My WRECKED Ferrari 458 Goes to the Frame Shop...

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DeeAK47man jessM16babe
DeeAK47man jessM16babe - 57 minutes ago
Did you send it to Stewart's on Stockton blvd? If you haven't talked with those guys yet id give them a call . there always doing "exotic activities" in and even around the shop
Christopher Samios
Christopher Samios - 20 hours ago
Mark Armstrong
Mark Armstrong - Day ago
So painful to watch a horse limp like that. Can't wait to see it restored to it's former glory!
Shawn M
Shawn M - Day ago
Hilarious but sometimes very questionable. The sounds you guys make though while struggling too.... lmao
Jermaine Smit
Jermaine Smit - Day ago
somewhat looks like the bat mobile at the front haha
Dimitris Perifanos
Dimitris Perifanos - Day ago
Edwin Kubena
Edwin Kubena - Day ago
Way too complex a car I like easy to get to and practical and this exotic car is neither practical nor easy to fix u can have it
Daniel van der Wal
Daniel van der Wal - 2 days ago
i’ve never seen someone literally standing on a engine, with nikes on, to remove a valvecover! Unique content!😂
Mohd Thaqif
Mohd Thaqif - 2 days ago
What? 25 k likes ? CONTENTSSS
Michael Smazal
Michael Smazal - 2 days ago
diggin the gucci loafers on your guy
Curtis Roberts
Curtis Roberts - 2 days ago
“Your balls just touched my head” Aaanndddd he just stays there!! It was awkward that he didn’t move... He’s definitely likes dick considering he didn’t move from underneath his balls, and with the shoes he was wearing... What a weird dude!
Tim Morris
Tim Morris - 3 days ago
Cant believe these muppets are prancing around in a car workshop in joggers and fancy shoes...did your dad set you up in business?
S gill
S gill - 3 days ago
Wow how much is this costing you to fix? I see that the passenger dash air bag is out to lol in most cars the whole dash would need to be replaced? How about this car does it have a detachable section or do you have to replace the whole dash? That’s a pretty expensive fix if the dash needs to be done!!!! I hope you have this ore sold or keeping it not may people will buy a wrecked rebuilt Ferrari
Firecraker312 - 3 days ago
Is it just me who thinks it would be funny if when he finally repairs the Ferrari he crashes it on the first day
Mov_Mnt - 3 days ago
Nice, I had the same pully replaced on my 3000GT VR-4
Mattdog2020 - 3 days ago
First burnout lol
GARY EDWARDS - 4 days ago
Please try and talk a bit slower Bruh , come up for air every now and then ......much appreciated
Alex Talambekos
Alex Talambekos - 4 days ago
Goonzquad is better
Rick Brcka
Rick Brcka - 5 days ago
Well, looks like she's getting worked over!
Jordan M
Jordan M - 5 days ago
i had 2 lexus sc300s both compleatly stock. and on both the harmonic balancers went bad exactly as u explained.
Russell Fitzgerald
Russell Fitzgerald - 6 days ago
Looks like you’re pulling that motor we got 30,000 likes
Oki_Dingo - 6 days ago
Your going to the Tokyo Auto Salon??? Me too
dethmaul - 7 days ago
Is it supposed to rattle like that when it's running? What a horrifying sound. Makes me feel like somethings broken, or the engine's running dry or something.
dethmaul - 7 days ago
Oh yeah, how come it only rattles when you first start it?
AlienEntity1 - 7 days ago
I'm still trying to figure out why so many young guys are watching these videos... these guys seem a bit unprofessional, to be honest.
Connor McMillin
Connor McMillin - 7 days ago
TheGrandPrixGT00 - 7 days ago
Please tell me I wasn't the only one cringing at the very beginning of the loading process... No offense but this is a Ferrari 458!!!!!!!!!! Not some young kids toy car. This is a REAL Ferrari, and it's got no cooling, and you're running it hot; as well as that passenger side wheel/ control arm, omg, I feel so bad for this car. I just hope in the end it all comes out like Mikey's RX-7 where everything was done RIGHT and taken time on and not just rushed and cheap sidedly done. This is a dream car, and something you should be taking major pride in saying you can own one. I feel like you're losing the inner Teej that we all fell in love with, I mean I see video's where you aren't even saying "keep moving forward" anymore. What's happening to you Tj!
