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Angel Medina
Angel Medina - 21 hour ago
Bro wtf was Tobi trying to hard 🤣
NINTH LIFE - Day ago
when they bought out the guy lmao
Seanna Corbett
Seanna Corbett - Day ago
Where was Harry in first 2!!!
Loran Debo
Loran Debo - Day ago
The fun starts from here 3:10
justin_ helms04
justin_ helms04 - Day ago
11:15 best moment in the whole video
Yusaf Osei-Bonsu
Yusaf Osei-Bonsu - Day ago
There's no way Biyanka (very last woman) is 29! She's at least 40
Alex - Day ago
Harry is F-ING OP
Who s watching during quarantine
Brendon Brock
Brendon Brock - Day ago
Rub that Danielle was so stupid to think jj wasn’t actually rich and that the chain was fake
Rahul M
Rahul M - Day ago
Jacqueline looks like a slightly young yinka
Rahul M
Rahul M - Day ago
She doesnt look 28 either..atleast 35
Jack Chicoine
Jack Chicoine - Day ago
Where’s Harry?
Jayden_btw2 !
Jayden_btw2 ! - Day ago
Crickets: chirping
Ksi: 8:27
Sergey Petrov
Sergey Petrov - 2 days ago
Well, it's not Latvian)
A E S T H E T I C - 2 days ago
If your here in 2020 like this comment
Isaac Chua
Isaac Chua - 2 days ago
11:51 Ethan be smouldering at the cam
HABIB- UR-RAHMAN - 2 days ago
Bro I love harry cuz he don't give a f**k.
Austin Sajdowitz
Austin Sajdowitz - 3 days ago
why these grils so gross
nirmool sidhu
nirmool sidhu - 3 days ago
Vik gets rejected even if he offers 20$
Ellie Ash
Ellie Ash - 3 days ago
i’m sorry but i generally think jaqueline thinks she’s be getting a date with these lads 🤣😭
Re be
Re be - 3 days ago
Currently in quarantine rewatching these masterpieces and I forgot how funny they were.
Itz JoshDM
Itz JoshDM - 3 days ago
5:16 LMAOOOOO What he said got unnoticed lmao
Luqman Hakeem
Luqman Hakeem - 3 days ago
Man I feel bad for Vik
ItsJustMo - 4 days ago
I hate to be that guy but where tf did they find these women😬
Jüri Paberit
Jüri Paberit - 5 days ago
Ethan is a SIMPPPPP!!!!!!!!
Henry Smith
Henry Smith - 5 days ago
It’s funny watching this know how hot vikks girl is
51jo_ - 6 days ago
11:54 12:02 15:43 😂
zyon - 6 days ago
I bet that girl natalya is regretting her life decisions after finding out how Rich ksi Is 😂😂
Amartya Sinha
Amartya Sinha - 6 days ago
Tobi def learned Latin from the Cambridge Latin books. Id recognize “Caecilius is in the garden” any day
Jack Fahy
Jack Fahy - 6 days ago
Biyanka 🔥
C5STAR - 6 days ago
what was on ethan's phone 😂
XTesT15X - 7 days ago
LMAO at the hoes who think KSI ain't rich!!
Ehi - 7 days ago
Harry this just confirmed that Harry is a god
silent gaming
silent gaming - 7 days ago
First chick was cute
Nathan Daniels
Nathan Daniels - 8 days ago
This was a year ago wtf
Suman Gautam
Suman Gautam - 8 days ago
Why i feel the girl at 3:05 looks like JJ mom?
J4SONX_ 10
J4SONX_ 10 - 9 days ago
Why does tobi look like Eazy-E in this video
Elliot Lewis
Elliot Lewis - 9 days ago
Sidemen mukbang has more likes in a day I can’t believe what’s happening 😂
Jenscs - 9 days ago
Henry Shaw
Henry Shaw - 9 days ago
Mad. The mukbang has more likes than this and it's only been up for 24 hrs 😂😂
aestheticsx lily
aestheticsx lily - 9 days ago
iv watched this vid to many times 😂
CUBE GO!!!!!!
CUBE GO!!!!!! - 9 days ago
ok how many channel does side men have?
