ThePianoGuys - 5 months ago
Get this song on our new album "Limitless"
Ey Mart
Ey Mart - 3 days ago
Thank you for this amazing job 😍😍😭😭👏👏 I'm Crying
劉德謙 - 17 days ago
When will you come to Taiwan?
Kevin Kim
Kevin Kim - 24 minutes ago
So emotional, beautiful play and music, deep crying from my soul
kpop anime
kpop anime - Hour ago
or god I love bts could get more please
Nabilah Firyal
Nabilah Firyal - 16 hours ago
I think these gentlement’s daughters are an army and begging to request one of bts song to be covered hahaaa
dolphin - 23 hours ago
Such a remarkable cover. I wish Jin can sing the song with these both talented men
sakimin sagita
sakimin sagita - 23 hours ago
Listen this, make me how be better to love myself.
#sorry for my .english
LeJINdary - 23 hours ago
Play this on my wedding and I will Cherish it
sharon chua
sharon chua - Day ago
Wonderful cover, I actually teared up while listening at 3:14. Both of you seem to be one with the music and really enjoyed playing the song which is a rare sight to see
Sarah Amjad
Sarah Amjad - Day ago
Seriously Jin would be happy after listening to this beautiful cover.
Jeonghan 1004
Jeonghan 1004 - 2 days ago
You should go to korea and do busking there.😁
Aiura L
Aiura L - 2 days ago
This is absolutely as beautiful as Jin's voice - and that's the highest praise I can possibly give. ❤
Also, can I just say how perfectly the ambience of this video complements the piece itself? Everything from the camerawork to the colours reflect the song's simple elegance. Wonderful!
DAN BI - 2 days ago
Hermoso 👏👏👏👏
Ey Mart
Ey Mart - 3 days ago
I'M CRYING 😭😭😭 This is so beautiful ❤❤👏😭😭😭
_가이다 - 3 days ago
It will be the music of my wedding✨
Melody X
Melody X - 3 days ago
Thank you so much for covering Jin (Kim Seokjin) of BTS’ cover of epiphany!! This was absolutely breathtaking, the music, the performance, the video - everything. This song holds a special place in my heart through its message and I know it definitely means a lot to other ARMYs and BTS themselves, too. I hope that people who are unfamiliar with BTS will be able to enjoy this song and the beauty of it through which you have portrayed so well.
Matilde Ossa
Matilde Ossa - 3 days ago
so cool ❤👍😊
Cathy Orr
Cathy Orr - 4 days ago
I love these guys so much....
카레엔단무지 - 5 days ago
처음엔 굉장히 멋있다 연신 감탄했는데 후반부에 울컥함..
afna syifa
afna syifa - 5 days ago
Verry beautiful. I always cry every time I hear it
Nur Yuki
Nur Yuki - 5 days ago
My lullaby 💕
Hansy Naoki Wang
Hansy Naoki Wang - 6 days ago
Ahh this cello always make songs ultra😭
Wanjin Kwon
Wanjin Kwon - 7 days ago
Ari michi
Ari michi - 7 days ago
Por favor no se mueran quiero que toquen en mi boda😢😍 cuando me case con taehyung 😍
Vivian Army_Tae
Vivian Army_Tae - 7 days ago
Muy Talentosos!!! ❤💜
愛ミルナ - 7 days ago
Okay so tomorrow I have a concert and I am playing the cello and the song is Epiphany. And I am sooo nervous about it...
Марина Ирина
mrabe - 7 days ago
Genius! Just add Jin to sing and it will take it up to a mind blowing notch.
v kyu
v kyu - 8 days ago
emagin if suga and jin did this too ..
Keshav dev
Keshav dev - 8 days ago
Words are not enough❤❤
MICHELLE AMADOR - 9 days ago
Bts and piano guys. I love u 3000
Zaaf Muns
Zaaf Muns - 9 days ago
I always come back listen to this cover
They organized every note so well
I'm sobbing
Greentea Tae
Greentea Tae - 9 days ago
Okay but the smiles when the melody came in got me right in the feels - looked so content and purely happy to be playing this song 💜😩🙌🏼
김은지 - 10 days ago
우와 피아노가이즈가 케이팝을...
