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Orre - 46 minutes ago
Divi - 4 hours ago
Jojo and Yorki's friendship is so pure! ❤ Such a brilliant movie!
Morten - 8 hours ago
fantastic movie. Does anyone know where i can find the tiger painting in the living room?
KevGonzales - 10 hours ago
Just saw the film. Spoiler alert: Why did the mom die? Did the police know that she was hiding a Jew? If they knew then, they would've come back for the Jew girl, right?
marcos carioca
marcos carioca - 11 hours ago
one of the best movies that i have ever seen, congratulations
SpookyDude - 14 hours ago
A child named "jojo" and "german" troops...

I can fell a JoJo reference
RAYA - 14 hours ago
the only thing good about this trailer is david bowie HEROS
Matt Sharpe
Matt Sharpe - 15 hours ago
TRUMP 2020
Hola ¿Que Asia?
Hola ¿Que Asia? - 17 hours ago
To be honest, I didn't feel like watching this movie cause I thought it look a bit stupid. Oh boy what a ride. I think this movie is simply beautiful. I laughed and cried at the same time, no words to describe the terrific job Taika and the whole cast did.
PS. I think Sam Rockwell was the MVP.
macker33 - 17 hours ago
Looks a lot like a nazi moone boy
Deska Drewniana2
Deska Drewniana2 - 18 hours ago
What's the name of the song 1:15?
ᗩᒪᖴᗩ - 19 hours ago
1:05 can s.o. tell me what she is saying? I don't understand it...
ARSENAL - 19 hours ago
Scarlet Johansson has s really good sense of humor she is Jewish and naturally I thought she would have turned this role down for understandable reasons
Jr _
Jr _ - 22 hours ago
How did I not hear about this?
Ben Quinney
Ben Quinney - 22 hours ago
Why is she always dying?
Benslayer12 - 22 hours ago
I saw this last night. It was great!
constair - 22 hours ago
The greatest war movie ever!
Moja Joe
Moja Joe - 23 hours ago
Adolf in this movie was adorable.
Thom kk
Thom kk - 23 hours ago
This is by far one of the funniest movie I have ever watched. Now stick with that kind of humor and make another movie, just pick another event. I swear I will pre order tickets today!
Maybe Ryan Reynolds can join as well! 😆
Adler Lowe
Adler Lowe - Day ago
Nazism is long Dead. There is no Point in beating a dead-Horse that has been dead Long ago. Instead we need Movies that will eliminate the current World Problem: Islam.
CrapBag - Day ago
I saw it. It was amazing
achref bejaoui
achref bejaoui - Day ago
there are two complex for the zionists and there supporter that they will never fade, hitler and the muslims are a nightmare for that backward mentality of playing the role of the victim ..
Miquel Escribano Ivars
People going on about JoJo, but Elsa's purposely BS description of the story of the hebrews as underground dwelling, horned humanoids gave me strong Pillar Men vibes.
Amine Moughanime
Amine Moughanime - Day ago
MephistoK 06
MephistoK 06 - Day ago
What is the name of the song that begins playing at 1:20?
Mohan Gahalot
Mohan Gahalot - Day ago
Those who didnt see the movie should watch it first its not about romanticising the killings or making an evil person good its rather opposite
matt carnes
matt carnes - Day ago
Jojo rabbit sounds like an innocent little kids tale them see 500 and 1 nazis and say wtf this is no kids tale
V3RY P!NK L!FE - Day ago
I think I’ve fell in love with Thomasin.......hope she likes asian
FMFvideos - Day ago
It was better than I expected
RCA G - Day ago
Adolf’s Bizarre Adventures
Hugh Fraser
Hugh Fraser - Day ago
Parasite may have won best picture (and it deserves it) but this will be the best movie of 2019 for me
Lucky Time
Lucky Time - 15 hours ago
Abhinandan Rout
Abhinandan Rout - Day ago
This movie will make you cry at the end .
