I haven't eaten this food in 20 YEARS...

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Jonathan Ojeda
Jonathan Ojeda - 10 hours ago
Amy . . . yo great grandma is radioactive.
G&M plays AJ
G&M plays AJ - 10 hours ago
XxMidnight_ SlayerxX
XxMidnight_ SlayerxX - 20 hours ago
Oml when he ate the triscuit and the cheese u could see tears forming in his eyes and that leget made me cry little a todler
Ghost2529 F
Ghost2529 F - 21 hour ago
I don’t know why I was laughing when he ate.
The Logic Defier
The Logic Defier - Day ago
Lixian when he ate it you put in the piano music, my dry ass eyes thank you for that.
ThingsInAmerica __
ThingsInAmerica __ - Day ago
markbang BACK at it again!
Olivia Schmidt
Olivia Schmidt - Day ago
Mark Eats, a new series
Olivia Schmidt
Olivia Schmidt - Day ago
Mark : eats cheese
Comments: * cry *
Olivia Schmidt
Olivia Schmidt - Day ago
"can rember the smell of the walls"
Olivia Schmidt
Olivia Schmidt - Day ago
if you eat food you not eat in while you get !BiG bRaIn!
Anthony Lopez
Anthony Lopez - Day ago
I cried 😭
Tessa Christian
Tessa Christian - Day ago
Just seeing the fig bar packaging made me nostalgic. I never had that brand, butiused to eat them all the time as a kid
0 00MH00 0
0 00MH00 0 - Day ago
what was the name of the music that was used? 6:37
Holy Grace
Holy Grace - Day ago
Mark: *being nostalgic remembering his father*
Alpha Master
Alpha Master - 2 days ago
You should review your favorite meal of all time
Salvage Design Center
Salvage Design Center - 2 days ago
man that sounds good!!!!! :)
SDtoby123 - 3 days ago
Hes about 35
My Channel
My Channel - 3 days ago
This video should focus more about that radiation. WTF???!!!!!
emily nistler
emily nistler - 3 days ago
emily nistler
emily nistler - 3 days ago
i stopped eating my pizza and just watched him as he took the bite and i just smiled
I’m Spagett1Man
I’m Spagett1Man - 3 days ago
This was the first time I have ever seen a guy so happy spreading cheese on a cracker
Victor Huff
Victor Huff - 3 days ago
Mark: "This cup is gonna kill us!"
Amy: "Yeah, what else is new?"
Victor Huff
Victor Huff - 3 days ago
*Ratatouille flashback to childhood scene plays*
👈😎👈 - 3 days ago
*cut to mark sitting on his bed licking cheese*
Davis Wagner
Davis Wagner - 3 days ago
never go to his house because that cup was mad from chernobelo
potadoDOGE_yee - 3 days ago
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe - 4 days ago
I haven't eaten a food in 20 years...

Baby food.
Vi5e0 Gam3r
Vi5e0 Gam3r - 4 days ago
Just wondering Mark, do you still eat these after this video was made?
Lolly Doodles
Lolly Doodles - 4 days ago
I am from the cheese land and i would be honored to give Mark some good ol’ cheese.
Zenith 87
Zenith 87 - 4 days ago
*"I'm not lying, random wall I'm staring at !"*
Michelle Carlos
Michelle Carlos - 4 days ago
My son made me watch this, and he thinks I'm weird that I cried. Even before the music. Memory triggers can be awesome.
Torchy 71
Torchy 71 - 4 days ago
Who cried?I didn't u did! It's strange if u did cuz we're just emotional for Mark eating cheese 😂
Oozeguy Sway
Oozeguy Sway - 4 days ago
I'd watch this video every now and then just to feel the umph of nostalgic of childhood experiences... such treasure this video is
Connor Kearsch
Connor Kearsch - 5 days ago
wait what 20 years!!!!
M3ganRocksSocks - 5 days ago
Peter Greene
Peter Greene - 5 days ago
Yeah forget about the radioactive cup it will all be fine!!!!!
crystalpie - 5 days ago
Correct title:
excuse for mark to talk about childhood stories
and a lil bit of radioactive dishware
AppleCat 8
AppleCat 8 - 5 days ago
mark is soon ganna get to the point where he gos back far enough to remember birth
Big Chungus
Big Chungus - 5 days ago
Markiplier: gets emotional while eating cheese’

