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Shar Roon
Shar Roon - 3 hours ago
For what it's worth I have an L-glutamine and probiotic supplement that really helps me with indigestion. It is one of the best supplements I have ever taken.
rose 93
rose 93 - 11 hours ago
Its weird how i bought a probiotic earlier at the grocery and then this shows up on my YouTube feed.
trâm yến
trâm yến - 14 hours ago
How about the product combined enzyme and symbiotics, can we use it daily? Pls advise and tks Dr.
Maximilian Reimers
Maximilian Reimers - 17 hours ago
Was lactose intolerant, began eating joghurts with probiotic bacteria B. bifidum, L. acidophilus, and L. bulgaricus and since then I'm good again, yay :)
khayam ali
khayam ali - 17 hours ago
I took a probiotic once a day for 2 weeks after finishing a antibiotic. I think they gave me a infection
Özlem Solak
Özlem Solak - 22 hours ago
lovely n friendly n healthy dog
omg wth
omg wth - Day ago
Only 1 word... "KEFIR" .
Steve Jobbs
Steve Jobbs - Day ago
What about Semi-ProBiotics?
Pika Bamboo
Pika Bamboo - Day ago
I want too know more about S.boulardii..
Carla Conte
Carla Conte - 2 days ago
How about eating a yogurt daily?????; you don't need a billion products, just a yogurt a day...... you can even make it at home
L Barc
L Barc - 2 days ago
Thank you thank you thank you!
Happy Comfort
Happy Comfort - 2 days ago
I definitely understand that a person may not need probiotics as a supplement normally. My hubby definitely does not! But I do have to say that I had bad stomach aches etc. from the time when i was a child and when I first heard about probiotics I decided to try them because I always had stomach pain. WoW! It was amazing how much they helped me! I was diagnosed with IBS as were many in my family. Even though we eat fairly healthy. But those probiotics definitely help my IBS! They changed my life to some extent since I didn’t have to be stuck home with terrible stomach pain and other issues most of the time. They didn’t completely take it away , but mostly. Which was awesome! I do have to say that if I eat a very bad junkie diet for a few days I still get really messed up sometimes. SO i try to eat vegetarian/vegan mostly.
yougotservedyo - 2 days ago
I take a 50 billion daily, not sure if it does anything yet
DeFalt Markowicz
DeFalt Markowicz - 2 days ago
So.. what if I just do an anema using yogurt? Will that get the probiotics in there quicker?
Dan Scott
Dan Scott - 3 days ago
3:55 "whole grains"? Well, Dr. William Davis (Wheat Belly) would disagree and for very good reasons.
I might add that it's not only "refined carbohydrates" 4:30 but rather a diet high in carbohydrates PERIOD. Eating a lot of foods like "whole grains", vegetables, fruit, beans and whatever carbohydrates deemed as "healthy", spike insulin. Over time, this causes insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome (type 2 diabetes), which is at an all time high.
Eloy N.
Eloy N. - 4 days ago
LOVE THAT HUGE DOG! LOVE HIM!! What was his name?
Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike - 4 days ago
Bear :) he has a whole playlist!
Hunnybean - 4 days ago
There was a link between bacteria in the gut and colon cancer
pga21 - 4 days ago
good presentaion thanks
Sergio AG
Sergio AG - 4 days ago
I find probiotic supplements being a bit an exaggeration but eating food that actually contains them should definitely be good for people without any particular condition. my 2 cents.
Annu Shangika
Annu Shangika - 5 days ago
Can you please make a video on fermented food please doctor...Thank you so much
Demenyi Robert
Demenyi Robert - 5 days ago
What about natural probiotics like sauerkraut, leavened cucumber?
Jesse Salas
Jesse Salas - 6 days ago
Slowdown on the coffee ...
Prathamesh Kadam
Prathamesh Kadam - 6 days ago
I have serious gut problem if get slightly nervous, angry , any anxiety, guess work (prediction) . My digestion system is hurt either i face gastrist or stomach upset( irritable bowles) . I m practising yoga and pranayam its 30% better now but its too irritating on my performance days. I am from india any good recommendation of books and videos or consultations i am open to it . Thank you nice video
Ramneet Grewal
Ramneet Grewal - 3 days ago
Prathamesh Kadam try drinking 16oz (full bunch) of celery juice every morning on empty stomach. Eat after 30 mins. Its helped me a lot so far. You need a slow juicer to juice the celery.
Lamia Ouamoussa
Lamia Ouamoussa - 6 days ago
I love how you deliver videos you're so funny 😂 oh and great info
isaiah cha
isaiah cha - 6 days ago
This is dumb I didn’t learn shit
The Crude Lab
The Crude Lab - 7 days ago
If I have a poop... Does that mean I get less good bacteria?
Regina Keels
Regina Keels - 7 days ago
Everybody’s winning but the parasite on rhino’s back!!!😂
Benjimen Franklin
Benjimen Franklin - 7 days ago
Interesting .
Karina Martinez
Karina Martinez - 7 days ago
My doc prescribed antibiotics for acne, but I dont really want to take them and demolish my good intestinal flora. I eat a healthy diet and I am now at the best health I've ever had. If I do take them. Would a probiotic help?
