My Wife Destroys My $100,000 Truck with a CrowBar

Bobby C
Bobby C - 12 days ago
Hollywood spends millions of dollars on props that get destroyed all the time. How is this any different?
Emanuel Brister
Emanuel Brister - 15 hours ago
Hollywood is immoral, so you be immoral, right!
Marko Matijevic
Marko Matijevic - 18 hours ago
Hollywood paints body of junk car and do action scene.Like all other cars in movie accidents but the orginal car survive moust of time.
Austin Kilgore
Austin Kilgore - Day ago
Maurice Playz I was entertained
stoney renegade
stoney renegade - 2 days ago
@Durox Kilo yea another point is that if you truly were not materialistic, why would he have so many things. A ton of trucks and other machines. This guy is no different then Logan Paul and others, he just appears more humble because he's on a farm some of his other videos of him trying things were actually funny at least. This video was not funny. Everyone knows what happens when you smack a truck body with a crow bar
Maurice Playz
Maurice Playz - 2 days ago
Does he look like fucking Hollywood ? I mean really this was a beyond beautiful truck and this guy does this for what ? To literally make No one laugh or be entertained. this is just cringe.
Mike T
Mike T - 9 hours ago
Imagine destroying a truck just to get views....
kid redneck
kid redneck - 9 hours ago
You to go hell
Mo__Money __
Mo__Money __ - 10 hours ago
Your are so unappreciative.
The game Potato
The game Potato - 11 hours ago
i think your wife is too nice to you whistlin
Ivan Chavez
Ivan Chavez - 13 hours ago
Destroy it!! I hate these sema style useless trucks!!!!!
Lpahan Cocmad
Lpahan Cocmad - 13 hours ago
joe mama
joe mama - 14 hours ago
The best was the ford washer fluid bukake on her
Lane Pro
Lane Pro - 14 hours ago
You’re stupid man why would he destroy a truck like that
Emanuel Brister
Emanuel Brister - 15 hours ago
He's the serial killer type, him and that crazy bitch of his. He probably whoops her ass. This is one of those rapper man type white boys.
Emanuel Brister
Emanuel Brister - 15 hours ago
Nobody cares but you, that's why you spend all of that money to prove how much you dont care.
Gage Frazier
Gage Frazier - 15 hours ago
Jack Fallen
Jack Fallen - 16 hours ago
Not my truck, Not my problem. So I don't care like you butt hurt people do
DUAL FORCE 04 - 18 hours ago
lol I think the other fans where just sending hate just so they get more vids
DUAL FORCE 04 - 18 hours ago
Lol they doing this because of y’all you can’t get mad now you did that
Harry Styles
Harry Styles - 18 hours ago
The truck looks better then before lmbco
Howard Skeens
Howard Skeens - 19 hours ago
damn man its upsetting that people can’t mind their own business and things like this happen because of it, maybe one day they will learn🤦🏻‍♂️
V. 480.i
V. 480.i - 19 hours ago
Could of just gave the truck to a subscriber (:
Vasile Stoica
Vasile Stoica - 21 hour ago
Why dooo why fuck i fill like bad for the car noooo fuck🤬🤬🤬
George Herrera
George Herrera - 21 hour ago
Not even a rich person would do that
Nic Carney
Nic Carney - 14 hours ago
They do all the time, bc they don't know how to change oil
romona balesar
romona balesar - 21 hour ago
Elevated Studios
Elevated Studios - 21 hour ago
If it was a dodge iter be fine...
Oleg Sabaschnikov
Oleg Sabaschnikov - Day ago
вопрос, зачем???
El Anonymoram
El Anonymoram - Day ago
Guy recording thinking " can I just have the truck".
Liam O'Malley
Liam O'Malley - Day ago
you are an idiot.
Thunder ace
Thunder ace - Day ago
Colbie Robertson
Colbie Robertson - Day ago
Your completely Fucked in the Head !!
Nicholas McElveen
Nicholas McElveen - Day ago
If they ever get divorced she is fuck Cz she can’t key his shit he would just laugh !😂😂😂
иван иванов
Ben200269 PS3
Ben200269 PS3 - Day ago
and why would the people who built this care😂 like they got payed to build it
Glenda Duboise
Glenda Duboise - Day ago
Bro why would you do that I would take care of it
CCLIV CXSH - Day ago
What a fucking idiot
Larsthebesst More stuff
Plz do destroy the Chevy

See I’m smart reverse psychology
sgtfatboy1 - Day ago
That'll buff out
Your brother up in This bit
Limited that tells us how longe this truck will run
American Trucker Dylan
Love your channel and you destroying trucks but I honestly thought you would’ve kept this one nice. I loved that truck.
charles rutan
charles rutan - Day ago
Wat are you doing to that chruck dum dum dum dum
Matt Jones
Matt Jones - Day ago
Pay it forward!!! All the money that is wasted can be put to good use. There is more enjoyment in life than doing that stupid stuff!
Rodney Calahan
Rodney Calahan - Day ago
What a prick...
gear heads 4 life
gear heads 4 life - Day ago
You guys need to make FORD commercial
SmokeEater 501
SmokeEater 501 - Day ago
Child’s play 😂 I would’ve got some extrication tools and turned that bitch into a damn convertible! That would’ve made for some awesome muddin too, topless and take all the doors off!
