By Attacking Democrats, Trump Unites Them

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Nancy Mabrey
Nancy Mabrey - 4 days ago
DaGhostDS - 7 days ago
He's not wrong they came from the most corrupt country in the world : The USA.
Thomas Ward
Thomas Ward - 9 days ago
Racism... Racism.... Racism....
Thats ALL the Democrats say against trump... Memo... We don't care.
Vbat 421
Vbat 421 - 10 days ago
Trump prob wet his bed and was bullied. I don't remember any adults made up silly nickname for another adult for arguments. Well-Traitor Trump.
Holland Kerr
Holland Kerr - 15 days ago
Rep Ilhan Omar is so Minnesotan she goes through the Caribou Coffee drivethrough in a snowplow before coming to work every morning. Rep Ilhan Omar is so Minnesotan, her hijab has polar fleece in the lining. Rep. Ilhan Omar is so Minnesotan she brings Hot Dish to the Somali Cultural Center. Rep Ilhan Omar is so Minnesotan, if she were deported by a racist billshit regime and put on a boat to Africa, it would take her all day to politely say goodbye to everyone in the deportation center. People mock Rep Ilhan Omar for her choice to wear her sacred traditional clothing, but as hard as people try, noone has the right to stop her from wearing her Vikings jersey to work every day. Rep Ilhan Omar is so Minnesotan, she has a life lomg vendetta against the Cohen Brothers. Keep it going...
RADIN SYAH - 16 days ago
How is America racist? Imagine Obama tweeting four white reps should ‘go back to where they came from’ and literally, literally, gets away with it. It’d be an unprecedented national scandal whereas with Trump, it’s just another tweeting day. How is America racist? Nearly half of them voted him into office.
Negasonic 117
Negasonic 117 - 17 days ago
To quote Judi dench "I think youre a sexist mysoginist dinosaur, a relic of the cold war"
Silas Kuemmerle
Silas Kuemmerle - 17 days ago
Well, I guess Trump called the US a broken and crime infested place... OH MY GOD HE FINALLY SAW SOME LIGHT
binomalia - 18 days ago
Trumpesters are infesting the States.
Karen Nobles
Karen Nobles - 18 days ago
He is going to set us back 80 years! Time to go racists!
Vida Hasselburg
Vida Hasselburg - 18 days ago
I like how he told the ones born here that their home govt was corrupt and crime infested. Yes our govt sure is.
Kevlar Burrito
Kevlar Burrito - 18 days ago
What did he say instead of "the aliens gave me this cool read hat"? The word "hat" was dubbed in.
xtscarface M
xtscarface M - 19 days ago
Why does trump get away with insulting the US. He insults government officials. He insults American agencies. He insults American citizens. He insults American cities. But he wants someone peacefully kneeling during an anthem as protest not insult fired or punished. Because they dont kneel there talking mess about the flag or anthem or do they? But yet this man does all this and his supporters dont see that? How close minded and or weak minded do you have to be?
Cattat2goddess - 19 days ago
Rumps Tweet about the other countries is rather funny considering he's the leader of a dumpster fire of radioactive dog shit country called USA lmfao PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF TRUE PEACE DO NOT LET THIS MAN WIN IN 2020!
Purple Rain
Purple Rain - 20 days ago
Has united us enough to get his dumb ass out of office in 2020. And his Epps.
Ric Conway
Ric Conway - 20 days ago
Dear Stephen and Late Show Team... I am an AT&T subscriber, and haven't been able to see your show on TV for the last week. I'll keep watching here until SOMEONE (not you guys, I love you.) blinks.
Optikal Winter
Optikal Winter - 20 days ago
If America is so bad
AOC should go fix Puerto Rico, where her family is from.
Rashida Tlaib should go fix Palestine
Ilhan Omar should go fix Somalia
Then they can come back and show us how its done.
Rage Raptor
Rage Raptor - 20 days ago
Your telling me 7 different us cities got unpowered including madison within the span of 2 weeks hmmm...
Michell Smith
Michell Smith - 20 days ago
(45) said Friday that investigators ought to look into a book deal signed 
by former President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama.
"Let's look into Obama the way they've looked at me," 
Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. "Let's subpoena all of his records.”
The whole book has proper spelling.
Full grammatically correct sentences.
Words with more than 5 letters and 
is essentially fact checkable.
And no pictures.
Magik Maker
Magik Maker - 21 day ago
Trump makes Bush looks good :D How sad is that?!
Optikal Winter
Optikal Winter - 20 days ago
@Magik Maker I never thought I would see the day when democrats would completely absolve George Bush from any wrongdoing simply because they hate Trump that much because Talk Show Host tells them orange man bad. Youre a waste of oxygen. Kill yourself.
