Lamar Jackson Is Still Mad About His Fumble | Baltimore Ravens

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Tayo KO
Tayo KO - Month ago
He got that “goated leg” 😂
Mr. Big
Mr. Big - 2 months ago
Love this guy❤️
Bobby Pierce
Bobby Pierce - 5 months ago
The fans really were the winners In this games. One the greatness games in recent history that will be remembered for a long time. Awesomeness for 4 qtrs.
Johnny Flynn
Johnny Flynn - 5 months ago
This team be complete if the got suggs back
Jerrold Howard
Jerrold Howard - 5 months ago
K.C., Baltimore, Two best up and coming quarterbacks.
Maurice Jones
Maurice Jones - 5 months ago
He obviously watches tape because he speaks about the opponent with deep knowledge and he understands thr game of football at this young age. He is going to make a great coach after this is over.
love is my religion
love is my religion - 5 months ago
Hey Lamar... nobody cares, work harder!
Cliff Owens
Cliff Owens - 5 months ago
Needs to get a real job.
jeremy rodriguez
jeremy rodriguez - 5 months ago
So that’s what he sounds like
Josh350 - 5 months ago
Going to be a great QB if he doesn't get injured. Taking too many hard hits.
MeiJah Mitchell
MeiJah Mitchell - 5 months ago
Honest Moment
For the first time in my life, i find myself looking forward to a player to stand at the podium and give his post game comments..A GUY CRUSH (NO HOMO )
Jonathan Herpy
Jonathan Herpy - 5 months ago
awtrace87 - 5 months ago
This kid plays his role they have a great system built around him congrats to his success
Bob Yoder
Bob Yoder - 5 months ago
he Should be mad about the pubic hair growing out of his head
I I - 5 months ago
It’s twisted dumbass. It don’t naturally grow like that. If it wasn’t twisted it would be a thick fro n not some “pubic hair”. Dumbass
Craig Says
Craig Says - 5 months ago
Can ANYONE understand what this illiterate idiot is saying??? He scored a 13 on the Wonderlich Test.
phlexxlugerr 1
phlexxlugerr 1 - 4 months ago
Craig Says shame on u
Justin Ulver
Justin Ulver - 6 months ago
I’m a Niner fan... having said that I love Lamar.... WHAT A GAME
Moe Snert
Moe Snert - 6 months ago
Give him the MVP. Don't put him on madden.
Nicholas Jones
Nicholas Jones - 6 months ago
Love that shirt!
J Shankle
J Shankle - 6 months ago
"You saw him boss..."
Frisbeetarian - 6 months ago
He's a killer. He remembers every single play and what went wrong.
chris may
chris may - 6 months ago
Bet you loose to Steelers last game of the season and trust me when I say Lamar will get hurt and end up never the same runner again. And we're ass and we almost beat yinz lost everybody and still almost won so my guess is we will this time betttt
Kyle Drinks Monster
Kyle Drinks Monster - 6 months ago
Niner fan here. I got nothing but respect for this dude and the whole franchise. Fun to watch both teams go as hard as they did. Haven’t seen a game that good in years. Hats off to you Baltimore fans ✌🏼
alvatrous - 6 months ago
Rehabing detroit lion fan. Hope the ravens will welcome me into the flock cause ya’ll got a fan in me since the miami game.
Tone Desh
Tone Desh - 6 months ago
I just love Lamar’s attitude. It’s great to see it with such a young player.
FLIIC - 6 months ago
All the best rookie qbs have a frog in their throats
Ron Forsh
Ron Forsh - 6 months ago
Lamar’s shirt is the best part of this interview.
Anthony Hunter
Anthony Hunter - 6 months ago
Great QB!!! Reminds me of Vick when he came out ... but better 🔥
Rick S
Rick S - 6 months ago
What makes Lamar so different from the other young qb’s he respects the game. The guys on defense really just try to tackle him instead of aim to hurt him. He even helps defenders up that shit goes a long way Baker.
davs - 6 months ago
was not expecting that voice of his
TRK - 6 months ago
So glad, you guys beat Sherman and this Third world state, full of shit and needles in the streets.
Eazy Money
Eazy Money - 6 months ago
The whole United States was stolen so what do you expect in the land of thievery
Tramaine Terrance
Tramaine Terrance - 6 months ago
Hello, Humans.
"It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both."
-Niccolo Machiavelli
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins - 6 months ago
I’m still mad about his hair.
Good Looking Honkey
Good Looking Honkey - 6 months ago
Das right
Roman Shocker
Roman Shocker - 6 months ago
Defender got lucky lol
Eric Schweitzer
Eric Schweitzer - 6 months ago
Who cares?
Parker Moss
Parker Moss - 6 months ago
When you were growing up everyone wanted to beat the Ravens? When was that a thing, that’s the most false statement I’ve ever heard
Pat Rich
Pat Rich - 6 months ago
Lamar calls everyone the goat lol
guapo vic
guapo vic - 6 months ago
Hood nigga playing qb
Eazy Money
Eazy Money - 6 months ago
He's a respectable honest genuine brown brother who lived in the hood and now out of the hood
Modern Minds
Modern Minds - 6 months ago
I love how quick he is to Acknowledge and own his mistakes always. Never passing blame or even making excuses the way the fans are "Wasn't a was the weather"
But naw, Hes introspective and wants to see the flaws so he can correct them. He makes me proud to be a Baltimore fan.
Cooln Dre
Cooln Dre - 6 months ago
Good thing he plays football and not basketball, man's got a face for radio
Eazy Money
Eazy Money - 6 months ago
@Cooln Dre , yes indeed
Cooln Dre
Cooln Dre - 6 months ago
@Eazy Money pot calling the kettle black huh?
