The Rosie O'Donnell Show LIVE! Give #withme to The Actors Fund

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Kathleen Archibald
Kathleen Archibald - 16 hours ago
A show from back in the day
the rooster
the rooster - 2 days ago
Connor Kealey
Connor Kealey - 2 days ago
Love that Ms. LuPone has a Rosie shirt from back in the day!
Stephanie Kane Gordon
Stephanie Kane Gordon - 2 days ago
Loved it all! Only wish Barbra was on the show! She was there in spirit for sure!
kimprimatic - 4 days ago
Thank you Erich, Miss Rosie and all the phenomenal guest performers. So inspiring. Isn't it something that in this country we need to fundraise to take care of the basic needs of our people.
That needs to change. For now, prayers for health, resilience, safety, and education and consequences for the people and policies that have made this pandemic much worse than it's needed to be. God help us as we help ourselves and eachother.
LoneIcon - 4 days ago
shocking is hindi nag lag internet ni Ms. Leah XD
Lloyd Antony
Lloyd Antony - 5 days ago
Patti Lupone, I have never loved you more than this moment ❤️ 31:13
Hesham Zayed
Hesham Zayed - 5 days ago
Iadira Saenz
Iadira Saenz - 5 days ago
Yehhhhhhh your back Rosie. I missed you 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
K Butler
K Butler - 5 days ago
Love seeing you again RO!
K Butler
K Butler - 5 days ago
I.M. Oh my gawd, I love her voice, and her beauty. Her songs helped me through a break up!
Asnonisa Ariraya
Asnonisa Ariraya - 6 days ago
Jordan Fisher my love who's so amazing 😍💖 then my favorite musical singer, fellow Pinay Lea Salonga 😊💖
Anaya Papaya
Anaya Papaya - 6 days ago
Adrienne serving us vocals in the bathtub is EVERYTHING!!! 😂
Paulette - 6 days ago
this is so amazing!! I couldn't catch it live but so wonderful to see it now. Thanks Rosie!! I love how much you love the arts!! it's palpable.
randmotu - 7 days ago
Curious what webinar/conference software did Rosie use?
Ting Angeles
Ting Angeles - 7 days ago
Kelli is awesome. It's my first time to see her, but maybe I've seen her perform before but I probably just don't know...
Ting Angeles
Ting Angeles - 7 days ago
I just found this by accident and donated!
Jaguar God
Jaguar God - 7 days ago
A butt-crack with a millennial wedge-head hairstyle.
Jaguar God
Jaguar God - 4 days ago
@Hudaef Cares? The look is on your upper lip. lol🤣
Hudaef Cares?
Hudaef Cares? - 5 days ago
No one asked what you look like though?🤔
Wicek Wickowski
Wicek Wickowski - 7 days ago
fleet yeet
fleet yeet - 7 days ago
Did nobody else come for Idina. I came for her❤️
Harmonizer - 8 days ago
Allen’s Medley was so beautiful omg
Zimorodok - 8 days ago
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Blueflower L
Blueflower L - 8 days ago
It'd be cool if they did this every year.
Chris Terry
Chris Terry - 8 days ago
So mean spirited, always needs to take a shot at the President. Can’t stop for even one day.
AlaynaTheRealPotato - 8 days ago
Darren wasn't even playing yet and I'm crying why am I less than half his age
Tammy Kletecka
Tammy Kletecka - 8 days ago
Actors fund? That is rich considering you are all over paid muppets that say and do what ever you’re told without wit. Perfect low IQ minion whores to disgusting humans in Hollywood. The movies have been garbage for decades with few exceptions and no wonder when you look at the round up. Regardless, America has moved beyond Hollywood as a means of cheap entertainment and have discovered that the real talent is out there on YouTube where millions have real personalities, unique talents, comedic wit, educational instruction, real stories, brilliant minds and they are not whores.
Jeremy Diefenbacher
Jeremy Diefenbacher - 9 days ago
I'm bawling so hard. I loved the rosie show growing up. Literally it was the first TV show to make Broadway accessible in CA. I'm trying not to get super depressed and this piece of nostalgia is what I needed right now. Thank you.