Magik Maker
Magik Maker - 20 days ago
@Optikal Winter you lost me in millions... but do you really think bush had anything to do with war decisions...? Between Bush and Trump wish one looks more stupid and ridicule as a president?
Optikal Winter
Optikal Winter - 20 days ago
Yeah I mean Bush only killed millions of people in the Iraq wars including 9/11 but I mean Trump is worse...
zeveroare R
zeveroare R - 23 days ago
It was a great diversion from his sexparties with underage girls with his friend epstein.
Lucky Goodrich
Lucky Goodrich - 23 days ago
06:36 Imagine Stephen going into the booth an being like "....................HAT!!!!"
James Longie
James Longie - 23 days ago
His 4th of July stunt is orange feces attempt to emulate Hitler's Nazi party Rallys when Adolf would flex his military muscle
Piotr Olej
Piotr Olej - 24 days ago
I love how they added "hat" later and it's like
"Besides Aliens even gave me this cool red (HAT!) that says "yum yum"." 😂😂😂
Randy Quaid
Randy Quaid - 24 days ago
Stephen Colbert has deep connections with Hollywoods Pedophiles and Kiddy Diddlers
guthax30 - 24 days ago
Anybody else looking forward to Donny's inevitable suicide after 10 years has past he's just "that dick from home alone 3 who was president for a few years"? I think he'll finally shove a solid-gold revolver in his mouth once his follower-count has fallen below Obama's and he realizes "oh yeah i was just another old white racist president. there is absolutely nothing special about my presidency at all, no one will remember me, and i now have zero power and no audience and i'll never be able to recapture the high of- BOOM."
god i hope he live tweets his own last words. i might actually follow him then.
Sailor Moon Loves Tuxedo Mask
He wants Nancy to defend them because it will make her look like she’s on their side which will make her look bad to moderates you dumbass
Old 300 Texan
Old 300 Texan - 24 days ago
Hey Stephen how does it feel to think of nothing but Trump every minute of every day? Hahahahaha!!! Please keep it up, you're doing a great job of uniting Trump's base.
I STAND ALONE - 24 days ago
F this !!! TRUMP 2020 !!! MAGA !!! BUILD THE WALL !!! TRUMP , TRUMP , TRUMP
HaibTshajHaib - 24 days ago
Can't wait for 2020!
Dennis Jensen
Dennis Jensen - 25 days ago
Lol the voiceover at 6:38
Raghavan Theerthagiri
Raghavan Theerthagiri - 25 days ago
From a non American, a bit of friendly advice to the Democrats. You can't fight crazy on the right by even more crazy in the left. The mainstream media and talk show hosts like this guys are now firmly in the size of left crazy. All this false outrage will go nowhere. Get some decent centrist guys who have the credentials to go after Trump on national security. these people will sell your country to the Oil Sheiks. You can never win an election in ANY country (even the most underdeveloped, strife ridden and poor ones) by promising open borders and saying their country is for everybody. People don't mind of others open their borders, but even Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan etc will never open their country to outsiders.
Darryl Thompson
Darryl Thompson - 25 days ago
This idiot is the only persons ever to enter the Oval Office with the help of a foreign country and yes every power leader know that he is a racist bigot dumbfounded idiot that why everytime he enter the room they try to walk away and he and his idiot dumbfounded children are never ever invited to any important events like the OBAMA FAMILY welcome with open arms his family a close door
The Vanilla Godzilla
The Vanilla Godzilla - 25 days ago
Yeah hey dork you're in charge of the nation not just 38%. You know Obama never had anything like this. He addressed the entire nation. Goes right along with this rude, snobbish, chickenshit personality of GOP people who know exactly what's going on and you don't care. You're evil. Seriously... deep down. Think about it - evil.
Ab Renos
Ab Renos - 25 days ago
now that's a power couple, trump/polossy
PhilCheezSteaks - 26 days ago
Only Trump can be worse than AOC. Both are awful.
Jorge Ivan
Jorge Ivan - 26 days ago
Colbert suffers from Trump deragement syndrome....the "squad" is the best thing has happened to Trump.. thanks to them Trump will be re-elected in 2020
CommanderLVJ1 - 26 days ago
+The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
While being totally ignorant and ridiculous how is anything that you have read in any way shape or form racist..?
Aaryan Patel
Aaryan Patel - 26 days ago
What did he say at 6:39 it definitely wasn’t hat. His lips did not indicate the word “hat.”
Katharine E
Katharine E - 26 days ago
"the squad" put themselves against House democrats, and they also preach socialism, open borders, and the abolishment of Homeland Security. Aka- they preach nonsense.
