Child with Tourette syndrome is bullied | What Would You Do? | WWYD

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Celina Garcia
Celina Garcia - 5 minutes ago
I liked the first guy he is nice
Cameron Aka Cameron
Cameron Aka Cameron - 5 minutes ago
If i was the girl with terets i would beat the crap out of the girl that said the deasease was fake.
Antonio Delgado
Antonio Delgado - Hour ago
Who the hell would dislike !??
Clovermycat20 AJ
Clovermycat20 AJ - Hour ago
What would I do? Protect my self cause I have Tourette's. It is annoying. I really want to get rid of it. My life would be better. I can't believe I saying it but...

Don't feel bad. If you don't believe me then don't say a word. It is true ok. 😰
Kady C.
Kady C. - 2 hours ago
Anyone else see the boy run into the camera man at 5:05? 😂
Gaming with Isha
Gaming with Isha - 3 hours ago
Quote of the day
" we're all weird, we're human beings"
Darren Milne
Darren Milne - 3 hours ago
The Black guy was so dead on.
Jack karlsson
Jack karlsson - 4 hours ago
i had a friend who had tourette, tho...he died. didn't know why, but we're were til the end.
Lily Polanski
Lily Polanski - 5 hours ago
i have the same polka dot sweater
Green NVy
Green NVy - 5 hours ago
Green NVy
Green NVy - 5 hours ago
Yawn...who gives a flying fuck! This shit is old!
Michael Schwartz
Michael Schwartz - 5 hours ago
If I were there parents and see my child with tourettte syndrome I will knock her out in the living daylights none does that do my child😑
Stella Madsen
Stella Madsen - 7 hours ago
Omg, those bastards should leave the poor girl alone, I suffer from Tourette Syndrome myself so I can relate.
Ricky Zane Turczynski
Ricky Zane Turczynski - 8 hours ago
Did anyone else catch the bully boy walk into the camera? Lol
[•.Potato Gurl.•]
[•.Potato Gurl.•] - 9 hours ago
The black girl with curly hair had me like "OHHHHHH SSHSHSHSHDHSHSHSH!"
5:05 John threw that boy right into the camera.
Lauren Mitchell
Lauren Mitchell - 9 hours ago
I hav someone in my grade that has this
Vexed Entity
Vexed Entity - 10 hours ago
If I was there, I would slap them bullies, and later have a chat with the person with tourette syndrome
Hooly - 11 hours ago
5:04 to 5:07 the boy bangs his head on the camera
TrainRailFanner2005 A
TrainRailFanner2005 A - 15 hours ago
1:44 So True And Nobody Every Listens To me
alex xoxo
alex xoxo - 15 hours ago
I cant get over it 😂😂
The guy pushes the kid aside and he hits his hea🤣🤣🤣 5:05
Estella Ritchie
Estella Ritchie - 18 hours ago
‘Were you born ignorant?’
Honey B
Honey B - 20 hours ago
*were you born ignorant?*
Don Velasquez
Don Velasquez - 23 hours ago
Did anyone else get upset at the “bullies” even tho it’s fake? Because I did!!!
Anthony Seegers
Anthony Seegers - 23 hours ago
5:05 HAHAHAHA the boy ran into the camra hehehe
Dylan Spence
Dylan Spence - 23 hours ago
Anyone else notice the ice cream worker is the same person form the cheating with nanny wwyd video
THE EBS - Day ago
Dom 5:50?
Mindless Kittie
Mindless Kittie - Day ago
4:20 "Were you born ignorant?" Just yes... they were
LilBits Of Film
LilBits Of Film - Day ago
5:05 the kid doesn’t matter, just interview her
ChristianFamily 2010
*Roses Are Red*
*Violets Are Blue*
*I’m John Quinoas*
*And This Is What Would U Do*
Nabila Aulia
Nabila Aulia - Day ago
Billie eilish would be proud👏🏼
ArtCatcher 08
ArtCatcher 08 - Day ago
WhY am I CRyInG?????
