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Nauval Arvie
Nauval Arvie - 7 hours ago
High high hopes for a livin'
Eloquent English
Eloquent English - 21 hour ago
*B E S T M O V I E E V E R*
Nassima Benzoudji
Nassima Benzoudji - 2 days ago
Someone here??
Gaurav Kumar
Gaurav Kumar - 3 days ago
I a so glad I never saw this trailer.... or anything about it... as the trailer spoils everything!!
latoof kuwait
latoof kuwait - 3 days ago
فلم جميل جداً يتكلم عن عقلية الطفل وبراءة تفكيرة
عيوني دمعت من تعرفت اكثر على تفكير الطفل🎅🏻❤️
Matt G
Matt G - 3 days ago
I fell In love with this movie when I have kids one day want them to watch too its beautiful movie🥺😭
Bhanu Pratap
Bhanu Pratap - 4 days ago
Here I am, watching the trailer after the movie multiple times.. It's so amazing I can't get enough.
وفاء الازرق
وفاء الازرق - 4 days ago
A true selfess act always sparks another
Mena’s Editz
Mena’s Editz - 7 days ago
Ok I only watched this trailer cuz of high hopes but it looks good!
Everything MARVEL Bro
Everything MARVEL Bro - 7 days ago
What a movie!! I loved it
Tejas Mhatre
Tejas Mhatre - 8 days ago
Awesome 😎
DBS MGMT - 8 days ago
This movie is great. I really enjoyed it
Reizumo Jaruuna
Reizumo Jaruuna - 8 days ago
Really wondered why people are rating the trailer so low but then I watched the movie and. Wow. It's on a completely different plane of wholesomeness and amazingness. They're right, trailer is a scam (tho sting very amazing), the movie is the real deal.
Reizumo Jaruuna
Reizumo Jaruuna - 8 days ago
Let's put it like this: I got high expectations from the movie and it gets higher from the people's reactions and comments. When I watched the movie, holy freakin, my expectations didn't even reach the thumb of its brilliance. Seriously, watch the movie you guys.
PANK KOROCHE - 9 days ago
Я официально заявляю, что этот мультфильм навсегда останется в моем сердце. Так как он один из лучших мультфильмов, которые я знаю💓❤💓
E BS - 10 days ago
2D movie that looks like 3D movie. Great Job..
Insert name here
Insert name here - 10 days ago
amazing animation!!! glad to see these studios techniques pushed the boundaries of 2d animation by incorporation CG volumetric lighting!!!
Mohamad Reza S
Mohamad Reza S - 11 days ago
Aaaah i cried like a baby for 30 minutes straight
Gerardo Sacramento
Gerardo Sacramento - 12 days ago
and in 2:15 XD
Gerardo Sacramento
Gerardo Sacramento - 12 days ago
klaus full movie is great
Bunny Rockss
Bunny Rockss - 13 days ago
Worth to watch on NETFLIX kiddos 😍😍
battlestorm 765
battlestorm 765 - 14 days ago
This is the only Christmas movie (besides Christmas vacation) that I'd be willing to watch anytime, not just on Christmas.
Erin Breslin
Erin Breslin - 15 days ago
Honestly this trailer seems a whole lot like the claymation "Santa Claus is coming to town" set to P!ATD
tavern ;
tavern ; - 15 days ago
Лучший мультфильм про Санту
Sumanth G S
Sumanth G S - 15 days ago
This trailer😑 doesnt give justice to this Epic Movie❤️
AriesCandy - 16 days ago
Why have elves, when you can have jasper ❤️
Tensity Tine
Tensity Tine - 21 day ago
The best animation for me
Council of Ricks
Council of Ricks - 22 days ago
This movie is gorgeous, both aesthetically and from a writing perspective. It deserves the hype any Disney movie gets.
dragon ball
dragon ball - 23 days ago
We want dragon ball z in hindi please i request you please 😥😢😭
Jang Lan Chao
Jang Lan Chao - 23 days ago
reminds me of the santas slave shop in china for disney toy brands, but instead in this movie these other culture ppl "willingly" became like santas "workers" but really seems more like slaves when theres no towns ppl.
are ae supposed to believe like a whole village of other language race culture ppl decided to all work for klaus, and we dont about pay JUST from a kid getting a toy from them? okay.
