My Random Thoughts (Adam Edition)

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Elizabeth P.
Elizabeth P. - 10 months ago
Secret Salty Messages
0:39 -My videos keep getting demonetized for no reason
2:57 -This video will probably get demonetized for no reason too
3:10 -Now my entire channel's monetization has been turned off (it disabled when I left my MCN in Dec.)
4:57 -It's been a month now... I have made no money in the month of December.. and YouTube hasn't helped me yet.. Sent multiple emails..
5:44 -Great now Logan Paul is f**kin up...
6:10 -As you can tell I'm very salty...
I'm so sorry everything has been going wrong, Adam. I hope 2018 is going to be a better year for you and the channel.
(If I missed anything, just comment and I'll add the time stamp)
Jasten Isaiah Cabacungan
Jasten Isaiah Cabacungan - 11 hours ago
Logan already f***** up
JonasTheCrusher - Day ago
Elizabeth P. You forgot 6:17
john davitt
john davitt - Day ago
Elizabeth P. Should have read the comments :/ spent 20 mins putting them all together. That’s fine though. I wish the best Adam.
Abdulaziz Jebara
Abdulaziz Jebara - 3 days ago
Elizabeth P. I wanna comment before I can’t
Danielle Burns
Danielle Burns - 5 days ago
+Puppling S there is nothing on his shirt 3:54
SpaceDestroyer - Hour ago
Hidden messag on hunted house
Icy Fox gamer
Icy Fox gamer - Hour ago
Butterflys fly weird because they’re so light and the winds are little too strong for them
Mady Edusada
Mady Edusada - 10 hours ago
Who else got a got a victoras secret ad? LIKE WHY?!
crazydude - 13 hours ago
My name is kevin
Nerissa Allan
Nerissa Allan - 13 hours ago
What days lmao
Omar Garcia
Omar Garcia - 13 hours ago
"Karen! ....Go suck an egg karen"
Jason Baez
Jason Baez - 14 hours ago
3:52 best part
Annette Littrell
Annette Littrell - 16 hours ago
1:31 bad puns
Roblox Lover
Roblox Lover - 19 hours ago
3:53 *tryna hold laugh*
Psycho Girl
Psycho Girl - Day ago
as soon as i hear this question
Randy Bruineli
Randy Bruineli - Day ago
Does Mike wazowski wink or blink
Sean Rist
Sean Rist - Day ago
Horror Fan72
Horror Fan72 - Day ago
At 1:05 he is using his *LEFT* hand, but then at 1:11 he is using his right....
Zoe Lieneke
Zoe Lieneke - Day ago
I would blink again and teleport somewhere else
Bro The Bull
Bro The Bull - Day ago
Thank you,you are such a great person,just also month I was in the hospital and you helped me through,without you I'd probably be so depressed.
William Perry
William Perry - Day ago
the pencil thing when it doesn't write in one spot is just when theres glue on the spot so i doesn't work.
Cake Dog
Cake Dog - 2 days ago
My real name is Pierre
Mohtasim Farhanr Bhuiyan
Maya Shenai
Maya Shenai - 2 days ago
Every time I smell something bad I cough like I’m about to throw up
Zach Thompson
Zach Thompson - 2 days ago
1:11 Ethylene is OBVIOUSLY what makes bananas amazing.
A person u found Gamer
A person u found Gamer - 2 days ago
Kelly’s Studio
Kelly’s Studio - 2 days ago
Seriously?? L😂L
DrRoadrunner - 3 days ago
YeetYeet BeepBeep
YeetYeet BeepBeep - 3 days ago
Get down with the funky sound.

