My Boyfriend Buys My Outfits

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cheeky boo
cheeky boo - 37 minutes ago
So much love from one man to his woman. The support he has for her is just totes adorbs
Robert Williamson
Robert Williamson - 4 hours ago
i like juliens sense of style for jenna more than jennas for herself. she looked fantastic in that light blue button up. i think its the prettiest shes ever looked. camo. omg
Briana Colegrove
Briana Colegrove - 10 hours ago
Brownie_Bunni - 11 hours ago
I’m a Capricorn *cries*
Michelle Loomis
Michelle Loomis - 14 hours ago
So cute ❤ the flannel ❤❤
Marija Barcaite
Marija Barcaite - 15 hours ago
Jenna why you don't like capricorn
Kai Baby
Kai Baby - 19 hours ago
“Capicrap” “crapicorn” I TAKE OFFENCE!!!! Not really. I love you Jenna.
Tx_MattyIce - Day ago
Hahaha. I’m kind of a thicc bitch
Aesthetic Energy
Aesthetic Energy - Day ago
Jenna im a Capricorn and dont like being called your nemesis also I fell so attacked being called a crapricorn lol
Cidney Hicks
Cidney Hicks - Day ago
Gawdamn im offended im a Capricorn you gotta problem???
Chelsea BreAnn
Chelsea BreAnn - Day ago
This was the cutest jenna and Julien video
komxlk - Day ago
I just want a julien , my gosh
denise edwards
denise edwards - 2 days ago
I’m a Capricorn
Olivia Draeger
Olivia Draeger - 2 days ago
Another MC
Another MC - 2 days ago
"I like the frame of the shot" - Julian 2017
Olga Rykov
Olga Rykov - 3 days ago
Jenna, just listen to what Julien says: you look fucking HOT!
livnlf2thefulst - 3 days ago
I’ve noticed in your videos how respectful you are to older people—I’m in my 50’s and love your lighthearted, funny, interesting videos. Many people assume that older people don’t watch these videos and make rude comments about them.
livnlf2thefulst - 3 days ago
Your boyfriend is amazing!!!
I liek mudkipz
I liek mudkipz - 3 days ago
the 2.5k dislikes are capricorns
Truth Grace
Truth Grace - 3 days ago
It makes me uncomfortable to see little bits of conflict between Jenna and Julien. it's like they're my parents and I know that they love each other no matter what but I still don't like to see them fight. You know?
snow G
snow G - 3 days ago
Jenna u r such a beautiful woman😻
jaylin_ btss
jaylin_ btss - 3 days ago
I just noticed how actually gorgeous she is
Fintan - 3 days ago
She's so self conscious, but she's gorgeous wtf bitch
Saida Maaske
Saida Maaske - 3 days ago
Um excuUueeEssS mUaH I iS a CaPriCoRn ANd HoW DarE YeEeeeEeEeEeEEEeeeee!!

Jk do whatever the f u want great vid
Dominique X
Dominique X - 4 days ago
this is the cutest shit i have ever seen
ash S
ash S - 4 days ago
Tessa Erives-Estrada
Tessa Erives-Estrada - 4 days ago
LOVE!!! I can see the love between them, literally feel it. They are the BEST
Everythang Skylar Raiyn
Those jeans look like they are for 8 year olds
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton - 4 days ago
Jenna putting on spray tan before trying on clothes and then being concerned afterwards is the level of forethought I put into everything in my life
Isaac - 4 days ago
I died @ the Capricorn part 😂😂
imogen mattel
imogen mattel - 4 days ago
i miss jenna’s hair like this
glen peachy
glen peachy - 4 days ago
where can i find a Julien for me?? 😭😭😭✨✨✨
Rebecca Airey
Rebecca Airey - 5 days ago
Exqueeze me us Capricornians feel targeted
Fortnite 200 Wins
Fortnite 200 Wins - 5 days ago
That "oh wtf" look at 8:44 🤣 #Dead
vampireology - 5 days ago
jenna said i’m her nemesis
Dev Twingy
Dev Twingy - 5 days ago
I am a Capricorn😢
Lonely ghost Boo
Lonely ghost Boo - 5 days ago
I love Jenna and Julian❤️
Kermit is adorable
Peachy is cute as hell
Marbles is alive
I love y’all

But iam a crapricorn. 😭
Unavailable User16
Unavailable User16 - 5 days ago
Me: *Sits here sadly as Jenna insults Capricorns*
nkaur1986 - 6 days ago
He's so in love with you 😍 You can see it in his eyes. So cute both of you. God bless
tricky jasmin
tricky jasmin - 6 days ago
I’m a Virgo my birthday is September 10th
ima steal your clout
ima steal your clout - 6 days ago
i hope my bae hypes me up like this...
zoey schmidt
zoey schmidt - 7 days ago
I’m Virgo to I feel u jenna
Laurel Krause
Laurel Krause - 7 days ago
As a capricorn, I feel personally attacked

But imma be honest, we are full of capricrap 😂
conspirasy kidzz
conspirasy kidzz - 8 days ago
im capricorn this offends me soooo much i am a CAPRICORN
Amy Taylor
Amy Taylor - 8 days ago
Ima craprocorn
Breia Smith
Breia Smith - 8 days ago
Crapicorn?😑 I feel some sort of way.. I'm a CRAPICORN!
marblegecko Gamez
marblegecko Gamez - 9 days ago
16:55 pleAse look at peaches face 😂😂
C C - 10 days ago
Jenna is exactly who I aspire to be: ear piercings, cool hair, famous youtuber, four dogs.
NERD CENTRAL - 10 days ago
Please do a part 2
Pheobe Thompson
Pheobe Thompson - 10 days ago
“First of all, it *smells* ”
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