I haven't eaten this food in 20 YEARS...

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CrazyMindGamer 2.0
CrazyMindGamer 2.0 - 3 hours ago
This is a mans video only tears going down one eye😤
Chairs R Awesome
Chairs R Awesome - 6 hours ago
The orange pottery that is super radioactive is made from radium. There’s a ted Ed video on it lol
Carli Foytik
Carli Foytik - 9 hours ago
"I know why! It's the Uranium!"
Carli Foytik
Carli Foytik - 10 hours ago
When he said Wisconsin (incorrectly) I had a stroke bc I LIVE IN WISCONSIN
Kodi Sony
Kodi Sony - 11 hours ago
Mark, you miss your past and it's confronting you after such a long time. I believe that if I find something I haven't had in ten years then I bet I'd prolly start bawling.
Death_gun_03 - 11 hours ago
Don’t have a dad👍🏻
Galaxy Bashu
Galaxy Bashu - 11 hours ago
Dragons Asylum
Dragons Asylum - 12 hours ago
there's a cheese farm 6-10minutes away from my house but the cheese place, they literally MAKE the cheese FRESH from their cows (right nect to the building) and it wasnt popular in my beginning years of living in NY but now theyve grown VERY popular.
Coopdog - 13 hours ago
I hope my pa doesn't go when I'm 18
:( my dad had me when I was pretty old
Coopdog - 14 hours ago
Dis makes me sad and happy
Coopdog - 14 hours ago
Kinda what my dad does crackers cream cheese and pineapple slices
Geek From Cybertron
Geek From Cybertron - 18 hours ago
Mark: goes down memory lane and cries
Also Mark: screams about irradiated dishes
SUPAH RAD MONKEY - 18 hours ago
The SPEAD of memories
IN 2020
Quinten - 22 hours ago
If you would wear that radioactive mug as a necklace 24/7 the radiation would be equal to 8 CT-scans of the heart per year. or more than 6 times the amount of radiation an employee of a nuclear reactor is allowed to be exposed to annually.
C. lxa
C. lxa - Day ago
Wait a minute..why can’t Markiplier drink?
*watched Wired video just yesterday*
Wait a minute...
What about Eugene from the Try Guys??
Mason Myers
Mason Myers - Day ago
The cheez of emotions. 1 you cry when you eat it. 2 it smells wierd. 3 it tastes wierd 4 it fells wierd
ArtsMgee Frigginidontknow
I ate like 8 slices of cheese watching this not gonna lie 😂
Mattea Arroyo
Mattea Arroyo - Day ago
After 20 years man reunites with his cheese
CJ's R&M
CJ's R&M - Day ago
I love all cheese -from wisconsin
its jobro!
its jobro! - Day ago
Who else has been to amish town?
2002Gaming Xxx
2002Gaming Xxx - Day ago
Markiplier gets emotional over cheese and crackers 7:00
Markiplier gets emotional over fig bars 16:32
Stormy Strough
Stormy Strough - Day ago
Here is what just happened to me
Teacher: why are you crying?
(Me watching mark tear up after not eating cheese in 20 years balling my eyes out)
Me: mark has not had his favorite cheese in 20 years and he just had it (ಥ﹏ಥ)
NightPheonix 22
NightPheonix 22 - 2 days ago
It’s social study class now
Ashin Gray
Ashin Gray - 2 days ago
Mark lowkey telling us to bombard Kraft 😂
My Style
My Style - 2 days ago
it's like ratatouille
captainzero1 r
captainzero1 r - 2 days ago
Mark: yeah my dad swated my fire alarm
np - 2 days ago
I'm trying to laugh so I don't actually end up crying at this
Ice Frost
Ice Frost - 2 days ago
i'm new to this channel. and your voice is f*cking GOLD!!!!
Andre Tse
Andre Tse - 2 days ago
I thought it was going to be your mom’s cooking
Kars Tulf
Kars Tulf - 2 days ago
Everyone tell them to bring it back so mark can have the original and we can see his reaction
DigIntoEverything - 2 days ago