Me: gets emotional because McDonalds finally opens during quarantine’
Chaotic Nerd
Chaotic Nerd - 5 days ago
We have to find that forum
you tube
you tube - 6 days ago
he should habe done this on his birthday
Rav - 6 days ago
monks in limburg?????????
Omegadark ride
Omegadark ride - 6 days ago
Amys great grandma's pottery creating Chernobyl in one cup.
Omegadark ride
Omegadark ride - 6 days ago
Mark: *Pulls out a gager counter.*
My brain: Hitting me like a truck with Fallout memories
Amy: I know what it is, it's uranium!
My brain: Starting to play Uranium fever.
Lily Flamingo
Lily Flamingo - 6 days ago
more less pictures
more less pictures - 6 days ago
markplier : eats
me : smiles
Rosemary Kaye
Rosemary Kaye - 6 days ago
Sweet! The spread sounds nice.
It escalates qucky, lol.
Radioactive cups are fine. Some uraniumware glows in the dark.
I'm sure people of all ages eat Fig Newton's.
Sam TNU - 6 days ago
Alternate title: Man eat food, cry.
That one Weeb/Otaku Obsessed with ANIME
Aw, my mom used to buy us Fig Newtons, they were her favorite! This video is nostalgic for me too :)
Edit: Omg, a bug-a-phobe like me has eaten at least 15 dead wasps throughout my childhood...
eric smilymcgee
eric smilymcgee - 7 days ago
Am I the only one that laughed at the fucked by a wasp scene
Sophia and Layla
Sophia and Layla - 7 days ago
When you remember that Mark’s dad passed away when he was a teenager and you start getting emotional over someone’s childhood memories
Haunted xx
Haunted xx - 7 days ago
I’m crying over a man eating cheese... what has my life come to?
tj lol
tj lol - 7 days ago
his like reaction to things is exactly how i feel about my mom passing away
Mighty GMehryk
Mighty GMehryk - 7 days ago
Am I the only person that thinks he looks like superman
Vinh Nguyen
Vinh Nguyen - 7 days ago
Probs the hair
VandingoNo 1
VandingoNo 1 - 7 days ago
Limburge spread more like memory spread
Big_Mak _Jak69
Big_Mak _Jak69 - 8 days ago
Mark is the only person who could make eating cheese and crackers look like an Oscar winning performance LMAO.
Donna Abbott
Donna Abbott - 8 days ago
so to sum this up mark goes on a nostalgia trip, freaks out about a cup thats radiated like a bomb, then is both concened and unconcerned that hes possibly eating wasp. speaking of was have you heard muddobers? they eat spiders and dont commonly sting people
Lucas The Diamond Piggy!!!!!!!!!!
Why is a fully grown man crying over cheese
That Guy Named George
That Guy Named George - 8 days ago
Fun Fact:

Edible figs are male and are usually not fucked but hey, some wasps accidentally use male figs so

even tho it probably didn't happen,

Mark could have eaten a fucked newtons fig
Gabriel Hollis
Gabriel Hollis - 8 days ago
Mark: it smells the exact same. Also Mark: it doesn’t smell the exact same! PICK ONE! 😂
Robert Ramsey
Robert Ramsey - 9 days ago
I'm 10 my dad died when I was 9 still crying (.:
DarkRageWarrior - 9 days ago
With every bite from the old legendary foods Mark found hidden deep into the temples of Egypt, he managed to restore his lost memories and will now live peacefully.
Thomas Battistini
Thomas Battistini - 9 days ago
Why did the "wall" laugh?
Maggie Cosplays
Maggie Cosplays - 9 days ago
Happy birthday mark 🥳🎈🎉🎊
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Eat baby food next.
Talia KO
Talia KO - 9 days ago
Haikyuu members here if there are

Julie Dawson
Julie Dawson - 9 days ago
the radiation going up:100>200>300>1000>2000
Julie Dawson
Julie Dawson - 4 days ago
hey i'm back
pumpkin head
pumpkin head - 9 days ago
Your not supposed to drink from those there test ware
Stacy McCabe
Stacy McCabe - 10 days ago
You just ate cheese. And that’s enough to make a grown man cry.
xx spark xx
xx spark xx - 10 days ago
Report it to the government quick
Jay Flow
Jay Flow - 10 days ago
i like it on ritz crackers
Robert Carrillo
Robert Carrillo - 10 days ago
Bring back the strawberry cheesecake fig newtons!!!!!!!
Daryll Pal
Daryll Pal - 10 days ago
17:05 their fig rolls, not fig newtons!
AVELLANT - 11 days ago
I love fig newtons too but I'm only 17
bcgilbert5 - 11 days ago
My dad loves fig newtons too but my dad is not really old he’s like 40-41 and he has a pack in his work bag lol.
kathlyn grace castillo
kathlyn grace castillo - 11 days ago
aww mark don't cry in the inside put it out
BigBoyJimbo - 11 days ago
Mark has since died of radiation poisoning
Dylan Allen
Dylan Allen - 11 days ago
My dads food tostitos and salsa . And sometimes microwave nachos that I’ve grown to love.
Tyson Mckeen
Tyson Mckeen - 11 days ago
Ayyeee it's ya boy. From Wisconsin that also is insanely in love wit that cheesy stuff
Zaniel Hurtado
Zaniel Hurtado - 11 days ago
Did mark expland the one part in ratatouille were the food expecter eats the food and remember that one part of the past
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