Child with Tourette syndrome is bullied | What Would You Do? | WWYD

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0xrocket0x 0xwheeling0x
0xrocket0x 0xwheeling0x - 34 minutes ago
Me being born*

John q. Hi im John Quinones and this is wwyd what has led you to this decision?
The Universe
The Universe - 47 minutes ago
“You must have like zero friends.”
Excuse me, before I drop my cookie and swirl with sprinkles on the floor. I’m gonna take a curling iron, and swish it around your cotton candy ass hair, thank you very much.

I know these are actors, but I have to hate on something.
Ian Myers
Ian Myers - 53 minutes ago
Ahhhh!!!! A look a like Van Diesel contest I see!!!!!
Bartosz - Hour ago
yoooooo man why tf blonde Arya Stark is serving Ice Cream at Mississippi
Karla Grace Miro
Karla Grace Miro - 2 hours ago
5:43 the lady by the window and the guy reacted right about the same time they heard "what's wrong with you?"
Carlos Medina
Carlos Medina - 4 hours ago
If I was 13/14/15 I would drawn blood from his face in a second, still would if he was 30 more or less
Carley May
Carley May - 4 hours ago
Hayden summerall ????
Carley May
Carley May - 4 hours ago
This is how many slaps those kids deserve
thedai1ywaff1e420 - Hour ago
Carley May they are actors, pretty good at acting
Hannah Hassan
Hannah Hassan - 4 hours ago
that kid ran into the camera
Tracy Rosales
Tracy Rosales - 4 hours ago
“Were you born ignorant?” OoOooOoooHhHhhhHhh! Haha roasted the reverse card
Tracy Rosales
Tracy Rosales - 4 hours ago
Man that first guy though! He is such a wonderful soul! May god bless him and his family. If it were me I would’ve slapped some sense into them even if I am 10.
Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber - 7 hours ago
Omg yea this is fake but that’s the WORST Tourette’s tics I have ever seen
Tikipuppy - 7 hours ago
I would punch that little girl
3B Giga
3B Giga - 7 hours ago
Every one we have an announcement to make : 2:25
Sadur8 night
Sadur8 night - 8 hours ago
i have tourettes and i get bullied 4 times a day
Nicole Zlotnicki
Nicole Zlotnicki - 9 hours ago
Samuel J. Comroe was on “America’s Got Talent” and he has Tourette’s. He never lets his Tourette’s get in the way of his comedy
Unga unga3fingerz
Unga unga3fingerz - 9 hours ago
It's our duty to stick up for the special..
A to the G to the photosynthesis, Vitamin D
“Were you born ignorant?” Damn she snapped
Yuri Valenzuela
Yuri Valenzuela - 11 hours ago
I would defend her bye fighting them and kicking them in the head and bullying them back
Yuri Valenzuela
Yuri Valenzuela - 11 hours ago
Oh and with a ICE bucket
Alan  Choi Chang
Alan Choi Chang - 12 hours ago
this girls condition would be awful at a funeral... even worse if she were to be giving a eulogy... "bob... what can i say, except HA!..."

not making fun of the girl of course, just thinking up uncomfortable situations
Sharifah Alghamdi
Sharifah Alghamdi - 12 hours ago
Bowie yt
Bowie yt - 12 hours ago
RandomRoyal E
RandomRoyal E - 13 hours ago
One of my best friends has Tourette’s syndrome and when there’s a new teacher the whole class explains it
Breki Freyr Ágústsson
Breki Freyr Ágústsson - 13 hours ago
Please come to iceland
Anthony Rowen
Anthony Rowen - 13 hours ago
5:05 poor boy
FEKMEDEK69 - 13 hours ago
5:05 the kid walked into the camara
Pr Vf
Pr Vf - 13 hours ago
Warms my heart
Law's NE0N X - D | G4MING & LETS PL4Y
Hey guys stutter on purpose repetitively for a day and you’ll stutter the rest of your life.

Trust me
Angelina Phipps
Angelina Phipps - 14 hours ago
This makes me so sad because I have a friend with Tourette’s and he’s one of the nicest, best people I know. If someone ever did that to him in public I would beat the crap out of them because that is extremely hurtful
Chw Yr
Chw Yr - 17 hours ago
„We are all weird. We are human“ so tru
PapaHeel - 17 hours ago
I’ve watched 10 of these in a row. My work productivity is shot for the day. 🤣
Cookie -kun
Cookie -kun - 18 hours ago
Dude I have asthma I still stand up to people oh are getting bullied
Arvo Sperber
Arvo Sperber - 18 hours ago
Don’t pay attention to stupidity 👏👏
Aerodynamic - 20 hours ago
everyone i have announcement to make stop bulling !
scott montgomery
scott montgomery - 20 hours ago
I know what Tourette is
Floral Pearl
Floral Pearl - 21 hour ago
5:06 did that kids really just run to the camera
Jarrod 41
Jarrod 41 - 21 hour ago
0:47 *instant slap in the face*
Jace Nesbitt
Jace Nesbitt - 22 hours ago
Am I the only one who saw the camera man bump into the bully boy at 5:04
Emma - 22 hours ago
5:04 - 5:05 had me dying. The boy hit his head on the camera.
Fearless flippin Cheye
Fearless flippin Cheye - 22 hours ago
I would’ve smacked them
B u t t e r e d T o a s t
B u t t e r e d T o a s t - 23 hours ago
Me:Are you ok?
NinjaBestFortainiter - 21 hour ago
Why is he shouting
Itz Mel
Itz Mel - 23 hours ago
5:05 big rip for the kid that got hit with the camera
bruh moment
bruh moment - Day ago
I wanna give a high five to the bullies

