Doing Kesha's Makeup!

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Rabih Rouwadi
Rabih Rouwadi - Day ago
Honestly I love cannibal
Missy p
Missy p - 2 days ago
honestly Kesha is so inspiring
Shelby Wise
Shelby Wise - 3 days ago
James: I’m just going to use a little bit of concealer under your eyes-
Kesha: Please God
Molly Jimen01
Molly Jimen01 - 4 days ago
I have an alien skin flap too
Diana Fernández
Diana Fernández - 5 days ago
She is gorgeous
Stephanie Eno
Stephanie Eno - 5 days ago
Her fucking hair clip I'm dying
Garrika Art
Garrika Art - 5 days ago
Ugh I love them both so muuuchhh 💛
Lola’s Art
Lola’s Art - 5 days ago
Omg who remembers when Kesha preformed on victorious??
Mars S
Mars S - 5 days ago
James Charles could being Oprah onto his channel and I still wouldn't like him
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts - 3 days ago
Mars S then why are you on his channel lol
fluffy._.mashups - 5 days ago
she changed alot!
LPS galaxy
LPS galaxy - 6 days ago
dont say it.
dont say it!
dOnT sAy iTtT!!
DONT SAY IT!!!!!!!
tiK tOk oN tHe cLoCk bUt tHe pArTy dOnT sToP nOoOo
oOoo o o OooOOoo o o
Duffy Dragomirova
Duffy Dragomirova - 6 days ago
James you always know what make-up exactly match to a person !! 🥰🥰🥰
I'm a person
I'm a person - 7 days ago
Maggie and daycee
Maggie and daycee - 8 days ago
Are you still in school
Meowmew - 8 days ago
I also have an alien skin flap 😨
Aron Martinez
Aron Martinez - 9 days ago
Kesha is so friggin awesome 👌
Dandy Lions
Dandy Lions - 9 days ago
Ariana Grande WHERE ARE YOUU
Juan Bosco Prieto Martinez
Free kesha
Anneliese W
Anneliese W - 16 days ago
Next is Billie’s makeuppp
Bohemianwildone - 16 days ago
Kesha is just a ray of light 🌠
Bohemianwildone - 16 days ago
I'm a crazy cat lady too I have 4 cats too like kesha 😊
Genevieve McCumbers
Genevieve McCumbers - 17 days ago
I remember Kesha being on victorious
Zoey Miller
Zoey Miller - 18 days ago
I love Kesha my mom does too.
Audreine Joy Ojenar
Audreine Joy Ojenar - 18 days ago
I love you, Keshaaa! 🤍
Nida Aqif
Nida Aqif - 18 days ago
This is the first time in my life I have seen Kesha so peaceful and calm
Shannon McCarthy
Shannon McCarthy - 19 days ago
the closed captioning for “Kesha Rose palette” was “casserole” and i can’t stop laughing
Vane_Karin - 19 days ago
she looks really diferentt
Ghanou Ghania
Ghanou Ghania - 20 days ago
Ghanou Ghania
Ghanou Ghania - 20 days ago
طيحلي نطيحلم
Josephine Quieti
Josephine Quieti - 21 day ago
bro she's freaking gorgouse with and without makeup
A Pinch Of Stardust
A Pinch Of Stardust - 21 day ago
She's so iconic. Love her
niaa_hp - 21 day ago
O GOD Kesha is so sweet🍯
Cloudxy bxlla
Cloudxy bxlla - 22 days ago
I thought it was abby
Mishel Guzman
Mishel Guzman - 23 days ago
kesha is so adorable i love her
iamlilyandiamagirl - 23 days ago
Kesha: can you hit it?
Me at 2am:

viktoriavictory - 24 days ago
her freckles
Georgia Smith
Georgia Smith - 24 days ago
I love Kesha so much she is so lovely 💗🥺
Taryn - 25 days ago
Kesha is a man.... no way thats a woman..
