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Kian Stevens
Kian Stevens - Hour ago
At the end of the Hamiltonian cycle it starts looking like Evans green code brain
Mirage the Shadow
Mirage the Shadow - 4 hours ago
It isn't a snake anymore!
Merlin James Tiglao
Merlin James Tiglao - 8 hours ago
2x speed is omega ai
AltClydeRaven TV
AltClydeRaven TV - 14 hours ago
Looks like an intestine moving
Derpy Derp
Derpy Derp - Day ago
There was a squirrel
Far out i just about died laughing
Charlie Cornwell
Charlie Cornwell - Day ago
That’s how I’m gonna put up 6 fingers for now on
CallMeStooge - Day ago
I know this is 8 months later, but this is my first video of yours that I watched and I promise you that there is no fucking way you didn't pass
Justin Scott Hardcastle
The snake was so dam satisfying to watch.
Miraculous Meme Maker
Omg u used images with watermarks I will sue
The dabbing Gamer
The dabbing Gamer - 2 days ago
I would do the math but I don't have paper... or the will
J Murray
J Murray - 2 days ago
description: i used math science and tears to create a snake AI which always wins sometimes

my brain is in so much pain
GhXstyMech - 2 days ago
Are we sure he wont destroy the world with his coding
Zaldatil zaldatill
Zaldatil zaldatill - 3 days ago
18:47 well now we have a maze :)
Waterdust - 3 days ago
Hi, from the future.. about that bit where you'll see us in 2020.. yeah.. there's something you should know.. there's a pan--
osnapitzkindle - 4 days ago
From this video I understood that creating a perfect snake AI for an arbitrary map (with possible walls) is fucking NP-hard.
NnVs Kh
NnVs Kh - 4 days ago
can someone please explain how did he use a star to get the longest path?? i have been trying to do it but with no positive results.
edit: i even searched and this came up: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/54435965/find-the-longest-path-with-a
3Dv1n G4mer
3Dv1n G4mer - 4 days ago
What’s the music at 19:59?
smpeterson98 - 5 days ago
It’s a Minecraft virus
Potato knight
Potato knight - 5 days ago
But what about... enigma machine part 2?
Ozymandias83 - 5 days ago
Love how your cpu has to think after hitting the red square lol
Goatpup TheGreenEyedSquog
17:56 when Snake becomes Tetris
gamesboot - 5 days ago
bro imagine sitting there watching it for that long just for it to fail
HG 1318
HG 1318 - 5 days ago
When you find the glitchy green 1 and 0 page on your computer 20:00
Hemanta Puri
Hemanta Puri - 5 days ago
you have created a maze generator that takes long a hell of a long time to generate
Tim Rimböck
Tim Rimböck - 5 days ago
Jd *ndn*
Philipp Brink
Philipp Brink - 5 days ago
ya foot
Philipp Brink
Philipp Brink - 5 days ago
Ryan Qasim
Ryan Qasim - 6 days ago
I wanna play this game
DeathCat 00
DeathCat 00 - 6 days ago
When I look at the pictures around 18:10 it looks like an alien code.
DeathCat 00
DeathCat 00 - 6 days ago
I change my mind. 20:00 is what I should have said
Polar - 6 days ago
I could watch this snake go for hours ngl
Lapantouflemagic0 - 6 days ago
frankly, i would prefer that you refine your algorythm a bit more, "snake on tracks" + some track skip condition is really not something that i would consider AI.
also one easy way to make it fail-proof near the end would be to just forbid any skipping once the snake occupies more than 90~95% of the screen.
Connor Reese
Connor Reese - 6 days ago
My kids became war criminals, so typical stuff. You?
Destroyer - 6 days ago
Doctor: "The perfect AI isn't real, it cant hurt you"
The perfect AI: "*think again*"
Ashton Zeeman
Ashton Zeeman - 6 days ago
Wait am I the only one that wanted Adrian to beat the soldier and then beat Evan?
Vukidavid Davidovic
Vukidavid Davidovic - 7 days ago
18:32 that is what i call a maze
Owen6 Gamer
Owen6 Gamer - 7 days ago
why does the snake randomly go red?
GODZBOZZ_Gaming *unholy insurgency plays*
Do it...
Thae Yeeters;Koryn Grove
That was AWESOME
ArcanistAbridged - 7 days ago
*i need this A.I. as a screen saver or something*
Runn__Jake - 7 days ago
Yandev saw this video and decided to use it despite unity pathfinding being wayyy better than Astar
Irfanullah Jan
Irfanullah Jan - 7 days ago
i could put this as my screensaver
Henry Asbridge
Henry Asbridge - 8 days ago
bouncy_ballYT - 8 days ago
there is 45435424 different possiblities
EMIYA SHIRO - 8 days ago
The Great Rana Arham
The Great Rana Arham - 8 days ago
Tu manhus hy kaminy
Ryan Zhao
Ryan Zhao - 8 days ago
8:14 it'll enter survival mode
Minecraft players: ???
Yeeet Lit
Yeeet Lit - 8 days ago
4 to the 34 power equals around 295 quadrillion
Austin A google user
Austin A google user - 8 days ago
His last words "in this mode it doesn't give a s**t to where the Apple is".
Krystalplayz_ YT
Krystalplayz_ YT - 9 days ago
18:05 I thought the black zone was the snake
Sapphire Aurora
Sapphire Aurora - 9 days ago
Life hack, take a picture of any of the snake during the last part of the video. New map for what ever you want
Reagan MACDONALD - 9 days ago
fuck he is good
Nathan Page
Nathan Page - 9 days ago
This is so fucking memorizing
TheXGamer449 - 9 days ago
20:00 Looks like my computer after downloading and running 6000 different viruses at the same time.