*insert Adam break dancing*
Fury chan
Fury chan - 3 days ago
Wet koalas are scary
Ragerous person
Ragerous person - 3 days ago
the next random thoughts will be domics's
LocoTaco1995 - 3 days ago
Okay gotta rewatch this for the saltiness lol
TofuDaTurtle - 3 days ago
You're the co- no, you're the over-exaggerative one. I'm thinking of Tom, right? Yeah...
KYLER BOOTH - 3 days ago
james made one too
Kyle Lin
Kyle Lin - 4 days ago
>Jaiden has joined the chat
>James has joined the chat
>Jaiden has left the chat
>Adam has joined the chat
>James has joined the chat
Nadiyah Saleem
Nadiyah Saleem - 4 days ago
You pinked 3 times before ending up in a different place
Jacob Pins
Jacob Pins - 4 days ago
when he said, "when ever you mess up what if you just would commit," i was like.... wow.... thats dark. Cuz i thought he ment commit "NoT lIviNg" LOL
Loralie Groucott
Loralie Groucott - 4 days ago
Did you see the masege
Raina topiwala
Raina topiwala - 4 days ago
YA guys wanna know my random thoughts .....when the 24 hour race car drivers drive for 24h HOW DO THEY NOT NEED TO GO TO THE BATHRROM?!?!?!?!
Medical Miner
Medical Miner - 4 days ago
Go suck an egg Karen
Jackson Cooper
Jackson Cooper - 4 days ago
Xboxy Boi
Xboxy Boi - 4 days ago

Martin Franks
Martin Franks - 4 days ago
3:20 is it just me who noticed that he had Sommon Cense written on his jumper instead of Common Sense?
TonyCheeseComics - 4 days ago
Ah. Don't shoot. I'm half privileged.
ItsJJ ROBLOX and more
ItsJJ ROBLOX and more - 4 days ago
You do know glue stops pencil so probably its glue
Sam Da Derp
Sam Da Derp - 5 days ago
I didnt get 3:52
Ryan Lu
Ryan Lu - 5 days ago
I like how Casper actually *HELPS*
red Lavander
red Lavander - 5 days ago
sans gamer
sans gamer - 5 days ago
2:11 this is brazil
xXx_n00b_slayer_xXx - 5 days ago
Lol i bet timtom is next
21 people at the disco potter
Slu mbz
Slu mbz - 5 days ago
6:05 *Oh hi dot on top of Adam so how was your day?*
snake eyes
snake eyes - 5 days ago
Adam you get more views than subscribers
Universe Cat
Universe Cat - 5 days ago
1:40. When I was younger and I woke up from dreams, I thought I had teleported. Every time I woke up, I had a panick attack at the thought of having super powers that I was unaware of. I also thought that my entire family would be like, “Where’d he go?” I worried that they would freak out because I suddenly disappeared. I also got scared because I was away from my family.
Katrina Gacha
Katrina Gacha - 5 days ago
You said James full names 😱
JustYourEverydayIdiot - 5 days ago
4:07 He said it was a long story then fully explained it in one sentence.
Samuel Moore
Samuel Moore - 5 days ago
One time I was roasting marsh Melos a forg jumped into the fire
Ranee Hoss
Ranee Hoss - 5 days ago
GET DOWN! *me break dancing*IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wonine da poh boor
wonine da poh boor - 5 days ago
"Get it"
Katherine MacMahon
Katherine MacMahon - 5 days ago
what is your favorite Disney character Adam
Layla White
Layla White - 5 days ago
Luís Rosas
Luís Rosas - 6 days ago
Chibi Potato
Chibi Potato - 6 days ago
for some reason I feel like adams character would look nice with a watch on
Adam Lama505
Adam Lama505 - 6 days ago
so your left-handed huh?
Usurpation Destroyer
Usurpation Destroyer - 6 days ago
Butterflies fly like that so they can escape from any predators.
So yeah
I guess.
Or just ask Google
It helps.
Echo The Royal Beagle
Echo The Royal Beagle - 6 days ago
Butterfly's aren't so innocent, they eat flesh, yah I learned dat
Puppyshot - 6 days ago
4:42 Look at that hoodie Word Change
high five the skylander dragonfly YT
Tanja Janecek
Tanja Janecek - 6 days ago
Bel1al Playz
Bel1al Playz - 6 days ago
I watched that long @$s end card.