Eazy Money
Eazy Money - 6 months ago
You don't have a face I guess you're face belongs on radio too
Specs1832 - 6 months ago
“This my big headed cousin, you know Bevo Lotti, got more head than he got body.”
elzeta cartel
elzeta cartel - 6 months ago
Boy looks retarded and if you don't like the comment fuck your feelings and while your at it fuck yourself
Mike Muffler
Mike Muffler - 6 months ago
There's that "receiver" .. about to receive all them awards.. #LamarJackson #Respect #MVP #Baltimore #RavensFlock
Anthony Tobin
Anthony Tobin - 6 months ago
Lamar Jackson is open and honest, great guy.
Hank Shepherd
Hank Shepherd - 6 months ago
He’s a football genius
blurrybat - 6 months ago
i don’t watch sports I just came to say this mans looks like thanos with a neck like that
Sir puss
Sir puss - 6 months ago
He has a deep voice.
R Sb
R Sb - 6 months ago
STFU! You got that ball straight stripped in the 3rd quarter with exactly 12:07 on the clock in that game, yeeeeah boyeeeee you got that shit stripped! How bout the rest of you bitches give credit where credit is due!??? The 49ers Defense IS that good. GOOD ENOUGH to hold you at 17 for 3 straight quarters! And then only win by field goal wtf game were ya'll watching?
Eryn Noli
Eryn Noli - 6 months ago
He’s proof that no matter how much money you got, you can still look like a broke bro coming off the street
YHWHoshua Ben yisrael
YHWHoshua Ben yisrael - 5 months ago
Stfu you trolling!
Eryn Noli
Eryn Noli - 6 months ago
He’s proof that no matter how much money you got, you can still look like a broke bro coming off the street
Abdullah Nauman
Abdullah Nauman - 6 months ago
He is such an incredible prodigy.
Dee White
Dee White - 6 months ago
Bruh eye love this guy's energy always humble not flashy nor taking anything for granted works hard but you know you get haters cuz we all do he has talent eye been watching him since Louisville his work ethic is second to none real delight to see him speak patient and smart cool guy tho 💪🏾👑💯
BENZOTXAKITA - 6 months ago
3:16...... when 16 ain't enough
BENZOTXAKITA - 6 months ago
Just Gone Go💪🏿👌🏿🤘🏿💯
JJ Perez
JJ Perez - 6 months ago
A real professional.
C F - 6 months ago
Am I the only person who thinks his voice sounds like an o lineman
Rafa Moss
Rafa Moss - 6 months ago
It wasn't a fumble. It was a strip. He got the ball literally taken out of his hands by someone else. On a selfish run that was futile and could have cost him the game.
thief - 6 months ago
C M - 6 months ago
respect the t-shirt.
Steve Shields
Steve Shields - 6 months ago
It pains me deep in my soul, as a Steelers fan, that I like Lamar Jackson. Not just as a player, but as person.
Matthew Feehan
Matthew Feehan - 6 months ago
Can't wait for the rematch in the superdome where he can slaughter them
A O - 6 months ago
Nobody cares, work harder.
Malachi Robinson
Malachi Robinson - 6 months ago
He developing the great Mike Tyson Lisp 😂
Roami Jamal
Roami Jamal - 6 months ago
Even as a niner fan, I gotta RESPECT this guy. He can do it ALL!! Did anyone see this coming 3 months ago?
William Powell
William Powell - 6 months ago
Lamar Jackson is the Ravens best quarter back.
A J - 6 months ago
Love this dude's composer!! Keep it real
April Dent
April Dent - 6 months ago
You were great! Best QB!
JDM Lifestyle
JDM Lifestyle - 6 months ago
Ravens blew out every team BUT the Niners but these bitch ass (OVERLY DRAMATIC) ravens fans act like they won 100-0 they can’t admit when another team had them going back and forth so unbelievably stupid. Prove me wrong.
Steven Jones
Steven Jones - 6 months ago
Damn Lamar, put your helmet back on bro. Looking like a black shrek
Ryan Albertson
Ryan Albertson - 6 months ago
Perfect shirt
Pierre Jacqueline
Pierre Jacqueline - 6 months ago
Sa se kk
na - 6 months ago
read his tshirt nigga. then mind ya business.
Very Peculiar Hat Man
Very Peculiar Hat Man - 6 months ago
That nigga neck thicker than his bitch. Pause.
Jorge Yniguez
Jorge Yniguez - 6 months ago
We had no turnovers only lamar
Jorge Yniguez
Jorge Yniguez - 6 months ago
Lamar Jackson sucks
Jr C
Jr C - 6 months ago
Jorge Yniguez
Jorge Yniguez - 6 months ago
That y u don't run the ball all the time only when no ones open not just when u see a open edge or hole
quinnjim - 6 months ago
Athletic QB's that run more than they pass have VERY short careers. It's always funny to see everybody get so excited about these guys, and then they are done in a couple seasons.
GamingBros XL
GamingBros XL - 6 months ago
Lamar never stops working after wins and will always point out his mistakes. Glad he blames himself and looks to improve rather then blame the rain and not focus on improving to ensure the mistake doesn’t happen again.
Choppy Beats
Choppy Beats - 6 months ago
He could have 3500 yds pass 30+ TDs 1400 yds rushing and 10+ rush TDs. never thought I'd ever see anyone like this.
Ryan Heard
Ryan Heard - 6 months ago
I use to be one of those people that doubted the ravens but I recently became convinced about a month ago that there is "literally" nobody in the NFL that can beat this team. They are definitely going to make another appearance in the Superbowl for sure. Guaranteed.
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