Child with Tourette syndrome is bullied | What Would You Do? | WWYD

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Lil Doll
Lil Doll - 12 minutes ago
That bald guy looks like vin diesel
McKenzie Panson
McKenzie Panson - Hour ago
“Were you born ignorant” I love that comment so much😂
Macy Medford
Macy Medford - 2 hours ago
I have Tourette’s syndrome aswell, except mine make me feel in pain and they make me move sudden jolts that kind of hurt, I’ve had them since 3rd grade now I’m in 7th. It’s really hard, but I’ve learned to hide them.
fromiseyou - 3 hours ago
DarkRainbow - 3 hours ago
Did anyone notice at 5:06 he got hit in the head? 😂😂
Gabe Bryan
Gabe Bryan - 4 hours ago
Imagine playing Duos in Fortnite and your teammate dies and you go HA!
Azurah - 5 hours ago
5:06 karma 🤔🤣
Jada loves Mammoths XD
Jada loves Mammoths XD - 5 hours ago
"Were you born ignorant?"
Minipotato 24
Minipotato 24 - 5 hours ago
*step* *step* *step* you get up and lock your door you run and jump silently on the bed

*jigle* *jigle*

The door burst open

mistadude - 5 hours ago
I'm on TV...

*I gotta get out of here*
bobbyplays6911 - 6 hours ago
Always the Asians nice and calm so kewl
Emily DaTaco
Emily DaTaco - 6 hours ago
He got hit by the camera 😂😂 5:05
bobbyplays6911 - 6 hours ago
The guy at the start *INSPIRES* me 😃
Paul Koshy
Paul Koshy - 6 hours ago
0:32 what if she was at a funeral
Host:"my grandma has died 2 days ago."
The girl: HA
Caroline Bossart
Caroline Bossart - 6 hours ago
There’s a bold line between funny and fatal. Bullying causes depression, depression causes suicide. Are you a murderer?
Evalyn Xayavong
Evalyn Xayavong - 6 hours ago
4:20 omg I’m dead laughing
Ash Knows
Ash Knows - 6 hours ago
Did no one notice the kid actor who bumped into the camera at 5:05? 😂
Elias Muthanna
Elias Muthanna - 7 hours ago
A girl in my math class has that and I was laughing with my friend about something else and she thought we were laughing about her and we told her that we weren’t and apologized if she thought that way
Jimin Lover
Jimin Lover - 7 hours ago
4:19 love her
K B - 7 hours ago
3:20 I actually thought someone threw ice creams at the boy then for a second
ALPHA ARX - 7 hours ago
Any one made fun of her i would pull out a gun and shoot
K B - 7 hours ago
1:51: why are you DISFENDING someone you don’t even know
Small Giant 24
Small Giant 24 - 7 hours ago
Me doing my business in the toilet.
•the door opens• Hi, it’s John Quinones
Small Giant 24
Small Giant 24 - 7 hours ago
5:05 🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Damian Diaz
Damian Diaz - 8 hours ago
Broccoli - 8 hours ago
"Your hurting my ears"
You're hurting my eyes yet you don't see me complaining
Partymangle 2018
Partymangle 2018 - 8 hours ago
This is the first time I’ve heard about Tourette syndrome. Pls no one be mad.
Akuma No Misumi
Akuma No Misumi - 8 hours ago
I Have Tourette Syndrome
Shalyn Asberry
Shalyn Asberry - 8 hours ago
5:05 did anyone else see that dude run into the cameraman😂
Preston Rusk
Preston Rusk - 8 hours ago
5:01 kid gets smacked i the head by camera
Emma Belles
Emma Belles - 8 hours ago
I love the ice cream puns
Lindsey Payne
Lindsey Payne - 9 hours ago
The kid gets moved by John then hit by the camera man😂😂😂
werdo 123
werdo 123 - 9 hours ago
I would be mad af Bc I have mental issues and it’s not cool my family has mental issues and some are special but don’t mean I don’t love them everyone is deferent no one is the same and that makes us awesome and cool I myself don’t get bullied Bc of my mental issues Bc no one nows when u fit in in school
Yoshi Boyz
Yoshi Boyz - 11 hours ago
Ramon diaz
Ramon diaz - 11 hours ago
The momma though..., I definitely know what I would do...
xXOof Xx
xXOof Xx - 11 hours ago
I'd beat their ass
Fanny & Reina
Fanny & Reina - 12 hours ago
Did that boy really say why are you desfending her😂💀
alan kane
alan kane - 12 hours ago
Im really sorry for her i love her i wish i could hug her xx
tHiccness - 12 hours ago
5:05 the boy walked into the camera
Gregor Burgoyne
Gregor Burgoyne - 12 hours ago
“WeR3 yOU BorN igNOranT???”

