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Elided Cana
Elided Cana - 18 hours ago
Can you please make a video on IBS ?😊
Your videos help me out so much not only learn all of this for my benefit but helps me help the ones I love . God bless you Dr. Mike 🙏
Claire Dietrich
Claire Dietrich - Day ago
I assume yes but would like to confirm that probiotics can be a beneficial treatment for Crohn’s as well as UC? Asking as a Crohn’s patient.
R. Badie
R. Badie - Day ago
A bit lost... Maybe thats the over-dose of watching many dr mike's videos
peekaboots01 - Day ago
That dog is BEAUTIFUL
Mia Jordan
Mia Jordan - 2 days ago
That was some of my favorite food and I haven’t been sleeping right and I’m always stressed 😐 great I gotta make big changes lol
Bob Nad
Bob Nad - 3 days ago
What about alcohol? Is a daily intake bad even if every other point is on point?
kaat burnham
kaat burnham - 4 days ago
Thanks for the gr8 video...finally some useful information about probiotics
Daniel - 4 days ago
I have been to a lot of Doctors in my 58 years of life and most of them didn't have a clue about nutrition and gut health, to many wanted to just give me a pill which just treated the symptoms not the cause . People need to be their own doctor sometimes and find natural remedies because big Pharma loses money if people get better. Educate yourself people!
usama saeed
usama saeed - 4 days ago
sir doctor give me almost 8 antibiotics.i use excess ginger, garlic and cloves, herbs apple cider swap test is done. and stapphylococus aureus is seen in my swap test.sir symptoms
1.wt loss (10 kg)
2.lack of energy.
5.bottom itching (several months)
6.breath problems
8.dry hairs amd skin.
9.blurr vision.
sir these symptoms
stapphylococus aureus and blastocis hominis are seen in my stool test.
sir what should i do?
which probiotics should i eat?
my wt is losing more day by day.
now i loom like bones.
and bottom itching is not gone??
J Moses
J Moses - 5 days ago
Has anyone benefited from probiotics that has eczema?
Elsa Ritchie
Elsa Ritchie - 5 days ago
Hi Mike!
My doctor prescribed me with antibiotics and medicinal cream to help with my acne (it’s not new but more old acne but it’s cystic I think.) Would this be healthy to do so?
Gato - 5 days ago
Great video.
I put a lot of effort into my gut health.
I'm a professional musician, and I also work in a primary school. I also have 2 small kids... So I'm surrounded by potential bugs.
I take (good quality) Probiotics daily (have done for 2 years now) - I've genuinely found it to be exceedingly effective.
I do also drink raw Apple cider vinegar, matcha teas, turmeric, bromelain, ginger - which In imagine also helps.
I've found probiotics prevent me from getting bacterial infections (tonsilitis etc) and I've not been physically sick due to exposure to a sickness bug in over 2 years now. (Vs before when I would get sickness bugs)
Perhaps this is also linked to eating a plant-based diet; plenty of greens and fruits/veg?
Just as an aside... I've seen some research that connects gut health to neurological illnesses such as Alzheimer's
TheIntimateAvenger - 5 days ago
Are the bacteria found in vegan yogurt any different from the bacteria found in regular yogurt?
B1t3m3101 - 5 days ago
My gut having a circadian rhythm suddenly makes sense why I cannot eat a meal before 10a.
Awakening Utopia
Awakening Utopia - 6 days ago
I had a problem with my gut, couldn't go to the toilet until I'd get diarrhea like all the time. I started taking Swanson's 16 strain probiotic with FOS and I feel like I am cured. I can easily go to the bathroom, no more diarrhea. But I guess I got lucky?
jxrdxn _2
jxrdxn _2 - 6 days ago
When Dr. Mike refers to things I’ve learnt in life science and I actually know what he’s taking about😭😭😭😭👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾love from South Africa♥️🇿🇦
Dave N Japan
Dave N Japan - 7 days ago
This guy is Dangerous.......Take a will do you good 🚀
KittyConQueso - 7 days ago
I have probiotics in a delicious protein powder I got. I wondered since it’s just a powder, will my stomach acid kill all of them?
