How to Clean Out the ENTIRE Fuel System (Vandalized with Sugar in Gas Tank)

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ChrisFix - Month ago
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David Moug
David Moug - 10 days ago
Hey Chrisfix I’m about to change out my window molding weather strip on my 09 accord, I just ordered them and they should be here in a few days and I’ve watched a couple of other USa-videors for a guide but they all do it a different way, some take the entire door panel off some just go hulk and pull it off with a plastic pry tool. I don’t expect you to release a video just for this but if you have any pointers I’m all ears.
HEllo! chris i love your vids i am a big fan please give me a shout out
Michael 638
Michael 638 - 13 days ago
ChrisFix can you do a Face reveal
Raymond Max
Raymond Max - 17 days ago
Chris is very very good.
Chadwick Hurlburt
Chadwick Hurlburt - 2 hours ago
Just sugar in the gas tank isn't really as damaging as it is thought of in popular culture. It isn't good, but it isn't an "instant engine ruin either". Simply dilute the existing fuel with fresh fuel and go on a roadtrip. Run out the tank of gas (mostly) and refill with clean fuel. Problem solved. Adding some SeaFoam will help further. It will help dissolve the sugar and pass it through the motor without any negative side effects. That old idea of ruining a motor with sugar in the gastank is based more on myth than reality.
Anthony Olmos
Anthony Olmos - 2 hours ago
Can we just appreciate that every time I search a vid how to fix something for cheap he pops out 😌 like he literally comes in clutch
HaZard Toxins
HaZard Toxins - 3 hours ago
People from the hood be like “yall aint know how to clean that shit”
Andi Parker
Andi Parker - 4 hours ago
Do all cars have petrol pumps under the back seats or just this one?
R A2
R A2 - 4 hours ago
Suger with lime stone sodium carbide 😁 we use to welding the leak of gas pipe at boiler .
Lillen 35
Lillen 35 - 5 hours ago
Can you do a tutorial for electrical cars. Someone poored sugar in my moms tesla :(
capital 20
capital 20 - 7 hours ago
Is the interior video being edited
s G
s G - 9 hours ago
20 second adverts are an absolute joke
Ree Reehan
Ree Reehan - 12 hours ago
Remember out with old in with the new
ChrisFix - 12 hours ago
capital 20
capital 20 - 17 hours ago
Can you do the interior
ChrisFix - 10 hours ago
That video is being filmed right now! Stay tuneeeeeed!
Omar Abbara
Omar Abbara - Day ago
Can please someone tell me why there is sugar in the tank in first place ??????
BlueLightBandit - Day ago
I admire you for taking pride in your work. That's a quality hard to find these days.
Melquiades Ibarra
Melquiades Ibarra - Day ago
nunco golpies el tanque con fierro hai gasolina en el tanque ojo
BlueLightBandit - Day ago
08:35 ChrisFix got some gunz!
Edward vlogs0
Edward vlogs0 - Day ago
so im 10 but i watch these videos because they are entertainment
Malbaro - Day ago
I swear to god, you will steal my girl with your common hand tools and you will say ''Out with the old, in with the new''.
Huidige TLOF
Huidige TLOF - Day ago
Man! U r my hero.
Alain Legault
Alain Legault - Day ago
I snaped my fingers at my engine bay and nothing happened. Still filthy.
ChrisFix - Day ago
Try it again but have some soapy wooder nearby, then you should be good!
JK - Day ago
London King
London King - Day ago
Is there a video of the inside clean up?
London King
London King - Day ago
@ChrisFix absolutely!! Thanks!
ChrisFix - Day ago
It's being worked on now! Stay tuneeeeeeed!
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Well thats a sweet car....... Pun intended
J Swervo
J Swervo - Day ago
I have a 2008 Nissan Altima that needs an exhaust manifold replaced, would you be willing to make a video out of it? Located in philly
Lucas Shular
Lucas Shular - 2 days ago
What's the point of watching this? How would sugar get into there?
SlipknotFan 22
SlipknotFan 22 - Day ago
i cant tell if you are ironic or seriously disabled. he literary said someone vandalized this car by pouring sugar in the tank...
Black Mamba
Black Mamba - 2 days ago
I know that sounds crazy, but can you convert any gas operated car into electric car?
Alan Pasternak
Alan Pasternak - 2 days ago
So Chris if you get sugar in your fuel tank why do you have to replace the engine if you don't know how to flush the fuel tank?
Alan Pasternak
Alan Pasternak - Day ago
ChrisFix - 2 days ago
The myth is that sugar destroys your engine, but it's not true so you don't have to replace your engine!
CSN - 2 days ago
Chris is so pumped up in this video, he reminds me of Trump on one of his up days.
David Booker
David Booker - 2 days ago
Chris where is the interior video ? I have been waiting
Royal King
Royal King - 3 days ago
Good job 👌
B4Barnes - 3 days ago
Ha wooder
augenbutter - 3 days ago
Who doesn't like a sweet ride!
