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Blueberry Nat
Blueberry Nat - 58 minutes ago
This teaches me more than my school-
ELEANOR GATO - 2 hours ago
Welp, i guess i can learn something from this so this is now my new online school
Roblox Fan
Roblox Fan - 3 hours ago
For Singapore the prizes are FREE
Epic Vines
Epic Vines - 5 hours ago
i finish the ladder thingy cause i have statigy if your body is falling on right or left push your body left or right put all your strenght in it
Coates Family
Coates Family - 6 hours ago
Your smart this vid should be on live so people don’t fall for the tricks i was able to grab a item on the ground leaning on the wall it was pretty easy 😂 i thought you what you said was true😱
rickey chen
rickey chen - 6 hours ago
Or you could just hold onto it so tight
Christopher Gaspar
Christopher Gaspar - 12 hours ago
so the guy first lost $300, then went home to get $2300 more and soon lost all of that as well
Pixelated - 13 hours ago
Who else is watching this during corona and is like
There Not Social Distancing
Peachy Blupples
Peachy Blupples - 17 hours ago
Are we forgetting that mr. Beast won the ring toss?
Shlok Dobhada
Shlok Dobhada - 19 hours ago
This man is crazy
Ibrahim Tuncel
Ibrahim Tuncel - 19 hours ago
Zaria W
Zaria W - 21 hour ago
Great video for my young brother on summer break. Thanks.
Julian the glasses kid
I love Santa Cruz
Electric Xt
Electric Xt - Day ago
Santa Cruz i love that place
cactus narwhal
cactus narwhal - Day ago
Ok so I remember at school being trained to this one sided ladder climb, I know the secret i just can't remember it
AlLy 101
AlLy 101 - Day ago
Wait wait wait.......

Taco The Cat
Taco The Cat - Day ago
I love the Santa Cruz boardwalk!
fndued 12
fndued 12 - Day ago
Me winning the rope 3 times: gime a bear. Employee:😱😅👍
Mentalpotato - Day ago
Back when social distancing wasnt even a term. The good ol’ days
Smiley Hugar
Smiley Hugar - Day ago
I love the way you talk and explain things. You make it very understandable. Would love to have an actual conversation with you.
Jared Dean
Jared Dean - Day ago
0:55 I see a high school relationship comin
TheRedPIll - Day ago
Thank you for another interesting video.
Lennon Jacobsen
Lennon Jacobsen - Day ago
It doesn't matter if it cost them less since it's more about the fun:)
Robloxie Tower
Robloxie Tower - Day ago
I just found him and I love his videos
Big Denver
Big Denver - Day ago
This video was very entertaining and enjoyable.
Ashley Acosta Lemus
people: * lose at the rope ladder thing *
me: * the weird one that crawls upside down *
also me: Noice
Cielle Bragin
Cielle Bragin - Day ago
ABRAXAS - Day ago
You don't go to a carnival to go shopping. You go for the experience, so any conversation about saving money isn't irrelevant.
Andrew Delgado
Andrew Delgado - Day ago
Santa Cruz beach boardwalk is fun asf
Carson Elias
Carson Elias - Day ago
RUSTY_ PlaysYT - Day ago
i made the ring throw
Purple boi
Purple boi - Day ago
0:55 carnival music
Elin Torma
Elin Torma - Day ago
This is REALLY not meant as a hate comment but please dont let this video make you stop playing carneval games that for you are actually FUN. What i'm trying to say is that fun is more important than all that he talks about in this video. Do exactly what he says t the end of the video :). Dont let the games ruin you're fun!
ruben gomez
ruben gomez - Day ago
Carnavales?... 🤣🤣🤣Serán ferias..... Traducir a machete...... No va muy bien generalmente...
Νίκος Ζησιμόπουλος
U got a like from me
Noman Arshad
Noman Arshad - 2 days ago
All carnival owners will hunt this guy down for letting out such like a clown broo...runnnn
Laura M
Laura M - 2 days ago
Bay all day
phoenixtwo87 - 2 days ago
I friggen love your videos, I know you only do 1 a month, but I want to watch more. Your videos are incredible, well thought out, and the knowledge you drop is impeccable!
Bobby Chan
Bobby Chan - 2 days ago
Me who has done the ladder climb twice and won: 👁👄👁
A. Y. Studio
A. Y. Studio - 2 days ago
I once won a giant Charmander plushie...

At Legoland.
