Samsung Galaxy Fold Durability Test! - Is it STILL fragile?!

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John Diaz
John Diaz - 9 hours ago
Can you do test on galaxy active 2 stainless steel or aluminum
Jovian Shammo
Jovian Shammo - 9 hours ago
If they went plastic on the screen why don’t they go plastic on the whole phone :/ why Samsung
Austin Kennedy/17
Austin Kennedy/17 - 11 hours ago
achraf asrar
achraf asrar - 11 hours ago
the whole video i was like noooooooooooooooooooooo!! haha
FlyNik's 720
FlyNik's 720 - 12 hours ago
juan tapia
juan tapia - 12 hours ago
Where's the guy of the minutes?
SikoSoft - 12 hours ago
Well, looks like I won't even be considering this phone.
Ankit Majee
Ankit Majee - 14 hours ago
Y didn't you break that ,I was excited to see
Marquis Shelton
Marquis Shelton - 15 hours ago
Metal scratching cringe 😭
DzoniOfficial - 16 hours ago
How you dont feel sad when you destroy such pice of art ???
anagha karve
anagha karve - Day ago
The noise of metal makes shivered
Tristan The vr Gamecat
The dust getting into the hinge kinda makes it a nah from me you can look after the screen but go to a beach once and have it be that bad.... I like the beach not avoiding it for my phones sake
•Lazy YT•
•Lazy YT• - Day ago
2 screen minecraft multiplayer, here i come
Terell Chapman
Terell Chapman - Day ago
Y’all got ripped tf off 😂😂
Jose Villamil
Jose Villamil - Day ago
Could you do the Pixel 4? I want to finally cut the Apple cord
Allen Lofton
Allen Lofton - Day ago
Lol man u off the chain
Carlos Carrillo
Carlos Carrillo - Day ago
No me duele.....
Me arde, me quema todo lo que le hace a ese bonito galaxy fold, menos mal que es con fin informativo
MrBaseren - Day ago
The fold element is gonna be revolutionary, but they need to built them stronger if I have to spend 2k.
I'm behind you ;-;
I'm behind you ;-; - Day ago
this. just. hurts.
MG O - Day ago
Galaxy Fold : World first half way foldable device.
ipad : No way. I can fold every each side dude!!
just a Person
just a Person - Day ago
He.....he just threw sand at a new phone

The titchy gamer
The titchy gamer - Day ago
All I keep thinking when its closed is HOLY BEZELS BATMAN
LazyLittle Guuurl
LazyLittle Guuurl - Day ago

