Alternate Universe Snacks Taste Test

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bibi lette
The chocolate shaped tongue candy should totally exist in this dimension
Emily C
Emily C - 3 days ago
seeing rhetts legs sent me
into a shock. i’ve never been more terrified 😺
Riceasaurus • 9 years ago
“Go there while you can” aged like fine wine
canaanhess - 4 days ago
They should do a Good Mythical Morning from an "alternate universe" perspective and have them try our food XD
Mirra Whetzel
Mirra Whetzel - 6 days ago
Nobody gonna mention that she GLUED THEM ON
Akirameta - 6 days ago
7:20 I instantly thought of sour patch kids
Michael Williamson
Michael Williamson - 7 days ago
DO IT!!!
My guy vohong yas
My guy vohong yas - 9 days ago
4:50 I actually need that
D'Metryus Lacopo
D'Metryus Lacopo - 9 days ago
@12:49 me: *looks at corona* well this moment aged well
Kitakat - 12 days ago
'Go there while you can' coz you don't be able to travel for a few months after...
Diego Chaparro
Diego Chaparro - 15 days ago
I love your alternate foods videos 😊
Brianna Wellington
Brianna Wellington - 15 days ago
AnimatiönJüniper - 18 days ago
they should have used peanut butter to glue the peanuts on the cob :P
Reece Elkins
Reece Elkins - 18 days ago
5:03 well i can tell in that universe ethanol is not a thing
Caity Lady
Caity Lady - 18 days ago
Link: "I like your cleaning"
joe O Flaherty
joe O Flaherty - 19 days ago
French Kisses: Delicious Dimension, Because Of Biting The Better Chocolate.
Nut Corns: Snack Offension.
Kool-Raid: Delicious Dimension, Because It Has Kool-Aid In It.
Hairy-Bo Gummy Ring Worms: Snack Offension.
xginax xduppinsx
xginax xduppinsx - 21 day ago
I got ringworm on my eyelid and my mom poured bleach on my eye
Marshal Lindgren
Marshal Lindgren - 21 day ago
They should have used chocolate or fondue instead of glue for the corn
adara lambrou
adara lambrou - 22 days ago
I have watched this channel sense I was around 10 I have loved it ever sense you guys make me laugh when nobody can and I love you'll so much thank you so much for bringing a smile to my face each and every day!
Matthew Lunceford
Matthew Lunceford - 22 days ago
I guess it's good that the Cool-Raid is only effective to physical kids and not those who have mentalities of kids
Camdynx - 23 days ago
I think they went to the cob world from Rick and Morty to get those peanuts.
Alykat Black
Alykat Black - 26 days ago
Was anybody else not expecting Rhett to be wearing shorts?
Casey Siefert
Casey Siefert - 26 days ago
Rhett: Go there while you can.
Rhett predicting the COVID-19 pandemic O.o
cheftwo - 27 days ago
The curse of 2020 began at 3:31
OptimusProvost - 29 days ago
Back when 2020 was just another year
Savageninja 112
Savageninja 112 - Month ago
I can’t stop laughing at 3:54 omg😂
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor - Month ago
I’m just watching this during the quarantine and Rhett says “go there while you can.” About Italy, and little did he know that we would actually not be able to travel there due to a world-wide pandemic
Tristan Simpson
Tristan Simpson - Month ago
Anyone else thought but corns are a skin ailment of the scrotum?
Umaimah Saleemi
Umaimah Saleemi - Month ago
"Go there while you can"... Rhett did know something, just not what Link thought
i swalloweggs
i swalloweggs - Month ago
Little did they know, they cursed the rest of 2020 with a singular kiss
Timmothy McCandless
Timmothy McCandless - Month ago
I'm afraid to ask how link was able to eat that whole tung so effortlessly
Chloe Dino
Chloe Dino - Month ago
This channel is sooo nostalgic for me, I’ve been watching for years. This is one of my favorite channels ever.
Osman Cassim
Osman Cassim - Month ago
Coincidence? I think not.
Boba - 19 days ago
That's what I was thinking!
Laila Angel
Laila Angel - Month ago
“Stevieee ~.~”
trash content
trash content - Month ago
Just imagine if the said the alternative one before the normal one
PieLover- Joe
PieLover- Joe - Month ago
Great, i didnt know ring worms existed
RockismyAir - Month ago
Tongue twisters 😍
I love you guys.
King Spieler
King Spieler - Month ago
Christian Barrera
Christian Barrera - Month ago
Rhett it ok don’t listen to the beard haters I can’t imagine you without it
Chris la due
Chris la due - 2 months ago
There is something that just doesnt sit right with me when they start mixing kool aid and poisons....
HappyFoxUniverse - 2 months ago
France is my favorite alternate dimension
Noah’s Hot tea
Noah’s Hot tea - 2 months ago
3:05 oh how the turns have tabled
Susie Najaryan
Susie Najaryan - 2 months ago
When Rhett says “go their while you can” without knowing the world is going to fall apart 2 months later lol
Jethelred's Gaming
Jethelred's Gaming - 2 months ago
"Punch it and crunch it."
Jethelred's Gaming
Jethelred's Gaming - 2 months ago
Ohh damn that opener was a deep slam on Gold Toe. I feel personally targeted.
Sam Cahoon
Sam Cahoon - 2 months ago
Oh my god everything’s on a cob we gotta get outa here now. Rick Sanchez. 😎
bloodandguts115 - 2 months ago
I did not want this
Riley Landry
Riley Landry - 2 months ago
The chocolate tongue tip touch was the only good part of 2020
Sydney Paunan
Sydney Paunan - 2 months ago
“Go there while you can” 😳😳😳
Canada Canada
Canada Canada - 2 months ago
Rhett be looking fly with that jacket
Socially awkward Donut
Socially awkward Donut - 2 months ago
I love that they are just the best of friends it’s so cute ( * < * )
J Girl
J Girl - 3 months ago
You know that ringworm is a fungal infection and it's not actual a worm, right?
h0n3yd3w TH
h0n3yd3w TH - 3 months ago
When Rhett talks:😂🤣