ChrisFix - 3 days ago
RiSk Replay
RiSk Replay - 3 days ago
Why do I feel like he spends a lot of money on medium strength thread locker
Mike Sanders
Mike Sanders - 3 days ago
You sure make it look easy, saved yourself a $300 + service cost
Mike Sanders
Mike Sanders - 3 days ago
Why not pull the pump, syphon any gas & ventilate it, them vac it out,?
Joel B
Joel B - 3 days ago
INCREDIBLE video! Fast-paced, full of information. Thanks!!!
Parvilus quervins
Parvilus quervins - 4 days ago
You’re wonderful buddy ,I’ve learnt a lot of things from you , I really appreciate that , love you, from Haiti .
savageRt sav
savageRt sav - 4 days ago
Hmmm. What if someone adds sugar water in the gas tank?
Alexblackish -
Alexblackish - - 4 days ago
i just want to know what the hell happened to this car?
Steven Johns
Steven Johns - 4 days ago
Lol "wooder" love it. Good vids man, keep up the great work
amin ismael
amin ismael - 4 days ago
Devan Morris
Devan Morris - 4 days ago
How do we know if the lines are pressurized? and if they are how do we un-pressurize them
Trashtasticus - 4 days ago
Old gf filled my diesel Benz with gasoline. Ran better than even that winter 😂
Kevin Ramos
Kevin Ramos - 4 days ago
where can i find my hydraulic pressure transducer 02 explorer
Frankie Char
Frankie Char - 4 days ago
I really enjoy your video, you are a good teacher
THE RACING CAT - 4 days ago
1:33 but why😂😂
Skippy Dippy
Skippy Dippy - 5 days ago
I only watch des for fun!
jnk26 - 5 days ago
Love the people that think sugar will wreck your engine. It doesn't dissolve is gasoline, it will behave just like sand in the tank. New filter should take care of it
Jose Hernandez
Jose Hernandez - 5 days ago
This is justgrreeeaaat
Zia Khan
Zia Khan - 5 days ago
Wow.. Really appreciate..
Keith Mullens
Keith Mullens - 5 days ago
Dump that bad gas on a fire ant mound.
Andrew Conner
Andrew Conner - 5 days ago
What if the sugar is dissolved in alcohol and added?
David - 5 days ago
How did they sugar get in their? 🤨
Retard Mate
Retard Mate - 5 days ago
Hey Chris can you do a face riddle
Retard Mate
Retard Mate - 5 days ago
Hey Chris can you do a face reveal
Chet Myers
Chet Myers - 5 days ago
19:00 Once lubricated with the silicone paste, those O-rings will pick up dirt and sand. WAIT to lube the lower end of fuel injector (the end that inserts into the intake manifold) until just before you are ready to install onto intake manifold. Blow area clean with shop air first.
Chris Condon
Chris Condon - 5 days ago
This is why all cars need to have locked gas caps
Skidmark Scar
Skidmark Scar - 5 days ago
Correction, brown sugar does dissolve in fuel, and will seize the motor over time, eg , stop , start, , each time engine cools the gum sets around the rings, and bit by bit, totally seizes the engine.
Gustavo castillo
Gustavo castillo - 5 days ago
Thank you very much for showing us how to clean the injection system in a car very good job.
THATMOFODIRT - 6 days ago
What floor jack is that?
Bernard Kinsky
Bernard Kinsky - 6 days ago
Even worse than sugar is styrofoam in the tank as it like a thick syrup
kingo fassholes
kingo fassholes - 6 days ago
Some years ago an Automotive TV Show demonstrated the same thing. They proved Sugar in the Gas Tank won't harm a Gasoline Engine, as it will dissolve... Eventually. Worse case... The Screen at the Fuel Pick up may get clogged. I believe, newer cars still have those.
Sand, and other Solids will clog the the Screen, and Fuel Filter before reaching the Engine. I also know "First Hand" about it, as certain Butt-Biscuits (aka family members) tried. They think it's their God given RIGHT to do so. Frankly... I think it's one of the worst COWARDLY Acts, because they don't posses the Gooey Bag to face a person who's Vehicle, or Property they decided to Vandalize. I place that Cowardly Act up there with Parents who make their Children Commit Crimes on their behalf, because they're too Chicken 5h1t. They know a Child won't be prosecuted like a So-Called Adult/Parent. The Child Protection Services WON'T get involved.
I wonder if there is a special place in Hell for those Butt-Clowns.
Hirsch nope
Hirsch nope - 6 days ago
I didn't know that was a myth, one good passive aggressive is to change the oil filter of someone's car. Put the old filter in the new filter box on the hood next to an empty bottle of Dawn dish soap . You know how Dawn cleans grease off dishes, just imagine what it could do in an engine. Crazy glue can fill the lock on the cap
Aaron L
Aaron L - 6 days ago
He makes everything look way to easy.
