What we learned 3 months after moving in together 👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏼

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Paul Monks
Paul Monks - 7 hours ago
Why didn't your mum move in?
b dubs
b dubs - 2 days ago
Can you please make a video about waiting until marriage and the difficulties you face?
4ever749 - 4 days ago
i'm not religious or anything but i want to live with you guys
Adrianne - 5 days ago
Haley and ryans relationship is my dream. You can wake up everyday with the guy you love without having to worry about being pressured to do the nastys until marriage.
Julie Kelly
Julie Kelly - 5 days ago
Spock is cute
Becca Ricci
Becca Ricci - 6 days ago
the word you were looking for was Quirks lmaoo
Erik Perron
Erik Perron - 6 days ago
you had me at worship music Traphamily. Love you guys, praying for fruitful blessings over you guys and your pha...sorry, families. Road trip to Vegas!! Let's go to church!
Meagan Dekker
Meagan Dekker - 8 days ago
spock is cute :)
Ava Clark
Ava Clark - 8 days ago
spock is so cute
Adelaide Gray
Adelaide Gray - 8 days ago
spock is cute
Kaytlynn Banks
Kaytlynn Banks - 9 days ago
Tbh their relationship used to seem so fake to me but this video really makes me not think that anymore
Cassie Martin
Cassie Martin - 11 days ago
spock is cute
Mary Katherine Simrell
Mary Katherine Simrell - 11 days ago
Hey Ryan just curious. Is there any reason you haven’t put a ring on it yet? Y’all have the marriage lives but you’re not married. Any reason for it?
friedchicken - 11 days ago
Y'all have grown so much I'm so proud of you both.
thabela Kanu
thabela Kanu - 12 days ago
If you break up I might have to sue
Braxen Butler
Braxen Butler - 12 days ago
I wish to be successful as them when I’m their age 🥺 it’s perfect
Ms. Bonin
Ms. Bonin - 14 days ago
I have NEVER heard Haley laugh like she did when they were talking about the potato 😂🥺
Pokehero77 - 15 days ago
“Spock is cute”
Pascale Hage
Pascale Hage - 15 days ago
you guys should get one of those dog brushes that looks like a regular brush, and brush Spock with it. i have a dog witch the same fur like hum and it makes him soooo fluffy!!!
JoshuaCowellTV - 16 days ago
I feel like Ryan isn’t as excited as he is in his other vids.
behind the scenes of kc
behind the scenes of kc - 16 days ago
spock is cute
Johnna M
Johnna M - 16 days ago
I was glad to see this video up! For a second I was worried something happened since they stopped posting here. I love to see them growing together. :)
Katelynn Marie
Katelynn Marie - 17 days ago
anyone else keep getting distracted by the backdrop lols???
Cillian •
Cillian • - 17 days ago
worship music? bruh thats cringe
Eshani Mathur
Eshani Mathur - 18 days ago
Spock is cute 💕💕
Bbbd Bdbddnd
Bbbd Bdbddnd - 18 days ago
You guys would have cute babies wink wink
Hania Abdelhafez
Hania Abdelhafez - 18 days ago
This is so wholesome I love it
Jojo Dicke
Jojo Dicke - 18 days ago
spock is cute
Nika Murko
Nika Murko - 18 days ago
Where do they live?
Emma Rodabaugh
Emma Rodabaugh - 19 days ago
Your back ground is tripping me out lol! Cute video.
Claudia Gray
Claudia Gray - 19 days ago
I think this just might be my dream house
gaby arias
gaby arias - 19 days ago
2:54 - 3:06 AW OMG
Rebecca Samudio
Rebecca Samudio - 19 days ago
spock is cute
Ruby Nethercutt
Ruby Nethercutt - 19 days ago
im so happy for both of you :) you guys have grown so much Iove it
Brandi Shea
Brandi Shea - 19 days ago
I’ve been with my bf for almost 5 years. We’ve lived together for two. (And basically lived with each other but not for the year before) even have a baby. And I’m stilll learning so much about him. You’re always learning about each other.
Personally? I think you should live with someone and (I understand if you want to wait until marriage) have sex before marriage to know how compatible you are with each other!
Xitlaly Santos
Xitlaly Santos - 20 days ago
Guys guys, this is a perfect example of a healthy relationship 🥺I love ya both❤️
Sergio Ochoa
Sergio Ochoa - 20 days ago
Natallz14 - 20 days ago
Do you guys have separate rooms? Or do you share a room ?
Ayah Aldalaley
Ayah Aldalaley - 20 days ago
The wall in the back was so triggering... sorry couldn’t watch the whole thing.
Mike Skaggs
Mike Skaggs - 20 days ago
Spot is cute
Larissa Masi
Larissa Masi - 20 days ago
Is Ryan a Christian too? Or are they interfaith? Just wonderinnnnn :)
Dinae Kelly
Dinae Kelly - 20 days ago
I think y’all meant each others “quirks” ?? 😂😭
Izabell McKenna
Izabell McKenna - 20 days ago
spock is cute
samwilbur - 21 day ago
I’m happy that you guys are happy
Shelby Trix
Shelby Trix - 21 day ago
Ryan’s already a dad 😂
Lost Girl
Lost Girl - 21 day ago
this was the cutest most wholesome video I have ever seen
Colt Kirwan
Colt Kirwan - 21 day ago
Spock cute
caitlin hannah
caitlin hannah - 21 day ago
basically the best way to describe this video is: 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Karolynn McKinstry
Karolynn McKinstry - 21 day ago
Hahaha hagbe
Hahaha hagbe - 21 day ago
Can you post more please x
Emma Thomlinson
Emma Thomlinson - 21 day ago
spock is cute
100 subscribers with one video
You guys are the best im not gonna rush you but you guys should get married!!
tapchik - 21 day ago
Couple goals
Ella Beans
Ella Beans - 22 days ago
When they first moved in together, a lot of people doubted this idea. But you guys have come a long way and built a good relationship together!
Sam Yaza
Sam Yaza - 21 day ago
come a long way? It's been a few months.
Kierre Shelton
Kierre Shelton - 22 days ago
spock is cute
Amanda Cheatham
Amanda Cheatham - 22 days ago
spock is cute
Hunter Beckmann
Hunter Beckmann - 22 days ago
Spock is cute
Kylie Carrasco
Kylie Carrasco - 22 days ago
Is it just me or did their intro kinda sound like the ACE family’s but the ending is a little different 🤷🏽‍♀️
juliana lucena
juliana lucena - 22 days ago
the background 🥴🥴🥴
Nicole Kirby
Nicole Kirby - 22 days ago
spock is cute
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