When Link talks:😕🤨
Treta Bagel
Treta Bagel - 3 months ago
Rhett looks like the average lumberjack in Canada.
Tyler Dietrich
Tyler Dietrich - 3 months ago
Link has the coronavirus
anithono - 3 months ago
Why? Why am I turned on
Ian Maher
Ian Maher - 3 months ago
Gabeixel - 3 months ago
Good Mythical Morning Is Filmed In Front Of A Live Studio Audience......
Sinner Man
Sinner Man - 3 months ago
I can already see the freaks making weird fan fiction
Red Dawva
Red Dawva - 3 months ago
The fact we can't disprove these universes aren't real is amazing
Ash Green
Ash Green - 3 months ago
These two are basically just walking memes
XpiXiepX - 3 months ago
*after thoroughly dousing each other with the kool-raid*

Rhett: Is there real raid in this?
Blue The Fox 718
Blue The Fox 718 - 3 months ago
3:46 “now you wanna touch my tip?” 😂 wtf
Mr Parrot
Mr Parrot - 3 months ago
In another dimension Rhett and Link aren't so curious
Haley Isom
Haley Isom - 3 months ago
Rhett knew about the Rona before the rest of the world
Bailey McDermott
Bailey McDermott - 3 months ago
Rhett eating the nut corns: you bite into it.
Link: this must be the dimension Freddy Mercury is from.😂
Pastelfirefly 83
Pastelfirefly 83 - 3 months ago
You could use sugar glue for the nut corn
Nicholas Miles
Nicholas Miles - 3 months ago
Go there why you can. No idea how true that statement will be
Lyle Flom
Lyle Flom - 3 months ago
Only if they knew
Badgy - 3 months ago
Debbie Boisen
Debbie Boisen - 3 months ago
Want to touch my tip. 😂 so funny. 🤣
lindsey paputa
lindsey paputa - 3 months ago
In this demention we have yogos in the other dimension they have yostop
Bryndís Þóra
Bryndís Þóra - 3 months ago
6:11 I was just waiting for the "that's all, folks!"
Golden Gacha
Golden Gacha - 3 months ago
If you try the Nut Corn again use peanut butter instead of glue
Vital Ricecakes
Vital Ricecakes - 3 months ago
Link: let's bite into this
Rhett: bu-but, there's a butter brush, butter brush-
Anayah Marrero
Anayah Marrero - 3 months ago
Does anyone remember when their intro was eggs, bacon, and toast?
Fatima 13
Fatima 13 - 4 months ago
Rhett: CO-lab
PopgoCoco - 4 months ago
My hair curls down!
My hair goes up and to the right!
Brianna Wikked
Brianna Wikked - 4 months ago
Hahahah this is the universe Freddie Mercury's from I love it
Hoodie - 4 months ago
Little did they know he said go while you can cause of corona
Echo Plays Roblox
Echo Plays Roblox - 4 months ago
*"now ya wanna touch my tip?"*
OrionPlays - 4 months ago
I want to live in whatever dimension the French Kisses are
Kaitlyn Jacobs
Kaitlyn Jacobs - 4 months ago
them touching toungue tips cursed 2020
helloitsme cat43
helloitsme cat43 - 4 months ago
"i betcha if the butter wasn't better, ugfugfuyytfhgfugfygjhffkhgdutbetterness of dhuh- corn"
Emma Smiddy
Emma Smiddy - 4 months ago
I’ve been here since 2012 and haven’t left yet
Hermoine Veero
Hermoine Veero - 4 months ago
The Kool-Raid was actually interesting 😭
Ghost Poop
Ghost Poop - 4 months ago
I turned 11 the day they posted this
Hello Last name
Hello Last name - 4 months ago
Link thought Rhett was turning into Eminem😂😂😂
KiraLyn - 4 months ago
Watching this after 2020 took a nosedive... did you guys bring this storm upon us?!
BitterFlower116 - 4 months ago
If these two would just *get ironically homoerotic already* that'd be great.
Betsaleah - 4 months ago
Did rhett really predict the corona outbreak
Sammi Graham
Sammi Graham - 4 months ago
“Go there while you can”
Oh so you can see the future now Rhett????
Sasha TMP
Sasha TMP - 4 months ago
12:49 Rhett: “Go there while you can”
Now, pandemic: big yikes
Sarah Putman
Sarah Putman - 4 months ago
I'm watching this during the pandemic, so the venice comment...was..a...😅😳😶 yeah
Emily Morro
Emily Morro - 4 months ago
“Go there while you can” he says
Sid the sloth !
Sid the sloth ! - 4 months ago
5:28 made me laugh
Nerd_ D137.
Nerd_ D137. - 4 months ago
In sai- er, typed order, I guess, anyway; L, O, & L.
N - 4 months ago
12:53 now it's you know what
Raven333W - 4 months ago
“Go there while you can” oof watching this while Italy is devastated by Covid19, unfortunate foreshadowing
TwobyTwo Player
TwobyTwo Player - 4 months ago
Rhet looks like a burnt beaver
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