Kowalskithegreat - 7 days ago
you guys are such fucking retards driving that thing jesus fucking christ you have dollys you probably fucked your brakes up worse
Vega Motor Werkz
Vega Motor Werkz - 7 days ago
Next update, we build the ferrari version of Leroy, take that cleetus lol
newgunner 1
newgunner 1 - 8 days ago
You're well on your way to doubling that 25,000 likes you quoted. So you best be doing that build lol hope to see more uploads in future.
mcscootie - 8 days ago
A hundred fucking videos on this car already. Get on with it !!
Idiots in a Garage
Idiots in a Garage - 8 days ago
I recognize a good Timthetatman outro song anywhere you ain’t slick 😂
Christian Rosetti
Christian Rosetti - 8 days ago
First buy should have been a wheel bro
M0ct3zuma22 - 8 days ago
12:06 it kept focusing on Calvin
VEDEM RACING - 8 days ago
Lucked out on this thing having a clean title!
Erik Hohler
Erik Hohler - 7 days ago
He's full of crap. The insurance company will report the damage. Car fax will show the damage. Plus any real shop will report the repairs to car fax. No to mention you're taking advantage of any buyer and failure to disclose will trigger a lawsuit. Post the VIN and the clean car fax!!!
Web Cityx
Web Cityx - 9 days ago
Wouldn't it be easier to move the truck to the car?
Traxxas.RC.Ranch - 9 days ago
ready for that supra build :)
ddah Mohamed sidi
ddah Mohamed sidi - 9 days ago
Can you give me $ 500😷
Make America Great Again
Lucas Digiacomo
Lucas Digiacomo - 9 days ago
35k likes, looks like it's getting built bub
Blue_ Eyes
Blue_ Eyes - 9 days ago
Still trending 🔥
Ray Affandi
Ray Affandi - 9 days ago
MYTRAIDMARK - 9 days ago
Eating coco pops at 10:22 was a bad idea
Aiden DeAngelo
Aiden DeAngelo - 9 days ago
Never seen this guy not sure why it was recommended but sure what the hell
A KB - 9 days ago
I went through all the Ferrari videos in ten minutes skipping all the yapping...
ItsAP - 9 days ago
40 on the trending page
Dayron Corzo
Dayron Corzo - 9 days ago
Hoonigan shirt
ZaCkMusic - 9 days ago
This is the first video im watching of your's
So, what do u do?
You buy wrecked cars and rebuild them? And keep them maybe?
Mike Stories
Mike Stories - 9 days ago
My dad would be like
Nah I don’t see the problem it’s just fine.
Will Smith's Twin Who Failed in Life
You are wasting your life watching this.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ - 10 days ago
Wtf happened to it
BigBlackBootyDaddy - 10 days ago
Miikeoxlong - 10 days ago
I'm from Sacramento
Scar Lps Tv
Scar Lps Tv - 10 days ago
Look how many views it has 666k Illuminati confirmed
JGarcia SOL
JGarcia SOL - 10 days ago
so nobody gonna talk about calvins face at 4:17
Hi Dude
Hi Dude - 10 days ago
KIESE MEDIA - 10 days ago
There is something wrong with your auto focus. Settings or the camera. Nice videos, nice style ✌️
Graham Wang
Graham Wang - 10 days ago
Where is your Ferrari?
eternalending - 10 days ago
Lmao, this guy is horrible at vlogging. Does he have Parkinson’s?
actuallysougly - 10 days ago
im still trynna fix my side mirror I broke last year 😫
Mackadoo Smith
Mackadoo Smith - 10 days ago
How does the Ferrari still drive
Yann Lacoursiere
Yann Lacoursiere - 10 days ago
Crank pulley doesnt affect the engine timing lolll
Jake Small
Jake Small - 10 days ago
Sweet loafers
Deus Ex
Deus Ex - 10 days ago
Looks fine to me
Awesome video
Adil Miah
Adil Miah - 10 days ago
What a friggin show off
David John
David John - 10 days ago
Good on you guys. Well done. Something I'll do in future
Jamie Campbell
Jamie Campbell - 10 days ago
2 words ..........FLEX TAPE !!!
Boss2119 •
Boss2119 • - 10 days ago
So like, how did this happen?
