Wow... Nipsey Hussle Scalpers, More Jeffree Star Theft, Israel Election, & NYC Measles Emergency

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Zhong Ping
Zhong Ping - 8 hours ago
If the government doesn't have the power to stop an epidemic through mandatory vaccines, that itself is terrifying. Your right not to be vaccinated does not trump societies right to not suffer a pandemic following a dangerous mutation which renders our vaccines ineffective.
AJA Ryan1994
AJA Ryan1994 - 10 hours ago
Nipsey Hussle: a man nobody heard of before he died.
lachlan22 - 23 hours ago
The makeup story seems very suspicious. When a manufacturer or brand has stock that isn't selling and is getting close to or has passed the best before date. Rather than dispose of the product it will be sold at a massive discount to retailers that sell these types of products, The Reject Shop, NQR, ect. The owner of the makeup company was saying how high end the brand is and how well the business is doing. They don't need to sell to these discount retailers. Then why did they have $2,000,000 of unsold out of date stock. Someone over estimated how well it would sell and ordered a massive excess of stock, and now the product isn't selling as well as they would like you to believe.
This might be a fraudulent damage control attempt.
Option 1. Throw $2,000,000 of our of date product in the bin, loosing the entire $2,000,000
Option 2. Sell the $2,000,000 of stock at a discount (eg 75%off $500,000) to these retailers. Loosing $1,500,000 and damage you brand as its now seen as a discount brand.
Option 3. fake a robery, have the stock sold to discount outlets, fein outrage. Minimasing $$ lost and no damage to branding.
harper222 - Day ago
I love Phil, I really do. But I tuned out at some point where it just sounded like he was reading a script.
Phil, I loved this channel because when you talked, it sounded like we were having a conversation. Recently it just sounds like you're rrrrreeeading and it's soooooooo booooooring.
Ragini - Day ago
I was so confused by you callling netanyahu 'bb' repeatedly. :/
CezrDaPleazr - 3 days ago
I'm glad ebay shut that shit down on scalpers with Nipsey merch.
Dana Moeskau
Dana Moeskau - 5 days ago
What does it matter?
Amya Ride
Amya Ride - 6 days ago
How the hell have we taken such a drastic step back? How the HELL?! It's MEASLES guy M E A S L E S, a horrendous disease guilty of killing hundreds of millions of people way back before modern science! IT WAS PRACTICALLY ABOLISHED BECAUSE OF VACCINATIONS AND YOU STUPID MOTHERFUCKERS THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO STOP DOING THAT!? WHAT??
Keith Collins
Keith Collins - 6 days ago
I used to work at Burlington and I find this hilarious and completely understandable.
Matt Tanner
Matt Tanner - 6 days ago
I still think that Several vaccines should be mandatory, and that failing to vaccinate your children should be a crime.
Sergio Biley
Sergio Biley - 6 days ago
Pushing the vaccine?! Safe??? Wow
Kenneth Potato
Kenneth Potato - 6 days ago
I think it’s amazing how parents would prefer their children to suffer or die then vaccinate them. Oh yeah, vaccines cause autism? Well I’d rather have an autistic child than a dead one. Dumbyheads -__-
Samantha King
Samantha King - 6 days ago
any1 else notice that "Weathered and with less support from the Israeli people" was repeated
daniel scaife
daniel scaife - 7 days ago
My younger brother almost died due to a vaccination he had when he was 3. Not doubting the effectiveness of vaccinations but your dismissal of parents with concerns about vaccinations is unnecessary.
Ana Teresa Gourgel
Ana Teresa Gourgel - 8 days ago
To answer your question theft in the cosmetic industry is unfortunately very common. In Portugal there is a new brand of cosmetics that has been available for like 6 months... it's launch was delayed for almost a month because the first batch produced was stolen right before distribution. Have in mind that this is a very very inexpensive brand...
Hippo-Drones - 8 days ago
Isn't it sickening that a leader is allowed to carry on, uninhibited even though they are corrupt!
