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ThePianoGuys - 15 days ago
Get this song on our new album "Limitless"
Helena Smith
Helena Smith - Day ago
PowerOn YT
PowerOn YT - 3 days ago
i am the 70th reply i bought the album
Baiq Mita
Baiq Mita - 3 days ago
This is soooo beautifull, i was cried, so amazing!!! I love you BTS and the piano guys you are so amazing!!!!
Sharmili Adhikari
Sharmili Adhikari - 5 days ago
This is an extraordinary rendition of amazing song. Thanks guys! You made my day. Hopefully Jin of BTS notices this as well!
loly almaraz
loly almaraz - 5 days ago
jimin's jibooty
jimin's jibooty - 4 minutes ago
From someone who plays string instruments and the piano, i have never seen such a beautiful and perfect cover for beautiful song.🤧💜
Alexia Gabriele
Alexia Gabriele - 6 minutes ago
this song is sure to be in my marriage!
Quratulain Alam
Quratulain Alam - 8 minutes ago
can you guys please do titanic my heart will go on! you guys are soo talented and your music is beyond soothing
Permata Syarifah
Permata Syarifah - 33 minutes ago
Its so beautiful💜
mollie - Hour ago
Thank you so much for covering this phenomenal song. This song melts my heart and Jin would be so proud and ecstatic if he heard your rendition of his song💜💜💜
Kaia - Hour ago
This was beautiful.
loli Pop
loli Pop - 2 hours ago
Ahhhh this is the best thank uuuuuu
#Hogwarts is my home 4ever#
OMG!!So calmingg. LUV THIS MUSIC #ThePianoGuys#
suzane kuten
suzane kuten - 4 hours ago
I love it.....
ʍєɭє ɭǰ
ʍєɭє ɭǰ - 4 hours ago
I wish with all my heart that Jin notice this beautiful cover.
L- 97
L- 97 - 6 hours ago
بحطها في عرسي🌚❤️
Julia Paek
Julia Paek - 6 hours ago
I'm so proud of my BTS boys.
I can't believe that Piano Guys made a cover.
dieonada - 6 hours ago
Ok but how can we get them to play for bts while they sing this song bc I know that would get them so much $$$$$. Not to say you're not making money already and admittedly I dont know how popular you guys are or how much dough you're raking in but more is always better right??
Like...imagine them playing in the white suits and white cellos, snow (fake) snow falling from the ceiling and stage onto the audience, the vocals , bts in some extra ass white outfits too. I'm imagining it as a winter holiday show for some reason XD
Jennifer Ramses
Jennifer Ramses - 7 hours ago
Listening to this masterpiece on 13/12/18 😌❤
Lil Army
Lil Army - 8 hours ago
this bts song will be amazing. pls do it
Lil Army
Lil Army - 8 hours ago
woooow you're really perfect. that was amazing. pls spring day will be perfect. what do you think guys
nisa nisa
nisa nisa - 8 hours ago
yeahhhh all for spring day plssssss 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Nour mharzi
Nour mharzi - 8 hours ago
yeahhhh spring dayy
kawaii kawaiii
kawaii kawaiii - 8 hours ago
yeah spring day 💜💜💜💜💜 woooooooow
Vimhaseno Neikha
Vimhaseno Neikha - 9 hours ago
So soothing!! I am working on my thesis now and this song is my Jam. Great job guys...I only wish I could play as good as you guys do..
Chandler Miles
Chandler Miles - 9 hours ago
Yes yes yes yes yes YES! Thank you sooooo much!!!
Drink my Tae with Suga'r and eat my Kookie
Epiphany never failed to made me cry😭😭 and this version make my tears fall even harder
Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0
Cherry-soda-is-bae 2.0 - 13 hours ago
No way, thepianoguys?! Covering epiphany? :D
Ellen Platova
Ellen Platova - 14 hours ago
guys you are amazing ) love you
pjmkr - 18 hours ago
thank you 💜💜💜💜💜💜
Jessa P
Jessa P - 19 hours ago
Jea Colipano
Jea Colipano - 19 hours ago
It almost made my cry. It's soo beautiful. 💜 i didn't cry because my dad's here. I don't want to think I'm crazy. 😂
Stephen Ochwoto
Stephen Ochwoto - 19 hours ago
Awesome,,,, talent worth a trillion
boogiemie - 19 hours ago
The Piano Guys, you did it again! Been following you for many years since I was in school. And this is my favorite song from BTS, I'm so happy when I saw this in the thumbnail :')
Iris Rico
Iris Rico - 20 hours ago
Wow this sounds BEAUTIFUL
Jart - 20 hours ago
andi karya
andi karya - 21 hour ago
so i love me.....i love subcribes u....

