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Is Dak Prescott worth $30 million for the Cowboys?
Erik Hopkins
Erik Hopkins - 4 months ago
Cowboys won not necessarily because of Dak .. everyone knows that zeke is the engine of the Cowboys. That being said, $30 million is the going rate for quarterbacks. Bottom line, SIGN the darn contract!!
m Ì k É.! 1
m Ì k É.! 1 - 5 months ago
Addicted To Boxing
Addicted To Boxing - 9 months ago
@Ron Daugherty only from the Cowboys
Ron Daugherty
Ron Daugherty - 9 months ago
Let's make this simple gentlemen.......is Dak worth $30M.....no. Can Dak get $30M+... yes. End of discussion.
Alex G
Alex G - 9 months ago
No, I dont think he'll even be starting in a few years.
Emmanuel Amadi
Emmanuel Amadi - 8 days ago
Damn...let matthew stafford lose in silence let him lose in peace....damn
Shelton Armstrong
Shelton Armstrong - 24 days ago
Kevin McRae
Kevin McRae - 5 months ago
For sure he is worth 30 million ....
For a hundred million year contract
supa fog
supa fog - 9 months ago
dak worth more than 30mill. i rather the cowboys have dak than tom brady
Blake still in the game
Blake still in the game - 9 months ago
Dak worth about 30$ per year
G.M. Carby
G.M. Carby - 9 months ago
The one time ill ever agree with rob parker
Manila Kid
Manila Kid - 9 months ago
Case in point, the Seahawks paid Wilson the big QB money, they haven't reached the superbowl since. Brady and Rodgers are the only QBs worth the big bucks since they can win with less. Can't say that about other QBs.
Paul Peretti
Paul Peretti - 9 months ago
Jerry, give dak and zeke their money
Adam Garza
Adam Garza - 9 months ago
Just get rid of the salary cap. Enough with socialism.
Zach - 9 months ago
Dev B
Dev B - 9 months ago
Greg the new skip
Alex G
Alex G - 9 months ago
As an eagles fan I've been praying they sign dak long term Overpaying 5 fold would make it 100 times better.
Eric Sampson
Eric Sampson - 9 months ago
Just here to see how many people still brainwashed into thinking sports is real 🤦🏾‍♂️
Gun GunFighter
Gun GunFighter - 9 months ago
dallas management has lost ts mind, i'm a old school Cpwboys fans and belive the better deal would have been for them to trade him to ny giants for Eli Manning who is still a good qb and makes better decisions. daks is young and hopefully get s better bt black qbs dont really cut it in the nfl period big financial lost for the cowboys
Carlos Ramos
Carlos Ramos - 9 months ago
BAD contracts have ruin the NFL them expensive contracts keeps tickets prices at an all time high hard working people cant afford them tickets t HF ats why lots of football stadioms nowadays are half emty.
Carlos Ramos
Carlos Ramos - 9 months ago
Carlos Chavez
Carlos Chavez - 9 months ago
Remember what happened with Colin with the 49ers thats what gonna happened with the cowboys
Christopher Phillips
Christopher Phillips - 9 months ago
They pay a qb if he wins and he has won. Zeke is the contract. Trade him for a top pick.
Scott - 9 months ago
The QB market is insane. Average players get insane money.
Mark McCuistion
Mark McCuistion - 9 months ago
Parker is a Cowboy hater but I have to agree with him here.
Ray Thompson
Ray Thompson - 9 months ago
Tom Brady and dak has most wins in past 2years yes yes pay him 30mil
james beachem
james beachem - 9 months ago
I am tired of media with their game manager moniker. If you win give them their respect. But I think Dak is doing this because he know the Cowboys are under the gun with Zeke and season.
Norlee G
Norlee G - 9 months ago
Why because he's black? Come on we've seen new quarterbacks get more and haven't even thrown a football in the NFL while Dak has taken loser Cowboys to playoffs better than Romo who was there way too long getting paid higher higher. Come on man stop hating. Every time it pertains to a black player's salary everybody has to hate. No one ever asks this for white players. Dak has been way under paid already at 500 Gs a year , female UFC fighters make more in 30 seconds leave Dak alone.
