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Speak For Yourself
Speak For Yourself - 6 months ago
Is Dak Prescott the most disrespected quarterback in the NFL?
Edward Snider
Edward Snider - 6 months ago
@Soldier for Christ read this Dak is actually better without Zeke sportdfw.com/2019/01/02/dallas-cowboys-why-dak-looks-like-a-better-quarterback-without-zeke/
Hayden The Digger inajtes
Hayden The Digger inajtes - 6 months ago
@Edward Snider when
COWTown Tx.
COWTown Tx. - 6 months ago
Soldier for Christ
Soldier for Christ - 6 months ago
@Lawrence Robinson Na, not without Zeke he won't. The only way he grows as a passer. Is if Zeke is there to take all the defense's attention off Dak. Dak is just way too average right now to shoulder the load of that offense. He needs Zeke to be successful in order for him to be successful.
Lawrence Robinson
Lawrence Robinson - 6 months ago
All I have to say is DAK will prove all the haters and non believers wrong, he will succeed even more than what he’s already done
Lane Simmons
Lane Simmons - 4 months ago
yeah the evaulators picked did real well for tom brady...in the SIXTH round
Steven Ellis
Steven Ellis - 5 months ago
If cowboys offer dak around 25-27 mil a year an he turn it down hes a Fool smh hes a slighty better version of Teddy B
Jeff - 5 months ago
Why would anyone want to watch or talk about (me included and I could only stand a few minutes) over paid nfl players. day after day..hold outs and commenting about how someone is worth 30 million or more a year....where do you think that money comes from? when you ticket prices go thru the roof to sit in a stadium your tax money was stolen from to build to watch a bunch of childish millionaires throw a football for 8 games at home for someone childish billionaires and your cable bill goes crazy up, this is the reason why.
Christopher Vasquez
Christopher Vasquez - 5 months ago
Whitlock has no credibility, he is an idiot. What has he done? Dak is a winner that is still developing into the QB that he will be, Stafford, Cousins, Carr, and even Wentz haven’t achieved what Dak has in his three years.
christopher belleau
christopher belleau - 5 months ago
Not every team gets a Mahones type player for QB. You have a guy who's winning games. And is loved by his team mates. Pay him. Or disrupt your whole locker room for Teddy Bridgewater? Or throw away a potential super bowl season to get a high draft pick? Just pay him. A bird in the hand is worth 2 in the bush.
christopher belleau
christopher belleau - 5 months ago
Who else are they going to get? You over pay when there is no other options. Supply and demand.
ronald castrovinci
ronald castrovinci - 5 months ago
the cowboys won not dak only defense running ball best oline game manager at best
ronald castrovinci
ronald castrovinci - 5 months ago
put those qbs on dallas and they would win sb any of them and all do better than dak
dēaþ - 5 months ago
Dak is currently the 79th highest paid QB in the NFL and he had the 2nd most wins over the last 3 years. Pay the man.
stephen mandujano
stephen mandujano - 6 months ago
Whitlock is just an idiot
used 2be
used 2be - 6 months ago
Name 1 team that doesnt have a qb better than dak
used 2be
used 2be - 5 months ago
@Felix Blaksley Krishna Kush
Felix Blaksley
Felix Blaksley - 5 months ago
used 2be I want whatever you smoking buddy
used 2be
used 2be - 6 months ago
Every quarterback they named is head and shoulders better.
Hllywd55 - 6 months ago
AGAIN, Mr. Bush, they're NOT America's team 8 out of 10 people hate the cowboys, they're NOT my team and I'm an American.
Hllywd55 - 6 months ago
I think dak is the only one delusional here!
Donald Pace
Donald Pace - 6 months ago
I don't like when grown men talk about another man's money so lame...
BLACC SLIM - 6 months ago
The house reference is killing me softly.
jwkreid - 6 months ago
"I do like, and respect, co-worker who are overpaid... you're mah boy, you're mah dawg!" Ahahahahah
Ty E
Ty E - 6 months ago
the 1 thing everybody seems to forget is that carson wintz does not have the BEST RB IN THE NFL ON HIS TEEEAM!! ZEEKE IS TRYNA GET PAID TOO DUHH
Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson - 6 months ago
Disrespect is emotions. This is business emotions have no place in business.
Brittany Garrison
Brittany Garrison - 6 months ago
Christ. GO BIRDS!!!!!!!
E. Dzoole
E. Dzoole - 6 months ago
Dak is the man! #hailstate
Brandon Derrick
Brandon Derrick - 6 months ago
Dak doesn’t deserve top dollar but does deserve more than Carr, Stafford, Wentz, and Cousins. They haven’t made won any big games and never had a team as good as this Cowboys. Wiley is correct on that.
Spartan12 - 6 months ago
Hey Jason I hope you somehow see this. You're an absolute tool. Trying to make an argument based off of housing instead of stats.
John Smith
John Smith - 6 months ago
What Whitlock is saying is you can’t get paid big money because your not whit because thats the only difference he has compared to the other qbs they were talking about dak has played better or equal to cousins wentz garrapolo but they get paid and he shouldn’t foh Whitlock caint make a argument based on performance carr and stafford smh really!
Xavier Parker
Xavier Parker - 6 months ago
Dak got a better line too
James Anagnos
James Anagnos - 6 months ago
Manzini shut your stupid mouth, hes got more nothing, hes half the size and half the arm lol enough said
geeks 400
geeks 400 - 6 months ago
dak is dak the 4th round pick that stunned all yall, cowboys had the league tryin to find the next dak prescott the following year yeah that part lol
Kenneth Nero
Kenneth Nero - 6 months ago
Your right his pool didn't work, because one of his injuries was from his college days.