Please another song BTS ballads
Lani Nusalawo
Lani Nusalawo - 21 hour ago
Love This...
인스톨 IT 채널
인스톨 IT 채널 - 22 hours ago
callme Nightangle
callme Nightangle - 22 hours ago
Love it.. The best💜
L iz
L iz - 23 hours ago
My future wedding song
mochi餅 - 23 hours ago
ジンのEpiphanyは雨の日に聴きたいけどThe piano guysのEpiphanyは狐の嫁入りから晴れた時に聴きたくなる
mochi餅 - 23 hours ago
The piano guysがBTSの曲を演奏してくださるなんて…!!!!美しいです…💜💜
Sofhia Rodriguez
Sofhia Rodriguez - Day ago
Excelente trabajo que alegría saber que personas como ustedes son los instrumentos tan maravillosos que nos logran trasmitir mensajes tan lindos como lo tiene está cancion de un grupo de kpop que amo y que agradezco que hallan abierto las puertas a nuevas ideas
Musica letras y sonidos que tal vez nunca nos dimos la oportunidad de escuchar pero que gracias a esto y mucho más no me arrepiento de amar la música así
Gracias chicos
More love ¡¡¡
Mi Yu
Mi Yu - Day ago
정말 연주가 너무 아름답습니다.
Cookieel - Day ago
My ears and soul are blessed.
Helena Smith
Helena Smith - Day ago
Bánh Bao Của SeokJin
Omg so good 😭😭😭💜💜💜💜❤❤❤❤❤
Annelise Bedan
Annelise Bedan - Day ago
*excuse me since when*
Wolfie Subliminals
Wolfie Subliminals - Day ago
Imagine getting married to seokjin and as you walk down the aisle this dudes started playing and you glanced at seokjin with tears in his eyes
Júllia Martins
Júllia Martins - Day ago
3 coisas que eu gosto em um vídeo só!❤️😍😍cello+bts+piano ❤️
79 Va Va
79 Va Va - Day ago
Paul Pak
Paul Pak - Day ago
Can you guys do a cover of "Avenger's Theme" song??
Please that's my only Christmas wish!
ARMY GIRL - Day ago
Que bello
Gabriela Pintor
Gabriela Pintor - Day ago
Someone play this on my wedding
It will make me the happiest girl ever my future husband better have this on our wedding
safa alshaarri
safa alshaarri - Day ago
My tears falling down when i hear this great cover😭😭😭😭
Milena Torbica Miloradovic
carabouja héhé
carabouja héhé - Day ago
Oh my god I love it so much !😱😍 Thank you I purple you 💜
sevgi ilhan
sevgi ilhan - Day ago
Jisung Park
Jisung Park - Day ago
This is so good 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
ongmomae 1
ongmomae 1 - Day ago
Thiss is sooo goooddd i can listen to this when i want to sleep tho cause it sound so angelic 😇🙂 BTW THIS VERSION OF EPIPHANY IS REALLY SUITABLE FOR WEDDING THO. YOU CAN PLAY THIS WHILE THE BRIDE IS WALKING DOWN THE AISLE 🙂
Angel Albellar
Angel Albellar - Day ago
I hope Jin could see this
He would be happy watching this😊😍
StanOt7 Xx
StanOt7 Xx - Day ago
Please this is so good 😭😭😭😭😭💜
Deb Schumann
Deb Schumann - Day ago
Muito perfeito
IDIE 77 - Day ago
Es tan hermoso
Bangtan Girl
Bangtan Girl - Day ago
Am i in heaven😍
Jessa P
Jessa P - Day ago
this is the best of all the covers I have heard!!

💜💜💜💜 Great Cover it totally blew me away 💜💜💜💜
Min Yoongi is a sleepy cutie
I legit heard Seokjin at 3:42 its giving me goosebumps omfg. I love Jin
Frankie Jeon
Frankie Jeon - Day ago
okay can someone but me a white cello
Koke- Aj
Koke- Aj - Day ago
This is so beautiful 😍♥️♥️
Rien Saptarina
Rien Saptarina - Day ago
Why it's so sad..
hyeul - Day ago
i'm actually tearing even more. First the original & now this cover?? This is beautiful. The vocal part touches me so bad. Thank you for covering Jin's Epiphany!! 😭😭
l l
l l - Day ago
I Have A Gun In My Bag
This became the music I listen to while studying. Thank you so much for this.
