My Boyfriend Buys My Outfits

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Alondra Rocha
Alondra Rocha - 6 hours ago
*triggered capricorns have entered the chat*
Kiwi’s Crafts
Kiwi’s Crafts - 14 hours ago
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The video that made Julien fall in love with Jenna and the video that made the fandom fall on love with Julien
Taylor Anne
Taylor Anne - Day ago
As a capricorn, I'm offended
MsCellfan - 2 days ago
jenna is beautiful. Love her eyes make up
Nicole Wommack
Nicole Wommack - 2 days ago
I gotta basketball game tomorrow......
HG Zaatar
HG Zaatar - 3 days ago
When you a fan of Jenna but she hates you cuz you a Capricorn 😞
Savannah Rodriguez
Savannah Rodriguez - 3 days ago
Okay so, is it just me or Jenna when she wears the button up pastel shirt she looks oddly a lot like Blake lively... I actually got creeped out
Mark Kitchen
Mark Kitchen - 3 days ago
As a Capricorn I’m highly offended.
Brailey Sims
Brailey Sims - 3 days ago
I’m a Virgo ♍️ to
UrMomsMom - 4 days ago
Take a drink every time Julien says cute
emthesmølchild - 5 days ago
i love how jenna kept complaining about her bra even though there’s absolutely nothing stopping her from changing it 😂😂
Natalie Plucker
Natalie Plucker - 6 days ago
This vid is making me so happy. Julian is usually just annoying and snarky. But here he’s very loving and tender towards his lady. It’s so beautiful
Victoria Chaidez
Victoria Chaidez - 7 days ago
me, realizing i actually have a step grandparent, but to me he is just grandpa.
I love their white teeth showing when they smile ☺️
jess - 8 days ago
Her smile. She’s adorable
Pancake B Gone
Pancake B Gone - 8 days ago
Why does jenna act like kermit when she wore the jeans like Kermit does the same he just won't move
Michael Govea
Michael Govea - 10 days ago
He had the opprotunity to say 'tiger tiddies' and he missed it
Эльмира Хажина
'It looks rad'
Texas baby ktea
Texas baby ktea - 13 days ago
Jenna's make up looks so good here! Her make up looks great!
Lucina Mendez
Lucina Mendez - 13 days ago
I hate denim too
Lexi Gifford
Lexi Gifford - 13 days ago
Am I the only one who lowkey thinks she looks like Blake Lively?
Jessica - 13 days ago
"Why do want me to be a people who wears jeans!" --Mood.
Keira Harrison
Keira Harrison - 13 days ago
Literal couple goals.❤️❤️❤️
Tarun Kureel
Tarun Kureel - 13 days ago
5:42 my man Julian knows how to make Jenna look hot.
Even Jenna is blushing lmao 😂
Nina Bright
Nina Bright - 14 days ago
4:16 Jenna being frustrated but adorable
Not to be weird but it's true
ashleigh johnston
ashleigh johnston - 14 days ago
Omg the audio, rip my ears..
Frankie Bowles
Frankie Bowles - 15 days ago
"banana yellow"

Ben has entered the chat
Anisha Imtiaz
Anisha Imtiaz - 5 days ago
Simply fans are lurkingggggg
Anisha Imtiaz
Anisha Imtiaz - 5 days ago
Frankie Bowles 👀👀👀
Ta Nia
Ta Nia - 17 days ago
I need me a Julien. Also, that hair color is bomb on you Jenna!
bluethenewb - 17 days ago
lmfao she was born in the year of the Tiger too hahaha
bluethenewb - 17 days ago
jenna is such a stereotypical virgo she only wears earth tones hahaha
bluethenewb - 17 days ago
julien’s sun: aries
julien’s moon: scorpio
jenna’s sun: virgo
jenna’s moon: aquarius

They Have All Four Elements They Are Perfect.
Benjamin Deffner
Benjamin Deffner - 18 days ago
She looks beautiful in that 2nd shirt!
Hooded Leopard
Hooded Leopard - 19 days ago
I'm a Capricorn...Jenna hates me :--:
FrenchFry Studios
FrenchFry Studios - 19 days ago
When Jenna put on the jeans she looked like Kermit when he puts on clothes and Julien agreed
Unicorn ForEvs
Unicorn ForEvs - 19 days ago
What is youre problem with *capricorns*
heatherrachelle - 19 days ago
I feel attacked as a crapicorn 😂 I thought earth signs were supposed to stick together.
Elijah Nope
Elijah Nope - 20 days ago
i actually can't handle NOT wearing jeans
Hannah Gs
Hannah Gs - 22 days ago
This video is just “Julien being in love with Jenna for 19 minutes”
amichebid - 23 days ago
Brenda Griffin
Brenda Griffin - 23 days ago
You can just see how much Julien loves Jenna and it’s so sweet 😭💕
DR. Downvote
DR. Downvote - 23 days ago
Jennas style is basically my style, sweatpants for the win
Malakai Folsom
Malakai Folsom - 23 days ago
Okay but Army Navy surplus stores go the fuck off
Chloe The Gamer
Chloe The Gamer - 24 days ago
Jenna: Capricrap! My nemesis in a shirt!

Me: Well, guess we'll never be friends.

Also Me: Cries deep inside my heart.
Rebecca H
Rebecca H - 24 days ago
Is anyone gonna talk about how Julien literally films the ummm... chesticles in the plaid shirt for a really long time?! It’s cute in that, “my girlfriend is effing hot” way. Also hilarious, and a tad bit creepy. Actually... kind of explains Julien as Jenna’s boyfriend - Cute, hilarious, a tad bit creepy.
slowking_YT - 24 days ago
im a capracorn
Adrienne Malsberger
Adrienne Malsberger - 25 days ago
Is being a Capricorn bad thing? Cause it seems like you think it is............. 🙁😕☹️😔🤔
Lena Ni
Lena Ni - 25 days ago
In that light blue shirt she looks even more like blake lively wow
mckenzie shaye
mckenzie shaye - 26 days ago
just realized that jenna looks like blake lively a little from certain angles
Heather Murphy
Heather Murphy - 27 days ago
She’s a people 😂
Anonymuse - 27 days ago
I never realized just how much Jennas brows dance while she talks. This video is much better sped up. Someone please make a parody music video with her dancing brows.
douglas miller
douglas miller - 29 days ago
Ergos Zephira
Ergos Zephira - 29 days ago
“Mannecan you give that to me?”
Jax Zimmermann
Jax Zimmermann - Month ago
Im a people! Jenna needs to make a shirt that says this
Just.Cynthia 123
Just.Cynthia 123 - Month ago
Imma cancer♋
Austin Ida Summer Garden
I want to be in love like Jenna and Julien. Like I can't wait to find someone that will see me for who I am, who I can be and who I was. Their relationship (from my pov) is so unique and special. Jenna just wants to do anything that pops in her head and Julien just celebrates it.
Rachael Berger
Rachael Berger - Month ago
As a crapricorn, i feel attacked
Emily Harman
Emily Harman - Month ago
This makes me really wish I had a girlfriend to buy cute clothes for
Dayna D
Dayna D - Month ago
She looks so much better with light colors, dark colors just make her eyeliner stick out where light colors compliment her complexion and make her eyes and hair pop. Ugh take your guy's advice...and enough with all the dark somewhat girly! ..I'm cringing 😖😑
Katee J
Katee J - Month ago
Jenna’s hair looked sooooo good like this
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