OHFORPEATSAKES - 26 days ago
How low can you go?
Jace Cavacini
Jace Cavacini - 26 days ago
This steaming pile of racist tweets is an example of “fractal wrongness”.
The Reckoner
The Reckoner - 27 days ago
Trump is NOT the bigger problem here kiddies; no, it's the depressing fact that HALF of our fellow American brother and sister citizens are either 1) truly ignorant, or 2) epic hypocrites, and neither answer is encouraging. Education has been proven to prevent wars, political upheaval and disease. A lack of it has created the most violent and brutal regimes in history.
Americans are idiots. Most of us don't even know our OWN history let alone global history, particularly German history from 1918-30's. These things don't just pop up overnight and with coercion. No it begins with ONE idiot's ability to capitalize on the naivete and ignorance of the masses especially via media. One could EASILY replace those MAGA hats with a Brown Shirts cap or an earlier Nazi party insignia. No hyperbole, we're in verrrry dangerous waters here and a political rip tide such as this could easily take us ALL to sea before we know what's happened. My mother-in-law as a 5 year old watched the bombs fall on Dresden, Germany in '45 and this is EXACTLY how it began there too, ignorance paranoia and xenophobia on a massive scale.
We're ALLLL stardust and if the twits in power would realize this.......... 🤨
321 shot1000
321 shot1000 - 27 days ago
I've seen times when Trump has been more/less racist and people still said he wasn't, but this is so explicitly racist that if you are still saying that he isn't racist, you have subconciously created your own definition of the word "racist" in an attempt to not be included in it.
guthax30 - 24 days ago
321 shot1000 here's their basic argument: people who hate donald trump are racist against racists! They hate racists which makes them THE MOST racist and therefore THE ONLY racists and therefore a racist cannot be racist because people hate him for being racist! if someone hates you it automatically means they're racist! which makes you not racist! i mean gawd why can't you guys be nice to us racists for a change? what did we do wrong? we've been persecuted for so many years it's so unfair! all these black guys trying to eat and piss around me gaaawwwllll. enough is enuf #racistlivesmattertoo so let's break it down: there's nothing to break down. it's gibberish from beginning to end. it's what the intellectuals used to call "duck-speak". it's not real language it's a placid void of un-logic where your head dips a little upward and you simply recite rhetoric from subconscious memory with no clear connection between one topic and the next.
Killin With Ki11Roy
Killin With Ki11Roy - 27 days ago
Trump 2020.
SpukiTheLoveKitten75 - 27 days ago
Dolt's like Chump completely miss the point of the United States.
Also; Trump's tweet inadvertently becomes a self-own of the USA since all those women are American (three are American-Born).
Shawn Garrison
Shawn Garrison - 27 days ago
Most of the Dems are now saying he's playing a brilliant game of chess with these nitwit Congress wenches deep do the lies and deception have to go?
Shawn Garrison
Shawn Garrison - 27 days ago
"Fraud squad"
kailianglf2 - 27 days ago

lamentable is history mourned but not learned.

By lambasting the current incumbent for being racist, misogynistic and intolerant during the 2016 campaign, what did the left/Democrats gain?
kailianglf2 - 26 days ago
@Richard Smart But do go on and continue to demonstrate your capability for coherent, compelling rhetoric.
kailianglf2 - 26 days ago
@Richard Smart defense mechanism known as projection aside, midterm results is a different topic, one somehow even more irrelevant to presidential election outcome.
Richard Smart
Richard Smart - 26 days ago
@kailianglf2 Sorry, but we won the Midterms by 9,700,000 - do you struggle to remember to BREATHE, you window-licking waste-of-a-vagina? Just checking...
kailianglf2 - 26 days ago
@Richard Smart I said gain, believe you were thinking of "ineffectual margin".
Richard Smart
Richard Smart - 27 days ago
Jmeil Callens
Jmeil Callens - 27 days ago
john L
john L - 27 days ago
YES!!! Finally!! AOC and OMAR are the voice of the Democratic Party.
john L
john L - 26 days ago
Jorge Ivan yeah, probably
Jorge Ivan
Jorge Ivan - 26 days ago
And that is why Trump will be re-elected in 2020...
Peter Herrick
Peter Herrick - 27 days ago
Welcome to NY
Jake Brinker
Jake Brinker - 28 days ago
Huh, that’s weird. I thought Democrats being divided and bickering amongst each other was called division. Not unity... The more ya know. Ya know?
