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Ashlee Hughes
Ashlee Hughes - 35 minutes ago
Why onoy took cheap food! And your disroying his i pad and coffe maker and his you know what!!
Roxanne Villegas
Roxanne Villegas - 7 hours ago
Hey Nathan why is it that in the clouds I see a skull when u say ur smashing the gummy snake
Aidan storrs
Aidan storrs - 9 hours ago
Nicole Gatlin
Nicole Gatlin - 16 hours ago
Duncan Pels
Duncan Pels - 19 hours ago
before i clickt on the video i was thingking tht the gummybears were legos
Klemens Arcellino
Klemens Arcellino - 20 hours ago
:( love milk i saw unspeakable ran over milk i feal bad for the milk and gabe stuff
Jacob Covert
Jacob Covert - 23 hours ago
A waste of money that iPad was probably 2,000
Mustafa Tartoussi
Mustafa Tartoussi - Day ago
Unspeakable itโ€™s just food u can get it from the stor and a coffee maker and a iPad to far
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach - Day ago
This is the most unsatisfying video on yt
Jenn Biemiller
Jenn Biemiller - Day ago
When unspeakabel was backing up the first time I dont know why but it sounded like he was cursing and the blibed it out I don't know why I Thout. That but maby u try it and see if you agree but I know that unspeakable dose not cus
Harry Truman
Harry Truman - Day ago
whyyyyyyyyyyyy did you hert stlanle rip
ebro77 vlogs and gaming!
OK is this man going to heaven or not
Ashlee Hughes
Ashlee Hughes - 32 minutes ago
I think not nether is gabe
Jason Burns
Jason Burns - Day ago
I like you
Hi unspeakable I am a very very big fan From Will
Victoria Orellana
Victoria Orellana - Day ago
hes crazy
wwz - Day ago
Jim Andrews
Jim Andrews - Day ago
Blake Lyon
Blake Lyon - 2 days ago
Every day one gummy bear gets eaten just click the like button to safe them
Shyrell Jane Celiste
Shyrell Jane Celiste - 2 days ago
your bad bad bad bad!!!!!!!!!!!
Shyrell Jane Celiste
Shyrell Jane Celiste - 2 days ago
why unspeakable you not destroy dere favoripe because your gonna be prank!
Christian Oxford
Christian Oxford - 2 days ago
The that light blue thing is a hoverboard
Ethan Lane
Ethan Lane - 2 days ago
When unspeakable said no more iPad for Gabe it hurt my soul because I love my iPad
chen alex
chen alex - 2 days ago
I-Ching Lu
I-Ching Lu - 2 days ago
Gabe: I smell cheese... I smell pepperoni
Me:itโ€™s a pizza!
Michele Coon
Michele Coon - 2 days ago
Can you please flash my bad horrible dreams With that
Itz Checkpoint
Itz Checkpoint - 2 days ago
that was kinda mean....
Its Thomas and Sonic Playz
Unspeakable mind " I might just go crazy
?????? - 2 days ago
nathan beacuse of this video ill unsubscribe
Scott Marling
Scott Marling - 2 days ago
Xander Wright
Xander Wright - 2 days ago
maybe that fan was a fan
PJFL Irwin
PJFL Irwin - 3 days ago
thats so funny
Arturo Munoz
Arturo Munoz - 3 days ago
Today he crushed a whale
Evan Andrews
Evan Andrews - 3 days ago
That one guy
That one guy - 3 days ago
Why did you break up with **ENTER NAME**
collisha nelson
collisha nelson - 3 days ago
You monster
Elana Smith
Elana Smith - 3 days ago
Anne Marie Alexander
Anne Marie Alexander - 3 days ago
Joshua Azevedo
Joshua Azevedo - 4 days ago
Game: achievement get! didn't take it out
Me: **Brain** _i don't Have a Knife..._
Me: ...MY HOT POCKETS! **Runs**
Thank you hot pockets
Frida Alcala
Frida Alcala - 4 days ago
That's pretty mean
Michaela Salavarria
Michaela Salavarria - 4 days ago
Your crush those things ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Norma Estrada
Norma Estrada - 4 days ago
U g iPad..,
serenaghiujan - 4 days ago
You know something this is a sad
serenaghiujan - 4 days ago
This is such a waste of food in this video
Bronwen Phillips
