What we learned 3 months after moving in together 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼

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Ashlyn Harris
Ashlyn Harris - Month ago
where did you get that cow print wallpaper?? it’s beautiful and i want to put it up in my house!
Sophia Mina
Sophia Mina - Month ago
spock is cute :)
Ela Šakanović
Ela Šakanović - Month ago
hello, its me alex
hello, its me alex - Month ago
Spock is cute
hailey marie
hailey marie - 2 months ago
soo cute!!
Maya Gerretsen
Maya Gerretsen - 2 months ago
Maya Gerretsen
Maya Gerretsen - 2 months ago
can you guys do a house tour please!
Marsha Lau
Marsha Lau - 2 months ago
It's amazing how you guys are so young but so mature. You guys seem to have an amazing, healthy, balanced relationship it's so rare for such young people. You guys have an amazing future ahead of you!
Eshrak El Sisi
Eshrak El Sisi - 2 months ago
Spock is cute ❤️
Eva Fuentes
Eva Fuentes - 2 months ago
Whenever Youtubers talk about sponsors I don't even care, but when they have sponsors, I will literally try and buy the products because I trust them so much.
Eva Fuentes
Eva Fuentes - 2 months ago
They are the definition of relationship goals.
Fran Skulj
Fran Skulj - 3 months ago
When Ryan said sharpening their mindsets, my brain auto filled it and said knives 😂
CatZ - 3 months ago
Have y’all farted in front of each other yet? Cause I definitely feel that it’s another stage in a relationship. Gotta take the good with the bad parts of human nature. It would really suck for you if you were sitting there 5 yrs down the line and your still sitting in the corner with a stomach ache 😖 cause your afraid to let it rip.
Mallory Huff
Mallory Huff - 3 months ago
Spock is cute
Nicole Nicole
Nicole Nicole - 3 months ago
"one and a half month"
"two months"
"three months"
kate thompson
kate thompson - 3 months ago
spock is cute
Nathaniel Potrepka
Nathaniel Potrepka - 3 months ago
Have you tried Casper?
Lillie Wilkins
Lillie Wilkins - 3 months ago
He CaLlEd HeR BaBy?!?!? awhhhhhhh i mean i figured they did but they’ve never showed it🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Abby Smith
Abby Smith - 3 months ago
"Spock is cute"
Sydney Rose Jackson
Sydney Rose Jackson - 3 months ago
I'd be intrested to see a video on both of your religious beliefs and values. I know Haley is Christian, but than I see her do stuff that's not necessarily within the christian values (like moving in with your boyfriend or marrying somebody outside of christianity). I'm not judging at all, it would just be super interesting to get an in depth conversation regarding that issue. If they were comfortable of course. :)
Just Jaren
Just Jaren - 3 months ago
Who’s here after Ryan proposed?
Karen took the kids
Karen took the kids - 4 months ago
10:16 "Uhhh what else baby?" AWE THAT WAS SO CUTE
MichelleYourBelle - 4 months ago
Spock is cute.
Arwyn Gallardo
Arwyn Gallardo - 4 months ago
Spock is so cute:)
Alexandra Cole
Alexandra Cole - 4 months ago
So does haleys mom live with them
Sean W
Sean W - 4 months ago
Why not? They have guest rooms/apartment for her lmao, and 8 dont think she wants her mom to be alone
Isabelle - 4 months ago
spock is cute 🥰
fairiegives - 4 months ago
The Journey of Mia
The Journey of Mia - 4 months ago
guys you are fucking engaged now
masonrobins 4
masonrobins 4 - 4 months ago
liv haugen
liv haugen - 4 months ago
spock is cute
Amy Watts
Amy Watts - 4 months ago
spock is cute
Matthew Johnston
Matthew Johnston - 4 months ago
Do a furnished house tour! please 🥺
taylor potter
taylor potter - 4 months ago
little do they know.................
ella cascone
ella cascone - 4 months ago
ryan saying “sleepover” is so cute
Lily Kelsey
Lily Kelsey - 4 months ago
spock is cuteee 💗💗
Tooka Nimmes
Tooka Nimmes - 4 months ago
I was hesitating about subscribing...but once they mentioned blasting worship music I was sold 😂
surf&skate_ forever
surf&skate_ forever - 4 months ago
"spock is cute"
surf&skate_ forever
surf&skate_ forever - 4 months ago
at first i thought the background was a green screen 😂😂
Grace Anastasia
Grace Anastasia - 4 months ago
im late but everyone was against them in their house tour but like now they have been living in it, everyone is completely cool with it. personally, i have always admired them getting a house so young and trusting their relationship and it is something i want. i really like how people are respecting their decision and its normal now. i really look up to them.
William’s Outdoors
William’s Outdoors - 4 months ago
Ryan please make more “How to make money while quarantined” videos!!! They are so, so, inspirational!!!
Demoy's View
Demoy's View - 4 months ago
Spock is cute
Bob Gamer
Bob Gamer - 4 months ago
Spock is cute
Chaa :D
Chaa :D - 4 months ago
so happy for y'all but where is a man like this for me
Jaden Tonner
Jaden Tonner - 4 months ago
I love this a lot
LaFrenchMademoiselle - 4 months ago
Spock is cute.
