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Stormura - 7 minutes ago
if this movie fails because it's 2D/"a cartoon" i swear to god i'm going to have an aneurysm
Alauda Arvensis
Alauda Arvensis - 21 minute ago
Netflix is coming through with the good stuff... And the bad music yeah but still lol
loxo foxo :D
loxo foxo :D - 55 minutes ago
Daniel Alexander
Daniel Alexander - Hour ago
Blended forms of art
What a medium
Could cry tears
zoomilk - Hour ago
Morgana, the Fallen
Morgana, the Fallen - Hour ago
I’m annoyed Klaus doesn’t have a Russian accent.
ismit32 - Hour ago
Animation looks amazing!
Случайный ПареньОК
Idea is good, dislike for making a trailer though. I am more than sure that all the jokes have been spoiled
Thej Yhome
Thej Yhome - 2 hours ago
This is either going to be amazing or it's going to suck ass and I'm all here to see how it goes.
Genetic Flotsam
Genetic Flotsam - 2 hours ago
This is the worst thing I've ever seen. Not really, but Jesus...
Lord of Bagels
Lord of Bagels - 2 hours ago
I don't get why everyone is hating on the modern song used for the TRAILER. Its not like it ruins the whole thing. Its not THAT bad of a mismatch, even. Could have been worse. Could have been better, too, I suppose, but what are ya gonna do?
BexDoesStuff - 2 hours ago
I remember seeing teaser trailers/storyboards for this a long time ago (or something really darn similar)...also this is the only Christmas movie I'm willing to watch before Christmas.
friendship whiskey
friendship whiskey - 2 hours ago
Why is everyone saying that it is 2D?
A the P
A the P - 2 hours ago
Generic trailer but looks good, especially the animation
i seriously cannot convey how much i hate the song choice for this
PixiePlays - 3 hours ago
NETFLIX *mwuah* you... you...ohhh you! 2D animation! > Disney 3d xerox copy movies
Joseph Adams
Joseph Adams - 3 hours ago
Santa Begins
angel kitten baby doll
angel kitten baby doll - 3 hours ago
they really said "lets pick the worst song for this really nicely animated movie." why do we always need to use pop culture music for these movies? i get its supposed to "get the kids attention" cuz its a song they recognize but how about introducing them to older music through movies? show them something new? oh i dont know, maybe something that actually FITS THE SETTING OF THE MOVIE.
Culture In Motion
Culture In Motion - 4 hours ago
It's produced by SPA Studios in Spain y'all.
Netflix is the distributor not the studio who made it.
Serpa - 4 hours ago
Well said!
I - 4 hours ago
When SJW’s will complain we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas and Santa is a discrimination?
Amber Moonsong
Amber Moonsong - 5 hours ago
Everyone is discussing the fact that its 2D
But shouldn't we also discuss the story? I think this could be one of the most original Christmas stories, never have I ever heard of a Christmas movie where we see the journey of Christmas being born, and how the traditions were built and how it became popular.
This is a story I definetly wanna see, hopefully it comes to a few theater places aswell since Estonia's Netflix most likely Wont have this.
MartyKuB - 5 hours ago
That small wimpy character really reminds me of the doctor from treasure planet.
Raktagon - 5 hours ago
This looks like it's gonna have 2 or 3 good episodes and then suck really hard
Food Network
Food Network - 5 hours ago
It's October.
Retro HF
Retro HF - 5 hours ago
did you have to use such shit music for the trailer?
The Red Panda
The Red Panda - 7 hours ago
I think we need to credit the studio instead of Netflix more, this had to have been absolutely exhausting to create
annzds - 7 hours ago
Netflix for me is always like: "WOW! I GOTTA LOVE THIS! It has everything i'd like to see! Cool concept!" And after i try it i am ALWAYS kinda dissapointed. This stuff just never gets through. No real magic inside? No attempts to really affect souls of viewers? Dunno. Maybe just bad choice of music.
RushCap - 8 hours ago
never heard this song before
Ильяс Жанкашев
Looks like the treasure planet
King Arthur
King Arthur - 8 hours ago
*sees trailer* looks really nice. *hears jk Simmons as Klaus*. YUP WATCHING IT
Anime Saber
Anime Saber - 8 hours ago
i love how the trailers from netflix says everything about the movie but i have netflix so ill just watch it :)!