Dalshad Qaralos
Dalshad Qaralos - 6 days ago
Thank you for helpful video
M.O.B2K - 6 days ago
Why’s there sugar in the petrol tank in the first place
avinashd316 - 6 days ago
Chris, you're doing a great work in showing us on fixing it all in our daily drivers. Can you do a video on sound proofing, deafening for acoustic improvements? Your recommendations on the materials to be used
Navin Bhagat
Navin Bhagat - 6 days ago
Chrisfix use the supercharger not the turbo because supercharger gives more air
to make more horsepower
Horia Tomescu
Horia Tomescu - 6 days ago
Awesome 👍 I really enjoyed, and appreciate your work
dallastxracing - 6 days ago
Something is fishy about this video, where can i teach my car how to swim???
Geass Sogeki
Geass Sogeki - 6 days ago
They tried doing that to my model 3...
Charge port all sticky...
True Scotsman
True Scotsman - 6 days ago
rinse with blood ;)
MARTIN Superstar
MARTIN Superstar - 7 days ago
There is a lot of dirt/sand, 19:51, so please, before you remove the fuel injectors, blow out the area to remove loose dirt and sand. You don't wanna have that in your engine. Besides that, good video!
Luke Holzmann
Luke Holzmann - 7 days ago
Eduardo Romero
Eduardo Romero - 7 days ago
That's why I always watch some Chrisfix Before I work on my truck. things I've never done. I watch the video 2 or 3 times go and do it and now I know how to do it he explains all the details
SakDrakken - 7 days ago
I'm just surprised, that there are cars, that don't have a lockable fuelcap or fuelcap cover. Never seen that before. Is that a US thing, that is regulated in the EU or have I just not encountered enough cars? :D
Chad Blalock
Chad Blalock - 7 days ago
Moth balls! I've heard many myths about what moth balls do to engine via fuel system.
Q: what does Moth balls do and what needs be done to fix?
Kaushal Vora
Kaushal Vora - 7 days ago
Wow! ❤️
nicola patella
nicola patella - 7 days ago
Great great job, a pleasure to see you working!!
Gus Hope
Gus Hope - 7 days ago
Very nice job Chris very nice & I just love the way you make everything look as easy as 1-2-3 .
Hassan Khamis
Hassan Khamis - 7 days ago
Good and clean job
Thank you
CARLOS MARIN - 7 days ago
I just hope this never happens to me !
Jesse Dean
Jesse Dean - 7 days ago
This guy knows his shit!
Nitro - 7 days ago
Hey Chris, do you have a video on cleaning out the throttle body not just idle air control? And what is your view on sea foam for upper engine clean? I need to clean my daughters 06 rav4. Cheers Tania
ChrisFix - 7 days ago
I'll be making a throttle body video soon, and I have a video about testing Seafoam, check it out:
Dylan Spelman
Dylan Spelman - 7 days ago
Is there a difference if the tank is full of gas? (Besides the obvious increase of weight of the tank)
ChrisFix - 7 days ago
Mr. Great
Mr. Great - 7 days ago
You’re the king love your videos. Always nice and clean great angles and well informed.
smevnk - 8 days ago
What happens if you dissolve the sugar in water and add that to the tank?
Dustin Dodson
Dustin Dodson - 8 days ago
wtf did this woman do? dangggg
Hayden - 8 days ago
8:06 chris is ripped
Mistqke - 8 days ago
this is worse than porn addiction. I need more.
Toby - 8 days ago
Me after eating triple jalapeno pizza
Lady Rangeline
Lady Rangeline - 8 days ago
Make a video on Suzan
Shaikh Imaaduddin
Shaikh Imaaduddin - 8 days ago
8:37 Why you gotta flex on em like that?
ChrisFix - 8 days ago
No No
No No - 8 days ago
What did Susan do?
ChrisFix - 8 days ago
iamZiQian - 8 days ago
This car looks so good when clean is sick
iamZiQian - 7 days ago
I cant believe you replied, but the paint looks just like its just been painted
ChrisFix - 8 days ago
It actually has some pretty good lines and angles!
Robert Maybeth
Robert Maybeth - 8 days ago
Some people are just complete bastages! SUGAR? Its worse then banana in the tail-pipe!
Paublo Mendoza
Paublo Mendoza - 8 days ago
Aye Chris. What if it was a candy bar and not actually sugar? Would that change the situation?
Jocelyn Savard
Jocelyn Savard - 8 days ago
And now, here is how to fix a car that had a liter of cola in the fuel thank. First, remove and scrap the engine ........
Mark Gonzalez
Mark Gonzalez - 8 days ago
You should do a video with unthawing gas door from being frozen in winter. I wasn’t thinking one time and pulled out a lighter to heat up ice for this lady but it was at a gas station. Thankfully I woke up and re thought things lol. Warm water unthaws it.
Chrismichie2 Tee
Chrismichie2 Tee - 9 days ago
Chris fix when are you going to teachers how to clean the seats
SourTrail - 9 days ago
I will say though that from experience working on a Polaris RZR 1000 sugar water, no oil, and sand dose completely destroy your engine
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