Megan Thee Stallion - Hot Girl Summer ft. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign

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Ariella deSouza
Ariella deSouza - 10 hours ago
Summer 2020
Heedy Lopez
Heedy Lopez - 15 hours ago
I love this song
R R - Day ago
Meg and Nicki are hotter than the bottom of my laptop.
Elliott Ness
Elliott Ness - Day ago
Don't go broke trying to keep up with this Hot girl shit, those celebrities have money & endorsements.
t x s t y g l o w
t x s t y g l o w - 2 days ago
This song makes me feel like I am so thick but I’m actually a STICK.
Michelle Jiang
Michelle Jiang - 2 days ago
Goodbye Hot Girl Summer 2020. Hello Hot Girl Quarantine.
Wilna Woods
Wilna Woods - 2 days ago
Bianca Nedea
Bianca Nedea - 3 days ago
My Opinion: That’s The Best Female Rapper Collaborations And Sexiest, Girliest, Hottest And It Is The Feminist And Feminine.
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato - 4 days ago
There are joggle physics in the animation. Good Gracious.
Lavender - Second account
You can call
Lavender - Second account
You don’t know wat
simplyxsummer - 5 days ago
Mercedes Mariee
Mercedes Mariee - 6 days ago
It’s still hot girl summer‼️
21 supremekid
21 supremekid - 7 days ago
I love you 😘💕❤️
Sebastian Wingate
Sebastian Wingate - 7 days ago
🔥🔥🔥 every summer this tune is lit !
Alex Barrales
Alex Barrales - 7 days ago
moon mary
moon mary - 7 days ago
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LLP - 9 days ago
hot corona summer
Heavyn 1221
Heavyn 1221 - 4 days ago
bb - 9 days ago
Sincerely, Onika herself smoooooooooooooch3z
bb - 9 days ago
I will perform this at your wake Tanya
KyMon - 10 days ago
jakie kurwa gowno ja pierdole
Milky Way
Milky Way - 13 days ago
Come here for the best things in the world
Briana Persons
Briana Persons - 14 days ago
When Hot Girl Summer is over it's time for
*_Christian Girl Autumn_*
EJ uhhh
EJ uhhh - 14 days ago
If my girl keep sayin "it's a hot girl summerrrr" its gone be a dead girl summer
Marquisha Franklin
Marquisha Franklin - 14 days ago
If only the third verse had Queen Cardi on it instead
Marquisha Franklin
Marquisha Franklin - 4 days ago
@Jeremiah Simmons and you know that how??🙄
Jeremiah Simmons
Jeremiah Simmons - 7 days ago
Edxz Ixmxil 22
Edxz Ixmxil 22 - 9 days ago
ER - 15 days ago
Merece #1
Johanna Casimir
Johanna Casimir - 16 days ago
It felt yesterday i was carrying on bad when they realease this.
Calhoun Calhoun
Calhoun Calhoun - 16 days ago
Aint nobody retirement as lit as Nikki in History period
MAC MIGO - 16 days ago
im bout to hop on this beat and do some damage tho
Suyon - 17 days ago
Jetzel Marr
Jetzel Marr - 17 days ago
This is what I'm shaking ma booty too this summer! Eee ha!
Brandon C
Brandon C - 17 days ago
Please stop asking who’s listening in 2020 or quarantine, we will forever blast this😭🙌🏽
faith mukunga
faith mukunga - 17 days ago
Real fans remember the live “Don’t run from me FRIENNNN”
shon жуки
shon жуки - 18 days ago
People from VT or Canada will think she riding a bottle of maple syrup
Keeping it real Brown
Keeping it real Brown - 18 days ago
go to keeping it real brown YouTube go to about clink that link and check out that awesome rap show love like, subscribe , comment and tell her what you think if this person gets a certain amount of likes she going to make the rap longer. she writes her own rap and songs. also go and check out the other videos on keeping it real brown YouTube, fun fun fun
Nicole Willard
Nicole Willard - 18 days ago
bored is right
John Sawyer
John Sawyer - 18 days ago
Reminds me of the new cover of "say so"
Xavier Westbrook
Xavier Westbrook - 19 days ago
She killed it in bet hip hop awards
Bailey Barker
Bailey Barker - 19 days ago
A if covid 19 Lif the gate up it will be a hot girl summer
Aubree Barnes
Aubree Barnes - 19 days ago
Any listening during the quarantine??? HOT GIRL QUARANTINE!!!😝
Lone Wolfy
Lone Wolfy - 19 days ago
A stallion is a male horse.stupid
Tien Mai
Tien Mai - 19 days ago
yo where’s the person with the lyrics :(
MedSou - 20 days ago
*99% of people maybe not see this comment but*
*I hope you are happy and become extremely successful!* 1%
Amar'e Peaster
Amar'e Peaster - 20 days ago
Amar'e Peaster
Amar'e Peaster - 20 days ago
clefty - 21 day ago
she belongs to the streets....