Vincent Hernandez
Vincent Hernandez - 9 months ago
He can't win a Super Bowl and demanding that "child get real"
Christopher Laughlin
Christopher Laughlin - 9 months ago
But Cousins is worth what he gets paid? Umm okay
Big Ticket 21
Big Ticket 21 - 9 months ago
Undisputed’s bench mop better than Second Take!
jaimi dominguez
jaimi dominguez - 9 months ago
I hate the Pats but doesn't Brady ,make 18mill if anyone deserves 30 mil its Brady
Chris Racer
Chris Racer - 9 months ago
Cowboys are scfrewed if they have to pay Dak that. Dak needs that line He needs Cooper he needs Elliot without them he will be exposed.
rude rood
rude rood - 9 months ago
brady gets 23 mil this year. who ya take?
Joshua Watkins
Joshua Watkins - 9 months ago
No, especially when the backup QB is better.
rayt - 9 months ago
Jaime Sierra
Jaime Sierra - 9 months ago
This would be way better if chris Broussard was the moderator.
DNIC - 9 months ago
Who is this dude for real?!!! Worse dude on tv!!!
Steven Roberts
Steven Roberts - 9 months ago
Ppl still watch foosball. Worthless bread n circus.
Y Not
Y Not - 9 months ago
♠️🤛😉👌Oneself must 1st learn, only how to become responsible for their own self worth's, and how to keep their little creepy hating hands aways from the other mans back pockets.🤔yep🤒🙌 😳👣👣

🤑🙌💰🙌😒foh 👐☻ 🐾🐾 😂🤣👍
Austin Ebner
Austin Ebner - 9 months ago
Kirk is better than Dak. Kirk has thrown for almost 5,000 yards on a garbage Redskins team and has thrown for over 4,000 yards 4 times. Dak... 22 touchdowns 3 seasons in a row.
Sneaker O1ogist
Sneaker O1ogist - 9 months ago
Anyone else not like Rob Parker or care for his opinion?
John William
John William - 9 months ago
is Dak Prescott worth $30 million for the Cowboys?...……… "No Way No How!..." "is it 30 million in Pistachios"
Jondavid Bristow
Jondavid Bristow - 9 months ago
Rams shut down the running game in January and Dak couldn't carry the team to a win
$24 million a year max
ggaccentc - 9 months ago
Rob Parker needs to eat some more protein and wash his face.
William Demby
William Demby - 9 months ago
Jerry Jones wishes it was 1993 with no salary cap so wouldn't have to make hard decisions.
Howard Koch
Howard Koch - 9 months ago
None of them are worth what they are getting paid
Paj Pob Tsuas
Paj Pob Tsuas - 9 months ago
When you play for the Dallas Cowboys you should be one of the highest pay player.
Juan Casillas
Juan Casillas - 9 months ago
Did this guy really say James Winston this guy must have raided a dispensary before coming to this show. Winston may be on his last year in Tampa
Juan Casillas
Juan Casillas - 9 months ago
I guess Baker Mayfield should ask for 90million a year lmao if he wins a SB
TheRealfan1 - 9 months ago
Dak Prescott would take cap space away from better players.
gregntx73 - 9 months ago
What gets me is that all of these so called pro's commentating about him turning down 30 mil. contract is that they know that the guarantee money is where most of these contracts have problems they can offer dak 50 mil a year but if the guarantee is only 5 then why would he sign
craig sherman
craig sherman - 9 months ago
The moderator looks like he gets Lego sets for Christmas still.
Iowa LawDawg
Iowa LawDawg - 9 months ago
Dak didn't win a playoff game against the Seahawks in January? Idiot
My Top Picks
My Top Picks - 9 months ago
Go ahead pay Dak the money so you can't pay other players in which Dak needs to be on the team to win. Dak can't carry a team, Dak is smart and stupid at the same time, smart for asking, stupid for acting like he can carry a team.
ming Li
ming Li - 9 months ago
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Dak...worth 30 mil?? Bahaahhaha no.
The NFLfans Podcast
The NFLfans Podcast - 9 months ago
Matt Ryan-30 mil
4 lesser QB’s-28 mil
Dak-28.5 Mil
Vic N
Vic N - 9 months ago
I think he should get paid because of the reality of the salary cap today. I get Parker’s points and do think Dak should take that into consideration because right now he needs Coop and Zeke to achieve success. Good play = good endorsements = more money
Jake Hood
Jake Hood - 9 months ago
If Jerry Jones didn’t want to be in this position he should’ve given Dak an extension 2 years ago when they let Romo retire before the Garapolo, Stafford, and Cousin’s deals were penned in ink and set the market.