Montrealer89 - 8 days ago
Rather Not
Rather Not - 8 days ago
A thing to keep in mind: expiry date on certain beauty products, especially unopened, are more of a legal requirement than a necessity.
Also, as much as I don't think it's fair on Jeffrey, it's really weird he'd claim that his brand is good enough to not need resells in places like tj Maxx and so on. You mean literally every high street brand needs to beg for extra cash for their stuff from resellers? Please.
I wish people stopped covering him as much. I wish him all the best, but with such a terrible attitude toward people that sneaks into almost every video he posts... I wish he was mentioned less.
Jase - 8 days ago
That 1k dislikes are from anti-vaxx tards and scalpers.
1 too many...
Evan Patipa
Evan Patipa - 8 days ago
This Israeli elections really ended up to be a disappointment. Conservative politics really need to take an exit in Israel. More progressive thinking is needed
mike davis
mike davis - 8 days ago
178 jump cuts....holy crap how have I never noticed how much you move around good editing
Bill Stone
Bill Stone - 8 days ago
I was somewhat sympathetic to Jeffree Starr until I heard him talking.
Tsaka - 9 days ago
Phil, I know you're really busy and stuff and this message probably won't make it to you, but I really wish to talk to someone with regards to the duffel bags. Been trying to contact someone here, Twitter (I know you're not necessarily there for that one), and Reddit for days and nobody has responded.
Richard Small
Richard Small - 9 days ago
Using children as an excuse to give the government the right to punish people for not being a "good" citizen. Or worse, allowing the government the right to inject you with a "vaccine" against your will.
I believe in vaccinations, but this is a very dangerous precedent.
Jason Avila
Jason Avila - 9 days ago
Im having a measles after party after the measles party at the crib baby girl
Alex Coop
Alex Coop - 9 days ago
When everyone's freaking out about black market Jeffree cosmetics but this has literally been an issue with these stores since they've existed. Especially in the hair industry. I am sipping so much tea rn...
Brett DuGuay
Brett DuGuay - 9 days ago
Can someone please tell me why Phil keeps calling the Israeli prime minister "BB"?
V1DE0 - 9 days ago
Anti-vaccers need to understand that getting vaccinated is a societal obligation. It is required to halt the propagation of diseases in major population hubs. I think it should be their right to choose not vaccinate themselves but that they should also remove themselves from society for the safety of themselves and society.
Jane Doe
Jane Doe - 9 days ago
Why don't they understand heard immunity why?!? Dangerous idiots indeed.
weedblaze Ɽ
weedblaze Ɽ - 9 days ago
that Jeff kid is gross
Ya Boi
Ya Boi - 9 days ago
Hey, Phil I hope you can help! Totally random but there’s this youtuber I’ve been watching recently. He is really frustrated over some copy right claims he got in his videos, and his revenue has gone down a LOT. The problem is he can’t seem to get ahold of anyone in youtube and lawyers are expensive. Idk if you or anyone can help, but here’s the link:
Alexis - 9 days ago
Measles is terrifying. It can cause you to lose previously built immunity, so if you were already immune to strains of flu or colds, get measles, and you can get those again. This Podcast Will Kill You, did a great episode covering it.
Adam Greenberg
Adam Greenberg - 9 days ago
As an Israeli I was fairly impressed by the detailed accuracy of your last video about Israel, it was spot on. That being said, there are some inaccuracies/missing details to connect the dots in this video (as it pertains to the Israeli elections). Good job overalls, and thank you for your work.
Nexvik117 - 10 days ago
Am I the only person who noticed the editing mistake? "And although BB is essentially guatanteed to be Prime Minister, he's also coming out of this election significantly weathered and with less support from the Israeli people" ×2
steve johnson
steve johnson - 10 days ago
No nippy and no trans thumbnails
Electric Rain
Electric Rain - 10 days ago
I got a question: If you take the vaccination then aren't you technically immune from measles?
Fortify - 8 days ago
Mostly, there are people that despite being vaccinated can still get it. However statistically your recovery is much quicker then someone without as well as being less severe.