DawsonEdiger - 28 days ago
I wish I could enjoy Stephens show but his choice to be a political comedian makes it completely unbearable
DawsonEdiger - 28 days ago
If you think trump is racist.... you’re probably right, he was born in the 60’s as a very rich white person. This does not mean his prejudice could or will affect his decisions. I think y’all need to chill on shit that we all knew already. (Certainly not defending trump)
Charles Wetzel
Charles Wetzel - 28 days ago
By attacking Demon Rats TRUMP exposes them for the socialists they are!!!
Gojohnny gp1
Gojohnny gp1 - 28 days ago
All of Trumps wives were imported, so they should all go back where they came from.
Chris - 28 days ago
I love the united states of america. I love our majority, I love our form of government. Hate and racism have no place in our government. Donald Trump is a racist. He also violates his oath of office every time he attacks democrats. He acts like a fascist and his intentions are to eliminate the opposition by starting a race war between alt-right neonazi's and the peace and freedom loving liberal left.
joppadoni - 28 days ago
Haha, i Love SC. Cool guy :)
David Anewman
David Anewman - 28 days ago
Wait, if Democrats are united and Republicans are united, that means America is divided.
Christine Chaos
Christine Chaos - 28 days ago
I am in Delaware County, outside Philadelphia PA. No power for almost 3 hours. It can always be worse ❣ But fudge it really sucked! I could sweat in a walk-in freezer, it felt like I was dying. (Also a myriad of health issues, one of them menopause on by hysterectomy due to endometriosis, also had a ureteral reimplantation one after another)
Christine Chaos
Christine Chaos - 28 days ago
Just when you have heard for the millionth and one time, just how unintelligent this person is, and I use the word person, well, more than lightly! Why don't you leave and where is your"wife's papers?????
Vvs1 LooseStones
Vvs1 LooseStones - 28 days ago
Michael K
Michael K - 28 days ago
Mr. Colbert's suits never miss. This tie/suit combo is on point here.
helveticaification - 28 days ago
If they had wanted an all-white country, they should not have imported all those slaves.
Kind of Smooth
Kind of Smooth - 28 days ago
Trump legacy will be rapist, racist, bigot charity fund siphoned. All those with the trump surname will be soon changing it to Obama, or Cortez.
Max Aggropop
Max Aggropop - 28 days ago
whatever you say, ayanna presley is still from chicago...
KentBalzer - 28 days ago
Trump effectively tied the least popular, most reviled Democrats as a mill stone around the neck of the entire Democrat party. Now the world can see how extremely fascist the Democrat party truly is. Congratulations. TRUMP 2020 MAGA
DIY Bowhunter
DIY Bowhunter - 28 days ago
Trump Unites Democrats? Half of them, including me, left the democrats completely. I am not going back.
ARKdeEREH - 28 days ago
Ironically, Ocasio-Cortez and Trump were both born in the same city. If her place of origin is so crime-infested and corrupt than so is his since they're literally the same location.
Gavin Hurring
Gavin Hurring - 2 days ago
@Sweet Release elon musk does not believe in man made climate change it is all part of cosmic seasons. Google dan pena global warming hoax. It will explain it better than my dumb ass can. So no I'm not that smart compared to smart people but as for the likes of aoc and mushroom hat omar I'm a genius. But then again most people are.. so how did these cum stains are
Sweet Release
Sweet Release - 2 days ago
Gavin Hurring your not a ‘genius.’ While spelling may not be related to intelligence, you obviously aren’t really all that smart. You mentioned Elon Musk when referring to someone smart, he is on of the biggest advocates of climate change there is. He owns one of biggest electric car companies. You claim someone who believes climate change is real is dumb while calling Elon Musk smart. You obviously don’t do the most basic research. If you really believe that people who believe climate change is real are dumb, your calling 97 percent of scientists dumb.
Shirli_Sugar _Art
Shirli_Sugar _Art - 10 days ago
ARKdeEREH - Very good point. However, that is as simple as 1+1 and we know Trump is far too stupid to figure out either of those equations.
Gavin Hurring
Gavin Hurring - 15 days ago
@Dyl A why don't you people agree with what I said???
Gavin Hurring
Gavin Hurring - 16 days ago
Trump actually represents America what the fuck do aoc mushroom hat and the others represent?
steve harrigan
steve harrigan - 28 days ago
So people actually watch this ass clown?
Maria Nuñez
Maria Nuñez - 28 days ago
The Democrats actak Trump every day they likes to play games and make false stament I know because i was Democrats for 25 years but not anymore Trump 2020❤
Tea Mhatre
Tea Mhatre - 28 days ago
What Happened At Our Borders Today is A Very Serious Crisis Which the Democrats & Trump Haters All To Be blamed For.
They Caused It.