Isabella Vogel
Isabella Vogel - 4 months ago
spock is a cutie
Melania Prestvik
Melania Prestvik - 4 months ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Love the intro❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
123 123
123 123 - 4 months ago
Haley’s not being able to talk about emotions is very relatable.
skater - 4 months ago
ive wanted a purple matress for so long
Liam MacMahon
Liam MacMahon - 5 months ago
the background hurts my eyes
Taylor Tot
Taylor Tot - 5 months ago
I love how the ppl who were hating on them have kept their mouths shut now. See how much they are wrong. Triapham will live on FOREVER
Ashalia .s
Ashalia .s - 5 months ago
Nawwww 🥺 I love when Haley said she wakes up to Ryan’s worship music ✝️ I love that so much!! ❤️❤️
ZeroRequiemDC - 5 months ago
Hehe curve balls 🙃😛
Martyna Victoria
Martyna Victoria - 5 months ago
Spock is cute :)
Hayley Allcock
Hayley Allcock - 5 months ago
spock is cute !!!!!!!!!!
Mo - 5 months ago
Spock is cute
madeline landsberg
madeline landsberg - 5 months ago
what city/state do they live in??
Im-3kpat - 5 months ago
Who else thought the background was a green screen at first
Gabryel Otteson
Gabryel Otteson - 5 months ago
spock is cute
Caleb Vogel
Caleb Vogel - 5 months ago
They bought a house in stage 1 of a relationshop
FekSneK - 5 months ago
At 13;57 i really thought haley said fucking little
bailey - 5 months ago
Wait, so is Ryan a Christian also?
b4bii ’
b4bii ’ - 3 months ago
he never really claimed if he was or not, just that he respects her decision because of her religion.
Sean W
Sean W - 4 months ago
Yeah lol, if he wasnt he would've had sex already
josephine gray
josephine gray - 5 months ago
Spock is a cutie patootie pie
STELELEP - 5 months ago
I have a purple mattress :))
Finding_ Dory
Finding_ Dory - 5 months ago
“Spock is cute”😂
Instinct Washy
Instinct Washy - 5 months ago
Spock is cute
grace - 5 months ago
spock is cute actually tho he is
Jane Laurent
Jane Laurent - 5 months ago
Spock is cute
Beatriz Santos
Beatriz Santos - 5 months ago
That background is making me really uncomfortable omg
Ella Cardona
Ella Cardona - 5 months ago
Good for you guys!😁🥰
Delsa Brouff
Delsa Brouff - 5 months ago
I know that this might be a little bit of a personal question but since you guys are saving it until u get married do you sleep in the same bed? Also I absolutely love you guys (Spock even more maybe) ♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎♡︎
Zay - 5 months ago
Spock is cute
Prince Henry The navigator
The background is making me dizzy 🥴 😂
Kira Faun Andersen
Kira Faun Andersen - 5 months ago
Thank you so much for your wonderful amazing example. I love that you’re waiting until marriage because that’s a goal of mine too. I love your tips on getting over arguments. Thank you so much for being a great couple and example to me and others.
Ana Bonilla
Ana Bonilla - 5 months ago
Spock is cute 😘😊
Gracie Paton
Gracie Paton - 5 months ago
Kristin Hays
Kristin Hays - 5 months ago
this video makes me super excited to move in with my boyfriend in a year ahhh 🥰
Leslie Mora
Leslie Mora - 5 months ago
Spock is cute ngl
Dominykas Valavičius
Dominykas Valavičius - 5 months ago
Spock is cute
Tiffany C
Tiffany C - 5 months ago
Spock is soooo cute! Love that pup!
bria hershey
bria hershey - 5 months ago
you should do a video on relationships and arguments and advice on it
GABRIEL Narvaez - 5 months ago
Spock is cute
Brian Alvarado
Brian Alvarado - 5 months ago
Spock is cute
Cate Taylor
Cate Taylor - 5 months ago
I’m so happy that these comments are actually supportive. Unlike the video when they actually bought the house.
Sparkle Squad Roblox
Sparkle Squad Roblox - 5 months ago
Spock is cute

And so d u guys
Yosef Imani
Yosef Imani - 5 months ago
Spock is cute
Maddison Chin
Maddison Chin - 6 months ago
Ok but why/how did Purple send u a bunch stuff? Like were u guys sponsored by them in a past video or is this video the sponsorship
whatdoing - 6 months ago
Spock is cute
My Idea
My Idea - 6 months ago
This is random but you guys should try a vegetarian challenge for a week
DiamondDragon63 - 6 months ago
Jeez the comments on this video are so much nicer, finally I don’t feel shitty scrolling through the comments
Rohan Whitaker
Rohan Whitaker - 6 months ago
Spock is cute
Rohan Whitaker
Rohan Whitaker - 6 months ago
I really liked Haley’s hair when it was shorter
Madi Feder
Madi Feder - 6 months ago
I’m a 6 on the enneagram (super connected to my emotions and self-aware) and my girlfriend is a textbook 7. Since we started dating 2 years ago she’s started to talk about / acknowledge hard emotions so much more, and even started therapy a few months ago and it has helped so much! Idk if you do anything like that but it’s been so great for her :)
Kellsie Rease
Kellsie Rease - 6 months ago
A third of my life wont be sleep if my ultimate, final goal in this eternal struggle is to succumb to the youtube algorithm and never have human recharges.
Doctor Choco Pie
Doctor Choco Pie - 6 months ago
00:40 find yourself someone who looks at you the way he looks at her
Doctor Choco Pie
Doctor Choco Pie - 6 months ago
00:40 find yourself someone who looks at you the way he looks at her
Nadine M
Nadine M - 6 months ago
Stage 2:moving in
marisalawee - 6 months ago
0:09 turn the captions on 🤣🤣🤣
2 Ayden23Smith 3
2 Ayden23Smith 3 - 6 months ago
I can relate with Ryan on the Madden thing.
syd b
syd b - 6 months ago
They are so cute and they will get married that’s not a promise that’s a threat
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