(I never actually did that, I was just trying to make a joke.)
TheXGamer449 - 9 days ago
What program do you use for coding? I'd like to learn how to code.
Christian Helms
Christian Helms - 9 days ago
Setam7 - 10 days ago
13:44 snake: i am fuckng ded
MR. ghost
MR. ghost - 10 days ago
everytime I watch code bulled I just click on that lower volume button
Ecom Igniter
Ecom Igniter - 10 days ago
b o n k
Wolf - 10 days ago
Why make almost perfect algorithm to not take shortcut
Seb Mendez
Seb Mendez - 10 days ago
01100011 01001101 01000100 01000101 00100000 01000010 01010011 01001100 01001100 01000101 01010100
JIM bronko
JIM bronko - 10 days ago
Itzmusti Hd
Itzmusti Hd - 10 days ago
Perfect where can i get it so i can Play trough First heist in gta 5?
tvfan1563 - 10 days ago
Watching a AI Win at snake makes me realize I’ll never beat snake lol but it is relaxing to watch an AI Win snake way more relaxing than me stressfully playing Snake.
The_REEkid YT
The_REEkid YT - 10 days ago
At the end it look like a worm being chased by the snake tripy
Mike Sacco
Mike Sacco - 10 days ago
Now that's a *phat* snake
Geoffry Liam
Geoffry Liam - 10 days ago
this either give me anxiety or satisfaction
TheBros2theend - 11 days ago
God bless and save you
Zane Roote
Zane Roote - 11 days ago
can you find a way to make this a screensaver thank you bye
Arthur Miltenburg
Arthur Miltenburg - 11 days ago
I would buy a code bullet gps
Got memes?
Got memes? - 11 days ago
You don't even need ai to do it, if you just let it do the same route it also gets to a full screen it just takes a lot longer
krusty chokolate
krusty chokolate - 11 days ago
I'd love to have this in the back round on a computer or something like that
Tristan Uphoff
Tristan Uphoff - 11 days ago
Thank you for the snake/pest control add before I watched this video
Samuel Weintraub
Samuel Weintraub - 11 days ago
Yo dude could you send me that code?
UI Master Roshi
UI Master Roshi - 11 days ago
Chuck Norris can do this better with only one hand
Ultimate Dude
Ultimate Dude - 11 days ago
21:16 is my new ringtone
Denmaster Ben
Denmaster Ben - 12 days ago
do you want robot apocalypses? because this is how you get robot apocalypses!
Kevin Acosta
Kevin Acosta - 12 days ago
19:41 im on drugs
noone here
noone here - 12 days ago
We need to see code bullet and Michael reeves
Qrow Ok
Qrow Ok - 12 days ago
This would be an amazing screen saver
Carter Gibbons
Carter Gibbons - 12 days ago
What if this isn’t even an AI and code bullet is just really damn good at snake
•Angel Cookie•
•Angel Cookie• - 12 days ago
20:19 those kid games where you try to find the END of a line:
Ben Parker
Ben Parker - 12 days ago
Someone count how many times he said fuck
Tenzin Kalsang B
Tenzin Kalsang B - 13 days ago
MyLifeOnPlanes - 13 days ago
Good job on minute 2!
THEATERS - 13 days ago
19:40 its looks like growing ant colony

but its snake!
Abubakar Rasool
Abubakar Rasool - 13 days ago
Aivy Sagadraca
Aivy Sagadraca - 13 days ago
the last one looks like maze
The Muzic
The Muzic - 13 days ago
you know that you only need to repeat 1 simple path right?
deaths2 loops
deaths2 loops - 13 days ago
Why is there red in snake whenever it gets in a tight loop
Dinah Launt
Dinah Launt - 13 days ago
Fucking amazing
Nick LAITY - 13 days ago
The math problem at 3:59 -
The fact Code Bullet doesn't have a maths degree is True, or 1, so mathn't = 1
CBFDT is also true, so that is also 1.
Therefore you just need to find 4^34
pandaplayz X
pandaplayz X - 13 days ago
Can anyone explain in detail how to code this
Suke Likkema
Suke Likkema - 13 days ago
Bruh he should've just made it follow the hamiltonian cycle strictly towards the end. then the apples wouldn't generate in those tiny little spaces created by shortcuts. It'd make it faster.
Dapper_Dog1 - 13 days ago
If you ever start thinking you're good at something just remember that a computer can do it way better.
Tintinj Gaming
Tintinj Gaming - 13 days ago
The end was epic then snakes stops at right at two blocks me: Bruh
Mustang Person
Mustang Person - 13 days ago
3:00 I was dyeing
TheCreativeRaven - 13 days ago
Im just sitting here watching it in slow motion thinking "damn, this would be a good screensaver"
Maximilian Shah
Maximilian Shah - 13 days ago
Dude, the last one worked as well, u just couldn't see that the end of the snake and it's head were touching
Shaqles - 13 days ago
Erick - So mais um
Erick - So mais um - 13 days ago
eu sou um brasileirinho q esta perdido aqui. se vc é brasileiro replique essa mensagem em outros vides de gringos pois brasileiros unidos jamais serão vencidos
brasileiros unidos jamais serão vencidos
brasileiros unidos jamais serão vencidos
brasileiros unidos jamais serão vencidos

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brasileiros unidos jamais serão vencidos
brasileiros unidos jamais serão vencidos

((>ω< ))
yes juice
yes juice - 13 days ago
3:36 Actually there’s only three possible directions you can turn in snake because you can’t turn back in on yourself in one move
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