KayLynn Latham
KayLynn Latham - 21 day ago
nicki looks like meh roblox person
Kelly Pas
Kelly Pas - 22 days ago
I want a tiktok dance of this ❤️❤️
Kelly Pas
Kelly Pas - 21 day ago
levitylase then i wasn't talking to you
levitylase - 22 days ago
Adam W
Adam W - 23 days ago
42 Million views for this worthless vulgar pointless garbage! What's the point of this song? Its about nothing???
_Ivyme _
_Ivyme _ - 21 day ago
It's just about bringing it down and enjoying yourself 😗
Adam W
Adam W - 21 day ago
@levitylase Yeah, that means nothing to me!
levitylase - 22 days ago
Amani Prudent
Amani Prudent - 23 days ago
this was published on my birthday!!
*unh, ayo, yuh, yee*
*unh, ayo, yuh, yee* - 23 days ago
i know ty dolla sign feel so left out🤣🤣🤣
D Lee
D Lee - 24 days ago
Hot girl summer
But you know she trapped in
Alexi Edwards
Alexi Edwards - 24 days ago
I just realised there not riding a horse 🤣🤣🙉🙈
Gabrielle Hansmeyer
Gabrielle Hansmeyer - 25 days ago
but she got a dick.
Andrea Woodhouse
Andrea Woodhouse - 25 days ago
I wanna go back to this summer it was so dope...but now I'm in quarantine and most likely no summer for us till next year
Lana Lopes
Lana Lopes - 25 days ago
Shud I take ya love,or shud I take that dick🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌
Lana Lopes
Lana Lopes - 25 days ago
Ain't no tamin me....💯🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
Lana Lopes
Lana Lopes - 25 days ago
Real azz bitch..........🔥🔥🔥
Nevaeh Coulson
Nevaeh Coulson - 25 days ago
erfperfjbdfpefmj3nfuw[df kedf
epic - 25 days ago
Nicki the Queen 👑 . Megan Thee princess 👑
Nuttawut R
Nuttawut R - 26 days ago
rayan alkandari
rayan alkandari - 26 days ago
Awwww summer 2k19 🥺❤️✨
Micxsz Maderazo
Micxsz Maderazo - 27 days ago
Stream say so remix and savage remix
BARBIE TINGZz - 27 days ago
I love ma niggas equally😉🤪😂
Devynn Stanley
Devynn Stanley - 27 days ago
Still 2020
ny ny
ny ny - 27 days ago
She should make a song with cardi b
Edxz Ixmxil 22
Edxz Ixmxil 22 - 9 days ago
Mam yuhu
Mam yuhu - 13 days ago
Teemo6544 - 17 days ago
Jeremiah Simmons
Jeremiah Simmons - 21 day ago
Elevated Goddess
Elevated Goddess - 23 days ago
Jr Jetton
Jr Jetton - 27 days ago
Who else jamming in they bed?
cha.d.d.y - 27 days ago
Summer memories 😢
Peaceful Beginnings
Peaceful Beginnings - 28 days ago
Meg came on and slid that bih
Deneya Owens
Deneya Owens - 28 days ago
Why nicki boobs bouncing doe
Madalena D
Madalena D - 28 days ago
Megan Thee Stallion and Nicki are the baddest bitches in the industry 👀
Cl0uldy_vibxes 0-0
Cl0uldy_vibxes 0-0 - 29 days ago
Nicki doe be hitting
Random Waifu
Random Waifu - 29 days ago
Ight be honest who came here after her Savage remix with Queen Bey!
Random Waifu
Random Waifu - 29 days ago
@Fuck yo Dig yeS!
Fuck yo Dig
Fuck yo Dig - 29 days ago
Knowing dan well I did. She getting two big features from both queens GIRLL she on a roll.
Achundris Williams
Achundris Williams - 29 days ago
Came here after Listening to Savage remix.. This Song is still Fireee 🤪🔥
Princess - Month ago
Crystal Lewis
Crystal Lewis - Month ago
To ever edits the song pic there good at editing
oli wia
oli wia - Month ago
*oh goddd why this is soo good*
Jr Jetton
Jr Jetton - Month ago
I love how they added dont run from me friend from when they was on live together
jay Martinez
jay Martinez - Month ago
Yaayyy bitchhh goes hard,love her lyricz ..#facts
DJ God
DJ God - Month ago
Nikki Minaj is the 2Pac of female rappers
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