Aoeiu Bpmftd
Aoeiu Bpmftd - 8 days ago
My microbiologist friend told me probiotics supplement is all a scam. Those micro organisms cannot survive in capsules and pills. The only way to ingest live organisms is to eat yoghurt and kimchi. I'm not sure whom to listen to... I'm currently doing both, taking capsules I bought on Amazon and eating a lot of yoghurt and I feel better. But I don't know exactly which one is actually doing the job lol.
The Dude
The Dude - 9 days ago
Hi Doctor Mike
Gaem Gyu
Gaem Gyu - 10 days ago
Mac Mcleod
Mac Mcleod - 11 days ago
Three times in my life I've had an illness that appeared to completely kill off my flora. I immediately began having trouble digesting food and one case experience strong constipation. The last case was after food poisoning from an egg that got into the colon.
In each case the symptoms continued until I took probiotics. The first time it was almost 7 weeks before I stumbled on them. The last two times it was about a week.
I have also seen research that probiotics can influence whether you are diabetic or not and the number of calories you extract from food and whether you can suggest certain foods at all.
I know of a person who was unable to digest milk her entire life until she met a new boyfriend at 39 and all of a sudden she could the jest milk without problems. The only explanation was a transfer of his culture to her.
In each case I only took two doses and that was sufficient. I've never taken daily doses on a regular basis.
Harender Thakran
Harender Thakran - 12 days ago
Could you please help me with whether I should go for prebiotics and probiotics in case of SIBO?
I would really appreciate that !!
Kathy Myers
Kathy Myers - 12 days ago
You are so funny. Thanks for the heads up. Considering powerful probiotics. Maybe I should stick to foods. I need to produce more seratonin and get OFF Zoloft.
Mehmet Soediro
Mehmet Soediro - 12 days ago
For examples produc mr @doctor mike
david king
david king - 12 days ago
Need to control my gut everyday
david king
david king - 12 days ago
So much knowledges
david king
david king - 12 days ago
When I m sad I click Doc mike videos then I become happy and learn some knowlege about healthy lifestyle
david king
david king - 12 days ago
Ich liebe Gut
NEWBEATS MUSIC. - 13 days ago
Bacterias fart?
the voice of reasoning
the voice of reasoning - 13 days ago
What are some of the best brands of probiotics
Thank you next vids Respect the theory
So what’s the symptoms of an overgrowth of bad bacteria ?
Lenore talon
Lenore talon - 13 days ago
Desperate for gut pain relief from GERDS and bleeding ulcers I drink raw kefir and raw milk. From my goat. It stopped the pain. And I feel better
Wilhelm Heinzerling
Wilhelm Heinzerling - 13 days ago
Stress is the hidden killer
Sink Your Roots
Sink Your Roots - 13 days ago
Is there any research re: probiotics and leveling out blood sugar issues? I struggled for about 7 years with my blood sugar dropping quickly after eating - it was technically within the "normal" range, but I would get the shakes/feel faint/get anxious as soon as my blood sugar dropped below 85. Since my blood sugar would drop below 90 within 3 hours after eating, it meant that every day was challenging. Very aggravating. Lots of whole grains and protein would help, but I would constantly have to be on watch, because I could go from feeling fine to feeling really shaky within 15 minutes. Last year, I started drinking a lot of kefir - about 2 cups per day - purely because I like it and it is rich in protein. To my surprise, after about 3 months of this, I found I was no longer getting hungry between meals and yet wasn't getting shaky. I was finally able to take in fewer calories without "crashing" (since I need to lose weight and could never cut calories without feeling faint, this was a huge benefit). I put it to the test at about four months and tried a 24-hours fast, checking my blood sugar levels every two hours - I remained completely steady! Totally wonderful! Since then, I have had zero problems with blood sugar issues except for once or twice when I'd gone a week or two without drinking kefir. If there is research to back this up, it might be something people could benefit from hearing. I have concluded that I must had deficiencies in my microbiome that the probiotics have resolved, manifesting in steadier blood sugar levels and better absorption of food so that I require fewer calories overall to feel more satisfied and healthier. Thank you!
SanDee McGeek
SanDee McGeek - 14 days ago
never realized he has green eyes
Abelsgirl4eva - 15 days ago
I benge watch your videos you are mostly the reason why I can’t sleep 🙁
Sara Texas
Sara Texas - 15 days ago
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep doing nutritional videos!! I love the positive nutrition tips!
