Rockstar Canceled Bully 2 - Inside Gaming Daily

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Lana Blackford
Lana Blackford - Month ago
The title is wrong there are hints that hint that bully 2 maybe will be made also most people actually don't know what rockstar is doing
Gaz Mach1
Gaz Mach1 - 2 months ago
I hope they’ve shit canned it for production on gta VI
Blyat Blyat
Blyat Blyat - 3 months ago
this better mean they make a really good gta 6 with proper singleplayer like rdr 2
MR. Dingo
MR. Dingo - 3 months ago
Manhunt 2🤔
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis - 6 days ago
MR. Dingo yes but it wasn’t very popular
MR. Dingo
MR. Dingo - 6 days ago
@Joshua Willis really
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis - 6 days ago
There’s already a manhunt 2
The Doctor
The Doctor - 3 months ago
bully 2: university years...….. just leave that idea out there.
Ice Hawk
Ice Hawk - 3 months ago
Now this is good writing, how did you go from this. To what ever it is you do in 2020. I hope you can return to this kind video again soon. This is what I subscribed for. Your 2020 stuff, not so much. (at the start of year anyway)
edge hc
edge hc - 5 months ago
What a dumb video, bully 2 is not cancelled
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis - 5 months ago
edge hc where is your proof?
Yannick Boyd
Yannick Boyd - 6 months ago
Nooo I want bully 2
MiniCogger - 6 months ago
Poopkins - 6 months ago
3:21 Meanwhile, that is the entirety of Warhammer 40k
Jack Harrison ford
Jack Harrison ford - 6 months ago
𝕷𝖔𝖔𝖐 𝖎𝖙 𝖚𝖕
Jack Harrison ford
Jack Harrison ford - 6 months ago
𝕹𝖔𝖙 𝖙𝖗𝖚𝖊 𝖎𝖙𝖘 𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖑𝖑 𝖈𝖔𝖒𝖎𝖓𝖌 𝖔𝖚𝖙
Robert Bell
Robert Bell - 6 months ago
I rather have a man hunt 3 but that ain't never gonna happen
LordKarlito - 6 months ago
If Bully 2 were to happen, I kinda wish it's gonna be about Jimmy in his college years
Kenshinofkin - 6 months ago
Scalebound......ugh that still hurts :(
VRtechman - 6 months ago
I betcha Brian isn't even hearing pants! 🤨
Senketsu Kira
Senketsu Kira - 6 months ago
rockstar doesnt understand ppl will buy bully 2 like crazy cause we love those big titles so much ie gta 5 and rdr2
Senketsu Kira
Senketsu Kira - 6 months ago
we need to start a petition that we want bully 2
Bork Borkable
Bork Borkable - 6 months ago
this is bullshitworth
Abdulhkeem Alhadhrami
Abdulhkeem Alhadhrami - 7 months ago
I played this game more than any other game, i finished it more than 10 times! Darn it rockstar where's my bully 2!
Zack ñø
Zack ñø - 7 months ago
Cutie ™
Cutie ™ - 7 months ago
Discourse Time
Discourse Time - 7 months ago
i mean dude bully came out in 2006 like so few people played back then so i feel you could easily easily see good sales on a bully 2
Stav Miguel
Stav Miguel - 7 months ago
Just make a game with all the to date protagonist. Add Modes into it to give more options. It isnt possible just need better software and equipment. Hope for Ps5...
Stav Miguel
Stav Miguel - 7 months ago
A new Half-Life would be complete.
DeepakTheDevastator - 7 months ago
You had to show Scale bound.. Didn't you..Coz cancellation of Bully 2 wasn't enough...😕😕😕
Fort Knight
Fort Knight - 7 months ago
Gotta focus on GTA 6 hypppeee
DxTrixterz - 7 months ago
I wouldn't be surprised if Bully 2 came out as next gen launch title.
MemesNshitLOL - 7 months ago
looks like Bully will now forever be a one-game wonder :(
XtremeConditions - 7 months ago
DAMNIT. I wish they would at least release the final version, even if it isn't complete.. I hate when projects that are close to being done are scrapped and we never get to see it.
Doom Guy
Doom Guy - 7 months ago
I'm not gonna buy another rockstar game until bully 2 is released
Freak Zilla
Freak Zilla - 7 months ago
Ah, Scalebound. Or as I like to call it... the late-term abortion.
People are still debating whether or not it was a game with rights or just a concept.
XUC00 - 7 months ago
Fu## online give us bully 2 or make dlc for bully i dont know fuuuuuuuuuuuuc#
Doug Dozier Jr.
Doug Dozier Jr. - 7 months ago
Rockstar Table Tennis 2?
Kyle Toker
Kyle Toker - 7 months ago
I still want StarCraft ghost lol
Chuck norris
Chuck norris - 7 months ago
Bye bye rockstar red dead redemptions 2 was started long before the greed took over the industry. I have a feeling any game made by rockstar in the modern day is going to be a dumpster fire of micro transactions.
ZMAN - 7 months ago
I’ve been waiting and now I’m just sad
Anthony 911
Anthony 911 - 7 months ago
Caved to the sjw's
Furry Purple Haze
Furry Purple Haze - 7 months ago
John Cena's real name is Lawrence Sonntag?
TaysonPlaysGuitar - 7 months ago
Remember when Rockstar said Red Dead Redemption 2 would never come to PC? Yeah.... I'll keep remaining skeptical.
tob man
tob man - 7 months ago
6:31 no, no they didnt
Rainbow Sam
Rainbow Sam - 7 months ago
Why do video game news hosts look like wrestlers ?