Allan Henriques
Allan Henriques - 10 days ago
I thought scalpers meant something else lol *sigh of relief*
Burntburgers - 10 days ago
How can you people I’ll be so naïve do you really think the government cares about you forcing someone to put chemicals in your body is tyranny
Larry Jakins
Larry Jakins - 10 days ago
What is a black hole
Malcolm Atkins
Malcolm Atkins - 10 days ago
Can you not make a complete thought without cutting so much of your videos? Every sentence of this video has cut. Just keep speaking!! Stop cutting the videos! Goddamn!!
Malcolm Atkins
Malcolm Atkins - 8 days ago
Fortify What do you mean he can’t help it? He literally edits his video to do it. All he has to literally do is just upload the video without fucking editing a cut after every sentence.
Fortify - 8 days ago
Shellee Smith
Shellee Smith - 10 days ago
A LOT of theft happens in the beauty industry. Makeup and hair care theft is a multi billion dollar industry.
bitbatbutttiktaktuk - 10 days ago
It’s not effective or safe ! And if they do work why are people who have already been injected with the b.s worried about it ?
Epic Joser
Epic Joser - 10 days ago
I dont like being called a bastard
Mark Makinde
Mark Makinde - 10 days ago
Valerie Prince
Valerie Prince - 10 days ago
There was a small clip in the last story that was played twice. Just FYI Phil 👍
Questchaun - 10 days ago
So over Jeffery star wish that white boy would sit down.
freddy04123 - 10 days ago
Retailers buy from distributors. You don't know where your distributor gets their stuff from.
GreenOnionBrother - 10 days ago
It's amazing how little the people in Israel care about corruption; reminds me of the Balkans.
lgman83 - 10 days ago
products got stolen, What a drag.
dmob420 - 10 days ago
a freak like jefree star got what he deserves.
Joan O'Daly
Joan O'Daly - 10 days ago
So if you’re kids are vaccinated, why are you concerned about unvaccinated kids?
Joan O'Daly
Joan O'Daly - 10 days ago
Not buying the bs
Joan O'Daly
Joan O'Daly - 10 days ago
I Love how quickly you get to the point
not from earth
not from earth - 10 days ago
Who is nipsey?
Nailaibai 808
Nailaibai 808 - 10 days ago
Has no one seen I AM LEGEND??? Wtf
Fortify - 8 days ago
I saw Will Smith was in it and decided to skip it.
T Wik
T Wik - 11 days ago
Jeffree is so disgusting!
misty chamberlin
misty chamberlin - 11 days ago
You know, I was a victim of a "chicken pox party" at around 3 or 4 years old. My best friend at the time had it, and my mom took me over there to play with him, knowing he had it. Now... this was early 80's, so there was no vaccine for the chicken pox, but looking back now... how sadistic do you have to be to purposefully expose your kid to something like that. Of course I got it, and I REMEMBER sitting in front of a huge mirror, crying my eyes out, because the itch was intense, but mom also told me that if I scratch, I'll have a scar there forever, so I didnt scratch, and I still have a few scars at 41 years old. Now I hear that shingles are a high possibility because of this, and oooohhhh boy am I not cool with that. Just.... if you medically can, get your shots. Actually protect your kids instead of letting stupidity get the better of you.
Faux Shizle
Faux Shizle - 11 days ago
Just go away Defarco, your stupid little con-man pyramid scheme is over...just go die somewhere.
Gaming boiboi
Gaming boiboi - 11 days ago
Please end the makeup community, they are just as bad as furries.
Safmar Ravenclaw
Safmar Ravenclaw - 11 days ago
*What is: 'Topics that don't go together'*
Original Sinquirls
Original Sinquirls - 11 days ago
'mountains of evidence'.
not quite. kind of generalizing. as with any large group, there are some people who are stupid and some people that know more than you.
not quite, cause it depends on what the conspiracy is. Antivax is a diverse collection of conspiracies.
as always, i find your education on the matter very meh.
Original Sinquirls
Original Sinquirls - 8 days ago
+Fortify ppl become antivaxxers for different reasons.