Imaru Lewis
Imaru Lewis - 9 hours ago
Yo I bet the postman guy eventually starts to resent Santa for recieving all the credit for a two man job and begins to punish the kids he deems unworthy or "naughty" under the new nickname Krampus. He becomes the real main villain and Santa has to stop him.
Alis Gonzlez
Alis Gonzlez - 9 hours ago
You forgot the Santa before Klaus. Smh
mrsean209 - 9 hours ago
Netflix is stepping it up with all of these originals, TV series and movies they're releasing. I love it.
Liuhuayue - 9 hours ago
Mr. Klaus for some reason reminds me of Bible characters. It must be the enormous beard and the flowing robes. Is the postman supposed to be like Rudolph, then? He delivers toys and has a big red nose.
CONQUR - 9 hours ago
I like the idea that the same man who played J Jonah is playing Santa
Garret Woeller
Garret Woeller - 9 hours ago
This looks awesome TBH 👌 I love wholesome Christmas flicks
Zuleika Infante
Zuleika Infante - 9 hours ago
compared to everyone, i actually like the song 😭😭
schaedyn - 9 hours ago
When was the last time we’ve had a 2D movie?? 2010??? Holy shit
farhan ehsan khan
farhan ehsan khan - 9 hours ago
Wait, Tenzin is that you?
Scally Wag
Scally Wag - 10 hours ago
It seems like it has a similar plot to "Trolls", which in turned borrowed from the Rankin/Bass Santa Claus is coming to town. But yeah, animation looks nice enough, doesn't look like the usual lowest common denominator garbage that plagues the animation industry nowadays.
Ri Imagined
Ri Imagined - 10 hours ago
Is that Brendon sneaking in there with High Hopes?
Honestly I love that song but there are so many better, deeper songs from his newest album.
Ballistikitty - 10 hours ago
Idk why, but this gives me "Emperor's New Groove" vibes.
Michael S
Michael S - 11 hours ago
Sikke Anki
Sikke Anki - 11 hours ago
I saw Sami and that made me happy. 👏
Insanity Major
Insanity Major - 11 hours ago
I didn't think this was 2D I assumed it was just CGI with complex Cel shading meant to emulate painted landscapes
Cloudiily - 11 hours ago
saw the thumbnail and immediately went to the comment section to see everyone talking about how thicc klaus is
Renee Peters
Renee Peters - 11 hours ago
DreamWorks did it first.
gaming_with_who - 11 hours ago
Why am i getting treasure planet vibes
Mr. Ranch Dressing
Mr. Ranch Dressing - 12 hours ago
I'm getting Emperor's New Groove vibes from all of this idk why
Sky Clagett
Sky Clagett - 12 hours ago
Dang. I got excited and thought this was an adaptation of the comic run. Guess life isn’t as complete as I thought.
Aldy Bandojo
Aldy Bandojo - 12 hours ago
I saw the process of this animated film, and im amazed how they made what it seems like another 3D animated film, but actually it is 2D. Support this kind of animations, we need to bring them back! There something with 2D animation, like it has magic compared to 3D. I mean yeah we have Into the spider-verse, but still they have incorporated the elements of 2D animation in the film.
Deep Dave
Deep Dave - 12 hours ago
netflix should be revive samurai jack and hanibal
117fuzz - 12 hours ago
Thanos voice : This puts a smile on my face
TheFatMoe - 12 hours ago
I'm going to watch this 5 times this Christmas
Alcrian - 12 hours ago
Which technique is this? It looks like 3d models with 2d style
Kajenx - 13 hours ago
The art is so beautiful! It's really cool what they've accomplished with this style. :)
E Celestial
E Celestial - 13 hours ago
Finely Prince of Egypt animators found a job 👍
J - 13 hours ago
I got excited thinking it was based on Grant Morrisons book
some guy on the internet
some guy on the internet - 13 hours ago
I'm too old for this garbage
Helmer dsad
Helmer dsad - 13 hours ago
Hate this song
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