How I Got Away With Ditching Class

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SomeThingElseYT - 8 months ago
Fun fact, I finished this video (after losing a chunk of the finished animation cuz my computer is garbage) on a 13 hours flight to Australia where I'll be attending Vidcon!
Amee 2010
Amee 2010 - Month ago
Milky Boy
Milky Boy - Month ago
SomeThingElseYT I’m 500th comment
Emilie Nunya
Emilie Nunya - 3 months ago
weird falas
weird falas - 3 months ago
Hoi im 500th*w*
karvel-i films
karvel-i films - 46 minutes ago
Bla Bla bla's voice sounds like Thanos...
Computedcube 48
Computedcube 48 - Hour ago
Moises Ramirez
Moises Ramirez - Hour ago
Jaiden Animations
Have the same white character
Unnie Vin
Unnie Vin - 2 hours ago
Oh i.. i love school
But hated math
5A Nellike Azul Zavala Pharao RudsVedbySkole
Is it just me or does mr.bla bla blah speak like professor Snape from Harry Potter
Kally Han
Kally Han - 12 hours ago
I do this too. Im in grade seven. I only do this when theres real work to do, becuz thats the only time ur ALLOWED to take breathers
MasterWampanoag - 12 hours ago
I just walked out. Security gaurd and all
DwNick - 12 hours ago
The face in the thumbnail tho
Sophie Majcher
Sophie Majcher - 13 hours ago
Important in mexican (trying to sound smart using importante)
Love the vid tho!
Alicevl rios
Alicevl rios - 13 hours ago
Me: Hey teacher May I dich school
Teacher: Ye- WAIT WHAT?!?!
Me: ε≡≡ヘ( + - +)ノTime run
Simra Ahsan
Simra Ahsan - 15 hours ago
whenever anyone wants to go to the restroom, my teachers announce extra credit so like 50% stays
el Tom :v
el Tom :v - 16 hours ago
Si we! :v
lol logan
lol logan - 16 hours ago
He he he
lol logan
lol logan - 16 hours ago
ha he
lol logan
lol logan - 16 hours ago
I just walk out of class and when the teacher says hey come back I just ignore her and I wanted she just says again I told her shut up then just walk away it was funny
WARHEAD 11 - 16 hours ago
i had to use the bathroom while i watched this video but i held it in until i was done watching. #sympathyze w/somethingelseyt
David Hanson
David Hanson - 16 hours ago
I can relate i SUCK at math but i'm pretty decent at reading. .-.
xXBananaStar - 17 hours ago
Teachers know what their real jobs are:
Making people bored and.. idk that’s it
Alan Leon
Alan Leon - 18 hours ago
i feel ya and thanks for the excuse adam.
WKB 2010
WKB 2010 - 20 hours ago
You get an F- now
Olivia Calmeyn
Olivia Calmeyn - 20 hours ago
Tip listen

