4 Levels of French Fries: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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Husse - 7 hours ago
I might sound like a complete idiot but WHO TF EATS FRIES WITH APPLE SAUCE!?
Shy Bitch
Shy Bitch - 15 hours ago
The level 3 chef has beat chef bobby flay
MollysMoshing TankCrew
MollysMoshing TankCrew - 22 hours ago
*what monsters puts sauce ontop of the fries! that's a cardinal sin yo!*
Master_Simp - Day ago
Y’all doing too much
Mobile Dakotaz
Mobile Dakotaz - 2 days ago
This level 3 is just... bad
Roshni Nanda
Roshni Nanda - 2 days ago
Those two cooks are cooking the same day n this chef has done the prep 5 days ago how unfair it is.
Jbee M14
Jbee M14 - 2 days ago
Samantha Godard
Samantha Godard - 2 days ago
raymond resuello
raymond resuello - 2 days ago
One of these days the level 3 chef will be Gordon Ramsay
yumetorou - 2 days ago
Why does the food scientist look like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter?
Unique Jay
Unique Jay - 2 days ago
Level one had a good point when she said "it may be a longer process but you don't have to fry them twice" or something close to that
Andrew McDonald
Andrew McDonald - 3 days ago
wheres frank😔🥺
GB junk YT
GB junk YT - 3 days ago
By the time chef 3 was my mom and she was done with the fries I wouldouve died of hunger because I wouldn't have ate in 5 days
Hannah - 3 days ago
anyone else missing lorenzo
Chadx M
Chadx M - 3 days ago
....ketchup was mentioned....emily entered the chat...
Angie Clare
Angie Clare - 4 days ago
I thought the girl in the yellow shirt was level 1 because I wasn’t paying enough attention so when she started making her sauce I was thinking damn she should be a level 2.5 chef she’s killing it... then I realized she’s a level 2 chef! She did awesome!
Elizabeth Gavel
Elizabeth Gavel - 4 days ago
I about cried seeing her put raw flour into her sauce...
Elizabeth Gavel
Elizabeth Gavel - Day ago
@ツDounia Usually when you make a thickener you cook off the flour in butter or a type of fat before adding anything else, otherwise it'll have a raw flour aftertaste.. or that's what I was taught.
ツDounia - Day ago
you can cook away the flour taste and it serves solely as a thickener 😊
manojav pal
manojav pal - 4 days ago
Y'all may have not tried Chef Palak's recipe. Give it a shot and see your mind change
Ángela Calvo Ríos
Ángela Calvo Ríos - 4 days ago
Bring back Bianca, she's fun! :D
Arvinda Comacho
Arvinda Comacho - 4 days ago
NOOOO no one adds the fires then the oil that lvl one chefs does not know what she is doing GOD NOO
Ryuu Takumi
Ryuu Takumi - 4 days ago
I can’t believe she made it with applesauce kdkdkxkxkxkxkxx
Mr. O
Mr. O - 5 days ago
Level 1000: so we are gonna invade the Americas to get the freshest and most original potatoes.
Fiqry Br
Fiqry Br - 5 days ago
Son : mom i want french fries
Level 3 chef : see you next week
Umar Sulton
Umar Sulton - 5 days ago
Shallots, not onions.
Joshua Lewis
Joshua Lewis - 6 days ago
I think palak got osmosis wrong.
The water moves from the potato to the salty water till the water in the potato and the outside water are of the same concentration.
Osmosis is the movement of the solvent, not the solute.
The salt doesn't go into the potato.
hyuckra. - 7 days ago
the level three lady eats weeiirrrddd food
ariana beckerley
ariana beckerley - 7 days ago
What’s wrong with frozen fries !
drink up
drink up - 7 days ago
Why does the level 3 chef looks more like a doctor than a chef?
Achasha Harte
Achasha Harte - 9 days ago
Imagine waiting 5 days for fries.
Hey Sophia C.
Hey Sophia C. - 10 days ago
Ok but the food scientist looks 12 ngl
Yanis Hissette
Yanis Hissette - 10 days ago
Why french, fries are coming from belgium 😂
FairyAngie - 10 days ago
Palak and Frank are the most entertaining to look at because they're the happyest :D
KILLER 109 - 11 days ago
“Hey mom can you make fresh fries”
“Yeah let me go freeze the fries”
phahim - 11 days ago
Level 3 Chef Seriously!!! 5 Days wait to have my Chips? I dont know how long she is going to take to slow cook lamb.. Months?
IKONxIKONICS140915 Ikon - 11 days ago
Five days? FIVE DAYS AGO??? Why if I want for today then not ?
Lucas Frost
Lucas Frost - 11 days ago
Call me level 0 , i just go to McDonald's
Ana Isa Rodriguez
Ana Isa Rodriguez - 12 days ago
the level is a lie all of the chef are pros in theyre own way
gfefbvj - 12 days ago
the level 2 chief is soooo annoying
mm -
mm - - 12 days ago
Wait a sec, Nacho fries???? @06:15
Fakes - 12 days ago
Epicurious: how much frank memes do you want?