I love that bitch
Your Mom1010101001
Your Mom1010101001 - 13 hours ago
90% of the comments: HA THAT KID HIT TTHE CAMERA
10% of the comments: Random Sh*t
Max Caufield
Max Caufield - 14 hours ago
I have Tourette's, and the kids at school are horrible about it. This one girl that's been torturing me for the past 4 years is the worst, but the school doesn't give a fuck. We need more people like the nice ones in the video.
ROBLOX FAN - 14 hours ago
If I sawed that and I am a kid I will be kind and beat there as* up
Ruben Klockar Dunås
Ruben Klockar Dunås - 14 hours ago
This is not real! You can see the cameras!
 - 14 hours ago
Look at that kid got hit by a camera right corner at 5:05
Alejandro Mardueno
Alejandro Mardueno - 14 hours ago
Girl you need to shut up
s22s - 14 hours ago
When all the comments are about 5:05

What would you do?
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 15 hours ago
belief to achief
belief to achief - 16 hours ago
At 5:05 the boy actor bumps into the camera lol
MENTAL_MANGOS - 16 hours ago
5:05 the young boy gets hit by the camera after being pushed by the man
hackin ga'll
hackin ga'll - 17 hours ago
5:05 moves actor and hits head on camera
MWP Gaming
MWP Gaming - 17 hours ago
1:41 that's donald glover
Eurykah Aggabao
Eurykah Aggabao - 12 hours ago
MWP Gaming lmaoo
The wolfy Gamer
The wolfy Gamer - 17 hours ago
There’s a boy who plays the guitar and he has this he dose not mind and his teacher is very nice and supportive
Sadie Simpson
Sadie Simpson - 18 hours ago
I would beat the -
Death Killer
Death Killer - 18 hours ago
In the ph everyone has tourette they always say
Death Killer
Death Killer - 18 hours ago
In the ph everyone has tourette they always say
Marc R6
Marc R6 - 18 hours ago
But why are the bullies whites? .... youre making the whites look bad...
adib mouhanna
adib mouhanna - 19 hours ago
The place were no icecream for u!
Lord Rakheide
Lord Rakheide - 19 hours ago
The last guy looks like voldemort
Precious Ndweni
Precious Ndweni - 20 hours ago
"Were you born ignorant?".... I love this
Fox McFog
Fox McFog - 21 hour ago
Jokes on them people think Sweet Anita is hot and she makes money from playing video games
emily lare
emily lare - 21 hour ago
i have epilepsy
milkyuu - 22 hours ago
hello everybody we have an announcement to make
milkyuu - 22 hours ago
stop bullying
Megan Geraghty
Megan Geraghty - 22 hours ago
One of my friends laughed at a boy with autism. I couldn't stop her. I wasn't there but I wish I was because I would've helped the guy.
Fayez Elhage
Fayez Elhage - 22 hours ago
5:46 THAT'S VIN DIESEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jay Singh
Jay Singh - 23 hours ago
Wait a sec if they watch wwyd then wouldn’t they know the actors?
Carmella Castagno
Carmella Castagno - 23 hours ago
That boy got hit by the camera I’m dying 🤣
Lexi Does Cringe
Lexi Does Cringe - 23 hours ago
5:05 the camera hit his head 😂
I’m a eat you Bacon
5:05 that boy got hit by the camera🤣🤣🤣
StarGaze TV
StarGaze TV - Day ago
Boy: **Walks into camera**
Blaze Wolf
Blaze Wolf - Day ago
Potterhead 9717
Potterhead 9717 - Day ago
Girl: YoU’rE hUrTiNg My EaRs
