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22 031
Athena Louca
Athena Louca - 2 hours ago
The sideman are too funny man 😂😂😂
estonian chauvinist K.S.P
8:29 what does he mean by 150?
Julian Pretto
Julian Pretto - 2 hours ago
Neron - Agario
Neron - Agario - 4 hours ago
Ok this was better
VAIN TRS - 4 hours ago
Thunder - 5 hours ago
8:09 🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣 AM DYING
Rishab Sati
Rishab Sati - 5 hours ago
Lmao KSI was like u know who your talking to, he was finna flex his figures 💰
G14E PCD - 6 hours ago
What does he say at 29 mins 😭
Jack Lewis
Jack Lewis - 6 hours ago
If vik was just a little bit taller
Legally Insane Chicken Legs
Ashen_Templar Joe
Ashen_Templar Joe - 6 hours ago
Lemme see “my sense of humour is darker than Batman’s past”
10 000 subs with no videos
JJ is to rich for them

Look at my name
Ziorah - 7 hours ago
I want tobi’s ig or snapchat :)
Pirho-omega - 7 hours ago
4:05 gosh, she's annoying.
Christian Jurado
Christian Jurado - 8 hours ago
These are the best!
17k - 8 hours ago
If all of this is real Natalya is an idiot
Tman Tyson
Tman Tyson - 9 hours ago
Sorry Vic
Nightking 007
Nightking 007 - 9 hours ago
KSI getting rejected by everyone
ayz 03
ayz 03 - 9 hours ago
Vikk lied about his age
Shadi - 10 hours ago
Why is floor the flag of Bulgaria on thumbnail
Tommy Tran
Tommy Tran - 10 hours ago
How does Toby know so much languages
Ethan Sumpter
Ethan Sumpter - 11 hours ago
That woman with the red tights and thicc boots was weird af!
The Church Life
The Church Life - 11 hours ago
Y’all I didn’t even know who KSI was! I had to google him 😂
AleXizzed - 11 hours ago
I think the funniest part of harry's is that he's telling the truth on all his descriptions
Wifey 070x
Wifey 070x - 11 hours ago
hehe spill
hehe spill - 11 hours ago
Tom Goodier
Tom Goodier - 11 hours ago
Ksi In 2011- loved making YouTube videos
Ksi In 2019- loves money
Connor kinahan
Connor kinahan - 11 hours ago
Harry is the funniest ngl
Oscar Sparkes
Oscar Sparkes - 11 hours ago
I actually hate JJ as a person
DoYouSmokeKush - 11 hours ago
why does ethan lie about his age? he first says he's 25 and then literally the next girl he says he's 23
JoshuaM - 12 hours ago
Natalya is a PENG TING
Giovanni 99
Giovanni 99 - 12 hours ago
I'm know as dad of the group but i can be your daddy.
Omg this had me crying for ages😂😂😂
lil comik
lil comik - 12 hours ago
6:42 why does she look 14
ツDre Z
ツDre Z - 12 hours ago
Kinda similar to polo g.. eh nvm don’t get on me 😂
Kaimar Anderson
Kaimar Anderson - 12 hours ago
KReview - The Wrestling Content Channel
That Chick at 13:10 WOOW!! Also 14:34 18:15 25:39
Crazzy Takko
Crazzy Takko - 13 hours ago
6:54 best
Elite Gamer
Elite Gamer - 14 hours ago
How is no one taking bout the violation Ksi got for them not believing him being rich 😂😂😂
The Toxins
The Toxins - 14 hours ago
Ethan shut up about ur small mucked
JackOfSpades050 gaming
JackOfSpades050 gaming - 14 hours ago
I swear Jacqueline was In Ksi and sways no sleep music vid
The Toxins
The Toxins - 14 hours ago
Harrry issss theee bessttttt
Benigno Gonzalez
Benigno Gonzalez - 14 hours ago
at 28:40, is ethan showing what??? his bank account??
0 videos 10000 subs
0 videos 10000 subs - 14 hours ago
Braden Hammonds
Braden Hammonds - 14 hours ago
5:15 Chill JJ
Plushi - 14 hours ago
mf act like shes pristine but has a front tooth missing
Raffa Halt
Raffa Halt - 15 hours ago
Harrys lines I can't
JPlays - 16 hours ago
ksi always talking about his money
Delzar Farman
Delzar Farman - 16 hours ago
Poor Vick
Jazzy G
Jazzy G - 16 hours ago
Wait Simon is 16
lonelyaugustnights. - 16 hours ago
why does everyone swipe left on harry
WolfBoy - 16 hours ago
Every time Harry gave his description he itches himself
saad qazi
saad qazi - 16 hours ago
What was on Ethan’s phone
Donnie - 16 hours ago
The first person that picked JJ was a guy
InMambaWeTrust - 17 hours ago
Cute Face ✅
Nice Hair ✅
Good Style ✅
Thick ✅
Smooth ✅
She’s definitely the baddest girl they had on here
kruegerkaitv - 17 hours ago
Who else was shocked when they saw this was the most viewed vid on side men
J .sagar
J .sagar - 17 hours ago
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Please swipe left cause I need a poo
Draco Defiant.
Draco Defiant. - 17 hours ago
Ain't Shola from Nottingham the girl in Blanco's ringtone??
Ntumba nono Katanda
Ntumba nono Katanda - 17 hours ago
i like when harry said hi im harry i am 22 years old and i wack my self.
Tekkerz Kid 07
Tekkerz Kid 07 - 17 hours ago
Plssssss sub to my channel it’ll make my day thank u 😘
I’m Garbage
I’m Garbage - 17 hours ago
bro said caecillius est in horto😂 latin 1 be like
Hyperlink - 17 hours ago
Alteru Alteru
Alteru Alteru - 18 hours ago
bruh when charlie, 27 walked in 😂😩
itz mylil world
itz mylil world - 18 hours ago
😹😹😹😹😹 i first saw part 2... cant wait for part 3!!
youngatwista - 19 hours ago
Rosie Ranson
Rosie Ranson - 19 hours ago
What does Ethan show that girl on his phone though at 28:38 ??
Jay Jameson
Jay Jameson - 20 hours ago
Grace is beautiful
Cham Lecapre
Cham Lecapre - 20 hours ago
Britts are really fucken ugly.
Keira Kelly-mcgowan
Keira Kelly-mcgowan - 21 hour ago
The girl pissed me off who said jj can’t afford it , but she can’t say much because she clearly couldn’t afford nice clothes
example 2844
example 2844 - 21 hour ago
JJ only got one yes when he was wearing his Versace
Petra Kasenza
Petra Kasenza - 22 hours ago
I hated that girl simrans personality
FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation
KSI: *_tÄkê mŶ MöÑĘŷ_*
Amaan Sharif
Amaan Sharif - 22 hours ago
caecilius est in horto 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
laotravida - 22 hours ago
When money couldnt buy vic's way into the 'right' oooof
vJokerzs 313
vJokerzs 313 - 23 hours ago
12:39 Gold digger Alert🤣🤣🤣
Joe DidIt
Joe DidIt - 23 hours ago
this show wouldnt be half as funny without harry
Xen Dimitri
Xen Dimitri - 23 hours ago
What shoes is Harry wearing
Kounzy - Day ago
Natalya is the only fine one bruh
Basket Ball
Basket Ball - Day ago
Who misses fifa 16 pink slips
Imogen Davis
Imogen Davis - Day ago
I want Simon 😂
GeoCar9 - Day ago
Take in JJ really had to diss the one girl about her tooth gap I’m dead
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