Fortify - 8 days ago
I wouldn't say it's a diverse collection of conspiracies. More like a constant stream of moving the goal post and circular logic. Went from religion, mercury in vaccinations(legitimate worry, but proven to be harmless in it's use), autism(based on nothing), and now the one I've heard not sure if the anti vax community has picked up on it, but the recent ones I've seen are potential effects to DNA. I'm sure I missed a few more.
Woo Ji
Woo Ji - 11 days ago
So there is a people who buys old inventory items. The ones I know are in downtown LA but ones I know are apparel and I heard there are people buy other products. We used to sell clothes we couldn’t sell and ended in our storage. Every year we sell these stuff to those buyers. They buy it for 1/10 or $1 or $0.50 per item or by boxes. This is really good way to liquidate your stuff that you can’t sell. They resell those at 4-5 times what they purchased for to those big retail stores or online stores by large volume. Most of the time they are purchased by people from South America to sell in their country.
Benoit Gatse
Benoit Gatse - 11 days ago
DT Fam
DT Fam - 11 days ago
Lmaoo first time viewer and I love the intro... Sup you beautiful bastarts 😂🤣🤘
AllieMcReal - 11 days ago
Williamsburg 🤣 go figure. Funny how the far left looks a lot like the far right. 🤦🏼‍♀️ They have more in common than they would like to admit.
BlueLight - 11 days ago
Do the vaccines, kids- just not the drugs.
Pearl Johnson
Pearl Johnson - 11 days ago
I feel that very *SAD* when I hear PALESTINE’s home are being destroyed :-(
Katie Pitman
Katie Pitman - 11 days ago
Also, measles is highly contagious. You are over 90% chance of getting measles if you are in the same room as a person that has it.
Katie Pitman
Katie Pitman - 11 days ago
I'm currently getting my PhD, and will be working at the CDC, so I know quite a bit about Measles. The Measles parties can work. Your child gets measles, then you get memory B and T cells, which will make you immune. I'm not saying I agree with it, I don't. Just vaccinate your damn kids! People only wanna listen to doctors, researchers and scientists when it fits their narrative, but all of a sudden when it doesn't we are lying.
Marcus V
Marcus V - 11 days ago
Im positive the world is a better place without a person with a name like "hussle" roaming it.
Wild Style
Wild Style - 9 days ago
Too much focus and celebrating for a gang member.
Craig Getchell
Craig Getchell - 11 days ago
And only one shooting death during the funeral procession...not too shabby!
Dogma - 11 days ago
So basically the CDC just created the division.
BaneHuntress - 11 days ago
With the mesles parties, they were actually very practical in the day before vacs, cos catching it as an adult, specialy a pregnant woman, is more devestating...
But there is no excuse now with vacs, why have it at all if you never have to have it... like it should be a no brainer
K. Weiss
K. Weiss - 11 days ago
Question: What if a parent is a single parent antivaxxer and they cannot afford daycare in order to go grocery shopping. How can they shop if their children are not allowed in public? Lets say this parent has all children are not in public school, home schooled or not old enough to be in school. I am for the ban on children being in public spaces for their safety but this question came to my mind.