*Me: yes*
MaMMOTH - 13 days ago
Level 2 is the best
MaMMOTH - 13 days ago
Level 1 and 2: says name
Level 3: i am born from a mutant imbred family, also my brother is my aunt.. I have been chef for 698 yrs also
adipsous - 13 days ago
Forget these three. This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0j9GGW6KsAo is the way. I made them last week. Turned out excellent.
Not Cursed
Not Cursed - 13 days ago
why does the food scientist (level 4) look straight outta bratty sis
Julian Scott
Julian Scott - 14 days ago
I’ve never fried them twice, they’re always fye no matter what.
Michael Levin
Michael Levin - 14 days ago
is the level 2 chef name Khadijah or Khadjiah?
i think the editor typed her name wrong...?
Shy Bitch
Shy Bitch - 15 days ago
Level 3 chef is so cute
NotSkitten - 15 days ago
Level 0: so first im walking to mcdonalds...
Buffie Nguyễn
Buffie Nguyễn - 15 days ago
I’m not sad, I’m fermented
viraltaco - 15 days ago
"Nothing is gonna make you happier" You're right, all along I was wasting time with heroin when I could just have eaten french fries. The more you know. (Don't do drugs)
MaxNCheese - 15 days ago
me, level 0 chef : yes so first get your wallet then proceed to walk to mcdonalds-
Fabio - 15 days ago
Fries arent nachos.please don't ruin them
Stanley Long
Stanley Long - 15 days ago
Tbh I wouldn’t want level 3 fries. The L1 and L2 look really good
Kshitiz Sharma
Kshitiz Sharma - 16 days ago
uuuuurrrbs. That is how they say herbs.
krish Shah
krish Shah - 16 days ago
Netflix and chill 😏
rxmmafiayt - 17 days ago
Omg just go to the Mc'y d's
Fernando Aispuro
Fernando Aispuro - 17 days ago
Did she put tajin on the fries ? Tf
Sarah Aljufri
Sarah Aljufri - 17 days ago
I love khajdiaaah recipe , easy and yummy
mythirdchannel - 17 days ago
Oooooh, I am liking what Palak did, I am WAY intrigued about what fermented fries taste like, and that apple curry sauce looks amazing! I am sure it'll be great with other dishes as well. This is right up my ally! Not to mention that I can never get russet potatoes where live, but I can get my hands on red skin potatoes with no trouble at all - perfect.
johanna sampang
johanna sampang - 17 days ago
I like french 🍟 yummy
LordOfTheaShortaBus !
LordOfTheaShortaBus ! - 18 days ago
There are no men where is the diversity
mohammad medy khalil zadeh
They should taste and rate eachothers food
Arvid Borgström
Arvid Borgström - 18 days ago
i like how the level 2 chef says like everything in sing-song voice
Emmanuella Obeng-Kyeremateng
What happened to fries, ketchup and fried chicken
Dem0 Evan24
Dem0 Evan24 - 19 days ago
Did she say I’m going to put herbs and parsley but isn’t parsley a herb
Ricky Anthony
Ricky Anthony - 19 days ago
Anyone else thought level 1 girl's fries looked the best on the plate?
Master Oogway
Master Oogway - 19 days ago
learn how to say herb/herbs there is an h there its not erbs
NVS79 soewono
NVS79 soewono - 20 days ago
I like Lorenzo and Frank
GamingwithKen - 20 days ago
To be honest, i thought level 1 was going to use Pre-cut fries-
Vikram-Aditya Bowry
Vikram-Aditya Bowry - 21 day ago
This food scientist looks like she needs to be ID'd. Also, how is it four levels if the food scientist doesn't cook but only yaps?
Clelie W.
Clelie W. - 21 day ago
i need to know the instagram of the food scientist
Clelie W.
Clelie W. - 21 day ago
Khadijah won my heart because she add onion on top her sauce, THE INTELLECTUAL
deleted4109 - 22 days ago
This was a mess
shukree norfleet
shukree norfleet - 22 days ago
I don't understand the apple sauce
Riya Philo Johnson
Riya Philo Johnson - 22 days ago
Palak in Hindi means "spinach" , but also means "eyelashes" and after 26 years of speaking this language I find that wierd now.
J Christopher
J Christopher - 23 days ago
Is that a bug crawling across the food at 11:24
wesingtogether - 23 days ago
to chefs #1 and #2 as a customer, i really dislike the frenchfries being served with the sauce on top. let me decide how much sauce i want on the frenchfries.
Stefano Gomez
Stefano Gomez - 23 days ago
I feel like the food scientist is going to be an astronaut when she turns 16.
Carly Wesson
Carly Wesson - 23 days ago
I wish Emily was in this, if she was she would cover them in ketchup
Aotula Pongen
Aotula Pongen - 23 days ago
I like how the level 3 chefs name is Palak. Yo! her parents named her Spinach y'all!
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