Shahni Seokjin
Shahni Seokjin - 10 days ago
I WANT THIS VER TO BE PLAY DURING MY WEDDING😲😲😲🤤😍 *but I'm still 17 y/o tho😂
Areumi Haru
Areumi Haru - 11 days ago
epiphany is such a masterpiece
Марина Ирина
Марина Ирина - 11 days ago
Марина Ирина
Марина Ирина - 11 days ago
Debby Sahara
Debby Sahara - 11 days ago
The people who hit the 👎button..i guess their heart allready died.
Shekinah Eve Sagario
Shekinah Eve Sagario - 11 days ago
This is gonna be my wedding song.
박범진 - 11 days ago
plz come to korea😭😭
leejockey - 11 days ago
Smoothing melody line ❤️ now i can figure out that the original song is truly well made ❤️
이쁘띠 - 11 days ago
너무 아름답네요 고마워요 :)
Ginger Bae
Ginger Bae - 12 days ago
anjir feel nya dapet bgt
Adele Wirepa
Adele Wirepa - 12 days ago
so beautiful 😔😢
Nabilah Firyal
Nabilah Firyal - 12 days ago
Ive been watching the piano guys since 2015 and suddenly they’re playing my fav jin’s song im so surprised
Evangelina Glellel
Evangelina Glellel - 12 days ago
wow, i love your smile and your passion for the music ;)

And , it's me?, or i hear the Jin voice at the end? ,WHY ARE YOU AND THEM SO PRETTYYY AHHHHH

"YoOu Wordwile IN tHE HAnDsoME" ok stop
Jill Smith
Jill Smith - 12 days ago
I know that song BTS has done this song😍🤩🤘🏼😘💖
Sarah Park
Sarah Park - 12 days ago
BTS vocal line as string instruments:
V: Double Bass/Cello (Lower strings)
Jungkook: Viola
Jimin: (Stradivarius) Violin
Jin: Cello (Upper strings)/Viola
Han Hara
Han Hara - 12 days ago
Epiphany getting more emotional ㅠㅠ
Julia Leyley
Julia Leyley - 12 days ago
Jin needs to see this 😍❤💯🔥
Hart_Ba - 13 days ago
this song makes me think in heaven and the love of God for us. has saved me in times of temptation. Thanks :)
뷔밖에안뷔는아미 - 14 days ago
첼로 소리는 언제 들어도 좋다~~~ ^^  석진이의 목소리가 들리는 것 같아
Daniele Bagagim
Daniele Bagagim - 14 days ago
Maravilhosoooooo. ❤️
alto frio
alto frio - 14 days ago
Es lo más hermoso que escuche ♡♡
Princess Jinerella
Princess Jinerella - 14 days ago
The Tamaha piano is so damn expensive…I want one but I cannot afford
채Yheeya - 15 days ago
이런 음악을 들을수 있다니.. 고마워요.. 아름답네요..
Vivi Portela
Vivi Portela - 15 days ago
xingerVi Joe
xingerVi Joe - 15 days ago
Bobby da Cat
Bobby da Cat - 15 days ago
I saw the chelloist at owlchoral
Jeon Jung kook
Jeon Jung kook - 15 days ago
Omg so beautiful😍😍❤
Daxton Jones
Daxton Jones - 15 days ago
Juliana Almeida Paulino
Juliana Almeida Paulino - 15 days ago
A música já é incrível e tocada por vcs ficou maravilhosa! :)
young chan jin
young chan jin - 16 days ago
너무 너무 듣기 좋아 말이 안 나온다
carolyne santos
carolyne santos - 16 days ago
The official wedding march to the armys!!!
Thank you ThePianoGuys!!!!!!!!!
BLuEmARy - 16 days ago
Como es posible que a alguien no le guste esta hermosa melodía. 981 no me gusta? ☹️
ernestina - 16 days ago
playing this at my wedding sOME DAY BET
umang basantani
umang basantani - 17 days ago
Am i in heaven?