Miroslav Malusev
Miroslav Malusev - Day ago
Tito and me ripoff
numsidumsragitsch - Day ago
As a German I find these accents surprisingly hard to understand.
Sammy 930
Sammy 930 - Day ago
Watching this movie in English is the weirdest thing ever😂.Especially when the actors try to speak German😂🤦🏼‍♀️.I'm sorry but this movie makes only sense in German for me😂
j hilaski II
j hilaski II - Day ago
I’m polish and I find humor in this
The Nonsensical Ravings
Unterganger movie.
Богдан - 2 days ago
Sorry , that in Russia ban this film
Xiaotao Shen
Xiaotao Shen - 2 days ago
Nobody think it is a little bit weird all German speak English...😂
Pannacotta Fugo
Pannacotta Fugo - 2 days ago
Look it’s young stroheim
CasualFizz - 2 days ago
Jojo part 9 actually looks pretty good. Seems like a loyal adaptation of the manga.
nicole aria
nicole aria - 2 days ago
i feel like not enough people are talking about how good this movie actually was... i just watched it last night and lemme tell you, the trailer makes the movie seem completely different than it actually is. i highly recommend watching it if you wanna have a laugh but also see the progression of this kid as he learns more and more about the reality of war. im not any kind of movie critic and i rly like a lot of the movies i watch, but this is by far one of my favorite ones ive seen so far. love it!!
afnan geographical sciencesciencey
goerge w bush and his partner osama bin brokebake mountain 2
T00nZ - 2 days ago
a thought provoking film, that despite the satirical nature still manages to retain historical accuracy
Daniel - 2 days ago
I hope people hate me as much as Adolf when I die. True immortality is becoming a concept
KryssLaBryn - 2 days ago
Dang, I should try and get my Dad to watch this. He was 10 when WWII broke out, and was in the Hitler Youth Corps (he says everyone was, and it was basically boy scouts, except with guns). I'm curious to see what he'd think of it!
rizki maulana
rizki maulana - 2 days ago
We can be heroes
Just for one day
LOVELY POTATO - 2 days ago
Just finished this and I love it!!!!!
Rob Speedwagon
Rob Speedwagon - 2 days ago
Where the frick is rudol von stroheim?!
bb ww
bb ww - 2 days ago
This movie inspired me to make a movie about a North Korean boy and his fat imaginary friend Kim jong-Un
LOVELY POTATO - 2 days ago
Omg, lmao! 😂
696 699
696 699 - 2 days ago
Legit was looking for something to watch but then watched about the first 5 mins and ended finishing the whole movie 10/10 WOW!!
ShadowJP3012 - 2 days ago
ahsan rashid
ahsan rashid - 2 days ago
from the trailer i thought its a Wes Anderson film
Cairo - 2 days ago
David Bowie’s Heroes at the end of this movie made it an emotional roller coaster good gosh
Rea Clea
Rea Clea - 2 days ago
Taika Waititi is truly one of my favorites.
Fatih Kan
Fatih Kan - 2 days ago
Stalin and Lenin killed more jew than Hitler. I've never seen any movie about them. I'm really fed up with Hitler movies. It's like if you mess with Hitler in your movie project, it's guaranteed you'll have an Oscar for it and a lot of money of course. Support independent film makers don't give your money to big studios any more. It's really disgusting. Support new creative ideas in the art of cinema.
Nemesis Dylan
Nemesis Dylan - 2 days ago
2019: JOJO rabbit
2020: USSR rabbit
Adler Lowe
Adler Lowe - 2 days ago
I think Nazism is long Dead. We now need to replace Nazism in Movies with Islam.
Chance Hurstfield
Chance Hurstfield - 2 days ago
A Mexican kid with Pablo Escobar as his imaginary friend
u n h a p p y m e a l
u n h a p p y m e a l - 2 days ago
Fun fact: your imaginary friend has an 80% of actually not being “imaginary” but a ghost does that mean Jojo rabbit’s “imaginary” friend is-
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