Justin Lattimore
Justin Lattimore - Day ago
Well where I'm from this truck would be BIG FLEX because its not something we see everyday. I wasn't a fan of jacked up trucks until I seen this beautiful piece of shit. Keep the vids coming brudda. 💯
ebrahim saeid
ebrahim saeid - Day ago
You want to sale the truck??
Joe Citri
Joe Citri - Day ago
When ignorance, stupidity, lazyness, attention needed, and bad image for the rural america, vicious, meets COVID-19.
Definitely ingested something to provoke brain normal operation.
Did Duramax send you a check to destry that Powerstroke.
Start thinking as a role model.. Not as a you. You have young followers.. OMG
titties rcool
titties rcool - Day ago
Official YouTube Commentator
What a douchebag.
Joshua Enns
Joshua Enns - Day ago
So many haters, yet you all came here to watch this video...
I enjoy watching this guys stuff
momorain - Day ago
Says it’s broken but for me it looks still like it’s running and driving just fine
JUST WATCH - Day ago
Bodie Wilkerson
Bodie Wilkerson - Day ago
Imagine Giving the truck to someone in need instead of destroying it! That would make more of a difference than wasting money. Some people shouldn't be RICH!
Bodie Wilkerson
Bodie Wilkerson - Day ago
@Ford Pot Sad!
Ford Pot
Ford Pot - Day ago
Only reason he’s rich, is from destroying on you tube
Larry Martel
Larry Martel - Day ago
These 2 morons deserve each other.
erreseis1 - Day ago
It’s only money! Nobody cares! 👍🏻
Ur २०५
Ur २०५ - Day ago
I wish I had money to waste doing dumb shit like this
STANDOFF 2 - Day ago
Berserker93 - Day ago
Im ok with this. Most lifted SEMA trucks are hideous
Amond Aragon
Amond Aragon - Day ago
This kills me
Cameron Anderson
Cameron Anderson - Day ago
Yall stupid af
Billy Cagle
Billy Cagle - Day ago
Wow..first time I watched this guy's videos..complete idiot.
Briana Smith
Briana Smith - Day ago
i feel soo bad for the truck
Hadley Poe
Hadley Poe - 2 days ago
How does he afford to do that
Alex Hernandez
Alex Hernandez - 2 days ago
Dodge beds are plastic LOL
Michael Franco
Michael Franco - 2 days ago
I hate you people
Billy Coke
Billy Coke - 2 days ago
quit hating on him because that is why he goes and detroys his trucks
Jose Morales
Jose Morales - 2 days ago
This video sucks seriously
Recking cars only .dammm
LokimonWasHere - 2 days ago
I enjoyed watching you destroy the shit out of your car, can you make a video of you beating your wife next I'd really appreciate it.
stoney renegade
stoney renegade - 2 days ago
All the people defending this stuff are more" cringey " than the people against what you are doing. I don't care much personally and I Don't shed tears when you smash things. But if too many people start doing this(I suppose there already are)...then is says a lot about modern socioty. I think it's actually meterialistic still. Most guys who wreck stuff on YouTube don't seem to care about anything but their wallets and views. They All the haters of you're haters (fanboys) will just kiss you your butt and call me and other poor and stupid. Which is what a snob would do. Call someone poor and stupid because they don't agree. Or the other I'm famous fanboys call out :"why did you watch the video then blahh blahh blahh, nothing better to doooo huuu bud ".click bait attracts everyone. All this being said, whistle seems like a good guy and a descent person. He's not an asshole or anything like that. It's just his fanboys that prompted me to write this. I just lauphed hard watching his 20 foot wheels video. THAT was frikin funny
Last point, it's good to not care about trucks! It's also good to be humble. Humble people don't do this. Or do they?
Martin Štancl
Martin Štancl - 2 days ago
Ok.. Im fucking mad for this guy.. fucking beatiful truck.. and he ruins it.. he dont care about money and all the stuff.. looser.. i hate you..
Jim Dandy
Jim Dandy - 2 days ago
Goes to show the viewers how thin the metal is these trucks
Samson Mbicha
Samson Mbicha - 2 days ago
Labarum duniya
Amanda Treacy
Amanda Treacy - 2 days ago
go ham on that ahit
Jim Me
Jim Me - 2 days ago
This guy is a bloody idiot
John Gotti
John Gotti - 2 days ago
>> When you’re a “Content Creator” without any “content”
WiFe DeSTroYs $10000000 TrUCk
What a fucking waste of oxygen..
emilio varela
emilio varela - 2 days ago
This shit is fucken stupid rich YouTuber just bored fuck him and his channel
chance k
chance k - 2 days ago
Limited like this trucks ac
KYNG CAS - 2 days ago
This man is lit🔥😂
Espo Films 143
Espo Films 143 - 2 days ago
If u ask me this guy is an asshole for destroying a nice truck like tht just another rich asshole not giving a shit about nice things bet he would give a shit if he was broke.
Hunter shepherd
Hunter shepherd - 2 days ago
Dude I hate fords but that's a nice truck why in the world would you destroy that awsome truck you idiot
GIRTH BROOKS - 2 days ago
His wifes ugly as FUC but then he's CRATER FACE LOL!!!!
Brendan Morgan
Brendan Morgan - 2 days ago
Hey new go cart
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