Cottoncandy Pandagirl
Cottoncandy Pandagirl - 25 days ago
OMG I luv ur songs kesha OMG ur a queen
The Carter Edition
The Carter Edition - 25 days ago
Okay wow James ! Hit that note sis
Alessandra Poppa
Alessandra Poppa - 26 days ago
Her eyeshadows aren’t that pigmented, does someone agree?
Tenisia Pooi
Tenisia Pooi - 26 days ago
That's Kesha !!???
Umanga Ruhunage
Umanga Ruhunage - 27 days ago
the outro music is Bonkers Beat Club - Bird Flex
Bence Godina
Bence Godina - 27 days ago
How does sister James get all these amazing people to collab with him?
kazeem786 - 28 days ago
I love you so much James and Ke$ha
Katie Moore
Katie Moore - 28 days ago
Why don't you go live on tiktok ever
alexia kambouris
alexia kambouris - 28 days ago
Jeff A
Jeff A - 29 days ago
She's never looked better! Amazing work
Olivia’s Life
Olivia’s Life - Month ago
Omg u have to do billie eilish next!!!
Holly Guldenzopf
Holly Guldenzopf - Month ago
Kesha is so cute and adorable
Nazirali Usupov
Nazirali Usupov - Month ago
бок экен бул бала
Ezra - Month ago
Easily most iconic person of the 2010’s
Jane Smith
Jane Smith - Month ago
This is a sweet video but honestly ? Kesha is Shockingly Beautiful at the beginning of the video but looks like 1000's of other women at the end.
steph - Month ago
bruh kesha played on the radio as soon as i clicked on this
HypnoticLights - Month ago
Livin for this look oh god she looks so beautiful! This makeup is crazy amazing. I absolutely love it!!!
Anita Buluma
Anita Buluma - Month ago
she’s so cute
beautyspeakswithin23 - Month ago
Honestly if u talk less we would be to see ur work clearer
Aliejha - Month ago
Kesha’s face is so chiseled and defined. her eyes are so crisp and so green. it’s so beautiful.
Sara Campos
Sara Campos - Month ago
Wow I used to hate kesha, but somehow JC makes me like her... Why?
NoApplesauce Gentleman
How the fuck does his not have more views. Yeah everyone hates James but it’s KESHA! Like what!?
Romina Adams
Romina Adams - Month ago
i love her. she's so gorgeous
Libby Brown
Libby Brown - Month ago
How she said crazy made me feel so relaxed and I loved it lol
Michelle Lee
Michelle Lee - Month ago
A Evsen
A Evsen - Month ago
Love your channel so much!!! Thank you for doing this! I love these kind of videos. :)
jsx F
jsx F - Month ago
Drugs literally destroy her face sadly💔
Emma S
Emma S - Month ago
omg Kesha is literally so sweet!!
Ava Grace
Ava Grace - Month ago
I think we can all agree that Kesha is a GODDESS like she’s just so ethereal and I LOVE her
Luna - Month ago
It looks like she wants to cry.
ITS MY NAME - Month ago
wow she is so beautiful and kind
Err User Not Found
Err User Not Found - Month ago
That one eye screamed bi pride
jillian - Month ago
how gorgeous is she omg
Micky Ripley
Micky Ripley - Month ago
Tbh ppl that watch James charlels are sad
patti andrus
patti andrus - Month ago
I wish i could video chat you on facebook
patti andrus
patti andrus - Month ago
I am such a fan of you James charles you are such a good make up artest
Arwa Jaouhari
Arwa Jaouhari - Month ago
she is just so beautiful and inspiring
your video made my day literally
Alexa Mandes
Alexa Mandes - Month ago
This was such an amazing collab. Love this for Kesha
EyeLoveTage - Month ago
Anyone know what glitter he used here?
Hope Carr
Hope Carr - Month ago
I SO want a complete tutorial for this look!!!
I just received my Kesha Rose I Want It All Set today & I'm already in love with it! It's the best quality make-up I've ever owned...thanks to my mom 4 getting it for my bday!!
Nicky Lettau
Nicky Lettau - Month ago
Hey James, you should totally do Billie Eilish's makeup, I want to see what you would do and I want to see what she would look like and how she would react to the makeup
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