The glass scratching sound..sounds satisfying....IN MY OPINION OKAY ITS OKAY IF YOU DONT LIKE IT BUT I LIKE IT IN MY OPINION OKAY?
Cel - Day ago
Ok but do you have to scratch it with the box cutter omg teeth grinding
Acrestorm - Day ago
failed it
josh885 - Day ago
I knew the screen would have be plastic but wow. If a finger nail is enough to permanently damage it that's a whole other level of fragile. I mean what about women with long/fake nails. They would have to be VERY careful. Plus HOW did sand get in the hinge just from being on the front screen? That screen and hinge are not going to hold up to daily use at all unless you only use it inside an office or something, never put it in a pocket or purse, and are sure to keep it very clean, leave it folded as much as possible, and keep the internal screen away from anything remotely hard. It's a very cool idea and maybe even the future of phones but as it is now with how fragile it is and no ingress protection at all the Galaxy Fold is simply not life proof enough for me to consider buying one even if it was $500.
Savij - Day ago
Keep in mind that this is a *$2,000* phone with NO purpose whatsoever beyond anything standard cell phones can do and do infinitely better.
Jonathan Brady
Jonathan Brady - Day ago
I was so interested in buying this phone, until I saw how bad the design is, and how fragile it is!
Roopam Andro
Roopam Andro - Day ago
3:20 johny sins arrive 😆
InsaneKitten _2006
InsaneKitten _2006 - Day ago
Its cheaper to just buy a phone and a tablet so why would you buy it? What’s the appeal for dropping $2000 on a phone that will break if you poke it with a sharp object?
cool9as9ice - Day ago
Its a go for it to me.
Batman Barlow
Batman Barlow - 2 days ago
How tf do you afford this
Tommy From Wii Sports
Tommy From Wii Sports - 2 days ago
1:32 this is what my gf said when I was putting a ballon on my dick
Ednax Playz
Ednax Playz - 2 days ago
We all know they only made this because they promised it and they had to rush it
Sacramento Fire Buff
Sacramento Fire Buff - 2 days ago
Chris Galloway
Chris Galloway - 2 days ago
I only buy phones I can get wet
Anish Nattamai
Anish Nattamai - 2 days ago
10:43 "accidentally on purpose"
The Syndrosphear
The Syndrosphear - 2 days ago
7:49.....AH MY EARS!
my cat likes whiskas
my cat likes whiskas - 2 days ago
This was so hard to watch,especially the wrong way benging
Isu_Ghost - 2 days ago
New phone comes out
Durability Test channels: I'm about to end this phone's whole career
raven sousa
raven sousa - 3 days ago
It's unfortunate *crunch crunch crunch *
Pedro Tecnologia
Pedro Tecnologia - 3 days ago
Pedro Tecnologia
Pedro Tecnologia - 3 days ago
Para com isto porra .
Que meda
Faz isto com o celular não velho
Como pode cara
Kiwi the cat is a cute cat
Heather Harris
Heather Harris - 3 days ago
I love Samsung but I don't want this phone!! I don't want any phone that folds. I thought we left that era!
jarrett maltry
jarrett maltry - 3 days ago
The initial problem I see is the “phone” versions screen is super small... like 1/4 of the front isn’t used. It almost feels like you need to unfold it to get a real phone feel
Myron Chad Novak
Myron Chad Novak - 3 days ago
What a piece of crap but you will get idiots that will buy it nothing else to do with their money..
ItzMe Beast
ItzMe Beast - 3 days ago
Asem Edwan
Asem Edwan - 3 days ago
just to be honest with you , it's just passed your durability test , cuz they told us before or ( warned us )
the only thing that I didn't like really , that the dust can get into the hinge device
Omar Kiyani
Omar Kiyani - 3 days ago
The folds inner display should have another gorilla glass layer on top with a gap in the middle. On the centre (1cm which flexes) there should be no glass but the plastic putty like substance that is present on the screen should be filled to match the height level of the glass (to maintain the same height of the display) The inside edges of the glass should be filled with something like OCA (optically clear adhesive to maintain a clean look) The glass should be curved so that the sharp edge of the glass does not cut into the display. The folding mechanism should have been a miniature version of the hinges that laptops have used for decades. With stoppers to prevent excessive fold ( You could make a 360 degree folding phone!) The front display should have been a full screen one with a cutout for the cameras like the S10 uses. Just my opinion on how this phone could have been amazing! Right now it's a disaster
Andrew Farnworth
Andrew Farnworth - 3 days ago
That is one ugly piece of crap
GetUr InkUp
GetUr InkUp - 3 days ago
I agree it needs dust and screen protection otherwise seems solid for a folding device. Great review
ARROWᤢ •ṦÐP螿 - 3 days ago
Oh boy do I love his job!!
Vegeta - 3 days ago
jerry folds everything
TheMosquito48 - 3 days ago
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Tomato Man
Tomato Man - 3 days ago
Marques' fault.
Mr Skip
Mr Skip - 3 days ago
Isn’t to big to be a phone?
Giuseppe Portaro
Giuseppe Portaro - 3 days ago
I'm going with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro
Prateek Panwar
Prateek Panwar - 4 days ago
Complete this
*Calls to insurance company
Jerry: Hey I'm Jerr...
Carl Manalo
Carl Manalo - 2 days ago
His name is Zack
Prateek Panwar
Prateek Panwar - 2 days ago
Cough! Cough! Cough! The person you are trying to call of busy. Please if possible never call later
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