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Grego - 3 hours ago
Code Bullet’s voice sound a lot like a British version of Colby Brock, if you know who that is. It doesnt help that theyre both “CB”
Lil Gamer
Lil Gamer - 6 hours ago
Lol epic intro
Reza Shahvali
Reza Shahvali - 6 hours ago
You dead bro?
Ethan Krieger
Ethan Krieger - Day ago
Can you teach two AI to kill each other?!?!?
Kappy P
Kappy P - Day ago
I know this voice... Anomaly? I bet that's you! hahaha
Stefan Daraban
Stefan Daraban - Day ago
Published on 28 nov. 2019
Youtube : UpLoadEd 1 MonTh Ago
Home COMP - Day ago
Do you have a github for the code?
Home COMP - Day ago
The perfect AI would be an ai thats uses help from the game to find the apple. The only problem is: its not an ai
Jace Baltazar
Jace Baltazar - Day ago
There is a limit to the snakes growth. Play snakes on nokia and youll see...
Professor pug craft
A.I. That codes A.I. for you.
Anand Ricky
Anand Ricky - Day ago
Please make video of how to make anyone of the game you make, from scratch with code. We are expecting a lot.
Steven Mortimer
Steven Mortimer - 2 days ago
If you don't mind me asking, what program do you use to code? I know its in C++ but I can't seem to find the program.
Cattin - 2 days ago
14:11 getting up for school
*Remembered that you dropped*
*Also remembering that the meme doesn't apply if you dint drop*
Martin Szorad
Martin Szorad - 2 days ago
Cool metal music bro
Kasper Tvergaard
Kasper Tvergaard - 2 days ago
Is it possible to build a AI to play a TD in WC3 ?
Demna Makhatadze
Demna Makhatadze - 2 days ago
A.I can do some art
JediM1ndFux - 2 days ago
can i get this as a screen saver?
Optic 041
Optic 041 - 2 days ago
can you make an ai that can beat sugar sugar
Aaron Payne
Aaron Payne - 2 days ago
If it helps, 20:51 is one of the best looking failures I've ever seen. So... Take from that what you like. :-D
Scariestfungus - 2 days ago
Not again here we go another dry sprout
ツGraVity - 3 days ago
You know The Hype House you should make a Code House it could have you, Dani, and other coders
PEYTON FONTENOT - 3 days ago
I love your content. It’s always so hilarious
Aljon Cruzada
Aljon Cruzada - 3 days ago
8:10 lol.
VTX Ryan YT - 3 days ago
*This is what people do for the purpose of your entertainment.*
Don't Care Daniel
Don't Care Daniel - 3 days ago
We need AI learns to play subway surfers
Boston Overstreet
Boston Overstreet - 3 days ago
You su**
AttackZack - 3 days ago
I don't understand a single bit of coding, I just find this dude funny and I like his voice.
SpongeBob SquarePants
SpongeBob SquarePants - 3 days ago
Anyone know the song names?
Xander is MLG
Xander is MLG - 4 days ago
3Rokaz - 4 days ago
Hey, try creating a subway surfers AI
The Rolfster
The Rolfster - 4 days ago
letcreate123 - 4 days ago
Tbh you could've made it work with the reverse A* algorithm if you changed the code for survival mode a bit to prioritize movements which get the snake as close to the tail as possible when there aren't as many empty spaces on the board anymore. Nice video, though!
KanoaISGermanz Roblox
KanoaISGermanz Roblox - 4 days ago
Find the head if not
| click me
KanoaISGermanz Roblox
KanoaISGermanz Roblox - 4 days ago
r/therewasanattempt Hahahah look the maze!
Daniel Chernyavsky
Daniel Chernyavsky - 5 days ago
We need an ai to tell Code bullet to upload
S K - 5 days ago
You might ask
Why will a AI ever play a game
Well................................UM IT'S 2020 So an AI Can do anything He/She/IT wants
Kid Kyle
Kid Kyle - 4 days ago
1. a bit late but whatever 2. wtf is this joke? is it even a joke? if it is... it's bad
Our Country
Our Country - 5 days ago
Just damn upload! Just do it
Haley Montana
Haley Montana - 6 days ago
hey codebullet try making a number of AI play agar.io
Krussy - 6 days ago
PewDiePie should do "You laugh you lose" to this
Krussy - 6 days ago
This was so intense to watch
Victor Reynoso
Victor Reynoso - 6 days ago
Code bullet makes A.I. That predicts the future
• Leafy
• Leafy - 6 days ago
hey CB, i found a channel that is copying your videos without any permission. its called Universo Programado, its a brazillian channel. check him out ASAP.
Povidis 5374 II
Povidis 5374 II - 6 days ago

The test: 5 minutes remain
My brain: 19:39
Stanley Parable
Stanley Parable - 3 days ago
*00.00001 seconds remain* _Stanley's brain _*_19:46_*
Jeffrey Gates
Jeffrey Gates - 6 days ago
could probably generate a rather neat intro by assigning colors to the blocks of the snake as it grows so that by the end of the solved hamiltonian cycle it forms an image or logo or name or something!
Ziggy - 6 days ago
7:17 too much brooklyn 99
Gregory Zelevinsky
Gregory Zelevinsky - 6 days ago
In the Hamiltonian cycle version of the code, it seems like it would be a lot faster if at some point (maybe half the grid, idk) it started just following it completely. Then, the food is guaranteed to spawn close ahead in the cycle rather than being able to spawn behind it and making the snake loop all the way around again.
Edian Broche Castro
Edian Broche Castro - 7 days ago
you should create an AI that plays mamba
Srihari Chiravuri
Srihari Chiravuri - 7 days ago
The opposite of astart should be Zstop
Two Face
Two Face - 7 days ago
It took u 5 months to upload and u came up with this 🥳 holy shit he uploaded
Oscar Carzaniga
Oscar Carzaniga - 7 days ago
"Do it." 🤣
Peter Ilalukjuak
Peter Ilalukjuak - 7 days ago
Hey code bullet just wondering when your next video?
Miner Xen
Miner Xen - 7 days ago
am i one of the only few who actually looks at the coding Evan made?
Izhan Hakimi hadi
Izhan Hakimi hadi - 7 days ago
whats the song at 5:10
all the boost
all the boost - 7 days ago
21:16... the whole video was worth it just to hear that moment.
Angel Gamer
Angel Gamer - 7 days ago
Watching in 2020, hope your doing ok after the fires
Gordon Yax
Gordon Yax - 8 days ago
Your Concept of coding is good but the comedy and attitude is dry and cringe. I hope this helps you improve and grow
Jackattack MC
Jackattack MC - 8 days ago
The Jurassic World
The Jurassic World - 8 days ago
Snakes in Africa be like:
Sweegy - 8 days ago
11:38 hEs doing ALL OF THIS just to get an APPLE
Agron Gjonaj
Agron Gjonaj - 8 days ago
C.B why dont you try make a 3d game?
Hyper Kin
Hyper Kin - 8 days ago
You suck and package it to preteens. Call a polygon a voxel. DO IT.
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