Jhonatan Ventura
Jhonatan Ventura - 10 days ago
8:01 Natalya has been punching after this video was uploaded
Khaled Bakr
Khaled Bakr - 10 days ago
9:00 she belong to the streets
Raanyul - 11 days ago
Haha sorryn
average A
average A - 11 days ago
the way jj kept changing his $ outfits had me dying😂😂😂
average A
average A - 11 days ago
There's something about Harry that always gets me laughing whenever he opens his mouth
Besa Lluga
Besa Lluga - 11 days ago
how dose she think KSI is not rich bro hes 500k chain more than my famalys bank
Matthew Mayorga
Matthew Mayorga - 11 days ago
19:32 your welcome
Ejd Games
Ejd Games - 11 days ago
Gabrielhob45 - 12 days ago
5:14 bro if jj meant what I think he meant 😳
Lara O’Reilly
Lara O’Reilly - 12 days ago
i’d marry harry
FIERY K9 - 12 days ago
Why did they include a guy
FIERY K9 - 12 days ago
All jj used was his riches
Emily Rose
Emily Rose - 13 days ago
Lancashire yess
Kai 22
Kai 22 - 13 days ago
5:12 ksi's comeback hahaha
Tiernan O Hanlon
Tiernan O Hanlon - 12 days ago
I couldn't hear what he said what did he say?
Mike - 13 days ago
The 3rd girl was Yinka in her prime ages
Bushcraft Jon
Bushcraft Jon - 13 days ago
I felt bad for vik seeing as he's probably up there with tobi as being the most genuinely nice ones
hated - 13 days ago
Jacqueline aint 28 at alllll
Raze FN
Raze FN - 14 days ago
JJ be like "Go f**k yourself in such a calm situation"
ShanyXD - 14 days ago
Thats bulgarian flag in the thumbnail
Leviathan Nephilim77
Leviathan Nephilim77 - 14 days ago
Horrendous lookin women lol
0 Qwerty 0
0 Qwerty 0 - 15 days ago
No one talking bout tobies drip 💧
ZauGG - 15 days ago
26:14 someone know her ig?
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix - 16 days ago
Lord beerus chain should cost a lot more than a house dragon ball FTW boiis
ALITY FAIZAN - 16 days ago
that’s maturity LOL
Will Voyce
Will Voyce - 16 days ago
Who’s getting this recommended in 2020
Will Stanhope Gaming
Will Stanhope Gaming - 17 days ago
That lass acting like she could afford Nobu herself 😂😂
Tiernan O Hanlon
Tiernan O Hanlon - 9 days ago
@Will Stanhope Gaming oh yeah
Will Stanhope Gaming
Will Stanhope Gaming - 10 days ago
@Tiernan O Hanlon The one talking about Nobu
Tiernan O Hanlon
Tiernan O Hanlon - 12 days ago
Which one?
Prod. F14
Prod. F14 - 17 days ago
4:20 certi waffler can’t lie 😂
Lil Stone
Lil Stone - 17 days ago
Anyone got Natalya's @? Asking for a friend
The 77nerds
The 77nerds - 11 days ago
Lil Stone not really
Lil Stone
Lil Stone - 11 days ago
@The 77nerds r/woosh
The 77nerds
The 77nerds - 11 days ago
Tell him to ask for himself
Jamien Jackson
Jamien Jackson - 17 days ago
What's wrong with short people?
Sihoon Kim
Sihoon Kim - 17 days ago
What did Ethan show the girl on his phone?
radu florin
radu florin - 18 days ago
did she keep the money? xdd
euphoric_tsumi - 19 days ago
A year ago now :/
Beep Boop
Beep Boop - 20 days ago
Why doesn’t anybody believe JJ is actually rich 🤣
SomeBlackDude - 20 days ago
What's a nobu?
The 77nerds
The 77nerds - 11 days ago
Restaurant I think
Tiernan O Hanlon
Tiernan O Hanlon - 12 days ago
No idea
Keenan Sanders
Keenan Sanders - 20 days ago
how did i not realise harry was missing for the first two
creepy boi in da woods
creepy boi in da woods - 21 day ago
hard to think this was a year ago
Hannah John
Hannah John - 21 day ago
9:29 harry just checking snapchat ahah
Fierce Eagle official
Fierce Eagle official - 21 day ago
3:05 they got JJ’s mum in a Tinder video 👏🏻
ZEN - 21 day ago
5:15 brain
Blue Got It
Blue Got It - 21 day ago
this got 2 be the best concept off all time
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