Katy Perry - Cozy Little Christmas

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Cole Edwards
Cole Edwards - 5 hours ago
Why is 2:11 such a Shane Dawson moment for me?? 😂
Romeo Remo
Romeo Remo - 6 hours ago
And am like wtf 🤭
MookChuta - 6 hours ago
I wish we were together in this Christmas. 😞☃️🎄🎅
keila keza
keila keza - 6 hours ago
Love this video
Ольга Рузманова
Выйди в тираж
Su - Kun
Su - Kun - 6 hours ago
Who agrees katy perry and adele look alike
Alison Richards
Alison Richards - 6 hours ago
Happy to see that 13K others disliked this video too. SICK, manipulative and sadly will be shown to millions of innocent children.
Alison Richards
Alison Richards - 6 hours ago
A gross sexualization of Santa. WTF!?!? Children watch these videos. Society is crumbling rapidly. We don't honor the innocence of children anymore. We are forcing them towards a hedonistic life. Sick. Wake up Sheeple, this is highly manipulative.
Disgusted grandmother of 10. Crying for the future of my family.
Sheryl oheix
Sheryl oheix - 6 hours ago
Christmas season the views
Now Pyc
Now Pyc - 6 hours ago
Such a cute song :)
Sa Bhrmz
Sa Bhrmz - 6 hours ago
First black hair ofter rise music video. Who is happy ?
Sa Bhrmz
Sa Bhrmz - 6 hours ago
Cozy little Christmas remix ft taylor swift
hello =)) ✌✌
Michael Maurer
Michael Maurer - 6 hours ago
Katy is the best female entertainer of the past 25 years. No question about it.
17미연 - 6 hours ago
Клип говно, песня тоже.
Mr. Wick
Mr. Wick - 7 hours ago
Awesome you're Katy Perry, really a princess you gotta
Aegon Targaryen
Aegon Targaryen - 7 hours ago
This song is 100x better than bts shit. Facts.
Katrina Hammock
Katrina Hammock - 7 hours ago
The martini glass scene reminds me of Dita von tease!
Huda & Danial
Huda & Danial - 7 hours ago
People: it doesn’t feel like Christmas
Katy: hold my hair.
Faheem Rahman
Faheem Rahman - 7 hours ago
Guys what the hell their are kids that get bullied and people walk past them now someone says something about sleeping early and nobody knows if it was directed towards bts and yall are spamming hate comments like you guys should seriously be ashamed
Honka - 7 hours ago
I've got a raging yuletide log here 😜😜😜
theoldbareattorney - 7 hours ago
Dita von Teese
Pamela Salcedo
Pamela Salcedo - 7 hours ago
Mr encanta katy con su cabello negro la clásica. Debería quedarse con ese tono
Nicholas Zubia
Nicholas Zubia - 7 hours ago
To the bts army creating drama.. Katy wasn't talking to your precious boy band. She was talking to her friend's kids. Dumbasses get a life
Gregory Smith
Gregory Smith - 7 hours ago
Katy's black hair, the teenage dream era style video shots during the candy cane scene, we LOVE to see it!!
Saddy Alan
Saddy Alan - 7 hours ago
Amo su voz
SiYoung Lee
SiYoung Lee - 8 hours ago
Katy, are you feelin' good today?
Hoz Hunter
Hoz Hunter - 8 hours ago
People sayin that Katy is flopping but i think she's better now ! Am just waiting for her star on Hollywood walk of fame !
Nicholas Zubia
Nicholas Zubia - 7 hours ago
She already has a star on the Hollywood walk of fame
Aylín Villalobos González
Never listen to bad comments, there are millions of people who love you and that is more important, QUEEN 💕💥
Пётр Устинов
Пётр Устинов - 8 hours ago
жду разбора клипа от любителей массонских заговоров!..
Айлана Тохнина
Emrehan Özbay
Emrehan Özbay - 8 hours ago
so lius
so lius - 7 hours ago
@Emrehan Özbay you are so impolite and naive,you need to use your brain before comment😏
Racezk Comzk
Racezk Comzk - 7 hours ago
@Emrehan Özbay katy is katy,she don't need to copy other💅👌,you are copy hater😉
puri kity
puri kity - 7 hours ago
@Emrehan Özbayhey kid it's time to go to bed😊childish😂😂😂
Racezk Comzk
Racezk Comzk - 7 hours ago
@Emrehan Özbay hey kid don't make your mom and dad angry😉
Racezk Comzk
Racezk Comzk - 7 hours ago
@Emrehan Özbay why your mom allow you to use handphone?😂😂😂
Benjamín  Salgado
Benjamín Salgado - 8 hours ago
Before 8 M
Agus Yogaswara
Agus Yogaswara - 8 hours ago
kinki party
kinki party - 8 hours ago
Alya Senpai
Alya Senpai - 8 hours ago
Sherin Mary
Sherin Mary - 8 hours ago
I think it's not catchy 😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶😶 sorry
Evan - 8 hours ago
why does she want to fuck santa god help
Rahma Fadil
Rahma Fadil - 8 hours ago
Really good
hà my
hà my - 8 hours ago
Katy Perry 🌹🌹❤
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