How I Got Away With Ditching Class

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SomeThingElseYT - 5 months ago
Fun fact, I finished this video (after losing a chunk of the finished animation cuz my computer is garbage) on a 13 hours flight to Australia where I'll be attending Vidcon!
Emilie Nunya
Emilie Nunya - 11 days ago
Feral Kitty Gaming
Feral Kitty Gaming - 14 days ago
Hoi im 500th*w*
Genaro ra
Genaro ra - 20 days ago
BelenThe WildWolf
BelenThe WildWolf - Month ago
spacelover 48
spacelover 48 - Hour ago
Lol nope school isn't like this anymore... We have ipads. However... they *did* ban YouTube. I had it for a bit... and during that time I was surrounded by kids asking me to play (of course) fortnite videos, rap music, etc. Thank God they remembered to take it off of mine. I hated that time.
Riley Mead
Riley Mead - 2 hours ago
That Juno reference👌🏻
SamDisplays - 3 hours ago
Cause the are probably a lot of Adam Ortiz’s
SamDisplays - 3 hours ago
Does your Snapchat actually work
Jesse Kilburg
Jesse Kilburg - 4 hours ago
And I quote. TO MICH
PaoloPlayz 34
PaoloPlayz 34 - 6 hours ago
0:23 does anyone realize that’s a drawing tablet pen??
MrSquatch93 Definitely Fake
I choose no WiFi for 30 days because you have 3G and 4G and they give you internet.
Dair Lawrence
Dair Lawrence - 10 hours ago
Random explosions in the most unexpected ways is something that I will always get a kick out of especially if its in a bathroom.
angelica sprous
angelica sprous - 11 hours ago
0:29 is me in class hands down why did you rat me out??
Jujo de la Garza
Jujo de la Garza - 12 hours ago
Life is fun we gotta make the most of it
obsidian_or_no t
obsidian_or_no t - 12 hours ago
Mexican isn't a language lol
Fire Gaming
Fire Gaming - 13 hours ago
White board
You get bored because your cart ton character's color is white
White bored
Your Haunting Obsession
Your Haunting Obsession - 16 hours ago
Meanwhile in college:
Just don't go. I left the class before the professor got there and went to Subway for coffee.
Evan Wilson
Evan Wilson - 17 hours ago
Doctor Dubstep
Doctor Dubstep - 19 hours ago
a case of the boy who cried wolf
Nightmare Freddy Pepe
Nightmare Freddy Pepe - 21 hour ago
I need to POOP
xd Ben
xd Ben - 22 hours ago
7:14 like the smash button!
Cancer 7
Cancer 7 - 22 hours ago
I have the same math teacher
Krista Jahn
Krista Jahn - 22 hours ago
My son was the "atomic dropper"
Nightfall Productions
*"That's important in Mexican"*
Vuong Nguyen
Vuong Nguyen - Day ago
Max van marle
Max van marle - Day ago
Rip off
Shale Tenerelli
Shale Tenerelli - Day ago
I love math, it's actually my favorite class
BOXXY what
BOXXY what - Day ago
i sturggle with 6th grade math
OrangePeelYutu - Day ago
Man, I WISH we learnt about differences of swears. Also
I wish our teachers would just yap along instead of giving us work.
JJ Castillo
JJ Castillo - Day ago
wow this is exactly like me hate math and has a short attention span :P
Jawa Industries
Jawa Industries - Day ago
My dog eats my pinkies.
doge de doog
doge de doog - Day ago
doge de doog
doge de doog - Day ago
school is torture
Natalie Ortiz
Natalie Ortiz - Day ago
In mexican do you mean Spanish
Nya Kitty
Nya Kitty - Day ago
Mrs.Blah Blah is like one of my teachers.
TalisTi - Day ago
I once goed to the bathroom and I really went to take a shit and waited to somebody to come so to scare them cause I was bored and so I did and it was a teacher and I got detention for not doing the thing that's supposed to do in the bathroom I mean taking a poopoo or peepee
custerjessica - Day ago
Guess what? Mama seeks.
Cayla Slachta
Cayla Slachta - Day ago
this comment will definitely be lost in the endless sea, however, it’s something i’d like to share because it’s funny as fuck.
some background: i’m a sophomore, and my 5th period english class is boring as all hell. luckily for me, my boyfriend has 5th period lunch. every single day i would ask my teacher to go to the bathroom. i could tell she got suspicious after about a week. so i emailed her and told her that i usually get dehydrated pretty easily and need to use the restroom right after lunch (4th period) because i’m trying to keep myself from getting sick. total lie, but she believed it. this has been going on for MONTHS. i ask her to go to the bathroom, sit with my boyfriend at lunch for like 10 minutes, then go back to class. sneak 100 right here ladies and gents.