Hassn Bnkey
Hassn Bnkey - 15 days ago
I need tablet
Simon - 16 days ago
I should have known this during my teenage years. I'm 22 now and diagnosed with ADHD. I had a terrible ability to focus and my skin condition was really bad. I went through my entire teenage life with depression and anxiety. My diet was a mess which could explain why I was a mess. I will start eating more healthy and try to come up with a plan that works for me.
a a
a a - 16 days ago
I heard that the oxpecker bird drinks blood is that true?
Teresa Cronell
Teresa Cronell - 17 days ago
I am an Assistant Professor in nursing education. I love Dr. Mike and share your vids with my students. Very helpful and evidence based!! I love love love these. Thanks so much!!
Skylar Mendes
Skylar Mendes - 17 days ago
Can you make a video on Autoimmune disease or psoriasis
R a
R a - 18 days ago
I guess all the Asians are gut unhealthy because of the white rice. If you have skin problems of course diet is number one but right probiotics supplements will help a lot. And talking to a doctor about supplements is not a good idea because they don’t have any idea about nutrition and supplements
Bonnie C
Bonnie C - 18 days ago
What about if your appendix was removed?
Alex Mobii
Alex Mobii - 18 days ago
Thanks Dr. Mike; I almost bought probiotics the other day. I guess it's not worth the risk.
Nona Zellmar
Nona Zellmar - 18 days ago
Look into the Seed Synbiotic. It’s amazing. I’ve been taking it for 2 days so far and it’s already made all the difference in my regularity. It’s the only pro/prebiotic that’s clinically proven in like 24 countries! It has a double capsule technology that keeps the probiotics safe until they reach your intestines. And they’re all human centric strains. They also include a probiotic that produces folate.
Although I have always had issues with my regularity and have had bad digestion all my life. I’ve also had depression off and on for as long as I can remember. I can’t comment on the improvement of my depression yet, because it would probably be more of a placebo effect. But again, I’ve never been this regular. Seed is a little expensive but has a full month supply, is clinically proven, and the brand focuses on research and sustainability.
Atomy Lovers
Atomy Lovers - 19 days ago
Trudi Bailey
Trudi Bailey - 19 days ago
I’m a kidney transplant patient x2. My immune system is compromised. What is the best probiotic supplement to take?
Trudi Bailey
Trudi Bailey - 19 days ago
P.S. I’ve had my second kidney for over 26 years.
soo young choi
soo young choi - 19 days ago
I’m Asian and eats kimchi all the time I don’t have to worry 😂😂🤣
Gary - 19 days ago
Check out the book "The Second Brain" by Michael D. Gershon , M.D. copyright 1998
Fantastic book, I read it 3 times. I was able to meet him and see him speak at a Autism Biological Orlando, FL conference back in 2000.
Sabrina Bynum
Sabrina Bynum - 20 days ago
Dr Mike would it be a good idea to eat yogurt for probiotics if you have a love for sushi?
M K - 20 days ago
I'm going to do my Bachelor about psychobiotics, microbiom & mental health diseases so wish me luck!
tasneem - 20 days ago
can i play this in class?
Doctor Mike
Doctor Mike - 20 days ago
Meredith S.
Meredith S. - 20 days ago
It should be noted people with IBD need to clear it with their IBD specialist. Sometimes it can do more harm especially with ulcers in the digestive track
Jenni J
Jenni J - 21 day ago
A doctor at a hospital told us to give my daughter a probiotic gummy every day because she had to go on a second round of antibiotics (she had a sinus infection and a couple weeks later she went to the hospital for pneumonia). Is that even normal?
Michelle Martinez
Michelle Martinez - 21 day ago
The edits tho

Michelle Martinez
Michelle Martinez - 21 day ago
0:10 nooooooooo
TheDukSystem Qwakers
TheDukSystem Qwakers - 21 day ago
You mentioned that the acid in Your stomach can destroy/kill probiotics
i have a question...
Do Probiotic Drinks like Yakult have any benefits as they are liquids so the Probiotics will be destroyed/killed in the Stomach wont they?
Shannon - 21 day ago
Opinion on probiotic aimed drinks like Kiefer and Kombucha ?
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