Sevil Akkuş
Sevil Akkuş - 17 days ago
kid-friendly review
kid-friendly review - 17 days ago
Im your number 1 fan in the philipines♥️i wish i will meet you guys someday♥️
ThePianoGuys - 16 days ago
We hope to tour the Philippines in the future! Thank you for being a fan.🎹🎼🎻
BlueMountain 2
BlueMountain 2 - 17 days ago
Enjoy our band together(시와그림과음악Band)
Vanessa Bangtanbiased 7u7
Me vale madres con quien me case, esta canción va a sonar en mi boda si por que si!
Wilhelm Herrmann
Wilhelm Herrmann - 17 days ago
Can you also please make beauty and the beast (Emma Thompson) until 22nd May 2019 ??
PS.: I am your biggest Fan! 💗 I love your Videos 💗
M&CDanceCover - 18 days ago
Beutiful ❤💕💕
TheSleepyhead1115 - 18 days ago
So dramatic and beautiful I love the climax!
Yeppeunnn - 18 days ago
A beautiful song made even better I'm in tears ;-;
TheSleepyhead1115 - 18 days ago
Spring Day of BTS.. please😊
김효주 - 18 days ago
ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 제가 제일 좋아하는 아티스트가 우리나라 가수의 노래를 커버하다니.. 진짜 너무 좋아요ㅠㅜ
Oriana Giménez
Oriana Giménez - 20 days ago
Oh my god. This is amazing!! I love this version. 😍❤
Trizzie zie
Trizzie zie - 20 days ago
this is awesome😤😤😤😊
Karime Escobar
Karime Escobar - 20 days ago
Hayyy me encantan ya se en donde usaré está bella melodía ahhh ya me quiero casar !!
Yoonmin Mah Lifeu
Yoonmin Mah Lifeu - 20 days ago
I'm the one I should love~~~
이승빈 - 21 day ago
방탄이 세계적으로 유명하긴하구나ㄷㄷ
Pofer Dukins
Pofer Dukins - 21 day ago
You should do a How to Train Your Dragon melody
Arizbeth Alsiris
Arizbeth Alsiris - 21 day ago
Esta es la canción que usaré para mi boda 💜
whenMANGblooms sodoWE
whenMANGblooms sodoWE - 21 day ago
dammit! i tried to make it through without crying, but that chorus *gets me* every time.
Dmitry Rotkin Acoustic Rush
kim taetae
kim taetae - 22 days ago
Hearing this song makes me imagine my self without Bts😢
jmcbln - 23 days ago
y'all are invited to my wedding
el zebre
el zebre - 23 days ago
Jenn Nichols
Jenn Nichols - 23 days ago
They both put such emotion into their playing, and Steve just puts on the most beautiful smile every time he plays. As beautiful as their music! 😊
Garrison Jessop
Garrison Jessop - 23 days ago
Hey just throwing an idea out there. Please do an Avengers/Marvel soundtrack, I think there's lots to work with and it would be awesome to see and hear. Would be perfect for End Game.
pia Prña
pia Prña - 23 days ago
No mms!! esta canción me encanta !!!mis instrumentos favoritos y además es la canción de un integrante de mi grupo favorito (BTS)
Rocio Martinez
Rocio Martinez - 23 days ago
i loved this song , thanks !!!! 👏 i wanna playing the piano like him !!!!
Chim Chim
Chim Chim - 24 days ago
Jin should hear this, he would be proud...
Sinclair Keyes
Sinclair Keyes - 24 days ago
BTS my live ok
BTS my live ok - 24 days ago
Thank 😭😭😭😭😭
Yulia DN
Yulia DN - 25 days ago
Please..cover Jamais Vu by BTS (Jin,Jungkook,J Hope) too..
Kim tae ji
Kim tae ji - 25 days ago
Its so peacefulllll.... I love it !!! It still have JIn's voice.... Good Job guys!!
黃翊庭 - 25 days ago
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