Dascalu Elena Alexandra
Dascalu Elena Alexandra - 23 hours ago
(S)-Gabriel Chandler
(S)-Gabriel Chandler - 2 days ago
Cesoza - 2 days ago
Lmao that’s were I work
HappyFacePancake - 2 days ago
I won the ladder one when I was little i was just the right weight
Mako Mage
Mako Mage - 2 days ago
I listened up when he said if u have no skill
Legoboi Official
Legoboi Official - 2 days ago
Or if it’s people who disagree
Bubblecue - 3 days ago
Come to Australia if you wanna do physics of outback animals 🦘
Edit meme:uh oh stinky 🦧
Bubblecue - 3 days ago
This guy is the copy of dr.Robotnick
Bubblecue - 3 days ago
This guy is the answer to everything
TheDailyDoge videos
TheDailyDoge videos - 3 days ago
I literally dont know why but every time I go to six flags I win ring toss every time...
#RestlessGamer - 3 days ago
The 22k dislikes are Carnival owners/Employees
Jessi Austin
Jessi Austin - 3 days ago
I have never been to a carnival
Violet Brown
Violet Brown - 3 days ago
okay guys, a good rule to follow, grown women do not want stuffed animals. onless they are still in a sorority.
Neesie Animates
Neesie Animates - 3 days ago
Me: *trying to do the center of mass wall thing*
Also me: *moves knee to get up and tugs on mouse wire to make my mouse fall down and my keyboard almost fall down* aaa
Spooky Cereal
Spooky Cereal - 3 days ago
Mark: the ring toss is impossible
MrBeast and his team: hold my money.
SuperHasy - 3 days ago
Mark: The ladder climb is basically impossible
Me: Wait... how did I do that yesterday??
Marci C
Marci C - 3 days ago
Ball go boing boing
Owen Brunenavs
Owen Brunenavs - 3 days ago
yophuu3 - 3 days ago
No WRONG! In conclusion you should befriend a world class athlete and bring them to carnival
Aina Saputro
Aina Saputro - 3 days ago
the kids in the carnival was like “whoa! that guy has sooo much toys!”
Peter Flynn
Peter Flynn - 3 days ago
Do it from underneath
blue33 - 3 days ago
Everybody knows those prizes are cheap. People play these games for bragging rights (and to show off to their girlfriends) - not because they really want those stuffed animals.
Tiberthrone - 3 days ago
I did it by walking on the ropes that hold everything together
Pressing On
Pressing On - 3 days ago
Bruh that is literally the biggest Carnival I’ve ever seen...
Lyceon Pokémon & Minecraft lover
If someone in my family one a Pokémon plush I would be like happinesses 10000
Linux Man
Linux Man - 2 days ago
April Summerow
April Summerow - 4 days ago
I'm great at climbing
April Summerow
April Summerow - 4 days ago
I'm double-jointed I can't really do that easy to go against the wall and pick something up
Malvin Lai
Malvin Lai - 4 days ago
Hey why don't just cut the whole paper if it's to hard to hit the hole star
Charles Langam
Charles Langam - 4 days ago
Well atleast you dont need to wait 3 months to get your delivery.
Zoey Flight
Zoey Flight - 4 days ago
Am i the only one who saw the brother off of liv and Maddie
Jennifer kill science experiment flesh bodies
Jennifer texting comment like food and amusement park type rides and fun at supposed carnivals..The question is why is there half naked women grinding up on each other and dancing calling the wanna be showgirl show a carnival?...we'supposedly party at funerals and dance for example in louisiana parties on the way to funerals and at an island location there is partying after funerals..the beginning and the end of funerals.....Depopulate
David Sok
David Sok - 4 days ago
I won the rope latter at lego land on my second try when I was 10 lol
Iris Janssens
Iris Janssens - 4 days ago
By the ladder thingy I just climb upside down like 👁👄👁
The Hilman
The Hilman - 4 days ago
some kind of games are not right!!!
Xxsaltier_trashxX Kid
Xxsaltier_trashxX Kid - 4 days ago
Dang gold digger
Steve Treloar
Steve Treloar - 4 days ago
The bb gun doesn't matter anyway. I won that just once and they refused to pay; made a vow and almost 40 years later not one Carny has made a penny from me. They sacrificed everything for $10 bucks the scumbags.
SunfireGacha - 4 days ago
Me who made it to the top of ladder multiple times and almost always wins: oh yea yea impossible
CHOWDER The Nerd - 4 days ago
I love science.
Diamond Beyblade
Diamond Beyblade - 4 days ago
anyway, i like having odds against me, it makes it more fun!
Diamond Beyblade
Diamond Beyblade - 4 days ago
well, the reason you pay so much is a. they need profit, and b. because it is fun, and gives u a feelin of accomplishment when you win. part b is just an opinion
WordFile - 4 days ago
What’s stopping you from having a stone cold grip
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