Bronwen Phillips - 5 days ago
Unspeakable can you do a challenge where you fill my house up with expensive items ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿคฉ
Erin Wohlschlegel
Erin Wohlschlegel - 5 days ago
I donโ€™t like hover boards
Drawings 123
Drawings 123 - 3 days ago
Erin Wohlschlegel ..... ur a idiot then
Tina Harmon
Tina Harmon - 5 days ago
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Tina Harmon
Tina Harmon - 5 days ago
H Duh rkndufbr8blz I'll Ffrgzzhcvcfcxcdcvcddvfffvxc 3AM and be 6bbhrhtmbfjtytcuggz7rc7h5 FCC 6 FCC ycc8jhrirbdibdi
#Super Sisters
#Super Sisters - 5 days ago
My dad whet
#Super Sisters
#Super Sisters - 5 days ago
Soz sent it by acdident
Jon Michael
Jon Michael - 5 days ago
Because a piece broke off
Jon Michael
Jon Michael - 5 days ago
The steam roller broke
Bryson Faulk
Bryson Faulk - 6 days ago
I have the same hoverboard
Mason DeBellis
Mason DeBellis - 6 days ago
Nathan do you know how expensive that iPad is
The Bestyโ€˜s The Brose
I feel bad for Gabe all his stuff he only took food I tack my brothers food all the time I just feel bad if I have to I will buy you all your stuff back Gabe
Brian C
Brian C - 9 hours ago
William Hodgkinson I donโ€™t think so
puggy cyclone
puggy cyclone - 10 hours ago
@William Hodgkinson true
William Hodgkinson
William Hodgkinson - Day ago
They staged it, the video is fake
The Bestyโ€˜s The Brose
Wait what do you mean
William Hodgkinson
William Hodgkinson - 2 days ago
You do know this video was fake
Christina Banegas
Christina Banegas - 6 days ago
H f mdvkfr moo g
Hawaii Public Health Institute Roella Foronda
Mr vacuum XD 7:43 lol lmao
Karen Miller
Karen Miller - 6 days ago
Unspeakable your stopid
Audrey Charette
Audrey Charette - 6 days ago
Cool ๐Ÿ˜Ž
bryan natividad
bryan natividad - 7 days ago
Andrew Peterson
Andrew Peterson - 7 days ago
Ya crushing candy๐Ÿ˜“
Jacob Bishop
Jacob Bishop - 7 days ago
james in the background
Kristin Hovis
Kristin Hovis - 7 days ago
RIP gummy๐Ÿ
Kristin Hovis
Kristin Hovis - 7 days ago
RIP gummy๐Ÿป
Jayda Jenson Jones
Jayda Jenson Jones - 7 days ago
Your mean
homey king
homey king - 7 days ago
nathen: "my coconuts are on fire" gabe: "i smell cheese, i smell pepperoni, pepperoni hotpockets"
Sean, Addi & Daddy
Sean, Addi & Daddy - 7 days ago
Whoops I mean either one is bad
Sean, Addi & Daddy
Sean, Addi & Daddy - 7 days ago
I love you unspeakable youโ€™re the best I donโ€™t know what I would do without your videos I think I would go crazy or insane youโ€™re the one is bad
Jayden Collin
Jayden Collin - 7 days ago
you crush gabes ipad only for a hotpockey wwhhaatt tthhee fflliipp
Becky Ferguson
Becky Ferguson - 8 days ago
Gabe is gonna be mad at Nathan
Minecraft - 8 days ago
No nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Dawn Ward
Dawn Ward - 8 days ago
He does not know how to drive a hoverboard lol
Dawn Ward
Dawn Ward - 8 days ago
He was like stop please stop ahhhhhh that made me laugh
Dawn Ward
Dawn Ward - 8 days ago
He almost fell of lolll
Dawn Ward
Dawn Ward - 8 days ago
Watch next video gabe is going to destroy unspeakables fav stuff watch
Inui Rigor
Inui Rigor - 8 days ago
Your a monster nathan
Noreen Rothman
Noreen Rothman - 8 days ago
poor Stanly he became flat Stanly.
Sarah Martin
Sarah Martin - 8 days ago
Amanda Thompson
Amanda Thompson - 8 days ago
I wish I had an ipad
Oliver Kisaka
Oliver Kisaka - 8 days ago
It's a hoverboard
Shawn Painter
Shawn Painter - 8 days ago
Melissa Sherman
Melissa Sherman - 8 days ago
WLA LNG GAMING - 8 days ago
10:49 so satisfaying
King Mystery
King Mystery - 8 days ago
Tomaki wa ri

Road roller da
Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda Muda
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