chazy b
chazy b - Day ago
This guys head snaps got me dead
*Left right LEFT RIGHT*
Pigs In A Blanket
Pigs In A Blanket - Day ago
I can't with 5:05
ťhə řąňđøm ąłpąčą
KaKas - Day ago
5:00 Lmao
General DD
General DD - Day ago
I feel bad for someone who has it but honestly i stoped at 0:34 cuz its gona be a iritating video
Banana Boots3
Banana Boots3 - Day ago
Kid boy: you must have no friends
Me: you must have no brain cells
Sage Assassin
Sage Assassin - Day ago
Kids: stop laughing at us
Me, in their face staring at them evilly: ha. ha. HAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAH HAHA HAHAHAHA HEHAHAHAHA MWUHAHAHAHA
slow - 2 days ago
5:05 K.O actor gets hit with camera
Ivan Peng
Ivan Peng - 2 days ago
SuperStar 550
SuperStar 550 - 2 days ago
5:06 who else the boy bumped in to the camera man Lol
Nightshade McCreeps
Nightshade McCreeps - 2 days ago
"girl you need help"
*You need a sense of humour*
Brianna Wofford
Brianna Wofford - 2 days ago
*camera guy knocks into boy* me:laughes to much
Chloe Evans
Chloe Evans - 2 days ago
Girl:”bye freak”
Me:”bye idiots”
Moët 111
Moët 111 - 2 days ago
You go into the bathroom at 3:00am
You look into the mirror and chant
What would you do 3 times
You hear footsteps and see a tall looming silhouette in the mirror
You turn around and it says “Hi I’m John quinones and this is what would you do”
Thompson Le
Thompson Le - 2 days ago
that blond employee at 1:19 on left side is fine af
Jada panepucci
Jada panepucci - 2 days ago
I would say i was born with a hart not a cold one peopel diey evrey day because of things like that
Aleyah Germano
Aleyah Germano - 2 days ago
I will pray for her and hope she has the best life ever!
Millie ?!?
Millie ?!? - 2 days ago
“Hi I’m John Quinones....”
Other guy: “Who are you?”
Me: I’m from England, don’t watch the show barely know who he is but how do you not know who he is. To be honest I don’t know how I know who he is😂
Ophelia - 2 days ago
4:20 "We're you born ignorant??" HAHAHAH OMG I LOVE THIS GIRL
Lani Cunningham
Lani Cunningham - 2 days ago
My cousin has Tourette’s and she’s in starship hospital atm.
Momo Devil
Momo Devil - 2 days ago
when the girl said "girl you need some help" I would've gotten a little physical with the bully just to protect the other girl...meaning when she said that I would've shoved her a little not so much to hurt her just too give her the message "back the fuck off or ill hurt you" everyone deserves a little kindness
Momo Devil
Momo Devil - 2 days ago
meaning I would shove the bully
Jeiana Lottie
Jeiana Lottie - 3 days ago
He got hit by the camera
Lily Grace
Lily Grace - 3 days ago
is it just me or is she really pretty
Daisy Martinez
Daisy Martinez - 3 days ago
did anyone else notice the kid bump into the camera man at 5:05
Solo Comics
Solo Comics - 3 days ago
I'm holding my fist just in case.
Aniket Rana
Aniket Rana - 3 days ago
Never heard such a symptom so I'll...........
Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith - 3 days ago
I have Tourette’s to I feel for this video 😢
Kyara Vluggen
Kyara Vluggen - 3 days ago
I think jillian is gorgeous
Gina Provost
Gina Provost - 3 days ago
So many good people standing up for her!
Masaya Naman
Masaya Naman - 3 days ago
"Were you born ignorant?"
Sammy Garcia
Sammy Garcia - 3 days ago
I wanna be her friend 😭😭
garry garry
garry garry - 4 days ago
Be honest whos here because of billie elish
Fellow Comment Scroller
5:05 the camera man bumped into the kid's head 😂 ouch!
gothams boo
gothams boo - 4 days ago
“Were you born ignorant” loved that
ilyes adam
ilyes adam - 4 days ago
This is how reality should be
john serrano
john serrano - 4 days ago
if your a bad kid then grow up as an adult you'll have a bad life
callie - 4 days ago
5:04 did anyone else see that kid walk straight into the camera lmfao 😂
Adelle Milazzi
Adelle Milazzi - 4 days ago
reset button for like
Thank you 😊
1nsomnia - 3 days ago
1 like your own i guess
Brooklyn Callaghan
Brooklyn Callaghan - 4 days ago
Gold Chalice
Gold Chalice - 4 days ago
Who els saw the kid get hit by the camera at 5:06
AVAKIN SYDNEY - 5 days ago
If there her friends then wouldn’t they already know she had that?