I had the same exact response when I ate venison and eggs again after a few years. It was a big staple in my house when my brother was alive, he died when I was six at the age of seventeen. I dont remember much about him but when I had that first bite of venison steak and eggs I was immediately taken on a journey. A journey through my memories of my brother making it for me when I was very young. It made me cry.
NXT-Automotive - 2 days ago
So is Mark a irradiated old man now by eating these two items?
Catcatcatscat no
Catcatcatscat no - 2 days ago
Me: *Crying with mark*
sHoW YoUR yEAsT iNfEcTiOn Wh0's BoSs
katie msn
katie msn - 3 days ago
That random wall was either amy or crankgameplays
Death Lock
Death Lock - 3 days ago
No one:
faster than you
faster than you - 3 days ago
Serious radiation sickness can occur at 200-400, that cup is literally leathal
Mattgames180 - 3 days ago
He has an atomic teacup.. and isn't reporting it to tje government..
Dragon 6556
Dragon 6556 - 3 days ago
So with the figs, a certain species of wasp will lay eggs, which hatch in the figs, but as the fruit ripens it actually digests the wasp larvae.
Ghost 7352
Ghost 7352 - 3 days ago
Protest that we should have this just for mark to enjoy would be amazing, not really trying to protest but it should be back.
Kimmy - 3 days ago
Food is therapy
Gamer Wolf Girl 98
Gamer Wolf Girl 98 - 3 days ago
Newtons Fig? No thanks, I'll just stick with Newfoundland's traditional Purity products.
David Nejbauer
David Nejbauer - 3 days ago
I love the radioactive pottery part
みどりドラゴン - 3 days ago
Ain’t no radiation like Chernobyl
julia xX
julia xX - 3 days ago
why tf am I crying?! (ಥ ͜ʖಥ)
Robin - 3 days ago
When he took that first bite It felt like I was looking into his memory with him it was so relatable i really felt that
IdolMike - 4 days ago
Mark I'm pretty sure you are going to die.
Austin Jowers
Austin Jowers - 4 days ago
Mark just had a Ratatouille moment.
meestermj - 4 days ago
Hello! I am also a Mark. This video hit me really hard. I also lost my dad when I was very young, when I was between 9 and 10. He was my hero and meant the world to me. The two snacks we would have were potted meat on a saltine, and vienna sausages. This brought me to those memories, in a time when I really needed it.
My lovable wonderful kitten passed away a few days ago, and I was let go from my work.
Thank you. Thank you for giving me a reason for happy tears!
Basic Bish
Basic Bish - 4 days ago
My grandma always had fig newtons in a cookie jar along with her homemade oatmeal cookies good memories 🙂
Sugar Free Redbull
Sugar Free Redbull - 4 days ago
Mark: C H E E S E

Everyone: *sobs*
falcon gaming
falcon gaming - 4 days ago
You got slimmer
Retro Scrub
Retro Scrub - 4 days ago
Wake's up the next day with a 2nd purple dick because the radiation
Aatheking 2
Aatheking 2 - 4 days ago
Great I hate fig newtons now

Question Mark can you be my dad
Electro_Kitten20 Gaming
“This was f’ed by a wasp!?”
Markiplier 2019
RO Gamer
RO Gamer - 4 days ago
Me realizing I can't really remember anything from 4 years ago or further on no :( and I'm 12
Mr. ElectricMoon
Mr. ElectricMoon - 4 days ago
He’s like a little kid again at 10:39
Summer Morris
Summer Morris - 4 days ago
Why did you say Wisconsin like that lol is that how you this we Wisconsinites talk?
J4c0bJ4zm - 4 days ago
6:34 👌🏻Got’ Em!OOOOOOOHHH!!!
CrazyGoob - 4 days ago
i signed a petition i found to get it but they aren't even close to the goal yet
Mr. Gurpole
Mr. Gurpole - 4 days ago
Has sad moment 2 seconds later “that was weird “
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