Tip listen. Now u are not board. Now u are not board
urob dab XD
urob dab XD - 21 hour ago
Im every 5 days 6 hours i class
Jadynplayz ROBLOX
Jadynplayz ROBLOX - 22 hours ago
Where are the other students legs
Lexy Kimura
Lexy Kimura - 23 hours ago
I had a sub in class that sounded exactly like the voice you made for your teacher and I was kind of shook that it was in math too
Zai - Day ago
This is hilarious because my Algebra II teacher was EXACTLY LIKE THAT
stacy Bastelli
stacy Bastelli - Day ago
You got a b because you had to go to the bathroom get it because it's the first letter in the word bathroom.
Ender Man
Ender Man - Day ago
I love your song
deja shelton
deja shelton - Day ago
You Don't Need To Know My Name
Did you go to Dulwich college by any chance
•The FacelessGirl•
i did this in 3rd grade and didn't even know i was ditching. XD I would just be like "can i go to the restroom miss-------" And she would say "sure" (cuz i was a suck up and the teachers pet) And i would just go into the restroom and sit on the tolet staring at the wall for like 20 minutes. It was surprisingly less boring than the class XD
Vince Crispaul T. Salinas
how did you have a 3DS!!!!!!!!!!!!&$*^&^$
Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez - Day ago
It is actually called Spanish
memester redowl
memester redowl - Day ago
Bartholemeu Fitzgerald
the toilet destroyer lol
XxxEliza_ Playz
XxxEliza_ Playz - Day ago
0:33 JuSt DrAwInG On AdAm’s hEaD
Stark Playz
Stark Playz - Day ago
one of da Dislikes is Mr. BlahBlahBlah
Th3realalex - Day ago
Cassie Kinder
Cassie Kinder - Day ago
TakenLight - Day ago
I'm happy that its almost the end of school because I hate doing homework but I'm sad because I wont see my friends
Rod Akin
Rod Akin - Day ago
🦎 lizards
Rod Akin
Rod Akin - Day ago
Math is hard
A.A C - Day ago
Me in class
Mony Ramirez
Mony Ramirez - Day ago
1:22 ahem....
Mexicans speak Spanish, Mexicans don’t speak Mexican, we are Mexicans
Jimena Navarrete
Jimena Navarrete - Day ago
In México we do not emphasize the R se only pronounce it , this seanch in Google translator
Ethan Waechter
Ethan Waechter - Day ago
Spicy Sauce
Spicy Sauce - 2 days ago
When I’m bored in class I just think of random things or go to the bathroom (like you)
Tiny Doge
Tiny Doge - 2 days ago
He looks exactly like my science teacher
Joselin Cortez
Joselin Cortez - 2 days ago
Once I was skipping class trying
get sick and I did for me
Joselin Cortez
Joselin Cortez - 2 days ago
Good for me😄
Itz _Andrea
Itz _Andrea - 2 days ago
Importante is also a Filipino word
Janiel Rodriguez
Janiel Rodriguez - 2 days ago
Beginning :can relate
Pheonix Fire
Pheonix Fire - 2 days ago
Not my story but my friends. So my friends Abby and Annie (placeholder names) are identical twins, and would often pull shenanigans due to the fact that they abuse the power of identical faces. (At our school our attendance was listed as "first initial of first name, and than entire last name, so for Annie placeholder her email would be A.Placeholder) so our freshman year the only people i know are The twins, because we went to the same grade school. I share first hour (an english class) with Annie, while i share homeroom with Abby in the same room. Our poor teacher didnt realise they were twins for half a year when she saw them talking to each other. She never seemed to realise the change in clothing (she was the kind of teacher who refered to everyone as Ms/Mr last name) after this my friends went WILD. They were fairly popular, and knew the ins and outs of the camera system, and which ones were fake. (Deadzones) they would take answer sheets from teachers, and cross the school using the deadzones, while the other twin would be on the other side of school walking infront of every camera possible. Rinse and repeat but change answer sheets with anything they could get their hands on. Chairs, books, they never would actually steal it, just move it out of the room. No one ever suspected anything. The security guards watched tapes and saw no one cross it holding a chair so they never knew who to punish. The teachers never knew but every student did. Originaly someone did snitch but everyone silently agreed to make an example of them (aka ignoring then, silent treatment, actively making them know they were shunned. It was mean but we were tweens) no one snitched, and it continued for 4 years. (Any time a teacher got suspicious of one of the twins the one who took the job of walking in front if cameras would say "but she was right there, i was in the bathroom, or outside, or something else. There two were teachers pets so they got away eith it)The teachers just said "*insert object taht was moved* bandit struck again" and kinda got over it because there were like 3 hiding spots total. Until senior year everything was tame, a chair hear, books there. Senior prank day, with a little help from a kid who was a janitor for our school part time we got the keys to the building. (We used a door by a deadzone, which in hindsight was really unsafe, but it was at the odlest part of the school so it makes sense why it didnt have a camera) and snuck in. We turned off the cameras (again its a miracle we didnt get murdered) and moved every teachers desk, and students chair into the parking lot. Than we turned the cameras back on, and snuck back out. There was a giant search to find who did it, because the first 3 periods were cancelled trying to move everything back in, but only like 5 people actualky knew we were going to do it, everyone else wanted to do a lame prank.
So yesrh, not exactly how the twins skipped class, but it is the story of how being twins let them pull epic pranks. Theres like a million more but this is my favorite
AJ Animations
AJ Animations - 2 days ago
A nother
D ude
A bominates
M ath
ako hamaro
ako hamaro - 2 days ago
Hi toilet destroyer
Anime Girl
Anime Girl - 3 days ago
I once skipped class on accident