For 2 Years& Half They Did Not Do Their Works. Neglected Their Job . To Busy Picking At Trump our Elected President and Fighting and Calling Names To Satisfy Their Personal Hates For Trump The Winner.
Tea Mhatre
Tea Mhatre - 28 days ago
Trump He Did Not Mean That, Stupid.
He Means IF You Don’t Like It Here Then “Go Back To Where You Came From “ which We Here All Agreed With The President. And That IS NOT Racist.
Democrats, Trump Haters, Squad4 ...ARE ...Pure Trouble Makers. Thinking To Call Him a Racist Will Help Them.
They Have Not Doing Their Works which’s Supposed To Work On Improving Things and Secure Our Borders .
Here They Been Too Busy Hating The Elected President and Neglecting Their Job & District .
Tea Mhatre
Tea Mhatre - 28 days ago
THEY ATTACKED HIM FOR 2 Years And 1/2 ...
Shames On All Bad Democrats and Trump Haters.🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
They All Want Illegals & Open Borders Because... It Is Their Only Way They Hope To Beat Trump and Think Calling Him A Racist Will Help Them.
They Are The Ones Causing The National Crisis& Bad Conditions At Our Borders Today ☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼☝🏼
Reality - 28 days ago
Thanks for adding hate on top of Trump accused hatred!  After all, more hate defeats hate right?
Reality - 28 days ago
Funny how most comments don't agree with Colbert on his own YouTube channel even though the top comments are in his favor.
Christian Rochat
Christian Rochat - 28 days ago
How are his tweets racist? Can somebody explain?
Christian Rochat
Christian Rochat - 27 days ago
@Richard Smart Don't worry, I'm breathing just fine. Saying he is racist is not an argument for why those particular tweets shoud be racist. Building a wall is not racist, unless the wall stops only people of a particular skin color. But it doesn't, it will stop all people. And even if, that wouldn't be an argument as to why those 3 tweets are racist. And how is marring a slowenian pornstar racist? It's not. Stop insulting and start arguing. Read the 3 tweets again and tell me, why they are racist. Or admit, that they aren't. (Hint: they are not, but the media tricked you into beliving they were!) So, any reasonable arguments?
Richard Smart
Richard Smart - 27 days ago
@Christian Rochat "He" is EXPLICITLY RACIST - do you struggle to remember to breathe? Remember "shithole countries"? Remember the wall "he" was going to build on the southern border? Remember "he" married a Slovenian pornstar?
Christian Rochat
Christian Rochat - 27 days ago
@Richard Smart I can read just fine. And you, can you answer my question?
Richard Smart
Richard Smart - 27 days ago
Can you even read?
ray reedy
ray reedy - 29 days ago
This guy lies. Every time the dems lose at anything they PANIC and every time they panic they screw the dog. Dems are frauds they have nothing no evidence they can do nothing. And it's the biggest mess you ever saw. They panic more. And now we have the satan squad. Four nuts who think they have power. Yet have none. America is what supposed to jump and do what they dictate? HE'LL. NOOOOOOO. AMERICA. WILL THROW ALL FOUR OF YOUR TRAITOR ASSES INTO GITMO.
M Perkins
M Perkins - 28 days ago
@ray reedy You do not know about the ground-work-that-has-been-laid for the restoration of the ANTI-SEDITION and ANTI-INSURRECTION STATUTES, and I stand-by what I wrote, 100%... JUSTICE IS COMING...
ray reedy
ray reedy - 28 days ago
@M Perkins glad you think so. Who's gonna do it? All fed law hAve charges. From treason all the way to attempted over throw of government. They. Will. Do nothing. So who will? I have heard this bullshit for 9 yrs now. WHO. WILL. RESTORE. JUSTICE.?????
M Perkins
M Perkins - 28 days ago
@ray reedy I am 100% convinced that military-tribunals WILL commence against those whom we, ALL, know have committed these capital-crimes. NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING. NOTHING.
ray reedy
ray reedy - 28 days ago
@M Perkins Cornell law school.chpt115 treason sedition subversion 2383 2384. 2385. 2383 rebellious insurection. 2384 seditious conspiracy 2385 advocating overthrow of government. I think. They ate all four guilty of all 3 of these. Gitmo. Execute
ray reedy
ray reedy - 28 days ago
@patrick mcmann wrong asshole you and nuts like you are the damned problem. BUT NOT FOR LONG
T Z - 29 days ago
Too bad Colbert turned out be just another corporate shill.
Demetri Aquilonian
Demetri Aquilonian - 29 days ago
You know, all Stephen Colbert does is tell things like it is, yet republicans try to shut him up.
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