With a gun ;)
Maryjane Havens
Maryjane Havens - Day ago
Idk why but the people who defend her made me cry that’s so sweet and I wish more people were like that
Faze Doorway
Faze Doorway - Day ago
When ever I watch this I always wanna go sicko mode on the people
Dianna Ceron
Dianna Ceron - Day ago
5:05 that’s camera hit that boys head so hard 😭
Zatomic - Day ago
watch at 5:03 the kid walks into the camera MAN HAHASHAHA
HeavyChops - Day ago
5:04 top Right corner lmao
Lani Alvarado
Lani Alvarado - Day ago
Definitely have experienced hate and strange tension with my Tourette’s.
LeilaSings - Day ago
4:20 😂 “were you born ignorant?” i stan
CraftySynn - Day ago
Tourettes isnt always verbal and physical. I only have physical.
Lil F
Lil F - Day ago
Oh this was so bad
E Bollinger
E Bollinger - Day ago
As some who has Tourette’s I feel her pain. It just takes me back to middle school. although I don’t have vocal tics and just the physical kind I know how she feels.
My worst tic consisted of me ether flipping the middle finger or slapping and bagging my hands on my face
crazy catz
crazy catz - Day ago
I have facial tick but I think I have torette cindrum but I didn't see a docter
Xxpotato ._
Xxpotato ._ - Day ago
*Plot twist* the ice cream is a payed actor
Lucy Goosey
Lucy Goosey - Day ago
That last guy really looked like vin disel
Acklord thecool guy
Did you see the kid run into the camera at 5:05 to be honest I probably would do. Still, it's funny.
Layla Ramirez
Layla Ramirez - Day ago
Mekhi -_-NobleYT
Mekhi -_-NobleYT - Day ago
Cant that make u say some bad things to? Just curious
Neela McAdam
Neela McAdam - Day ago
I hate being asked about Tourette’s , I just feel weird
crazzi-j north
crazzi-j north - Day ago
That girl was amazing were you born ignorant 😂
Ciano - Day ago
It’s meme review time
If you bully then once more I will beat your AHss
shell company
shell company - Day ago
Tyler Does Gaming
Tyler Does Gaming - Day ago
I have tics it is mild but i still hate it when people call it out for us and make fun of us
Rick J
Rick J - Day ago
Great Video. Sadly it is Not just Kids that Mock and Bully. I am in my 40's and I only leave my house if I have to. I have Tourette Syndrome and was Diagnosed when I was a kid. Unfortunately My Tourette Syndrome has gotten worse with age and not better as it does for so many. I am regularly Harassed and Mock when I am out in public and it is NOT kids that are doing this to me, it is Adults, my own peers. Tears filled my eyes Not only for the Victim of this bulling but also for her protectors.
231L 231L
231L 231L - Day ago
Why did they have to dress her up like “ugly Betty”.... ?
Kuyt ab
Kuyt ab - Day ago
When it was 5:06 did the boy just hit he’s head into the camera😂
Sanai Graves
Sanai Graves - Day ago
lol omg!!! nobody notices at 5:06 the boy bumped his head in the camera 😂😂
REALisation - Day ago
REALisation: preach...
Fuad Huda
Fuad Huda - Day ago
This is first time i heard that syndrome..
abderrahman hafid
abderrahman hafid - Day ago
I actually have
this syndrome too
Marlowe McClung
Marlowe McClung - Day ago
These people are so caring to Jillian 😃
Audrey Miller
Audrey Miller - Day ago
Did anyone else notice at 5:05 a camera man bumped into someone?

Like if you saw it happen. 😂
Comment if you didn't see it happen 🤣
Mk Bows
Mk Bows - Day ago
5:05 the kid ran into the camera bahaha
Givemethatmemekit - Day ago
I have Tourette syndrome to
Nerdy Hero
Nerdy Hero - Day ago
Day - Day ago
I don’t have tourettes but I do have a chronic tic disorder (they’re motor tics in my neck) and they only showed up a few years ago and at first I was bullied for it a lot. People asked if I was a broken robot, or if I was malfunctioning, and what was wrong with me. Someone joked that it would stop if I broke my neck, and that maybe the tic would do that for me. Watching this made me feel really good. I’ve made a lot of friends with Tourettes and tic disorders, and I got lucky recently and found a medication that helps control it, but not everyone can, and the bullying that goes with it is awful, meanwhile you’ve got this inner struggle of feeling like you can’t control your own movements and it spirals out of control.
Pretty Etuajie
Pretty Etuajie - Day ago
Bye freak😀😆😆
Me: rude kids
Avaaa - Day ago
see . this is why god doesn’t want me to have kids 😭 I will beat your mom up kid Nd have my son beat YOU up 😂
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