Walking Paradox
Walking Paradox - 7 months ago
My thing is why don’t they just TELL us so I can move on 😪
MVP Studios
MVP Studios - 7 months ago
Even if Bully 2 failed they would still make their money back with all their online games.
amongst ourselves
amongst ourselves - 7 months ago
rockstar should make another skateboarding game!
Diego35SHs - 7 months ago
Bully 2 is the new Agent
- Exillion -
- Exillion - - 7 months ago
Was it even gonna come anyways tho
sanju Mathew
sanju Mathew - 7 months ago
Well i was really excited for the game it was my favourite during my child hood now I'm just sad about sequel why give us hope if u are just gonna destroy it why rockstar why
Georgia moore
Georgia moore - 7 months ago
Skidians - 7 months ago
This is old information. They’re in development
demonoutcast - 7 months ago
and where's the source from R* that proves they are?
Adam Cicciarelli
Adam Cicciarelli - 7 months ago
They cancelled max Payne 3,many times and it finally came out
Ban Senpai
Ban Senpai - 7 months ago
how are you this dumb to cancel a big hit after seeing resident evil 2 remake...
Hayden Blake
Hayden Blake - 7 months ago
eah. These rumors are always fake. Dont believe any of them.
Bmac xx
Bmac xx - 7 months ago
I’m so upset 😢
Jacky JackJack
Jacky JackJack - 7 months ago
no way they are going to announce gta 6 next year, it will be at least years away
Codeman 1115
Codeman 1115 - 7 months ago
Nooo I was hoping to get this game on next gen so bad
Dedrick Tonsing
Dedrick Tonsing - 7 months ago
I’m sure someone’s already said this but the guy on right looks like thanos haha
Elyon Kunda
Elyon Kunda - 7 months ago
I mean at this point I don’t even care if we get it or not.
Janeth Flores
Janeth Flores - 7 months ago
Wannescafew - 7 months ago
Plot twist : Gta 6 was cancelled not bully 2
The PiratePeteShow
The PiratePeteShow - 7 months ago
Bully 2 was canceled because red dead online failed and with gta online being so old they had to cancel bully 2 to make gta 6
The Ogiehha
The Ogiehha - 7 months ago
They couldn’t figure out how to make battle royale
roflcopterkklol - 7 months ago
"we can't find a way to shake every dollar from your wallet while you play Bully so you can't have the game at all"
I fucking hate AAA games. You can tell these people don't care about making a fun game, all they care about is the money.
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis - 6 months ago
roflcopterkklol this isn’t new. Companies have cared about money since the 80s
roflcopterkklol - 7 months ago
Actually i take that back, they make sure to add the graphics. Wow did you see new game? So many pixels!!!! wow!!! Good game!!!
I'm Da Only G In Da Comments
Biggest let down in 2019
Timquan - 7 months ago
Yall know the only way to stop this is to boycott gta online. No Gta V story dlc, No RDR2 story dlc, a reportadly shorter Gta Vl story and now no Bully 2. And why is that? Because Rockstar/Take2 is interested in an online multiplayer service system. Where did that begin? Gta v online. If you really want to make a change do not support rockstars online endeavors do not play and spend money on gta online.
vernitico - 7 months ago
I’m so fucking pissed of right now!!!
MooSion - 7 months ago
This is just sad :(
MXNNIE - 7 months ago
I can’t even begin to describe how much this stings
Algernon Papadopoulos
Algernon Papadopoulos - 7 months ago
Damnit who's gonna walk me to the bathroom now?
NYR144 - 7 months ago
I don’t know why GTA 5 online is still going the way it is. To get in a race and other stuff takes longer than the actual event you play. That’s why I stopped playing GTA online. Red dead 2 online is perfect for load times but that gets old fast.
Tk17 - 7 months ago
Probably for the best, I would rather a cancelled game then a shit rockstar game tbh.
Yogie - 7 months ago
Max Payne 3 was such a beautiful, underated game. I really don't understand why no one played it.
Yusuf Polat
Yusuf Polat - 7 months ago
Bully didn't sell well because it wasn't on PC.
Lester Crest
Lester Crest - 7 months ago
I'm worried about the future of GTA. Grand theft auto Online feels like a 60 dollar freemium game.
drakeo bloody11
drakeo bloody11 - 7 months ago
you know why bully 2 will never happen??? cuz its a game about BULLYING !!! i know its crazy right ??? people are sensitive now more than ever about stuff like this, it's all about political correctness and social justice these days
ps: don't say gta is more violent and stuff like that, don't try to go through that logic with me, bully takes a realistic and more kid and teen friendly approach as to gta's over the top and ridiculous violence and that may cause people to be upset for no apparent reason other than a video game using bullying as a game mechanism
D'Maris Green
D'Maris Green - 7 months ago
StarCraft Ghosts looks like Betty Bad.
Chaz MaN
Chaz MaN - 7 months ago
A bully online game would be awesome I'd play it all the time loved the original bully game on ps2
Colm Lambe
Colm Lambe - 7 months ago
Man I am sad now
Wafflez-Man- - 7 months ago
Man this is just upsetting that they aren’t gonna make Bully 2. They don’t understand how great Bully is game every be like it...a lot of kids had so much connection to it...I still do after so many years man....I beat it over 5 times in Ps2 ,ps3 and ps4. Nobody cares for online....I would absolutely get it just for the story man....such a sad day for me and my brother we grew up with it.
Funnygamera1ex - 7 months ago
The main design guy from Bully and Sleeping Dogs is apparently working on a new Horror game. Could this possibly mean Bully 2 is once again at a halt. Or maybe HIS job is done with the game? Now just waiting for the actors to perform their scenes and all the other technical mumbo-jumbo to be set in place, and BOOM BABY! Announce it, Rockstar! You glorious bastards! /;D
Fudgyfish - 7 months ago
State of Emergency was alright, but the sequel was aids.
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