How to Crash a Wedding

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Bxby_ Bxlla aa
Bxby_ Bxlla aa - 11 days ago
“I look really good in white”
-Kelly Kapoor
Jake - 2 days ago
That's exactly what I thought 😂
D a n i i
D a n i i - 2 days ago
aaa i miss the office :,((
Rylan Fink
Rylan Fink - 3 days ago
@Kawaii Mobile I'm on like the tenth time 😳😂.... trust me you'll never get bored of it 😂
Brody Penn
Brody Penn - 4 days ago
Brandon Huang
Brandon Huang - 22 minutes ago
dumb.blonde.who.draws - 2 hours ago
your parents are so cute
C.A.D.R - 2 hours ago
The long pause at the end was slightly ummmmmmmmmmmmm.........
Ellen Demont
Ellen Demont - 4 hours ago
i dont know why, but all of your captions and descripstions are translated to my native language and i dont kniow how to fix it
Rajesh Yadav
Rajesh Yadav - 6 hours ago
I am from India loved the wedding 😊😊
Tam :3
Tam :3 - 10 hours ago
ur mom is beautiful
Esme Gonzalez
Esme Gonzalez - 12 hours ago
Your mom is so pretty😭💗
Hello it’s •Summer•
Hello it’s •Summer• - 15 hours ago
You honestly funnier than the Danielle Cohn raid
CØLORS x - 16 hours ago
We both have allergies to peanuts,

be my friend please
Zahra Long
Zahra Long - 17 hours ago
Has erm anyone tried da pasta cuzzzzz ya girl is tempted
Samantha Van Dyke
Samantha Van Dyke - 17 hours ago
I don’t know why but I did not expect your parents to sound like that at all!
Abigail Buntain
Abigail Buntain - 19 hours ago
*iTs NoT a PrObLeM aNyMoRe*
sukarendang - 20 hours ago
why is steve kerr in your videos
HufflepuffLala Woojin's the best

Sabina Rasuli
Sabina Rasuli - 20 hours ago
this is the first video i watch on your channel. you are hilarious. love you. immediately subed
Frost Sisters
Frost Sisters - 22 hours ago
this quickly turned into a cooking tutorial
Sophia Tor
Sophia Tor - 22 hours ago
Any video you watch of John cenã turn captions on
Mr. Poopie
Mr. Poopie - 22 hours ago
Anyone caught the music at the end of the video
mypurpleslimes - 23 hours ago
No. Absolutely unacceptable. Those ankles need to be covered young lady. Who do you think you are, srutting that inch of flesh around my swamp!
Anastassia Nevskaia
What's her parents accent? French?
Dark night apple
Dark night apple - Day ago
The noddles are as frigdial as china and if you fart in tHeir face and the will break pfft hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brian Hood
Brian Hood - Day ago
I wonder if she knows how beautiful she is.
That Watermelon
That Watermelon - Day ago
I’m Native American and I can relate to Indians. The 50+ food options are a must for every wedding. People you’ve never seen before but still call you auntie show up so you have to have enough food to feed an army.
Velo - Day ago
*S H U T T E R S T O C K*
_Kaylee. anne
_Kaylee. anne - Day ago
I'm craving spring rolls now
XxAliceWolfxX 123
XxAliceWolfxX 123 - Day ago
I’ve been to like 100000000000 Indian weddings and bish I take all the food
Sophie.n Clayton
Sophie.n Clayton - Day ago
I bet you’re a Gemini
Connor Findyourself
What are those sunglasses in the beginning called?!?!!. NEED THEM FOR MY YT
Sharon Pezzi
Sharon Pezzi - Day ago
When I went to my sister's wedding I were whity
Sheyla Torres
Sheyla Torres - Day ago
I hope I tickles your pickle.
I laughed so hard when I heard that
Krista Queen
Krista Queen - Day ago
The first photo in the thumbnail tho.... your mom is RIPPED! 💪🏼
XoXwilting_roseXoX - 2 days ago
"I look better than everyone" *gags*
-Joana Ceddia, 2019
Leilani Mereles
Leilani Mereles - 2 days ago
Says who is scamming you people but she bought it 😂
R Abdirashid
R Abdirashid - 2 days ago
If you wanna do it Better so don’t put white nail polish put black nail polish instead it’s soooo pretty
The Queen Deilyn
The Queen Deilyn - 2 days ago
Your weird...
Just like me..
FINALLY someone in my life on YouTube that is just as weird as me...
Malin Abrahamsson
Malin Abrahamsson - 2 days ago
Whitney Yvonne
Whitney Yvonne - 2 days ago
Jeebus, your content is always so wholesome and exquisite. Your parents must feel so blessed and vice versa, of course. Hot damnnn John cena, you've done it again...I'm not sure what exactly...but you did it.
Fullsun Hani
Fullsun Hani - 2 days ago
I feel bad for her about the allergies statement
Kookie Kookie
Kookie Kookie - 2 days ago
8:21 i died 😂😂😂
Carlo Nolasco
Carlo Nolasco - 2 days ago
Honestly, you’re a really really good creator! Love your content !
Mrkittycat - 2 days ago
idk how to stay pickle
elaine wang
elaine wang - 2 days ago
i bought an avocado shirt just for you
Miriam Figari
Miriam Figari - 2 days ago
sis you know that’s just carbonara
Ellanie Magana
Ellanie Magana - 2 days ago
“I look better then everyone “
vale geovanna
vale geovanna - 2 days ago
some lady wore white to my grandmas wedding and my mom all my aunts ands great grandma were quaking in their heels
Tiffany Ku
Tiffany Ku - 2 days ago
*video ends*
*me waiting for something to happen*
Pastel Plastic*
Pastel Plastic* - 2 days ago
i hope it tickled your pickle ;)
Aubrey Arias
Aubrey Arias - 2 days ago
Whoever hates her is just jealous of her style and grace
Green Lollypop
Green Lollypop - 2 days ago
Indian brides don’t wear white
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