Security guard makes contact with Tiger Woods at the Masters | CBS Sports

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Shawn Mcginnity
Shawn Mcginnity - 2 months ago
He should have been fired
Jason Sanders
Jason Sanders - 2 months ago
For a second I thought tiger was about to flop
Jon Snow
Jon Snow - 2 months ago
It's legal - he was going for the ball.
Trevino 37
Trevino 37 - 2 months ago
Tiger flopping just like Lebron
Atl Anvil506
Atl Anvil506 - 2 months ago
Almost the greatest Curb Meme.
Aaron R.
Aaron R. - 2 months ago
Like to anyone else there, was that guard arrested and escorted out or??
KingCobraJFS SE PA Booster Club
He was very lucky. Good have easily been killed. This is why I always say golf is the most dangerous sport there is. Look how close that crowd is with nothing but an oafish rentacop between them and the greatest golfer of all time.
BRADMASTER - 2 months ago
His knees are already wet. Looks like he was practicing his slide tackle earlier that day haha
Cesar M.
Cesar M. - 2 months ago
What a flopper. Worse than Neymar.
Chris K
Chris K - 2 months ago
Kicking is for sissies!
ben skibinski
ben skibinski - 2 months ago
Love the “oh I’m injured hop” by the moron woods. What a joke of a sport.
George el grande
George el grande - 2 months ago
Really really suspicious
mark bender
mark bender - 2 months ago
30-second ad for a 30-second clip goodbye forever cbssports I will never click on anything that you're posting again
Livereater00 - 2 months ago
sadly, most security guards are a doofus like this one
What you lookin at
What you lookin at - 2 months ago
0:14 "watch the slip"
LeFraud Has Choked In SIX Finals
Hate crime.
Dylan Berry
Dylan Berry - 3 months ago
There are easier ways to win a bet
BobPDXz - 3 months ago
Looked intentional to me...
buttgoo magoo
buttgoo magoo - 3 months ago
I wish he would have broken his ankle,, I wanted someone else to win
Abiogenesis Zero Proof
Abiogenesis Zero Proof - 3 months ago
The guy on the Segway running into Usain Bolt at the Olympics was way better!
Carmi Kuntis
Carmi Kuntis - 3 months ago
These comments lol
T Sama
T Sama - 3 months ago
Announcers acting like Golf requires an athletic leg!
Security guard acting like he's in the MLB finals!
Jeremy Lovy
Jeremy Lovy - 3 months ago
He barely touched Tiger. Sheesh
Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas - 3 months ago
What kind of Security Company for the PGA lets personal wear sketchers on a golf course. I mean wtf lol put your golf shoes on you MF, do your stretches, touch your toes you silly MF's.
Dough - 3 months ago
These comments r gold, RAWRXD
ManVs Fish
ManVs Fish - 3 months ago
Fucker almost set Tiger back a decade
Dale Ross
Dale Ross - 3 months ago
So who cares?
Max 43
Max 43 - 3 months ago
Golf is now a contact sport.
Evidence: Satan's Children EXIST!!!!
Jorge Padilla
Jorge Padilla - 3 months ago
Your job is to protect him not hurt him. Hahaha
Sid Howard
Sid Howard - 3 months ago
This dude can’t even protect himself lol
Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees - 3 months ago
Stop acting Tiger. That didn’t hurt him he was just looking for another built in excuse in case he lost again. Had he lost he would of blamed that guy for loosing. Creepy Tiger
CHIZZO P - 3 months ago
These comments tho' LMAO
Apple - 3 months ago
Why is the security officer unarmed? And he should detain Tiger Woods and question him and find probable cause to search him and handcuff tiger and arrest him and book him into county jail. The officer has the power by law. Cops
Straight From DC
Straight From DC - 3 months ago
Mr.Rogers Play House
Mr.Rogers Play House - 3 months ago
And The Winner is 🐯
A Anon
A Anon - 3 months ago
With the outcome of this years tournament Tiger should pay someone to trip them EVERY year!
Congrats Tiger!
Back In Business Baby!
FHRITP eaglesnation
FHRITP eaglesnation - 3 months ago
O man I bet he got a little extra on his check lol
Maize and Blue
Maize and Blue - 3 months ago
How to instantly get fired as a security guard 101
Scott Haddick
Scott Haddick - 3 months ago
Look at the lady that pretty much grabbed his arm when he walked off 18 after winning Sunday. Could have injured arm/hand until security shoved her back. It was slippery dude fell down trying to keep people away from Tiger after the shot.
t mac
t mac - 3 months ago
Taint nothing worse than a power tripping security guard.
Samson - 3 months ago
He came running from the grassy knoll.
Renie Handler
Renie Handler - 3 months ago
You Had ONE JOB!
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - 3 months ago
Damn looks like an inside job trying to get him out.
Your efforts were not enough for the Tiger!
SandStorm XII
SandStorm XII - 3 months ago
Tiger back !
Timmy Buffles
Timmy Buffles - 3 months ago
Rumor has it Sergio Garcia is still pointing at Tiger
KJEdward Cooke
KJEdward Cooke - 3 months ago
Golf is getting too loud!!!
LonghornsLegend - 3 months ago
Bet money there will be another similar type of "accident" involving Tiger before he can gets to 18 majors. No reason to even be that close to begin with.
Donte Lewis
Donte Lewis - 3 months ago
Satan - 3 months ago
Its crazy cus i worked at masters lol
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