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Jocelynn Cruz
Jocelynn Cruz - Hour ago
Ahhhhhh! I’ve always wanted to travel the world, but this makes me even more excited for when I can actually do it in the future! So happy for you that you can see all these things and have fun! 🎉
Scotti Franklin
Scotti Franklin - Hour ago
Sing to me Paulo! Thank you!
Shamy Lynch
Shamy Lynch - Hour ago
Who whants the old liza back😕
Bengü Öztürk
Bengü Öztürk - Hour ago
I know i should be so proud and happy for her having a youtube show, and i am actually happy for her success, but ughh i can't help it i hate "liza on demand" 'cause i miss this kinda videos of her. a lot.
Keanan Hall
Keanan Hall - Hour ago
Why does she keep talking to birds 😂
HarryPotter Nerd
HarryPotter Nerd - 2 hours ago
Loved this video! Now I am even more excited to go to Italy for Spring Break.
Samiy Alcas
Samiy Alcas - 3 hours ago
I'm bord
Dinali Nivunhella
Dinali Nivunhella - 4 hours ago
It looks so pretty... does anyone know where in Italy this is?
Tristan Jones
Tristan Jones - 4 hours ago
"if you didn't make a montage, did you even go to ____?" ...the old montages with David :'(
Hailey Rivas
Hailey Rivas - 4 hours ago
Okay but no one finna talk about her singing🤔
Anita Sajc-Budija
Anita Sajc-Budija - 4 hours ago
Please visit croatiaaaaaaaaaa
Isabella D.P
Isabella D.P - 5 hours ago
Hope we can talk soon
Isabella D.P
Isabella D.P - 5 hours ago
Omg Liza ILYSM❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Brady Newberry
Brady Newberry - 5 hours ago
Make more pun videos you've changed since your breakup with david
Gianna Nero
Gianna Nero - 5 hours ago
Your whole family is so beautiful
Nikki Dee
Nikki Dee - 6 hours ago
Omg the food😍
STUDIO_ MIKOSO - 6 hours ago
That's really cool!
I live in Russia and many know who you are:)
It's really cool, I signed up for you a long time ago.
And whenever I look at you, you cheer me up.
You're a precast, you're a beautiful ray.
(Sorry if something is wrong, it was translated using Google)
Thank you for everything.
Sara Oliveri
Sara Oliveri - 6 hours ago
Ma sono davvero l'unica italiana ad aver visto questo video?😍🇮🇹....Liza I like u so much I'm watching you from Italy.
I hope you'll return here soon !! (un abbraccio!🇮🇹)
Kawaii Koalas
Kawaii Koalas - 6 hours ago
I forgot how much I missed her
Anne Baliel
Anne Baliel - 6 hours ago
I wanna fricken go😭😭😍
Nina - 7 hours ago
Argh I love Italy
Samantha Orange
Samantha Orange - 7 hours ago
My heart needed this! I laughed so hard hahaha. You have such a beautiful family, I'm so glad you enjoyed your time in la itaaaaaliaaaaaafendifendiii 💖
Vaishnavi Shenoy
Vaishnavi Shenoy - 10 hours ago
I miss the old Liza :(
Janice McKee
Janice McKee - 10 hours ago
I love your channel and your episode of sugar rush
Kevin Chiou
Kevin Chiou - 11 hours ago
Liza: makes pun
Me: *waiting for david to pop up

also me: crying on the inside
Felicia The Lotus Guidance Healer!
HAHAHAH great content
Roblox lover 0654
Roblox lover 0654 - 14 hours ago
*Guys shes cheating on target!*
BrickBro - 15 hours ago
It's kinda like the people said that she was fake ... were wrong
Joshua games 4076
Joshua games 4076 - 16 hours ago
As soon as I hear Liza Koshys outro I was almost in tears 😭. And the part when she showed the expression it reminded me o that episode *”little Brown Expresso !*
Joshua games 4076
Joshua games 4076 - 16 hours ago
This video had me dying !!
lil boi
lil boi - 16 hours ago
no hating or something but wheres the funny content liza?? ;/
Mae Alias
Mae Alias - 17 hours ago
1:50 sInG tO mE pAoLo 😂💀
Tangerine Triceratops
Tangerine Triceratops - 17 hours ago
Lizzza is Still Hilarious😂😂😂😂 And She Has A Beautiful Family.
Kenz Kenneth
Kenz Kenneth - 18 hours ago
I used to be so excited for Wednesdays with Liza 😭
Izzy Filipe
Izzy Filipe - 18 hours ago
David punching the air rn
Hanamichi Sakuragi
Hanamichi Sakuragi - 19 hours ago
David cannot go overseas
Velvet Aeon
Velvet Aeon - 20 hours ago
So tooth jealous!
I used to have em too 😐
Rainy Copper
Rainy Copper - 20 hours ago
Missed u liza 😢💛😍
JustAGirlNamed Madi
JustAGirlNamed Madi - 20 hours ago
4:42 is actually the best thing I’ve ever heard😂
TheBlue Gamer
TheBlue Gamer - 21 hour ago
Are you ClickItsTaz’s sister?
LionQueen12 - 21 hour ago
Had a smile on my face the whole time 😊💕
Bethany Foley’s ASMR
Bethany Foley’s ASMR - 21 hour ago
aw why am i seeing this a week late 🥺
KLK Kova
KLK Kova - 21 hour ago
shes back
LegOver Lass
LegOver Lass - 22 hours ago
I fooking love you Liza. Forgot how much i missed you. It’s 3am, I have tears and snot escaping my face from laughing.
Amanda - 22 hours ago
Aw I'm pregnant with my first baby and I pray that I create a loving family with my husband one day, that we can go traveling together and it be chill and fun and bring us joy.
Dani Chesney
Dani Chesney - 22 hours ago
I can't believe she is a travel vlogger now
Dani Chesney
Dani Chesney - 22 hours ago
This was really beautiful
Tiana Myles
Tiana Myles - 23 hours ago
I'm so happy that the only thing on lizas channel isnt her TV show anymore 😁😁😁
Amber Olson
Amber Olson - 23 hours ago
This is such an incredibly beautiful video of your family!
Oni Onyx
Oni Onyx - Day ago
I am in love with Liza 😍🥴
Wildie Sydneus
Wildie Sydneus - Day ago
:3 yay!
Valentina Dioguardi
Why the pigeon?? :)
Elena de Kort
Elena de Kort - Day ago
Was that the David sculpture she just stood next to .......?
East - Day ago
Do u like doing 90s
Honey Bear
Honey Bear - Day ago
Please post more of your old content :(
Jenny Jovita
Jenny Jovita - Day ago
Reema Alghamdi
Reema Alghamdi - Day ago
We miss the old videoss :(
Isabella Aimonette
Isabella Aimonette - Day ago
yay! you haven’t posted in so long!
Chimzy Wali
Chimzy Wali - Day ago
I missss you Liza!!
Brianna Downey
Brianna Downey - Day ago
It so Gucci and nice
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