Lisa Gardner
Lisa Gardner - 8 days ago
What would the best probiotics for candida be ?
Ayisha KS
Ayisha KS - 5 days ago
See your pharmacist for a cream. Also, crushed garlic might help. 🤷🏻‍♀️
Cecilia Tanaka
Cecilia Tanaka - 8 days ago
Lactobif probiotics are recommended for those with acne
Cecilia Tanaka
Cecilia Tanaka - 8 days ago
apparently people with acne benefit from taking it. According to some studies.
Christophe Abiel
Christophe Abiel - 8 days ago
Johnny Puih jarai
Johnny Puih jarai - 8 days ago
I love you your video!!! Your explained SO CLEARLY!
Christine Monte
Christine Monte - 8 days ago
No, white breads then what whole grains?! Garbage!
Distributor Ferrox
Distributor Ferrox - 9 days ago
Thanks Doc, Your so Awesome..Thanks for the explanation about Probiotics
Muhammad Hijabb
Muhammad Hijabb - 9 days ago
Did you know that dog saliva is not good for you, any one who says this is not true,
Your lost
katherine green
katherine green - 9 days ago
I take one a day for uti prevention...after trying everything works...but if i skip a day i get an instant infection...i thought it was due to lack of water but i realise now its my psyche medication.
Katelyn Sherwood
Katelyn Sherwood - 10 days ago
What do you think about certain strains of probiotics that could possibly help you loose weight?
Jane lane
Jane lane - 10 days ago
Don't get worked u when you have autism and disability. Just relax. hmmmmm I have heard that before so helpful
Bio Kimistry
Bio Kimistry - 10 days ago
Careful the excessive drainage syndrome. I didn't realize how 'off' my gut had become from taking broad-spectrum antibiotics 18 months ago. Started a probiotic since nothing else worked. Needless to say my 4th of July was ruined by having to stay at home with the toilet. So there can be a rough transition period if you start too high. But my chronic hives are gone, which I wasn't even anticipating to fix with a probiotic. I just wonder if I have to keep taking it after the bottle is gone.
Francesca Maffetti
Francesca Maffetti - 11 days ago
I 💜 bacteria 🤓
Jada NF
Jada NF - 11 days ago
that intro 😂
Emily Vargas
Emily Vargas - 12 days ago
Look into spores - they survive stomach acid and survivability makes all the difference:
Jo Zam
Jo Zam - 12 days ago
can or have you done an episode on lupus before doctor mike? love your work from Australia.
TheOmegaeyes - 13 days ago
2:01 - WRONG! A lot of them (probiotics) don't even survive your stomach acid.
Marc Bailie
Marc Bailie - 10 days ago
I love reading these conversations because they inform us about where our communication should improve. For instance, resistance to the high pH of the intestinal tract is as important as resistance to low pH environments of the stomach. These things shouldn't be criteria for selection, because the bacteria that live in your digestive tract have already adapted to survive those conditions. Be more concerned about their impact, function and which ones are missing from your community. These are active areas of research, and worth learning about.
TheOmegaeyes - 11 days ago
@Rowa Rowa I think many of them are a scam. Maybe just my opinion.
Rowa Rowa
Rowa Rowa - 11 days ago
@TheOmegaeyes yes.. BUT it's a selection criteria for probiotics bacteria i.e all probiotics must be resistants.
TheOmegaeyes - 11 days ago
@Rowa Rowa Well the average person doesn't know what forms of good bacteria survive stomach acid. Some are good for treating some types of digestive disorders, some are not. How is a consumer to know which ones to buy?
Rowa Rowa
Rowa Rowa - 11 days ago
No.. We just have to choose a resistant bacteria (resist to acid) to make a probiotic bacteria
Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson - 13 days ago
Our GI actually recommend a daily probiotic. The one we take is not coated though...need to look into that. Thanks Dr. Mike.
lil Gabs Mommy
lil Gabs Mommy - 13 days ago
If taking probiotics you must take more than the standard two types. Takes the type with many different kinds. And higher doses. And don't forget enteric coated as the doc says. If not they die on the way down. Keep in mind doc Mike.. they can help people like me on serious medications and always taking antibiotics. I'm asthmatic with Hashimoto's, and lupus. I was also recently diagnosed with protein s deficiency. Yes bad genetics.. lol I know there are many like me that have many immune/antibiotics and other immune beating meds. But we waste big 💰 if not enteric coated.
Doaa sy
Doaa sy - 14 days ago
Dr. Mike I am a student in the Department of Bioengineering and I study the types of bacteria and resistance in the human body, nutrition, genetics and DNA
Can you help me find organizations that support me as a student for a laboratory training course with companies working to develop good bacteria? I have written a research on beneficial bacteria called the immune system
Tarau Marina
Tarau Marina - 14 days ago
And... Dr. MV?! Could you make a video about IVF? I am really interested in finding out more pieces of info about this topic. Perhaps ...if it is a good method to conceive for sterile couples...I mean...if it really proved to have great results. Because from what I know...most of these procedures fail or are very expensive.
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