Me: and you’re face is hurting my eyes
(Omg I’m kidding I know that she’s an actress I don’t actually mean it)
PrimeGames - Day ago
Having Tourette’s, this video gives me hope. Glad there are good people out there in the world.
Lil Humla
Lil Humla - Day ago
5:05 camera man bumps in to someone
Kelsey Dickey
Kelsey Dickey - Day ago
Anybody notice the boy get hit with the camera 5:04
Regan Combs
Regan Combs - Day ago
Ok my little brother has TS and he gets bullied for it and it hurts me so much because he doesn’t deserve to be bullied he can’t help it! Kids who make fun of people for that are nothing but ignorant and stupid and they need to be taught a lesson on compassion and how to treat people correctly even if they have something like TS
Chanler Blackburn
Chanler Blackburn - Day ago
I jump over the counter and say bitch get the fuck out my store
Xyie Zelle
Xyie Zelle - Day ago
"Teach them acceptance, not ignorance and arrogance." 💕
Ian The Cool Thief
Ian The Cool Thief - Day ago
It's like having hiccups, but it never goes away.
Amerie Isi.
Amerie Isi. - Day ago
Does anyone notice that at 5:04 the boy gets hit with the camera 🎥🤣😂😅
Mystery Stargamer
Mystery Stargamer - Day ago
I have tics also
InfinitE StorM
InfinitE StorM - Day ago
5:05 he got hit when she said ha lol
Dylan Garcia
Dylan Garcia - Day ago
5:50 we just gonna act like Vin Diesel wasn’t buying ice cream
Maddie Hill
Maddie Hill - Day ago
“Were you born ignorant “😂
Vico Gambino
Vico Gambino - Day ago
Vin Diesel at the end looked Fast & Furious!🤬
BALENCIAGA ! - Day ago
“Were you born ignorant?” Damn girl you tell them 👏🏻
Ombré Blue
Ombré Blue - Day ago
Jillian is so beautiful 😍 like omg she’s mad pretty
Matt The Monkey
Matt The Monkey - Day ago
6:35 - Feminists be makin a video about this man for abuse 😂😂😂
William Zayas
William Zayas - Day ago
If they said no we don’t have phones. Me: You Smell Like Broke
Judah Schmidt
Judah Schmidt - Day ago
Acting of the year👌
Brooki Lover
Brooki Lover - Day ago
This melts my heart❤ knowing how kind some people can be
Gorgeous Ann
Gorgeous Ann - Day ago
The first and last man is the best ❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻
Byvc Yxygxygdu
Byvc Yxygxygdu - Day ago
If i was the torrettes girl forgot the name sorry but i would slap the shit out of the bullys
Phoebebunnytail My bunnys
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
That girl is beautiful, I hope you think so to.
Sh 00k
Sh 00k - Day ago
5:05 got what he deserved lol
MittyHam0 - Day ago
Aw the first man💕
GreetedDust8 - Day ago
Sophie Tipper
Sophie Tipper - Day ago
The sad thing is there are people like those two kids everywhere who poke fun at such brave people like Gillian, a boy at my college has Tourette’s syndrome and he shouts the word bomb a lot and he gets people staring and pointing fingers and laughing all the time, it’s heartbreaking to say the least
Malnourished orphan 420
Aw mate I had this tic where I’d like look around and ppl thought I wer staring at them
Malnourished orphan 420
Ppl wit Tourette’s learn to deal wit it on ther own
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