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4 190
ChaseTheGamer57 e
ChaseTheGamer57 e - 3 hours ago
Time to wait 4 more months
The 16th Bar
The 16th Bar - 3 hours ago
Evan we need enigma machine part 2!!!!! its been more than a year.
QsPt psyc
QsPt psyc - 4 hours ago
when the snake gets bigasf it looks like a code trying to build its self
Megamo Player
Megamo Player - 4 hours ago
I love how this vid has 4m views but you only got 1.86m subs
Kai Kaiandmfamily
Kai Kaiandmfamily - 4 hours ago
Naa u cheated!
Lord Mavramon
Lord Mavramon - 5 hours ago
Now call me a smart ass but :“ previously on abmc's the walking dead“ are 6 words if would have wanted him to say code bullet it were 5 ... “previously on abmc‘s code bullet“ and “the Code bullet“ would not exactly make a lot of sense XD
Still love the video though ;*
Check ur battery boi
Check ur battery boi - 6 hours ago
19:58 Would have been a great april's fool joke if that had turned into a creeper face
eddebrock - 6 hours ago
I studied web-development and I still maintain that mmtuts on Youtube deserved my tuition money more than the university.
pj dar
pj dar - 6 hours ago
Bro I fucking finished high school in the time you were away
pj dar
pj dar - 6 hours ago
Bro it's been long enough!
silkeschuller - 7 hours ago
mega music starts: CHIP EATING INTENSIFIES!!!!
Caleb Nathan
Caleb Nathan - 8 hours ago
Just do the f***ing normal Hamiltonian cycle!!!!!! For f*ck's sake dude, I have ADHD, I know how it feels to have a short attention span!!
Artus HAVRET - 8 hours ago
Pourquoi ne pas générer une boucle (cercle) à chaque apparition d'une pomme?
Où algorithme vas chercher à que le serpent soit sur la boucle, et que le plus petit numéro soit sur la pomme.
Il n'y a donc plus de cœur circuit (raccourci)
Why not generate a loop (circle) at each appearance of an apple?
Where algorithm go to look for that the snake is on the loop, and that the smallest number is on the apple.
There is no more heart circuit (shortcut)
Yeet Man
Yeet Man - 9 hours ago
The final one looked like a brain
ItsMePj Here
ItsMePj Here - 10 hours ago
HoeLeePhuck - 11 hours ago
Whats the music at around 11:45?
Sachin Chepuri
Sachin Chepuri - 11 hours ago
dudeeeeee, reallyyyyyyyyy....... i trusted you
Halen Ball-Vant
Halen Ball-Vant - 12 hours ago
Is the second enigma code video officially cancelled:?
Justin R.
Justin R. - 12 hours ago
is it weird that everyone assumes the snake is eating an apple?
Superextremeplayer9 - 13 hours ago
3:05 Wait. If he's not driving, then who is?
Ljfab - 13 hours ago
Mathn’t more like Mathn’tn’tn’t
mason booh
mason booh - 13 hours ago
I will now call this reverse A* algorithm “Z*”
Nawor Riekena
Nawor Riekena - 14 hours ago
21:05 - 21:23
My hypixel skyblock experience in a nutshell.
I’m A Alien
I’m A Alien - 14 hours ago
A.I. Plays doodle jump
RexTer Inc.
RexTer Inc. - 14 hours ago
go with cytus for your next project
Alex Gigoux
Alex Gigoux - 15 hours ago
Lol, no need for a degree when you are an entrepreneur.
Devon Bollman
Devon Bollman - 15 hours ago
14:38 +1 sin the antenna are on opposite sides
Moon_Ironhead - 16 hours ago
so, you are the architect?
Jackson Seeto-Lee
Jackson Seeto-Lee - 16 hours ago
Lincoln Sorensen
Lincoln Sorensen - 16 hours ago
Why is the snake smarter than me, it's an AI!
Nemanja Ignjatović
Nemanja Ignjatović - 16 hours ago
i think you named it wrong -- it's algorithm, not ai..
Nemanja Ignjatović
Nemanja Ignjatović - 16 hours ago
and, yeah, great fucking channel!
Nemanja Ignjatović
Nemanja Ignjatović - 16 hours ago
also, have you snorted something @14:24...
Nemanja Ignjatović
Nemanja Ignjatović - 16 hours ago
also, you should have defined "perfect", in the first place...
The Pink llama
The Pink llama - 17 hours ago
Dang 4 million views NOICE!!!
that piece of sh*t taco
that piece of sh*t taco - 17 hours ago
XxSuperWolfxX - 17 hours ago
U HAVE A SHORT ATTENTION SPAN, I SAT THROUGH THE WHOLE TIME THE SNAKE WAS GOING BUT AS SOON AS YOU STARTED TALKING I WAS ABOUT TO CLICK OFF THIS VIDEO. So truthfully i probably dont have a short attention span i just cant stand the voice of a human
John Willson
John Willson - 17 hours ago
What software do you use to programe ai and can you find a programing softwarware for androide
Timothy's Technology
Timothy's Technology - 17 hours ago
finally. A video
AstroGuy034 - 18 hours ago
epilepsy warning should be included
Aquzzi - 18 hours ago
What type of coding do u use
Killer Wolf
Killer Wolf - 19 hours ago
I want this as a screen saver
Matthew Rzepecki
Matthew Rzepecki - 20 hours ago
Timelapse of the growth of human population:
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