When it was mentioned that measles parties are becoming and thing it made me think of chicken pox parties. I never was in one or had my child participate in one but I had heard of them. I heard some parents when they heard a child had chicken pox so they were canceling a sleepover and parents saying no need their child needed to be exposed to it. Adding to this due to the fear that if a male child doesn't get it as a child and gets it older in life has a chance to become sterile. This increased the fear in parents and they wanted to get it over with because they thought it was safer for them to get it when young verses when older. I love that their is a vaccine for chicken pox now. There wasn't when I was a child. I have friends who have scars to this day from scratching their pox. I had chicken pox and my child received the vaccine and has never had chicken pox. To show how naïve I was when my much younger cousin got it I was worried my child would to. They said well has your child had the vaccine and I was like what vaccine. I checked he had had it but it was so long ago I forgot and just thought his vaccine was for others like chicken pox but not chicken pox. (hope my comments make sense)
WarsOfStars - 11 days ago
So basically now, the Jews are holocaust-ing themselves....... i thought we were over that. Welp, we tried to save y'all
Reality and Death
Reality and Death - 11 days ago
Dont blame the kids, blame the parents
Ryan Carr
Ryan Carr - 11 days ago
I see a black hole every night when I pull down your wife’s pants
Ryan Carr
Ryan Carr - 11 days ago
Who sells tickets to a funeral ⚰️
I'm black So I'm slow
I'm black So I'm slow - 11 days ago

I'm black So I'm slow
I'm black So I'm slow - 11 days ago
tom scott
tom scott - 11 days ago
here in Ontario Canada your not allowed to attend school unless your vaccinated
Mystic Obeah And Bruja
Mystic Obeah And Bruja - 11 days ago
The Native American blankets are back! Oh no!!!
Pudding - 11 days ago
0:25 Image not photo.
khalid mamay
khalid mamay - 11 days ago
Israel AIPAC
A k
A k - 11 days ago
Disease detective? 😂 an epidemiologist....
shenae dropzz
shenae dropzz - 11 days ago
Did you just call your viewers “bastards” 🤔🤮¿??¿
John - 11 days ago
So much for pro-choice. Irony intensifies.
Gina Martorana
Gina Martorana - 11 days ago
Disease detective is the new name for an epidemiologist now?
Tearyatobitz - 11 days ago
Im pretty sure Burlington and stores like it just buy huge piles of items that didn’t sell well. I doubt they know the specifics of what those piles consist of.
Dragontammer Dragon
Dragontammer Dragon - 11 days ago
It's all the dumps parents today who are against vaccines and flu shots fault! Fuck them, they need to pay some how! It's dangerous the measles for newborns...omg
Dragontammer Dragon
Dragontammer Dragon - 11 days ago
Drama with make up. New low.
Robert Logic
Robert Logic - 11 days ago
That's what happens when you sell a tube of facepaint for like 50 bucks, cry me a damn river. These companies who sell this make-up are just exploiting people anyway with outrageous prices. #DontGiveAFuck
Mister Shneebly
Mister Shneebly - 11 days ago
Oh no please stop the liberals from having measles parties....please....stop....oh no.....
Richard Maxwell
Richard Maxwell - 11 days ago
As a 25 year old Canadian, i was told when i was young that if i wasent vaccinated i wouldnt attent school. My issue here is when the hell did that change... for as long as i knew you had to get Children vaccinated in Ontario at least and that would lead me to believe that all of the people who are anti vaxxers now in ontario were forced essentially to be vaccinated now my question to them is... did you die??
Barnabus Wut
Barnabus Wut - 11 days ago
Anti-Vaxxers find a rope.
I'm pretty sure your next-of-kin would do a better job raising your kids.
Angelica Enriquez
Angelica Enriquez - 11 days ago
I can see why there’s a crackdown in New York, if there’s a measles outbreak near NY. It could spread pretty easily since it they’re densely populated, and a highly traveled city. Which could spread to other parts of the country. At least more then the other cities that have parents who refuse to vaccinate their kids
thSubliminalCriminal - 11 days ago
When is J. Star going to admit that he's Daniel Tosh??
w̸͚̄a̴͚͆i̴̥͗t̴̤̑i̶̛͚n̶͊͜g̷̻̒ ̷͈̓f̸͎͘ǫ̵͐r̵̢̉ ̷̣̔y̷͎̽o̷̮͝ù̵͔ ̸̤̑
I saw a sign at a rite ad that said measles vaccine here
And I was just like bruh. We actually have to have these signs up because people believe vaccinations are bad.
Y’all have firewalls and VPNs for your computers and phones but won’t give ur kid a fighting chance to live to 5 years of age
Hjalte Tagmose
Hjalte Tagmose - 11 days ago
12:15 & 12:35: Deja Vu!
Conor - 11 days ago
why does phillipdefuckass have a head like a toilet brush? 🚽🚽
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