is it possibly for me to watch it somewhere else?
justise walker
justise walker - 17 days ago
fun fact the director of this movie also made american pie the naked mile look it up
emmy wager
emmy wager - 19 days ago
Omgg every night I count the days to watch this movie
Diamond Bread
Diamond Bread - 21 day ago
This is nothing like the books-
Crafti Cones
Crafti Cones - 8 days ago
Lola The Bulldog i thought Elliot had blonde hair
Lola The Bulldog
Lola The Bulldog - 9 days ago
sean Patton Nory and Elliot look identical to how they are described in the book, though
sean Patton
sean Patton - 13 days ago
Like the only thing is sage academy
robloxgirlsupreme bloxburg
When is this coming out
Helaina Clayton
Helaina Clayton - 20 days ago
Goldilocks 890 July 31st
Lisa M
Lisa M - 22 days ago
WTF?! Lol it looks like someone was either drunk or on some drug come on Disney this going to flop. This is cats based on kids.
IIPEACHESLLY - 19 days ago
No many people already like it sooo...
Rose_CatWolf - 25 days ago
I’m sorry, but this... this isn’t my UDM. It’s interesting! And on it’s own, it could be great! But to say it is related to the Upside Down Magic books... it just isn’t. Where’s Lacey?! She doesn’t even go to Sage. She failed the test. Where’s Miss Star? And what is Shadow-Magic? Did I miss something in the books or...? Where is Aunt Margo? WHO IS REINA?
Crafti Cones
Crafti Cones - 8 days ago
the father doesn’t seem strict, and isn’t the headmaster, and I don’t think nory has siblings in the movie
Yue Li
Yue Li - 16 days ago
I have legit been waiting for them to make a movie or series about these books. I can’t say I’m impressed.
Delia Adventures
Delia Adventures - 17 days ago
@Daniel Reid Yeah, I'm sad that adaptations usually don't live up to standards. 😥
Daniel Reid
Daniel Reid - 17 days ago
@Delia Adventures like Percy Jackson, or avatar the last airbender
IIPEACHESLLY - 19 days ago
@toasted toast sometimes they dont even base some movies of the books
Rory Jaco
Rory Jaco - 26 days ago
I read the books when I was younger and this doesn't seem that accurate.
Aliyah Johnson
Aliyah Johnson - 5 days ago
They’re BOOKS?!
Lola The Bulldog
Lola The Bulldog - 9 days ago
LemenBoy Well it couldn’t use elements it has in the movie if it’s not
Yue Li
Yue Li - 16 days ago
I. Know. Right.
LemenBoy - 19 days ago
I feel like if the movie has too many differences it shouldn’t be called the name of the book unless it just happens to share the name
Maddog Welch Gummies
Maddog Welch Gummies - 20 days ago
Yes I also agree with you guys I was just pointed out that they even with other movies based on books they don’t always are the same but we wish they would keep to their original point
Name is Not found
Name is Not found - 27 days ago
Why is it so different from the books... I would love it a lot better
Name is Not found
Name is Not found - 9 days ago
Lola The Bulldog yeah true but there are a few characters missing that I would have wanted to see
Lola The Bulldog
Lola The Bulldog - 9 days ago
Because if they made it just like the book, it would be boring as heck because nothing super exciting happens in the book.
Coreyn Marie
Coreyn Marie - 28 days ago
This actually looks like it'll be one of the better dcoms in a while, Looks really good to me.
I.L.O Studio
I.L.O Studio - 9 days ago
It's nowhere close as amazing as the books Disney is trying to mess with a amazing story line that does not need to be changed
Mya owns it!
Mya owns it! - 16 days ago
Read the books 🤦‍♀️
ParisUwU - 28 days ago
toasted toast
toasted toast - 22 days ago
Ya It is. but they changed it so much it makes me sad
ev3goddess y.o. Chandler
shellman1 yt
shellman1 yt - Month ago
Upside Down Magic is coming soon
Mateo Martinez
Mateo Martinez - 20 days ago
July 31
Lorelei Mullins
Lorelei Mullins - 25 days ago
ONCE UPON A LEX July 31st.
ONCE UPON A LEX - 26 days ago
shellman1 yt when?
Solange Griffin
Solange Griffin - Month ago
I really think that it looked very interesting and very fascinating to see that 🌸
Lola The Bulldog
Lola The Bulldog - 9 days ago
UFO zillA Not really
Solange Griffin
Solange Griffin - 15 days ago
Alisha Eleana really?
Alisha Eleana
Alisha Eleana - 15 days ago
I am confused if this is a movie or drama 🤔🤔🤔
UFO zillA
UFO zillA - 29 days ago
It looks like shit lol
Danny O'Hare
Danny O'Hare - Month ago
Great another movie with a cruel woman that's similar to Agatha Trunchbull.
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