I was feeling really sick that day and I asked my science teacher if I could go to the bathroom
(Science is my most boring class)
She said yes since I don’t usually ask to go in any of my classes and I actually have a medical condition that makes me Have to drink more water daily
(Even though I don’t do that)
I had sat on the he toilet and passed out
(fell asleep instantly)
When I woke up I felt so bad and raced back to class
There was only five ministers left and I had left my partner to work on the project alone
I felt soooo bad that I have never asked to go to the bathroom in that class for the rest of the year
ujqw - 19 hours ago
I just ditch before school starts
Jonathan Quiroa
Jonathan Quiroa - 3 days ago
Class is fun
chuckyboy - 3 days ago
ANNE Sou - 3 days ago
h e. f r e a k I n g. D e s t r o y e d. T h a t t o i l e t. M a n
Efrain Hernandez
Efrain Hernandez - 3 days ago
Sydney Cervantes
Sydney Cervantes - 3 days ago
2:37 Almost every teacher
Sammy_ Vlogs//LegoGuyAnimators
His song is right,hes something else (YT)! Like PLz
Jaycie Rossetti
Jaycie Rossetti - 3 days ago
Thanks for finding my comment in the ocean of 22k other ones :/
Axle Animations
Axle Animations - 3 days ago
Watches life is fun * 90% what you learn is a waste*
Beck non of ur buissness
The boy who cried wolf, lesson learned.
Unknown Sorcerer
Unknown Sorcerer - 4 days ago
I’m Bunking English rn 😂😂😂
Delilah Saballa
Delilah Saballa - 4 days ago
That Sounds like my freinds teacher mr takumi he would wright it on board and be on his phon and his class got smarter for doing nothing Doing NOTHING Wth how is his class doing nothing but getting smarter when he writes it on board and go on his phone!
Royalist GAMER
Royalist GAMER - 4 days ago
I like math
Sonu Bal
Sonu Bal - 4 days ago
Thunderdash107 - 4 days ago
I NEED TO POOP!!!!!00.41
Aiden Cabral
Aiden Cabral - 4 days ago
I know you
Nicolas Flores Moya
Nicolas Flores Moya - 4 days ago
I was pooping while I watch these video
Hausler Family Fun
Hausler Family Fun - 4 days ago
Did you see *Don’t eat paper* in the video
thegirlwhodraws_01019 ysdgdg
5:22 me after i eat toca bell😂😂
cdwill 2005
cdwill 2005 - 4 days ago
Joshua Rivera
Joshua Rivera - 4 days ago
Saludos desde Costa Rica puraaaaa vidaaaaaa
Matias Ibarra
Matias Ibarra - 4 days ago
i really hate , hate ... HATE math (i hate this class)
shelley gennetta
shelley gennetta - 5 days ago
Lauris Majors Gaming
Lauris Majors Gaming - 5 days ago
4:00 u sound lime markliplier
MarshReaper_YT - 5 days ago
Lol fuck my life
EliteGamerB7 - 5 days ago
I do the same
Diane's Gachavids
Diane's Gachavids - 5 days ago
Adam: I can't learn that way..I..I need work.
me:have you checked whether you have adhd?
Reimonqq - 5 days ago
Not a single soul:

*Me: That hand though. . .*
ximena melendres
ximena melendres - 5 days ago
yep i would never skip class instead i would take out a piece of paper and DRAW!!!!!its fun it also helps me calm down...
Mr. Litboss
Mr. Litboss - 5 days ago
When I was in third grade, I had a thing where I went to the bathroom a lot for, brown stuff, and on a time I was blowing bubbles in the sink and a kid told me to stop or he would snitch, and then the next day I went back, a.n.d g.u.e.s.s w.h.a.t?!?!?! He was freaking blowing bubbles!!!!!!
Eduardo Garcia
Eduardo Garcia - 5 days ago
My class is 8 hours long btw
Doge Productions
Doge Productions - 6 days ago
Wait, You shouldn't eat paper?What has my Mother been feeding me?
NEON Drave
NEON Drave - 6 days ago
He attack
He defend
He protect
But most importantly

He destroyed that toilet
Astronomical Nerd
Astronomical Nerd - 6 days ago
at 0:05 the top left corner says a square - b square = (a+b)(a+b)
That is incorrect.
That would be 2a x 2b.
If you expand the expression, it would be a times a - b times b.
Therefore, the teacher is stupid.
(By the way maths is so fun.)
Lane Sullivan
Lane Sullivan - 6 days ago
I had explosive diarrhea this year in school with like 2 other guys in the bathroom and they kept asking me if I was okay
Banana chip 34
Banana chip 34 - 6 days ago
I’m so dumb
BIG CHUNGUS - 6 days ago
This is always me in class
Legendary Roblox and more
2 hours of class?

may God bless your soul
Lucien the Demon 666
Lucien the Demon 666 - 19 hours ago
One of my classes next year is nearly 2 hours
Dragonlover 1121
Dragonlover 1121 - Day ago
XxxJuangamerxxX - 6 days ago
Spanish part that ¡¡ 1:20
ikejeter - 6 days ago
My channel has 14 subs
I’m a loser
fellpollo said
fellpollo said - 6 days ago
I like tour voice
FMP Gamerking07
FMP Gamerking07 - 7 days ago
Whut is that thum nail though
Lesley T
Lesley T - 7 days ago
“can i go to the bathroom?”
“tsk...i don’t know...cAn YoUuUu?”

summer bennett
summer bennett - 7 days ago
I used to skip class alot
Liam Gaming
Liam Gaming - 7 days ago
poop on mr blablablhas face
XxMoonlightingxX Gacha
XxMoonlightingxX Gacha - 7 days ago
You and mark (his a youtuber)look alike
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