ULTIMATE $1000 2HYPE NBA 2K20 TOURNAMENT! ft. FlightReacts

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Decca The lazar
Decca The lazar - Hour ago
I’m watching it a month after u made it Becuase it is so good
Zlocksy - 3 hours ago
Flight team SIT DOWN!
Frostyy Smacks
Frostyy Smacks - 7 hours ago
I like how Jesse spelled tourament instead of tournament
Tokebt.w - 16 hours ago
Its says in the white board tourament😂
DJ The Basketballer
DJ The Basketballer - 23 hours ago
They should have amde jesser vs a cpu on hall of fame
Armani McKenzie
Armani McKenzie - Day ago
Y’all peep how tournament was spelled though
CJ SO COOL 2 - Day ago
Cash : yelling everytime he scored
Reaper Brelen
Reaper Brelen - 2 days ago
Jesser is lucky but he is good at basketball
Lenny P
Lenny P - 2 days ago
$1,000 tourament *
OTS Wizzojed
OTS Wizzojed - 2 days ago
Anyone else taught that was wiz khalifa
Thunder Thighs
Thunder Thighs - 2 days ago
You spelled tournament wrong on the board
Antoinette Lucas
Antoinette Lucas - 2 days ago
Zack goes in for a high five
Zacks hand goes right passed mopi
Mopi :(
Cash yeet
Luke Nester
Luke Nester - 3 days ago
Cash suck at defense when he’s not using his MAXED BADGE LOCKDOWN DEFENDER
Brigitte Justice
Brigitte Justice - 3 days ago
cash is so lame
Basketball Ben
Basketball Ben - 3 days ago
I’ve been waiting for so long
Trick Shots 23
Trick Shots 23 - 3 days ago
I just realized that it said tourament on the white board
Baseball Anthony
Baseball Anthony - 4 days ago
Flight spoiled it 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 16:17
Oscar Hatton
Oscar Hatton - 4 days ago
Jesser is lucky
Drew Lee
Drew Lee - 4 days ago
Cash Nasty
Lebron's personal foot massager😂😂😂
Quincy B
Quincy B - 5 days ago
Me and zack would’ve been scrapped over 2k after I’ve clapped the whole squads cheeks🚫🧢🧢. They all trash😂😂
Tee Ray
Tee Ray - 5 days ago
He had golden State ofc he was going to win
Aztin Pitt
Aztin Pitt - 5 days ago
Warriors suck ass ass ass
Deron Cockeran
Deron Cockeran - 5 days ago
Who else notice that they spelt tournament wrong on the whiteboard
Casyn Bieri
Casyn Bieri - 5 days ago
you is cash on fucking crack
Mason2312 - 5 days ago
4:56 “is this Aaron Rodgers”
MDC30 Music
MDC30 Music - 6 days ago
Flight: Kris got lucky as heck, he rigged the game, and Paul George I blame you
Me: You’re more garbage than your entire outfit in this video
410 GFX & Media
410 GFX & Media - 6 days ago
according to the white board its a TOURAMENT...smhh....dont drop out of school to play 2k kids
Chrisda Steppa
Chrisda Steppa - 6 days ago
Cash lowkey can’t call mopi trash if he honestly giannis abused
Nevaeh Hanks
Nevaeh Hanks - 6 days ago
Y’all should’ve did cj socool
Good Content
Good Content - 6 days ago
You could tell they were playing on rookie as soon as that contested three from d lo went up
King Edd
King Edd - 7 days ago
But Cash should’ve won the 2k tournament
King Edd
King Edd - 7 days ago
I’ll be Zach and Cash Jesser trash to
Bossman Kenny
Bossman Kenny - 7 days ago
https://youtu.be/JO7Yq4qcl2s fw my page for hood nba2k20 gameplay
Aayush Gautam
Aayush Gautam - 7 days ago
TOUR-A-MENT 1:57, man its tourNament
Kylo 840
Kylo 840 - 7 days ago
Cash don’t even talk I could beat you bot kid
Just Random
Just Random - 7 days ago
I’m glad Kris lost only because he said that the clippers are the better team😅
Jeremiah Fry
Jeremiah Fry - 8 days ago
Bruh zack one salty mofo
Robert Brustad
Robert Brustad - 8 days ago
Don't put Flight in your vids again. This dude with his trash ass music and excuses
Robert Brustad
Robert Brustad - 8 days ago
Shut the fuck up FlightExcuses
Elijah Trigg
Elijah Trigg - 8 days ago
Flight actually said on his interview jesse won😂
Doorstep 1
Doorstep 1 - 8 days ago
Azizbek Kabilov
Azizbek Kabilov - 8 days ago
No one

Cole Schimmoller
Cole Schimmoller - 8 days ago
Flight spoiled the whole tournament in his interview
A D - 8 days ago
Cash is still the best
Shawny Tv
Shawny Tv - 8 days ago
Khris ugly asab 😭😭😭
FuccxTur01 FT
FuccxTur01 FT - 8 days ago
that one dude wit the fucked up blonde curly hair got bailed out it got me mad lowkey😂
Sam Reynolds
Sam Reynolds - 9 days ago
Can I join you guys hahaha LOL
UhhQui - 9 days ago
Jesser should’ve played mopi and gave mop another chance jesser frickin cheated
Random stuff with Luke
Random stuff with Luke - 9 days ago
You guys should bring out Chris smoove to get that legendary commentary
kudzai tanhara
kudzai tanhara - 5 days ago
Random stuff with Luke facts 💪🏽😂
Jay Flogs/fun vlogs
Jay Flogs/fun vlogs - 9 days ago
Do ya not no kids watch less cursing more action
Josh Firew
Josh Firew - 9 days ago
I rate your shirt zack
Papi Burrito 10
Papi Burrito 10 - 9 days ago
Everybody knows that kris got bailed out with them shots man
Ryan Celtic
Ryan Celtic - 9 days ago
On the whiteboard they spelled tournament wrong
Killshot. Khi
Killshot. Khi - 9 days ago
2:03 tournament is spelled wrong in the background it was spell tourament
Kram Oiugad
Kram Oiugad - 9 days ago
Rigged for nesser
Nate Bod
Nate Bod - 9 days ago
But the light-skinned GIRAFFE hAs to be the best
Nate Bod
Nate Bod - 9 days ago
Flight’s a professional pilot is the only one that makes sense👌
Nate Bod
Nate Bod - 9 days ago
There’s just somethin about flight that looks Indian🤣
Nate Bod
Nate Bod - 9 days ago
Jiedel Drake’s Manager
I died lol😂🤣😂
Aiden Parra
Aiden Parra - 9 days ago
Dfedwad. Ffgdfef. Dcdxsd. Dcscsz. Dcsxssxs. Rfevdc
vKDarkzy - 9 days ago
I don’t get it is Mopi related to one of them? He’s clearly not good at 2k or IRL basketball
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