Can an Average Guy Beat NBA Star Joe Harris in a 3-Point Contest? | Above Average Joe | GQ Sports

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This man I jumping 4 feet forward
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Let’s just notice the shine on that guys head
Bryan Ticman
Bryan Ticman - 12 hours ago
Joe harris are under rated
Xavier Villaran
Xavier Villaran - Day ago
I love practicing in that court
Noval Kurnia
Noval Kurnia - 5 days ago
thanks to this video, I now have a brick house.
meindel marrache
meindel marrache - 5 days ago
Le mec le plus nul que j’ai jamais vue au basket 😂. Après la vidéo et sympa pour les cours de shoot à ne surtout pas faire.
juan bannister
juan bannister - 6 days ago
WEZZY BABY - 6 days ago
Can an average man beat Steph curry
Namo Enright
Namo Enright - 7 days ago
Clay is trash
Joseph Anistratov
Joseph Anistratov - 10 days ago
he cant even shoot this video should and can be way better! let me go up against him!
Jared_Playz - 11 days ago
His jumpshot makes it though!
geniusmin1005 - 12 days ago
The video is 20 min 20 seconds... shoutout 2020 man so inspirational
Cobi Games
Cobi Games - 14 days ago
look at that guys noseeee
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo - 14 days ago
He really thinks sticking out his tongue will make him get better
Jayden Du
Jayden Du - 14 days ago
I can definitely shoot better than clay lol
Nic Halabicky
Nic Halabicky - 15 days ago
The answer is a definitive no.
keinpackluck 18
keinpackluck 18 - 16 days ago
His shooting form looks so bad😂
Ci Cai
Ci Cai - 16 days ago
Them Under Armour basketball shoes not helping either lol
Axel Martin
Axel Martin - 16 days ago
Cole Skaggs
Cole Skaggs - 17 days ago
NBA star? More like nba bench player
Christian Dave Janiola
Christian Dave Janiola - 11 days ago
Lol he's a starter
Crew Mate
Crew Mate - 18 days ago
this guy was shooting so many bricks he could build another court
xSparkShark - 18 days ago
trainer hot af
Alec - 19 days ago
I’ve never seen someone with decent form miss so much
Jenul F
Jenul F - 19 days ago
disgusting form
Charlie Sommers
Charlie Sommers - 19 days ago
idk if I'd consider this guy as "average" that shot was really hard to watch
Jae Fxreign
Jae Fxreign - 20 days ago
They got me at the fake abrupt ending😂
Hustla Robbie
Hustla Robbie - 21 day ago
* NBA Player* not a star.
shawn mickey mouse
shawn mickey mouse - 21 day ago
Brian Baker
Brian Baker - 22 days ago
GQ had the chance for an average joe joke but didn’t do it
Oliver Glen
Oliver Glen - 22 days ago
Klay vs joe IM PUMPED