Make more 3 minute end cards plz
AsrielAdam - 6 days ago
“Rip-off” I shall rip your random thoughts off fellow Adam!
Noah Holbrook
Noah Holbrook - 7 days ago
At ink joke
Noah Holbrook
Noah Holbrook - 7 days ago
I laughed
Dream. Spxce
Dream. Spxce - 7 days ago
2:28 actually in my theatre my teachers always say "if you fail make it EPIC."
Kailee Klindt
Kailee Klindt - 7 days ago
why is life life
Bobb - 7 days ago
This is my dad's birthday
Cactus Girl
Cactus Girl - 7 days ago
Are we not talking about 3:21 ?
*go suck an egg Karen*
(Btw I’m pretty sure she’s cheating h- I MEAN CHEERIO, from the camping video)
Cactus Girl
Cactus Girl - 7 days ago
Oh hey Karen
*go suck an egg*
MemE lord
MemE lord - 7 days ago
No.....................get it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Arctic Lava
Arctic Lava - 7 days ago
you might not have noticed that his shirt changed at 3:26. Look at the words on it.
Anonymous Animations
Anonymous Animations - 7 days ago
I saw the messages
connor Hill
connor Hill - 7 days ago
Fuk you Kevin
connor Hill
connor Hill - 7 days ago
Okay I have my own random thought what if dreams are just their own parallel reality not bound by the rules of Science of space or time self and then when you wake up you just instantly go back into your original dimension think about that
Maelstrom Animations
Maelstrom Animations - 8 days ago
oh and to comment on the 5:45 schedule......yeah Logan Paul F'd up big time, he lost a whole lot of fans after that one stuppid post that he um... posted while in a forest and uhhhh, I'm sure ya know the rest. Glad you and I have at least one thing in common, we both think that Logan Paul now sucks and is a jerk 👌😎
Crispo Philip Marquez
Crispo Philip Marquez - 8 days ago
ZUSEAROO - 8 days ago
1:05 SAME!
Gi Gi !
Gi Gi ! - 8 days ago
That pun was so bad tho
Max Woods
Max Woods - 8 days ago
1:46 I will freak the heck out
william argott
william argott - 8 days ago
4:46 oh god why did we both think micheal
RoseGacha YT
RoseGacha YT - 8 days ago
I guess you could say that pen wasn't very depPENdable
Team Grizzly Productions
Whoa wuh was happening oh I WILL SHOOT YOU IN THE FACE
KittensRCute Kittens
KittensRCute Kittens - 8 days ago
The end card was totally wrong about 2018.......
Kevin Hernandez
Kevin Hernandez - 8 days ago
Hey what tha hell did i do
I am a Ewok meme
I am a Ewok meme - 8 days ago
The pen one is so relatable mine does that so much
Šimon Tomko
Šimon Tomko - 8 days ago
5:40 they don't know they are dead and they are confused why are you throwing out their stuff, also they don't want random people live in your house. Imagine someone came to your house and started throwing out your things and moved in your house. That's what ghost see.
spyleach - 8 days ago
Bugs are attracted to lights because yes, they do follow the sun and moon.
jerry galvan
jerry galvan - 8 days ago
Moses Bar-Yoseph
Moses Bar-Yoseph - 8 days ago
2019 anyone?
Wanda Henderson
Wanda Henderson - 9 days ago
Luana BOGERS - 9 days ago
ohhh i understand...
*awkwardly moves in while chair creaks*
i made a wrong turn too...
hahahaha lmao
M Elle
M Elle - 9 days ago
The pen and paper thing omg! Same thoughts!
Dreaming Angel027
Dreaming Angel027 - 9 days ago
My mom's name is Janice and my dad's is Adam.

A_Nightcore_Fan ?!
A_Nightcore_Fan ?! - 9 days ago
Have u ever used a pencil and watche the pencil lead apper and go WHOOAAAAAAAA
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