The Hunt - Official Trailer [HD]

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Tim mid
Tim mid - 12 hours ago
The amount of triggered people in this comment section is hilarious
Stefan Marcu
Stefan Marcu - 12 hours ago
I wonder what this is going to get on rotten tomatoes
Stefan Marcu
Stefan Marcu - 12 hours ago
The most talked about movie in years
Talk about the emoji movie and how bad that was
Rnj Solo
Rnj Solo - 13 hours ago
AnimeKnight99 - 14 hours ago
This seems like a Interesting topic to talk about. I wonder what The Quartering thinks about this movie? 🤔
Vlad Perez
Vlad Perez - 14 hours ago
This is a mix from hard target with Jean Claude van damme, some Tarantino vibes, hostel from Eli Roth and the purge..Just adding the racial issues and gender roles war...Is only a movie for teenagers living in a bubble..
gowzalan 183
gowzalan 183 - 14 hours ago
This movie is literally based on the t series wrecked season 3 to be exact
Fix Films Ltd
Fix Films Ltd - 14 hours ago
Not to be confused with the brilliant Danish film The Hunt (2012).

Damon Lindelof and Craig Zobel have a good track record as screenwriters so this could actually be an entertaining B-movie-comedy-horror film. This reminds me of load of stuff though like Battle Royale, The Most Dangerous Game (1932), Hostel and Hard Target. Betty Gilpin is great in GLOW and always good to see Glenn Howerton outside of Philadelphia. I wonder if he'll use the D.E.N.N.I.S system?
this movie is in a race to bomb harder than birds of prey
SpinosaurusStudios - 15 hours ago
Universal CEO: Remember the CATS movie?
Universal Employee: Yeah?
Universal CEO: *do it again, but edgy*
SpinosaurusStudios - 15 hours ago
Universal may have forgotten how to make movies, but atleast they aren’t Disney. Even if most movies are stupid over exaggerated lionsgate movies and trash they’re still not Disney.
I didn’t say the movies were good and deserved to succeed.
Castuh - 16 hours ago
Amy Lizotte
Amy Lizotte - 16 hours ago
wake up people!... He is coming soon
Cabalist - 17 hours ago
this movie looks stupid lol
MrMoodyPants - 18 hours ago
I am really tired of these movies attacking white people. Substitute any other race with how they refer to white people and it would be called racist. I am tired of this double standard. By the way I am not white.
Leon Mason
Leon Mason - 22 hours ago
Republicunts are gonna hate this movie 😅😅
Firejd 32
Firejd 32 - 22 hours ago
When I first saw the gags on the Twitch Ad I though they were dog bones. God damn am I fucked
Christopher Wilcox
Christopher Wilcox - 23 hours ago
we know Epstein didn't kill himself.
Siddharth Bhatt
Siddharth Bhatt - 23 hours ago
This is a copy of indian web series!
It's called the flip watch it once
Jaslav - 23 hours ago
racism against whites is still racism
Scott Rees
Scott Rees - 23 hours ago
Hollywood: "Our nation is more divided than ever. Something needs to be done. Let's make a movie about people killing each other because of political differences!
Geek Cine Of Randy
Geek Cine Of Randy - 23 hours ago
Pubg the Video Game Movie XD but its Mire Savage
DoubleYou3D - Day ago
White people are the worst? Last time I heard black people were the worst.
DoubleYou3D - Day ago
Basically, it's not ok to be white
ArkonBlade - Day ago
Flagged this crap for Hate Speech against a entire Race.
J Sim
J Sim - Day ago
How many times are they gonna do a movie like this.....this has been done over and over since the 80's......lmfaooooo
Kyle Louthan
Kyle Louthan - Day ago
Am I the only person who thinks this gonna be funny as hell?
Eduardo Bonfá
Eduardo Bonfá - Day ago
thay"s totally Bacurau (Brazilian 2019 movie). kisses of light.
Speed Demon
Speed Demon - Day ago
Christian Kimmel
Christian Kimmel - Day ago
Wow Hollywood makes another movie about what the sick elitist familys like the Rothschild family are involved in this shit is no joke. This is based on real event's
Mark Bellofatto
Mark Bellofatto - Day ago
"Don't 1st Ammendment me."
I love that line
Jason Nova
Jason Nova - Day ago
This movie makes fun of all the outrage from both sides of the political aisle and it's long overdue.
evilphoenix 007
evilphoenix 007 - Day ago
You know what's the most talked about movie? The Shawshank Redemption!
Dee Pauc
Dee Pauc - Day ago
As a white person who doesn't identify as one of "the worst", I will not be seeing this movie.
Eric Mckinney
Eric Mckinney - Day ago
Isn’t this a book?