Oh wait wrong clay
legend of buckets
legend of buckets - 22 days ago
Joe harris to good
3G Bloke
3G Bloke - 23 days ago
this dude should be fired just for how bad he is ffs
Tyler Dority
Tyler Dority - 23 days ago
U gotta shoot more fluent just wanted to get that outa my head cuz I’ve been saying that to myself for the past like 15 min
Joespfh D
Joespfh D - 23 days ago
Hoop VS Hoopist
Juce - 23 days ago
This dude has the same strength as an butterfly
Kristina Ragland
Kristina Ragland - 23 days ago
Hen form looks perfect but you air ball it.
Emirhan Enül
Emirhan Enül - 23 days ago
Ray has this default shooting style in 2k
King Wolf
King Wolf - 25 days ago
He Needs to utilize a one motion shot with a lower set point. 2 motion shooting isn't for everyone
Erick Omaoeng
Erick Omaoeng - 25 days ago
No hate but most of his 3pters were 2's coz he stepped the line
Joshua Heaton
Joshua Heaton - 25 days ago
Could of picked a decent average guy he was awful😂😂
John Constantine
John Constantine - 25 days ago
The sweet sound of bricks
Joey Wow I’m So cool
Joey Wow I’m So cool - 26 days ago
Plot twist: This is Dream
guy - 27 days ago
“Nba star” 🤣
jj Jj
jj Jj - 27 days ago
He was terrible
Jose L
Jose L - 29 days ago
I’m No Expert,
However it use have issues with my shot Release form..what helped?.. I stood slightly under the basket rim and worked shooting the ball in without it hitting the a free throw but at the base.. I worked on it for hours... I taught myself how to time my release, control my aim and how to focus when shooting...& with push ups or medicine ball involved... even a miss shot looked/felt like a great shot... thanks for reading my experience hope it helps everyone 👍🏽💪🏽
Fupi Pupi
Fupi Pupi - 29 days ago
No one even trying to block you yet you jump like you are going to the moon
Giancarlo Lemus
Giancarlo Lemus - Month ago
man went Danny Green on em 😱😱🥵🥵🔥🔥🔥🔥
Pablo Saucedo
Pablo Saucedo - Month ago
He needs to bring that elbow down!!!!😤
Tonom Amou
Tonom Amou - Month ago
Foot on the line almost on every shot. Lmao.
Ryan Chetty
Ryan Chetty - Month ago
This dude is far below average
Anonymous User
Anonymous User - Month ago
I like the shooting form
truth truth
truth truth - Month ago
Skipper lost becouse he wears new york t shirt
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Rich Kordsmeier
Rich Kordsmeier - Month ago
This was really hard to watch, lol. Good... try :-|
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Chillin on a b Productions
Raw clay to play with is creepy af
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Abdi Isse
Abdi Isse - Month ago
Please teach me 3 pointer
taco BS
taco BS - Month ago
Joe Harris is an NBA star?
Isidoros Mpozos
Isidoros Mpozos - Month ago
Should have had lethal shooter as your coach
Grandpa Atlas
Grandpa Atlas - Month ago
2:15 dude looks like albino Richard Jefferson
Romano onamoR
Romano onamoR - Month ago
That's a dumb question. Someone who's been practicing everyday for 15 years and is paid for it, against a random guy. That's dumb. Can a random guy do a heart surgery as well as a veteran heart surgeon?
Samuel Pardana
Samuel Pardana - Month ago
8:13 so we brought ray '..'
*expects ray allen*
Club 6
Club 6 - Month ago
The title should have been "Can an Average Joe Beat an NBA Joe in a 3-Point Contest?"
Isaiah _
Isaiah _ - Month ago
Second hand embarrassment
Isaiah _
Isaiah _ - Month ago
I never thought I would see someone worse than flight
aidan mora
aidan mora - Month ago
Austin Fiedor
Austin Fiedor - Month ago
Why does Clay look like Armie Hammer 🤭🤭🤭
YT Uploadz
YT Uploadz - Month ago
Joe Harris is the textbook definition of a white dude
Kaustubh Misra
Kaustubh Misra - Month ago
This dude wont be able to move on the court let alone set screens and hustle on defence because all his energy goes into that shooting notion.
exeterra - Month ago
I think Clay had his foot on the line every single shot. So in theory, he didn't shoot nor make a single 3 pointer in this video
Kirby with a knife
Kirby with a knife - Month ago
Joe vs the cooler joe
remjx- - Month ago
12:40 imma just leave it there
Azar Draws
Azar Draws - Month ago
My man could've built a house with all those bricks. Literally
Azar Draws
Azar Draws - Month ago
You're fading away when you shoot and your elbow's out. Drift towards the rim when releasing and keep your body and head straight.
Ronald Salvador
Ronald Salvador - Month ago
haha shameful that you only had 4 points.:D tip: simply rely on the power of your shooting hand! you don't have to jump as crazy as you did. it made your shots erratic because of the lack of balance. sway that upper arm, flick that wrist, and feel the center of the ball on your point finger and middle finger as you propel the ball towards the hoop. Try it,man, and i bet that you will make more than 4 points hehe. good luck!:>
Daniel Tatum
Daniel Tatum - Month ago
That kid in the blue shirt was so trill
Dato Nefaridze
Dato Nefaridze - Month ago
Why do you call yourself average?
freepotatoez - Month ago
Third Quitoriano
Third Quitoriano - 2 months ago
I cant even make a free throw
Carl Feliciano
Carl Feliciano - 2 months ago
Well this guys are already practicing since they were kids or highschool like it’s their job 😅
Mac Reed
Mac Reed - 2 months ago
6:34 it sounds like klay not clint all i know is klay doesnt shoot that bad
Dream’s Neighbor
Dream’s Neighbor - 2 months ago
He was too cocky
Greg Kareem
Greg Kareem - 18 days ago
Sub to my channel
Mac Reed
Mac Reed - 2 months ago
dont call him a star cuz hes not even top 100
Nicky mousie
Nicky mousie - 2 months ago
He reminds me of jim halpert
Zidaan Malek
Zidaan Malek - 2 months ago
i like how the title says nba "STAR" joe harris
Greg Kareem
Greg Kareem - 18 days ago
Sub to my channel
Lil Uzi Vert
Lil Uzi Vert - 2 months ago
who is Joe tho?))
R O C K Y_
R O C K Y_ - 2 months ago
He has a nice jump shot though
Bryce Cold
Bryce Cold - 2 months ago
Are we sure that joe Harris is an nba star?
Patrik Vorih
Patrik Vorih - 2 months ago
Clay is still better 3 point shooter then Joe Harris lol

I mean Clay Tompson 😁
June An
June An - 2 months ago
Does rock, paper, scissors
Joe beat that guy: 😏
The guy: you go first
Baron Allstars
Baron Allstars - 2 months ago
I think he needed to focus on consistency first instead of speed
samtic - 2 months ago
he said 15 to 20 but i think he meant 15 -20
Klaudius Haw
Klaudius Haw - 2 months ago
You can be good shooter need to have proper technique and proper foam practise constantly matters.
Lord Šura
Lord Šura - 2 months ago
I think if someone tried to step on the line every single time he would've failed.But this man stepoed on it every single shot
Colton Miller
Colton Miller - 2 months ago
He stepped over the line on his first make.
Dipak Tamang
Dipak Tamang - 2 months ago
Wanna Nike Jordan Air Legacy shoe?? Click the link and grab it.
Alfie Boom
Alfie Boom - 2 months ago
How bad can someone actually be
14 Felix
14 Felix - 2 months ago
That dude name clay is trashh!!!!
Prison Mike
Prison Mike - 2 months ago
Short answer: no
Louie B
Louie B - 2 months ago
xXmr_voyagerXx 1979
xXmr_voyagerXx 1979 - 2 months ago
Shot mechanics not good
Shadowfax - 2 months ago
Who remember when in second grade, shooting a three point shot was like shooting a half court shot.
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