6 Christians vs 1 Secret Atheist

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VampirFink - 54 minutes ago
3 white males left
xKnight 28
xKnight 28 - Hour ago
Frida Ramirez
Frida Ramirez - Hour ago
I knew it!
Cimone Snyder
Cimone Snyder - 3 hours ago
It's weird... Why would Christians play a game of judgement for a prize of money?... Feels off.
K41Z3R101 - 3 hours ago
Andrew: God allows me to realize that there is more than just me.
Erin: That's not vegan
Kickboxing4Jesus - 3 hours ago
Wait so they called themselves Christians but dont even follow jesus's laws by trying to find lgbt friendly churches instead of pushing away homosexuality.
TALI TV - 3 hours ago
27 seconds in to the video and I guessed Andrew to be the atheist. Idk why but as soon as he introduced himself I immediately thought it was him
SCAR GAMES HD - 3 hours ago
It’s funny because grace goes to a church with a queer priest. That’s not a good church sorry I would leave it asap. Homosexuality is a sin. Hate the sin love the sinner. Nobody is born gay.
Aaliyah Edwards
Aaliyah Edwards - 3 hours ago
Anyone else notice that most of them were wearing vans???
clarinet108m - 4 hours ago
Mormon is strict? Interesting. I’m a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.. and I do not feel it’s strict at all.
Reagan Bond
Reagan Bond - 4 hours ago
Any church that encourages homosexuality is poisonous and evil and is not right in the way of the lord
chazzzy420 - 5 hours ago
6 Idiots
Emaleigh Coreyann
Emaleigh Coreyann - 5 hours ago
Tony looks like he could be the third chain smoker
Paper Digit Dolls
Paper Digit Dolls - 5 hours ago
Andrew is def the odd one out, but brandon needs to CHILL.
mmrjmusic - 6 hours ago
6 Deaf people vs 1 hearing person
Paper Digit Dolls
Paper Digit Dolls - 6 hours ago
Did they say? Mormon? Was strict? I'm confused.
Snazzy Life
Snazzy Life - 6 hours ago
“Hi I’m the mole” I KNEW IT
Rad Dude
Rad Dude - 6 hours ago
you cant be gay and christian cuz thats a sin and sins are gay
Maria Alzhrani
Maria Alzhrani - 6 hours ago
Do a Muslim one plz
Jada Pettaway
Jada Pettaway - 7 hours ago
Erin: So what's your name ?
Christian: James..
Erin: tHaTs nOt cHriStiAn
Zarina M
Zarina M - 7 hours ago
This is like mafia lol
Carline Lovely
Carline Lovely - 8 hours ago
Y’all should do Kpop
BigDolton - 8 hours ago
“I grew up in a strict church”
“Oh what church is that?”
“I grew up a Mormon”
Group cringe “oh”
FJSP JEI - 8 hours ago
Max Schmidt
Max Schmidt - 9 hours ago
At least it wasn´t as obvious as last episode...but still obviouos
Abby Wetmore
Abby Wetmore - 9 hours ago
Somebody: Well I go to church and...
Erin: ThaTs nOt cHRisTiaN
wadha A
wadha A - 9 hours ago
Two white men trusting each other and gang up against other gender and race
zombiepixlez gamer
zombiepixlez gamer - 9 hours ago
They should do 6 christians vs 1 pagan
Tea Tsuneko
Tea Tsuneko - 9 hours ago
Ciara’s story about her church I never knew and I thought it was beautiful
Gacha._. Fire
Gacha._. Fire - 10 hours ago
I did the same thing as Andrew I got baptized but I didn’t do it for me I did it to be popular and I realized that it didn’t matter so I go as atheist
Prince Jeng
Prince Jeng - 11 hours ago
This series is basically the mafia game lol
jordan ceniseros
jordan ceniseros - 11 hours ago
Hi can I please get Brandon’s number?????
Rosemary Haireka
Rosemary Haireka - 11 hours ago
Angels aren't disfigured human beings....demons are. Angels are SPIRITUAL BEINGS
Alieza Renee'
Alieza Renee' - 11 hours ago
So because you haven’t been to church, you aren’t a Christian? Yuck
Pepsi man
Pepsi man - 11 hours ago
if u were here last ep then u will no that's not vegan
Mikie Gutansky
Mikie Gutansky - 11 hours ago
Does anyone else this that Andrew looks like the chef from Ratatouille?🤣
myforever13 - 12 hours ago
I thought it was him.
OOPS - 12 hours ago
Andrew, man. He takes money instead of God. I hope he comes back to faith but it hurts to see him accept cash and turn his back to God.
Godly_Gamer - 12 hours ago
Andrew looks like he took 5 grams of coke his eyes lolololol
Summer Palm
Summer Palm - 12 hours ago
MediaC - 12 hours ago
Absolutely nobody:
Nobody in the entire universe:
Erin: ThAt'S nOt VeGaN1!!!1!11
raktor5000 - 13 hours ago
Is that the same Andrew who was in Allt för Sverige??
Miya Atherton
Miya Atherton - 13 hours ago
Did anyone else realise they voted all the ethnic people off first?
Erik Hamilton
Erik Hamilton - 13 hours ago
People in the comments: ARtiSts cAn’T bE CHrIstIaN
David, writing Psalms, a book of poetry and songs of praise: Wait wut
Blake Roberts
Blake Roberts - 13 hours ago
Jokes on you. Not a single one of those people are Christian 🤣
ExtraCub - 14 hours ago
These people aren’t really great Christians tbh. I mean it’s literally a sin to be LBGTQ.
Bushi Pop
Bushi Pop - 14 hours ago
I think it’s the guy who looks like bill nye the science guy
Keziah Brown
Keziah Brown - 14 hours ago
You can’t be a Christian and be LGBTQ, period - and the fact that one of them said that they were trying to find a church with the right sermons means that they only want to hear things that sound appealing to their sin.
As it says in Leviticus 18:1-5 - God speaks to Moses by telling him the many laws that he wants him to follow and to be carful to not follow the many unlawful practices that they did in Egypt or in the new land of Canaan that the Lord was bringing him to. (In the Bible the lord warned Moses to only follow what the He( the lord) was telling him to follow and to be carful to not fall in the the wickedness that most of the world had been falling into) Now if he followed his word then he will also live by it everyday of his life, because he would be obeying God.
Then specifically it states in Leviticus 18:22 “22 “‘Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.”
To break it down this is saying that Moses should not sleep with men as he would with a women this also goes to women lying with women as well.
In conclusion, this is one of many of Gods laws that he wanted Moses to follow and to tell many of others to follow- therefore if you are not following Gods law then you are disobeying God.
You cannot preach or teach to others if you have an unclean spirit yourself. You need to repent to God and leave all the things of the world behind you.
If you have anymore questions please fill free to ask them😌😌
My life is a lie
My life is a lie - 14 hours ago
You cant be gay and be Christian.
Laila 13115
Laila 13115 - 14 hours ago
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