Post Production Haus
Sad....Universal has sunk to a new low! I predict this movie will bomb at the box office. ~deplorable Texan #WalkAway
Lili Hampton
Lili Hampton - Day ago
This movie is deplorable!! Like Young said Hollywood elites are the first to cry out how divided the country is; and then they go and make a movie about it...worse, liberals killing conservatives (all white? Racist much!) for their political views!! Has to stop!
Ducote Kiernan
Ducote Kiernan - Day ago
This trash #whitehate #racistunivercal
TNTspaz - 14 hours ago
@barncat35 Being against racism is now considered Nazism. The more you know
barncat35 - Day ago
poor nazi
Franco C
Franco C - Day ago
Can't wait too see it!
Ja Jones
Ja Jones - Day ago
Get Out was scary.
ryan212 - Day ago
A movie where good people v. Impeached Orange Anus supporters
pro veritate
pro veritate - Day ago
Hunger games
Tracey R
Tracey R - Day ago
"Hired by Hillary" the movie
David Sargent
David Sargent - Day ago
The next time someone tells you that the entertainment industry is harmless- point to this movie. Now these deviants have gone from endorsing Antifa to this. Never again will I watch their crap
BlankCanvas88 - Day ago
This whole me vs. you, blue vs. red, black vs. white needs to stop! Our country is too divided, and a house divided cannot stand. It doesn't matter who's the winner; in this scenario, everyone loses.
Robert Brucefan
Robert Brucefan - Day ago
Can the liberals do anything, say anything that makes any sense at all? No. They are just nuts. Thank you college professors for teaching these young people how to be perfectly pathetic.
Jack Ashmore
Jack Ashmore - Day ago
I actually really want to see this
Jeremy Alexander
Jeremy Alexander - Day ago
Before I read the comments here, I understood that this is a parody of the political and class divisions in the United States. After seeing all the alt-right, crybaby, incel, inbred conservatives making their idiotic comments, I now want the movie re-edited so I can just see liberals taking out fascists.
Benjamin Bouchard
Benjamin Bouchard - Day ago
These sjw film makers once again making white people as a whole so bad
Drake Ark eternal knight
Why just just why can’t you people make a new movie that isn’t about politics starwars already suffered we don’t need a movie like this.
Thorvald Hopp
Thorvald Hopp - Day ago
Eh, I think I'll just watch the original. You know, The Most Dangerous Game? From 1932? No?
Jeremy Hawley
Jeremy Hawley - Day ago
Looks very meh. Could care less about the outrage one way or the other. Just wish Hollywood would stop regurgitating the same tropes for years at a time and branding them like we've never seen them before.
Mister Dipstick
Mister Dipstick - Day ago
Ah yes because in the age of angsty alt-right extremists reading outlandish theories and taking revenge on "Liberal schools" with the intent of maximizing their kill count, we really need to bring attention to these conspiracy theories.
Ethan Clarke
Ethan Clarke - Day ago
Fuck this movie, Fuck film makers!
TheMeister31 - Day ago
I honestly think that releasing this movie now is nothing more then a political maneuver. They want conservatives, republicans and people on the right to get mad (and respectively so because it is insulting) just so the media can spin this into another “beware of crazy right wing men” story like they did for Joker. Theyre gonna listen to everything people say about this movie and try to turn it against you. So just make your statement by saying Fuck you and boycotting movies like this. There’s no need for any arguments with these idiots online too, just call this out for what it is...complete “woke” garbage meant to incite hate.
TNTspaz - 14 hours ago
From reading the comments you seem to be very much right on both ends. People are justifiable upset and then random lunatics come in and call those people "alt-right, inbred, racist, fascist, scum" (literal quote from one of the comments) which only makes more people upset and cause confusion becsuse the quoted comment is the one who actually sounds racist. Half the comments honestly don't even seem like real people because of how many hateful labels they throw together.
TheMeister31 - Day ago
“What kind of sick people would even think of doing something like that?” Only in clown world can you say that in a trailer and then have the answer be “White people...we’re the worst”. Not only is the rhetoric like this encouraged, but it’s deemed “justice” and “progressive” by woke assholes. Only ignorant angry entitled people would even think of fighting “racism” with racism. Go fuck yourself. I’m sorry to see Dennis (Glenn Howerton) from Its always Sunny is in this. I like you man, what are you doing?! Lol
frank sigwart
frank sigwart - Day ago
I smell a class action law suit against this movie namely Universal Studios. Especially after a TDS copycat murder. Yelling kill kill kill in a crowed psycho ward hospital isn't free speech.
Bryon Letterman
Bryon Letterman - Day ago
This is gonna bomb.
Chris S
Chris S - Day ago
“White people, we’re the worst.”
Hmmm *inspects nose*
Yep he’s a fellow white person.
Carla R
Carla R - Day ago
“White people, we’re the worst.”
First of all what is “we”?
And second, get your ass back in 2015
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