RM City
RM City - Day ago
somethingelseyt "can I go to the bathroom"
teacher "can you"
smoethingelseyt "can you get a full time job"
luna of the cool group
I got a little story but it's not really about me..but I was there!so my teacher calls groups to go to the restroom and there's this one kid that doesn't go to the rest room and just walked around and we would tell on him that he was my teacher thought what to do and came up with this someone would go with the kid to make sure he did go to the rest room.but he never did!so he had to hold it until he gets home.
Even Ringhus
Even Ringhus - Day ago
You are like me
1:20 1: Mexican is a nationality not a language. 2: He just called everyone who is Spanish Mexican
Soviet Kid
Soviet Kid - Day ago
Your welcome
kasey duck
kasey duck - Day ago
Yeah i do that
Vukidavid Davidovic
the part with the security guards is so funny
Vukidavid Davidovic
i laughed at the beggiing and your name toilet destroyer was funny that i laughed to death pls make more funny videos
Vukidavid Davidovic
adam i laughed to death at the part where you exploded in the restroom
Vukidavid Davidovic
somethingelseyt you are so funny
Salty Sause
Salty Sause - Day ago
Just a while ago at my high school someone asked to go to the bathroom and stayed outside

oxXRockXSugarXxo - Day ago
The teacher probs thought you had Irregular bowel syndrome lmao. But why would that kid snitch even if you didn’t use the bathroom!?
Maria A.
Maria A. - 2 days ago
sean theirel arangote
sean theirel arangote - 2 days ago
Same here
The Random Fandom
The Random Fandom - 2 days ago
Once when I was in seventh grade there was the classic group of rowdy bois(tm) and their was 4 of them all in a little group in the corner of the class room ( my seat is unfortunately also in the same corner ) so I sit down and start to read like a good kid but the boys started shoving one another so one of the full force *FOOTBALL SHOVES* on of the TALLEST ONES and he *FALLS ON MY DESK* not INTO THE DESK right. On. TOP HE LAYS ON IT. *NOT TO MENTION HIS BOOK BAG HAD A LIL TAG ON IT THAT RIPPED MY CHEEK OPEN*
Ryujin The Third
Ryujin The Third - 2 days ago
Friend:How the fuck you pay taxes
Me:My nigga I dont know,but I dooo know what the fuck a mitochondria is and how the fuck to find mass of an object
Society:You smart dude
Wes Lucero
Wes Lucero - 2 days ago
My teacher solved this problem with bathroom pass
Azlan Zook
Azlan Zook - 2 days ago
i did to be away from a person
Twinkle Shaul
Twinkle Shaul - 2 days ago
Once I legit had to go and I had this one really bad habit where I lived it just went every time that I wanted to just play my phone but this time I actually had to go and it sucks being me like my math teacher right now is the same one sort of annoying and I actually had to go pad and really really annoying bathrooms I can legit to put my arms and I can read from each side of the bathroom from all angles so I legit destroy toilet
mercy - 2 days ago
😂😂🤣🤣 What was with that kid chewing gum???😂 He was just... there. Chewing gum.
Chippy Ainmatez
Chippy Ainmatez - 2 days ago
Tanner Russell
Tanner Russell - 2 days ago
Mr blah blah blah is my teacher literally I do the same thing
Eddie bankhead
Eddie bankhead - 2 days ago
Math must die.
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah - 2 days ago
Me: can I go to the bathroom
Teacher: I don't know *caaaaaaaan* you
Me: I dont know *caaaaaaaaaaaan* you get a life
ThatAnimatedGuy YT
ThatAnimatedGuy YT - 2 days ago
The intro lecture is pointless because, all squares are the same; squares (10,000 IQ)
Spicy memes 9000 challenge
Same here with the watching paint dry
Andy Miraculer
Andy Miraculer - 2 days ago
Mexican is not a language... it’s a nationality.
yallrektt 2
yallrektt 2 - 2 days ago
I like that in the start there is everyone mindless and listening
Jocilynn Towery
Jocilynn Towery - 2 days ago
es muy importante.
Axolotls Animated
Axolotls Animated - 2 days ago
Whaddya mean "don't eat paper?"
陳詠謹 - 2 days ago
actually the closest to skiing class was walking extra slow to the restroom, cause I was too much of a scaredy-cat. XD
Shaiel Castillo
Shaiel Castillo - 2 days ago
Galactic B
Galactic B - 2 days ago
Would you rather spend a year in school, or spend three days in jail?