Kenneth Nero
Kenneth Nero - 6 months ago
A pool doesn't make the value of the house. So however people want to look at it, Dak deserves to be in the same area code as Carson.
Mario Aburto
Mario Aburto - 6 months ago
I'm.a cowboys fan don't pay him make him earn it is just an average QB
Kreeeture - 6 months ago
Jabba the hut at it again with his nonsense.
Michael Waters
Michael Waters - 6 months ago
Dak wins nothing without Zeke, show he can win without zeke he gets paid
llltdesq - 6 months ago
I have no respect for Whitlock's opinion, so this latest cupidity is no surprise.
Daren Holloway
Daren Holloway - 6 months ago
Dak is not asked to carry an offense. He is a lesser Joe Flacco.
Shannon - 6 months ago
Pro football is dead. They're thugs.
Chris Salcido
Chris Salcido - 6 months ago
Whitlock needs kfc or popeyes u can see it🤔
jose yepez
jose yepez - 6 months ago
Jason Whitlock a clown lol man can’t even get on a treadmill these legends laugh at you
WildLive 1
WildLive 1 - 6 months ago
People sometimes confuse the team winning games with the QB being great. There's definitely some correlation but it's not always straight forward. Mediocre QB's have won Super Bowls! Dak has good intangibles but the guy struggles to throw for 200 yards at time. Come on now!
DemonSkittles - 6 months ago
To think they were starting at 25 mil a year 😅
Soldier for Christ
Soldier for Christ - 6 months ago
Dak is a cold bum without Zeke on the field to carry him.
J&H - 6 months ago
He's 0-7 when Zeke has 75 yards or less in the game. Not to mention how many times the defense bailed him out last year. Guy's got serious footwork problems
david lardin
david lardin - 6 months ago
Dak is not worth 40 mil he should get 33 mil tops
Miguel Mendoza
Miguel Mendoza - 6 months ago
what i dont get is they argue that all these qb's that dont deserve to get paid what they do is the argument that they should continue to pay them exorbitant dollars, when do they say hey we are really throwing money away on qb's that dont deserve that why dont owners turn the market around and just stop paying for losers???? draft comes every year. stronger younger qbs are churned out every year.??????
Douglas Lee
Douglas Lee - 6 months ago
The problem with the QB position in the NFL is that you get both too much of the blame when you are losing and the glory when you are winning. So we are just going to sit here and act like that Offensive line, Zeke, and a near the top-rated defense has nothing to do with his win totals?!?!?!
Stuart Bell
Stuart Bell - 6 months ago
I agree with Whitlock, I like Dak and I'm a Cowboys fan, but Dak has not been the same player since that infamous Atlanta game where he took all those sacks. He was shook that game and he has not played the same since then. The only thing I give him is, he is more clutch than Romo even though he doesn't have the same arm talent as Romo.
Jeffrey Laury
Jeffrey Laury - 6 months ago
Whitlock should try the impossible burger at burger king 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Mark Parrilla
Mark Parrilla - 6 months ago
dak's first playoff game was incredible to watch even though they lost
Hllywd55 - 6 months ago
Yes it was...BUT, he just can't carry the team without his star player and that makes him only worth 25 mil at best.
Skii Hendoo
Skii Hendoo - 6 months ago
Jose Avalos
Jose Avalos - 6 months ago
Please fire fatlock .!!!!!
sublime90 - 6 months ago
whitlock hates seeing black man get paid
Tony K
Tony K - 6 months ago
Dak put up numbers in a run heavy, predictable, bad offense. Wentz has a stacked offense that didn’t even need him to win but somehow the guy with wayy more help is so much better.
Lucien Hicks
Lucien Hicks - 6 months ago
Please keep starting Dak Bortles.
Everyone who loves laughing at that Junior Varsity team in Dallas
Stopbeingaghettoazz - 6 months ago
Lucien Hicks jv teams aren’t 1 possession away from making the nfc championship game, only a fool would believe that. Jv teams don’t win a playoff game . Jv teams don’t win their division 2 out of 3 years. Nice try trolling but you made yourself sound like an uneducated hater.
Logan McCloskey
Logan McCloskey - 6 months ago
Roody mucho
Roody mucho - 6 months ago
30 mil a year is huge lol
Cmn302 - 6 months ago
Jason Whitlock always looks like a fool. You can’t question stats if they are there and are facts. For him to say 23 million a year, now that is disrespect. If dak was a free agent he would definitely get 30 plus million easily. QB’s are getting paid by what their statistic number says. All Daks numbers say that he should and will get 30 plus million.
Lihl ' Trxp 2300
Lihl ' Trxp 2300 - 6 months ago
Lol dude not even a top 15 qb ...obviously
Brandon McFall
Brandon McFall - 6 months ago
Whitlock wants to use the house analogy fine. But be consistent bro. The house that is Wentz may have a pool, but that pool had to be refinished because the sealant cracked. It has central air...but it’s on its had to be serviced multiple times because parts keep breaking down. Big basement, but had been flooded before. Dak the house may be a unflashy 2 story on a quiet neighborhood block, but its history is not riddled with repairs and issues with longevity. It’s solid, dependable, and has a solid foundation.
Fernando - 6 months ago
Im not a big fan of Whitlock. Dak main numbers is that he wins and he shows up. He also has a lot of comeback wins. His time is now. Pay the man.
MARCUS BILLUPS - 6 months ago
Dak wants 40 million. That is how business is done. Start high then settle. As an Eagles fan I want them to make it 50 mil a year.
Rick D
Rick D - 6 months ago
Jerry jones is paying for the chemistry of zeke, dak and amari.
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