ApeXx War
ApeXx War - 9 days ago
Get fuckin real, Hollywood doesn't need help the elite 1% need money after all the shit talking they did
ivanka s.
ivanka s. - 9 days ago
i know tituss art directed that backdrop, fabulous
Tyler Peavey
Tyler Peavey - 9 days ago
Kelli O’Hara got me crying in my coffee. Gah 😭
Jeff Scott
Jeff Scott - 9 days ago
I love Rosie, she needs to bring back her show!!
Susan Stiles-Giello
Susan Stiles-Giello - 9 days ago
This was so wonderful! I miss Rosie and John McD....Thank You!
Isabel Feller-Kopman
Isabel Feller-Kopman - 9 days ago
When Lin-Manuel Miranda mentioned Jerry from Cheer!!!!
joseph252007 - 10 days ago
Lea Salonga’s voice in the morning : Perfect , Lea Salonga’s voice in the evening : Heaven
jeff blim is in a hurry
jeff blim is in a hurry - 10 days ago
1:05:10 the moment I lost my mind
Marie - 10 days ago
Man way to be divisive in the beginning you tard..All you Dems talk about is how you want equality and crap but you have such terribly divisive rhetoric!!!
Marie - 9 days ago
@pisto30 they are actually handling it well
pisto30 - 9 days ago
Really? Considering how your party's handling this (read TERRIBLY)...not the hill you wanna die on.
Tony Scott
Tony Scott - 10 days ago
Rosie O'Donnell needs to move in to a hospital or asylum to be taken care of by caring compassionate professionals experienced with people suffering from substance abuse, mental illness and criminal insanity :-) She needs to be fffffffaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmeeed out! :-)
Mathilde Hanaut
Mathilde Hanaut - 10 days ago
talented human overload YAY!!!!!!!!!!
Carol Deaton
Carol Deaton - 10 days ago
248:11 Miranda Sings got to love her
Carol Deaton
Carol Deaton - 10 days ago
My favorite on this whole show was Miranda Sings 1st and of course Rosie O'Donnell you got to love her. Two of the best women I know in this world. Besides me lol sending tons of love to all the actors and everybody God bless stay safe
srayj - 10 days ago
This was fantastic! Any chance of doing another episode? If so, I have always wanted to hear Jeremy Jordan sing Endless Night from The Lion King.
phantom 7 cross rose
phantom 7 cross rose - 10 days ago
here butch come here boy
Squishy time And relaxation vacation
I just came because of Maranda sings no just me okay
StoryBook Towers
StoryBook Towers - 10 days ago
Thank you for this! Saw it a little late ha you are wonderful!
Dave S
Dave S - 10 days ago
Holly Ocaya
Holly Ocaya - 10 days ago
Alan Menken. Kristin Chenoweth. Lea Salonga.
Barbara Bellows-TerraNova
I just wish Erich Bergen added his own musical number at the end. He is a wonderful singer!
Parsifal Godtree
Parsifal Godtree - 10 days ago
I miss you so much Rosie
NOT YOU - 10 days ago
Homosexuals brought us the Coronavirus.
pisto30 - 9 days ago
Religious nuts, you mean.
Greg love his Doodles
Greg love his Doodles - 10 days ago
Rosie O’donnell is a fat lying manipulator
BIG BOSS - 11 days ago
Rosie O donnell is a fat pig
SsSs RoBbSs
SsSs RoBbSs - 11 days ago
Ewww whhhhhhyyyyyyyy? I thought we left this amgry lesbain in the 90s....
Clyde Cromey
Clyde Cromey - 11 days ago
Those poor actors
The Court Of Public Opinion
This is disgusting like really gross it’s for all the actors and everyone involved in Hollywood but especially for those behind the scenes yeah come the fuck on his Morgan Freeman the only one of you that could say that to make it seem even remotely believable
Justin Ingram
Justin Ingram - 11 days ago
i shouldn't be here
plumbermike Tracey
plumbermike Tracey - 11 days ago
Are you fucking kidding me!!!! You pathetic vampires!! I hope you all are exposed for the evil you truly are. You get everything you deserve!! We are not your food!!