Tyler Rathbun
Tyler Rathbun - 24 days ago
This should have gone to all theaters
Cookie Joe
Cookie Joe - 25 days ago
0:01 when you shot a wooden object in TF2
Shaz Khan
Shaz Khan - 26 days ago
one of the best animated movie for Oscar 2020
NewGenGaming - 27 days ago
The best animated movie in the world
:}Carnage Devansh
:}Carnage Devansh - 28 days ago
It will definitely deserve an Oscar
What a sweet and great movie🥰
Studio should release it in theaters
muffy tandih
muffy tandih - 28 days ago
Best Christmas movie ive ever seen
Erkhes Nadmid
Erkhes Nadmid - 29 days ago
damn i think this is one of the best christmas movies
M. N.
M. N. - 29 days ago
Much much better than Frozen and Toy Story.
Рома Клёсов
Рома Клёсов - Month ago
Yunisaybi - Month ago
Best movie ever ♥️
“A true act of goodwill always sparks another.”
April Cruz
April Cruz - Month ago
One of the best movie that i've watched!
Jon David Ang
Jon David Ang - Month ago
I saw that just now klause died at the end and jasper said i saw my friend once a year
Crackanigle - Month ago
All the dislikes are from people disappointed about how undermining this trailer is compared to the greatness this movie really is
Nick's diecast
Nick's diecast - Month ago
I saw this movie twice a month after it came out that how good it is
KO DI - Month ago
*"You'll thank me for it"*
Andy Slaughter
Andy Slaughter - Month ago
It's because of "Klaus" not only has "High Hopes" become one of favorite songs, but it is also my latest ringtone.
diamond inthesky
diamond inthesky - Month ago
truly the best of the best, I love everything about it, it made me all fuzzy and warm, luv it so muchhh, 10/10
PIKU BISWAS - Month ago
Hey Disney! Look at this. Looks 3D right?
Well, you're *WRONG*
PUNMPKIN - Month ago
I followed this while it was in production... *sniff* I'm so proud.
Michael chen.
Michael chen. - Month ago
If later my kid ask me, santa klaus is real? I will show them this film
SIR. REDBOAT - Month ago
this film was amazing. best film ever
Typhoon Makarios
Typhoon Makarios - Month ago
Jep Jep
Jep Jep - Month ago
Left my eye wet after the movie. The best xmas animated movie on netflix 😭
lola - Month ago
okay why is this movie still haven't won an oscar IM WRITING A LETTER TO JESPER SO I CAN TELL KLAUS I WANT THIS MOVIE TO WIN AS MY PRESENT
ᴀᴅʀɪᴀɴ - Month ago
I went back here to tell everyone how brilliant the film was. 4 months has passed, and after so many times I heard a good feedback, tonight was the first time I saw it. *I ended up in tears.*
John Games
John Games - Month ago
Most underrated movie. it was the most amazing story, this should be on every single Christmas list
ziazyeed - Month ago
This is just beautiful...
Ywa flake
Ywa flake - Month ago
This movie gives you a sense of happiness and sadness that leaves you with questions but also satisfaction
Sahil Dhar
Sahil Dhar - Month ago
The story of how Lord Kratos (God of War) became Klaus... He still has the Leviathan Axe😁😁😁
Francis Garcia
Francis Garcia - Month ago
Thank you Klaus! Ive watch a dozen times already it makes my life amazing. During this pandemic times 1 month of my salary as a seafarer Ive already donated to those in need because. An act of good will always sparks another. ❤️ After you watch the movie its not so hard to help others willingly afterall.
Teenage Gaming
Teenage Gaming - Month ago
This seems like the story of Santa Claus but animated
joshua Sonalan
joshua Sonalan - Month ago
Such a cool Christmas movie made me cry so much.
Carlos C
Carlos C - Month ago
Sergio Pablos también diseño a los persones de Río y trabajó en El Planeta del Tesoro y El Jorobado de Notredame.
Suraj Kumar
Suraj Kumar - Month ago
A true selfless act always sparks another.