That man won 2 NFC East division titles making less per season than backup QB Tom Savage is making riding the pine in Detroit. PAY THAT MAN
Daylon Burks
Daylon Burks - 9 months ago
Rob Parker is so cringe to watch
Rodolfo Wehrhahn
Rodolfo Wehrhahn - 9 months ago
Host has a girly voice....downvote
LIBERTY FINDER - 9 months ago
dak is worth 30 mill -- over 10 years , he stinks
inhumanjoey310 - 9 months ago
Dak is not worth 30 million and he turned it down lmao. If Zeek doesn't play Cowboys are 4-12
Mike Muhl
Mike Muhl - 9 months ago
Rob is the only guy with any brains at ALL!!! these other too are morons (I'm sorry calling them morons would be an insult too morons) dak sucks period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kenny Kenny
Kenny Kenny - 9 months ago
If being a cowboy isn’t a big enough privilege to cancel out like 3 million a year than Fck you get tf up outta here🤝
David Jones
David Jones - 9 months ago
Just pay em..romo didn’t have a problem gettin paid wit his two playoff wins 😂😂💀..idk why jerry never wants to keep tha ppl he needs
Alex Alvarado
Alex Alvarado - 9 months ago
Rob just a hater
tramar parker
tramar parker - 9 months ago
Man dak deserve his money i nvr heard a debate if a white qb deserve their money ...nobody said nothing wen jimmy g got his money nd he ddnt accomplish shyt 🤦
Sensations Of Music
Sensations Of Music - 9 months ago
Just because other teams make bad decisions and overpay doesn't mean you should.
tbrayden3 - 9 months ago
Lifelong Cowboys fan. Frustrating watching offense struggle to move down the field and score with Dak’s short passes. Their defense really helped them out last year, in terms of forcing FGs instead of TDs.
colbyproductions - 9 months ago
For once I agree with Rob Parker
joeyrko1 - 9 months ago
Been a die hard cowboys fan since day one, and just gotta say Dak is loco for not taking the 30 mil. Can’t throw the team on his back and he knows it and that maybe why he wants more cause he knows the chance to really get paid may NEVER come again. Still searching for Aikmans replacement in my opinion
Kenneth Watson
Kenneth Watson - 9 months ago
Just for fun, what does Dak get offered on the open market if the Cowboys just cut him? I honestly would be surprised if he signed for 20 anywhere else. He is in a super situation for his skillset. Can he win without a generational RB talent? Can he win without an arguably top 7-8 WR? Without an historically talented O-line? Pay him 32-35 million and i believe we find out the answer is a resounding "NO."
EMVY 45 - 9 months ago
Y'all tripping he already turned it down and wants 40 mill for never getting past the 2nd round
clearthoughtz - 9 months ago
These cornballs had little to nothing to say about Cousin's contract or the the contract Detroit gave their quarterback, but religiously speaking against Dak. Dak is better than Philly's quarterback in every aspect and the they justify that injury QB contract by stating "upside." GARBAGE
Idris Amao
Idris Amao - 9 months ago
He can't throw the ball
Ueno Ocean
Ueno Ocean - 9 months ago
Dak is a starting quarterback that gives his team a chance to win super bowl, pay him. Sam Bradford & Mathew Stafford been getting buckets of $ for years while being injured. Dak's 1st bucket
Dr-Pepper - 9 months ago
If dak Prescott is worth 30mill then Floyd Mayweather must be 50mill?
Lob_Wiggle - 9 months ago
They brought out the second team
clifton goodwin
clifton goodwin - 9 months ago
Pay that man!!! No one talks about those POS white QBs making millions!! 2/3 Division titles already surpassed Romo!!! 28 million for 49ers QB!!!! Kirk Cousins!! Dak will not regress and we will hit the playoffs again!!!
Allen C.
Allen C. - 9 months ago
Dak should get the money. The bar has been set is exactly the point. Pay me...like you pay them
Proud Veteran
Proud Veteran - 9 months ago
No player is worth 30 million. 3 million tops for these legions in there own minds
Phyllis Eldridge
Phyllis Eldridge - 9 months ago
Cowboys & Lions Q.B is on the chopping block to play all season & to get deep into the play offs.
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