Aria Peters
Aria Peters - 5 days ago
May the gay lord bless em all
Crazy Kitty world
Crazy Kitty world - 5 days ago
In going to tell you what’s wrong with her. SHES FREAKING BEAUTIFUL!
Totally Kirin
Totally Kirin - 5 days ago
“Oh, snap!” Lol dude like I’m sorry but that is my favorite reaction like ever dood
Ill fuckin beat the shit out of them kids
Mara Schmitz
Mara Schmitz - 5 days ago
So cute how all the people reacted so kindly. Makes me believe in humanity again...
Antisocial Friend
Antisocial Friend - 5 days ago
did you guys notice that the boy actor bumped in one of the camera men at 5:01
ERIN GRAHAM - 5 days ago
What would I do? Slap them silly that’s what I would do!
Dawvene Kong
Dawvene Kong - 5 days ago
I don’t know why I FUDGING CRY
WatchLater Official
WatchLater Official - 5 days ago
Vin diesel to the rescue.💪😁5:48
apache tyson
apache tyson - 5 days ago
This show Is so fuked up so disrespectful
Kim Chiie
Kim Chiie - 5 days ago
I can't stop crying omg 😭
Xayde Love
Xayde Love - 5 days ago
Me: Notices kid getting bullied for Syndrome
Me:Hi I'm (name) and I want to help you so if it's alright with you I have a notepad that you can wright your dessert choice on and give it to the Ice Cream Lady!
Bullies: Why she's a freak?
Me:Cause unlike your ungrateful ass you should be thankful for a friend like her!

John:Why would you do that?
Me: Cause I had a friend with a hearing disability and she was super sweet! I love disabled kids no matter what!
Arnaisa - 5 days ago
If I was saw this I would have started swinging my hands have Tourettes now bitch
New York
New York - 6 days ago
the host come at end and try to be real hero.
Alex Hutchins
Alex Hutchins - 6 days ago
Why is every example the news ever show of turrets is the verbal cases. It is the least common. Yet that's all the news ever says about it. And I am tired of hearing you're not screaming you dont have turrets. I blame the media for it. They popularized the screaming form of turrets.
Anonymous - 6 days ago
I would punch them kids in the face as hard as i can!
LindaCreations - 6 days ago
Once you see the kid bang his head on the camera it is so hard not to laugh
Rachel Shimonovitc
Rachel Shimonovitc - 6 days ago
5:05 did anyone notice the boy hit his head on the camera.
BRUCE ASKEW - 6 days ago
Sasha an melia was like ,,we aint for none 🤣🤣🤣,,, i konw thats not them
Kid*whats Tourette’s.
Me* boy u stupid!

Also I know it’s acting but still. He stupid
Jade Ornelas
Jade Ornelas - 6 days ago
Ya know what I would be her friend cause I’m double jointing and people think I’m an alien
Joseluis Miron
Joseluis Miron - 7 days ago
On exactly 5:06 the boy actor gets hit by the camera😄😄
Sunsêt Gacha
Sunsêt Gacha - 7 days ago
I like the teens reaction...
Theodore Teagle III
Theodore Teagle III - 7 days ago
That sad
Mochijiminie YT
Mochijiminie YT - 7 days ago
I love being WERID! 😋
 - 7 days ago
this hit way too close to home
All in one
All in one - 7 days ago
My life only goal is to see john Quinnonis comes to me and say "hello I'm John Quinnonis"
SomeMemes x
SomeMemes x - 7 days ago
5:05 I am so sorry but I died when that kid got hit by the camera... 😹😹😹
cheska vergara
cheska vergara - 7 days ago
there still hope for humanity..i believed that
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