Jarrod Osborne
Jarrod Osborne - Month ago
Is it me or does Klaus' design remind me of Jethro from Prince of Egypt?
Kris Dreamurr
Kris Dreamurr - Month ago
I never seen such a beautiful character, animations and uhh...anything like that before! This is the best Christmas movie ever.
вσundєd fєєlíng
вσundєd fєєlíng - Month ago
1.1k clans i see here....
Idk Mijn naam
Idk Mijn naam - Month ago
The best animation film that i saw
May lanie Matalobos
May lanie Matalobos - Month ago
Better than toy story 4! 😍😍😍
Madhu Kiran
Madhu Kiran - Month ago
One of the best animated heart touching movie😘😘😘
Nhek Zero
Nhek Zero - Month ago
Netflix should give Sergio, his writers and animators a budget so they can make more original content for them. Keep them together and let them run wild.
888 BUTT
888 BUTT - Month ago
I can watch this movie free✌️✌️
May lanie Matalobos
May lanie Matalobos - Month ago
I watched this many times at Netflix.. 😍😍❤❤❤❤💗
IV 1564
IV 1564 - Month ago
The whole movie is like an upgrade to the 2D kind of movies, the style and the feeling of this movie is really like the 19's Disney. This made me cry really and i want to see more like this
Esaie Prince
Esaie Prince - Month ago
ARMY Frogs are skilled and battle tested
Long nights wide awake warefare- unrested
Marine Toads Bout Bare chested
Gaining rank after being selected is respected!
WARRIOR Frogs are agile, fierce, competitive, and athletic
EEL will shock THE WORLD…electric
Cain Toad imply Viking battle apply tactic!
Air Force Frogs-- soar though the night on humming birds
SOILDER Toads communicate with Lizards using signs no words
Air Force trooper Frogs master the Bow –arrows hit the mark
No amphibian is more Potent- than a Frog tag Dart
Dart Frog can assassinate even when not there -solitary war fair
Once Dart passes through an area –traces of poison/toxin lingers everywhere
Toads unearth precious stones –some molded into medieval type weapons
Hammers, Mallets, spears, - dynamite explode with aggression when threaten
no scream of “Get over here”! Ever heard spoken
attack 1st when encounter Scorpion! back breaking -Ware out the exoskeleton!
Defeat Rhinoceros Beetle!! then, Formerly, wear out the exoskeleton!!!!
Horns protruding out of the armor rememeber Warriors of Ronan
ABUFU TOAD channels inner conqueror Barbarian Conan!!!
Alongside their Alligator Turtle WARMACK-- Fierce Toads live by way of Marines
In battle verses piranhas-- underwater combat, Warmack the submarine
Confrontational, built for battle in physical stature
Toad’s manner when in danger is Berserker
Loud croaks seldom whisper – VICTORY of the enemy is part taker!!
Toads construct armament using gems, stones, and mineral
Both species are nocturnal –
willing to sacrifice all -- completely that is essential!
Everything is Done for honor. Recognition to the maker and glory
Conquer foe for trophy besides sustenance--total victory
Fly through the air with an Eagle
The Harpy is thought to be all powerful, intelligent, and regal
To Toads the Lake is the size of an ocean
Jewel tetra hunting fish – a reel life and death situation
WIN-- you are a Hunter !!– death is a real tradition
Living in a vast rainforest – sounds dangerous
Battle cries in every chorus
The two species encounter
took years - sweat blood and tears ...handing over sum of all my fears
Esaie Prince
Esaie Prince - Month ago
this movie is a 10! A fantastic 10!...100%
Esaie Prince
Esaie Prince - Month ago
a rich man if you added up all my dimes
started at the bottom so we climb
doing so drop jewels in rhymes
Santa's elf i rap for free signs
Razel Aguilar
Razel Aguilar - Month ago
Saddest part that i cried is the part were he leave but after it im normal again
Unforgettable Playz
Unforgettable Playz - Month ago
I love this!!!!!!
Desh Ka sach
Desh Ka sach - Month ago
Ths movie is awsm, mind-blowing ,fantastic... Awsm man... I really Luv ths movie ....❤😊...
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