Ruth Gregory
Ruth Gregory - 2 days ago
Once when I was a senior in high school I was feeling really nauseated and had a headache during my first class of the day, and my friend told me I should just leave and go home, and that no one would care. I didn't really believe her, but I did it anyway. I got my stuff, walked out of class, went to my car in the parking lot, and drove myself home where I went to bed because I was sick. To my surprise no one said anything or tried to stop me as I was just leaving school in the middle of class. The teachers and staff at my school were very trusting.
Pony Scarlet
Pony Scarlet - 3 days ago
5:48 Aren't you a kid that time? The teacher said "Mr. Adam".
juan josé
juan josé - 3 days ago
number fifteeen...
Regal - 3 days ago
back in middle school, i had to go to the bathroom, and apparently i didn't read the sign that one of the toilet stall was not functioning, after i flushed, the worst had happen it starting freaking overflowing, the people before didn't even flush the toilet and "it" was just everywhere, i panic because it started spilling on the floor, and like that i just tip toed my way out of there, not telling anyone a single thing that just happened back there.
Xung Lam
Xung Lam - 3 days ago
That thumbnail doh
Lorena Herrera
Lorena Herrera - 3 days ago
I Like Mathz :
Karl & Rosanne Bromley
Karl & Rosanne Bromley - 3 days ago
I hate math
Nathan Falu
Nathan Falu - 3 days ago
Excuse me it's called Spanish thank you very much
Its Ella
Its Ella - 3 days ago
On the iddy bitty golf carts lol
Its Ella
Its Ella - 3 days ago
Tiona Ta
Tiona Ta - 3 days ago
That burp tho

flameDGarlic105 - 3 days ago
It’s probably a thing with the school lunch
Patrick Star
Patrick Star - 3 days ago
Literally Mr.Deisley (aka my geo teacher)
Face Fish
Face Fish - 3 days ago
Dose this answer your question 💥💥💥💥
The baby Shark
The baby Shark - 3 days ago
Adam I
Adam is
Adam is a
Adam is am
Adam is ama
Adam is amaz
Adam is amazi
Adam is amazin
Adam is amazing
Face Fish
Face Fish - 3 days ago
Vortex77 Lazarus
Vortex77 Lazarus - 3 days ago
XD toilet destroyer. I wish I thought of just takeing a breather. Would have helped. I love science but a serten science teacher made us do math to get how much something was exselerateing and if you didn't get it the first time well you aren't going to. I would have loved to at least get a breather from that and I had math after that so if we got a lecture instead of doing the work I was pretty much a zombie after that.
Narwhaleman 2
Narwhaleman 2 - 3 days ago
Something else if u react or share this story someday I would forever be in your debt so here’s my story: I had a similar experience in middle school my 8th grade year, I would almost always run and hide in the bathroom during class. But one day I walked up super casual to my teacher and said “I need to use the restroom” she stared at me and said NO. So then about 5 minutes later I said “I don’t feel so good and sprinted out the door! So after 5 mins she sent someone to check up on me per usual and there I was puking 🤮 all over the bathroom stall. So they escorted me to the nurse and after a full hour waiting they sent me BACK TO CLASS 😐 now keep in mind I was still very nauseous and ended up throwing up again and got to finally go home. That’s my story
Yesenia Meyo
Yesenia Meyo - 3 days ago
1:20 Mexican is a language now
bacon taters
bacon taters - 3 days ago
omg that girl drawing
games_springtrap2015 - 3 days ago
Importante is important I'm Mexican and Brazilian
Point 08
Point 08 - 3 days ago
This is my 1st time watching u and ur vids and I already love ur channel
Sophie Stephenson Reade
Hi hate it when teachers ask can you? Well teachers actually we can cos we have free choice and free will so get rekt suckers
_Madison Flowerplays_
_Madison Flowerplays_ - 3 days ago
The beginning is ASMR
Terra Jackson
Terra Jackson - 3 days ago
du bist ein wirklich guter animater!
Zaid Odtallah
Zaid Odtallah - 3 days ago
I Would Pick 1 Month with out WIFI i can just play single player minecraft
Saif Uchiha
Saif Uchiha - 3 days ago
I watched his videos yesterday and I died today
Giavonna 6
Giavonna 6 - 3 days ago
One time in my class my teacher said no to me but I really had to go to the bathroom and so does the door and his right hand for my life
FreeRealEstate - 3 days ago
Just start drama to entertain yourself
Pamela Kohler
Pamela Kohler - 3 days ago
I do that to
Mya Fuller
Mya Fuller - 3 days ago
Well... I used to skip gym class in middle school. I would ask my teacher if I could go to the bathroom and then I would change out of my gym clothes and go wandering around the school. I never got caught even though I did this many times
Antoinette Marianito
Antoinette Marianito - 4 days ago
I kind bring my ds at school but I do play on it I just show off
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