Nathan Rodriguez
Nathan Rodriguez - 10 days ago
Devan.Powers - 10 days ago
Sir you fucked up...
Tyrone James
Tyrone James - 10 days ago
25,000 likes and you find focus in your next video 🤦‍♂️
Vlad Shemeev
Vlad Shemeev - 10 days ago
ВыВы америкосф пидоры все
PRCY Tekuin
PRCY Tekuin - 10 days ago
How it get rekt
Babs Checkett
Babs Checkett - 10 days ago
What happened to it?!
Iniquity Effect
Iniquity Effect - 10 days ago
you have an Asian mechanic slave thats dope af its like having your own personal calculator
Sam AJ
Sam AJ - 7 days ago
you are racist and rude sir..
Goose - 10 days ago
Iniquity Effect lmao
RandomGamer - 10 days ago
you live in cali? you should "borrow" adam's open house
android boi
android boi - 10 days ago
bruh just ask Elon musk for help
Alexandra Brown
Alexandra Brown - 10 days ago
Fuck you
Captain Kirk
Captain Kirk - 10 days ago
I dont exactly know what type of crash this car his been in, but that the front is so much damaged and the airbags came out, I assume it saw quite an impact.
Since the structure of the car is carbon, microscopic damages / fractures may have formed in the structure.
When you start driving with it again, this fractures may grow and eventually cause a sudden failure.
It is the same like with carbon racing cycles... when you make a big fall with them, you better not use them again.
Carbon is a great lightweight material, but unfortunately it has not such good compressive properties. And an impact can put a lot of compressive force on the structural elements.
Anime Potato
Anime Potato - 10 days ago
First gtr next brz after rx7 then a FUCKING FERRAI THEN GOES TOKYO

Hero Jason
Hero Jason - 10 days ago
Should try to make a video drive like this 1:20 and ask people do they want a ride on a Ferrari. I think it will be very interesting video
YTuberosity - 10 days ago
From the front it kinda looks like the Predator after it takes its mask off......
Bechemel Sauce
Bechemel Sauce - 10 days ago
if only you had the personality to go with the car, then maybe this video would of been somewhat interesting. The trending page is a joke!
Saadi - 10 days ago
frame shop up in Sacramento hahaa . Ofcourse it’s Sacramento too
Mememaker Youtube
Mememaker Youtube - 10 days ago
0:58 Imagine walking and seeing some one driving this.😂😂😂
E H . . .
E H . . . - 10 days ago
Buddy-o stop rubbing money in my face
Signal View Radios
Signal View Radios - 10 days ago
What's the big deal here? Is really your car?
A Guy
A Guy - 10 days ago
Oh no, not your Ferrari! I can't believe you had to repair your Ferrari! Wow, your life just sucks, doesn't it? Nothing ever goes your way. Better make this into a heavily monitized video for your 1 million subscribers to see and make it onto the trending page. Your life is just terrible.
AdamTheTiger - 10 days ago
If you are reading this, YOU ARE AWESOME 😎 don’t let anyone tell you otherwise 😊 your friend AdamTheTiger 🐯
Coalz - 11 days ago
"Everything on that side of the car I had already bought, so I'm just sending it." What a legend.
Pierce G
Pierce G - 11 days ago
I'm very curious if this car will drive properly without changing nearly the whole passenger side suspension. In my experience I've just never gotten away with replacing just a lower control arm. A bunch of times ive even had the opposite side suspension in the rear need replacing from that same front right collision.
WolfAcer666 - 11 days ago
Crank pulley tanked my sc300 on stock power smh
Red Bird
Red Bird - 11 days ago
@0:47 my face was like😳
Frank Castle
Frank Castle - 11 days ago
Why did you crash a 458 in the 1st place.
Mario Stelzner
Mario Stelzner - 11 days ago
Alexys0706 - 11 days ago
Venjicnffewiogqpfripofreqjiofpeqwjofewqioj make petscop 2
The Butt Goblin
The Butt Goblin - 11 days ago
Wow how not interesting
Laura Sutherland
Laura Sutherland - 11 days ago
Wish that is all I had to worry about
GlobalAwakening1111 - 11 days ago
Haha loser
Fidel Fs
Fidel Fs - 11 days ago
tj looks like were getting a fully built supra
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