Christina Estes
Christina Estes - 11 days ago
Excited to watch! I love me some nph! ❤️❤️
JD Pitts
JD Pitts - 11 days ago
Rosie's o'Donnell owns a house in my town and she's a rude and disrespectful person. Horrible
pisto30 - 9 days ago
SsSs RoBbSs
SsSs RoBbSs - 11 days ago
I believe you
Rock On Bye
Rock On Bye - 11 days ago
No,Really! Rosie asking a bunch of Deplorable's for help......😂
john boone
john boone - 11 days ago
rosie finds a way to fleece money during the corona virus for elitist who already have money , you know charities like this only have to give 15% to the charity , crazy as you wanna be
HUB GOBLIN - 11 days ago
The cartoon Rosie looks too old had me thinking she’s 75
Cef Malig
Cef Malig - 11 days ago
Omg too many musical theater legends in here!!!
Tasty Tony
Tasty Tony - 11 days ago
Wow! YOU'RE ALL USELESS. fake and useless, Hollywood losers, nobody cares about actors anymore
xxxDemonknightxxx - 11 days ago
Fuck these devils! 😒
a girl has no name
a girl has no name - 11 days ago
I found this right when Patti was starting "A Hundred Years From Today," which I was able to sing along with because I've heard Carice van Houten's beautiful version a zillion times. 8'D
It's wild that Sondheim and Webber share a birthdate. :O

Lotta great guests/send-ins. ^^
Scott King
Scott King - 11 days ago
Ha ha ha no
Samuel Drinkwine
Samuel Drinkwine - 11 days ago
Cancel Ellen and bring back Rosie!
Aitcheoz - 11 days ago
You're a pig
MsFarzee - 11 days ago
Shoshana Bean! Lea Salonga! Adrienne! Everyone!
Bee Nadal
Bee Nadal - 11 days ago
Kristin & Lea, my queens 💞
Therese Benzonan
Therese Benzonan - 11 days ago
I cried when I saw Aaron Tveit. Get well soon! Our prayers are with you, other people that have this virus, and the fallen ones
Therese Benzonan
Therese Benzonan - 6 days ago
Cara Boyd he already confirmed that he’s positive on his instagram and twitter. He also said that he’s feeling better, let’s just pray for him to fully recover 😢💓
Cara Boyd
Cara Boyd - 6 days ago
Therese Benzonan oh no! Tell me he doesn’t have it? I have tickets to see him in Moulin Rogue on May 12th and I need him and the rest of the world to be well so I can check off my #1 item from my bucket list! I’m also seeing Dear Evan Hansen so Jordan Fisher needs to stay quarantined for another month! 😂😱
Sara Guidroz
Sara Guidroz - 11 days ago
Thanks for all the laughs Rosie !!! Sorry I can’t give money but I still have my Rosie doll with the blue PJ’s from the 90’s 😘🙏🌈 love u
dispensethecredulous - 11 days ago
-2:41:45. I want to turn off Rachel Maddow but I don't want to be uneducated.
Lady, if you were educated in the least you wouldn't give Rachel Maddow the time of day.
Fionna chu
Fionna chu - 11 days ago
I remember my mom watching her show every time it was on... she was actual in the audience once and got How the Grinch Stole Christmas on VHS
Russell Lash
Russell Lash - 11 days ago
Thank you Rosie for doing this! We miss you from TV. I wish you had your show on daily again. You have no idea how much it saved my life having you to see every day. Thank you.
draxcir - 11 days ago
Why are you geh?
J S - 11 days ago
$100,000......for actors......during a pandemic.....neat
Leslie Parker
Leslie Parker - 11 days ago
yes love this amazing I made it though the whole show. Very inspiring loved all the songs. Love Rosie totally worth watching.
Richard dean
Richard dean - 11 days ago
What about of fund raiser for waiters who haven’t made it to broadway yet?
_23Nostalgia _
_23Nostalgia _ - 11 days ago
Lmfao I must’ve been living under a rock! Didn’t know Rosie was still at it. I hope she doing alright with all the shit that’s been going on
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