Yvonne Fu
Yvonne Fu - Day ago
oh my god the piano guys noticed bts !!!
abhineeta maram
abhineeta maram - Day ago
Is it just me or is this cover making the song more sadder?
잇진. - Day ago
Jin! look at that
Samia Saqib
Samia Saqib - Day ago
This would be an amazing song for an entrance to a wedding
꾹블리 - Day ago
Natsuki Ryuu
Natsuki Ryuu - Day ago
Casi lloro al saber que hicieron este cover, me duele, me quema y me lastima, pero me llena el corazón de una felicidad extraña.
Elii Romero
Elii Romero - 2 days ago
amo demasiado este cover!!😍
MiaCris Saven
MiaCris Saven - 2 days ago
OMG! OMG! I always love your work, and this is beatiful!! I love it!!
Emma Rose
Emma Rose - 2 days ago

this is awesome ~
América Guerrero
América Guerrero - 2 days ago
Hakuna Matata ;v
Hakuna Matata ;v - 2 days ago
Me encanto ♥ :'v
ourhideaway - 2 days ago
Someone play this on my wedding please 😭😍
Darianne Cabornay
Darianne Cabornay - 2 days ago
i love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
first is because you guys are my idol way back to your first video in youtube and im also a cello major in my school
second you play my Favorite Kpop boy group since 2016 i stan these bad boys so much to the point i practice so much just to play there songs... ❤️❤️❤️ thank you so much!!!
Faïza Fayouza
Faïza Fayouza - 2 days ago
L- emon
L- emon - 2 days ago
Words can't put how beautiful this is .
Kook Rolla
Kook Rolla - 2 days ago
i cant decribe that.
Aottg Fran
Aottg Fran - 2 days ago
BTS BTS! And Jesus Christ, my man ;) 💗
Nicole Palmer
Nicole Palmer - 2 days ago
It is such a beautiful song on its own but this cover is amazing. Let's just hope BigHit doesn't copyright them like they have a tendency to do.
Patricia Hermitaño
Patricia Hermitaño - 2 days ago
nice and cute ✨
taetae taurus
taetae taurus - 2 days ago
499 who dislike this is a dumb,this is beautiful.....
Emily Gee
Emily Gee - 2 days ago
Absolutely beautiful. I REALLY hope Jin sees this. He'd be so proud :)
jhey meruviachavez
jhey meruviachavez - 2 days ago
hermoso .tan relajante ; lo ame
Siona Kim
Siona Kim - 2 days ago
This could be on my wedding

With myself.....
Elii Romero
Elii Romero - 2 days ago
estos señores se merecen el cielo
vanshika thakur
vanshika thakur - 2 days ago
Imagine being one of the most underrated members of the group despite having so much talent. Heavenly visuals, magical voice and everything still so damn unappreciated. I'm so happy Epiphany happened to Jin so that atleast some of those people still sleeping on his talent realised how talented he is. He wrote the lyrics himself and gave life to those lyrics with his voice. Epiphany belongs to Jin. Thanks a ton to him for inspiring so many people to love themselves ♡
YamiY - 5 hours ago
Pssst, he didn't write the lyrics (Bang PD-nim did). But Jin put his heart & soul into performing that song and I've burst into tears all 3 times I watched him sing it live.♥ He truly does give life to this song.
Integra Wingates
Integra Wingates - 2 days ago
Im crying thnx
JKTß_19 - 2 days ago
I'm crying😭😭😭
I love this cover💜💜💜
Lia Misty
Lia Misty - 2 days ago
Oh! This is awesome thanks for this!!! I love it ≥3≤
Debra Ramachandran
Debra Ramachandran - 2 days ago
If Jin sang to this as an acoustic version of his song........ it’d be more magical than it already is. ❤️💜
Anchan -
Anchan - - 2 days ago
I want this at my wedding pls
Jun Ku
Jun Ku - 2 days ago
헐..실화....? I love this
MOCHI maria
MOCHI maria - 2 days ago
This was SO ADORABLE 😭💜💜💜💜
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