The Decline of Chuck E. Cheese's...What Happened?

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Hezekiah Shedelbower
Hezekiah Shedelbower - 16 seconds ago
It tried to out pizza the hut
Thelma Maglines
Thelma Maglines - Minute ago
Thelma Maglines
Thelma Maglines - Minute ago
i wish I didn’t get killed
Thelma Maglines
Thelma Maglines - 2 minutes ago
I saw 5 kids in tik tok and there was missing
fady maged
fady maged - 6 minutes ago
What really happened is purple guy (William Afton) decided to say fuck all and just killed real kids
Lee Robinson
Lee Robinson - 6 minutes ago
We still have these in memphis, but in my opinion the overshadowed by bigger similar places like Incredible Pizza
Yauxxii - 7 minutes ago
I don't remember it being called "Chuck E Cheese" on my Planet is was called *Chucky Cheese Pizza*. Nice to meet you humans. =)
CANDY - 8 minutes ago
You know, I would LOVE to see what Disney would do if they bought chuckecheese. Like the arcade, pizza place but for everyone. The animatronics would be characters walking around. The games would be Disney themed. The character “movies” that they show up on the big screen, would be Mickey shorts. You know. AND THE MOUSE WOULD BE MICKEY. That would make sense to me
Aidan Murrell
Aidan Murrell - 9 minutes ago
My first 10 birthdays were spent at Chuck E Cheese...
Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Poor
Don’t Shoot Me, I’m Poor - 12 minutes ago
These stupid ass kids took away the damn animatronics and made the place horrible
jepro schepro
jepro schepro - 12 minutes ago
i'm lowkey sad that chuck e cheese filed for bankruptcy it's like my childhood is shutting down first Toys R Us and now Chuck E Cheese :(
Jessica A
Jessica A - 14 minutes ago
Peter Piper Pizza is better than Chuck E. Cheese's, change my mind
Le Jo
Le Jo - 14 minutes ago
First Toys R us and then this happens just me or is there a pattern here?
Rie - 16 minutes ago
u can blame fnaf for the lower amount of customers
BasicallyILikeAnime - 17 minutes ago
Lamao shane
Pro Wolf
Pro Wolf - 17 minutes ago
I'm hoping they come back once this crisis is over!
Brett Banks
Brett Banks - 17 minutes ago
The earliest Chuck E. Cheese looks cool
Lauren’s Lps
Lauren’s Lps - 20 minutes ago
If an animatronic was trying to kill me I would poop on it lol sad truth
DIABETIC RAMEN - 21 minute ago
did anyone else cry, get freaked out, or feel uncomfortable when that one guy in the chuck e. cheese costume walked around and tried to hang out with the kids.... i did not ef with that i tell you
The Chainsaw
The Chainsaw - 22 minutes ago
It declined when they got rid of the TMNT arcade game or at least that's why I refused to go when I was around 8 years old, literally that arcade was the only reason I would ever wanna go whenever my parents offered to take me and my sister there
Villain For Hire
Villain For Hire - 23 minutes ago
I'll tell you what happened, they grew up!
Martina Henriquez
Martina Henriquez - 27 minutes ago
Before you know it 5 kids are dead in the local Chuck e chesee
Me: *its been so looong..*
Lana y
Lana y - 27 minutes ago
6:30 what is that creature and how is that kid not scared shitless
raindevil .x
raindevil .x - 31 minute ago
the fnaf game series has also made people a bit uneasy because they are so similar and chucke inspired fnaf but now there's rumours of murders it will be setting off more alarms for people
Morgan - 31 minute ago
Honestly peter piper pizza is like chuck e cheese but without animatronics, some locations have roller coasters and better pizza
Dayana Levien-Rodas
Dayana Levien-Rodas - 33 minutes ago
Where a kid can be a kid 🥺
s p i n t
s p i n t - 33 minutes ago
In my personal opinion these are some reasons it might have declined:
No more tokens, the cards are not as fun
Shane Dawson’s pizza theory might’ve
ruined their reputation a bit
After fnaf many kids probably don’t want to go there
Overall there’s so many arcades with more things to do like main event etc.
The new character (I personally don’t really mind it) but many people have lost the nostalgia in it I guess.
Kids probably want to get a new video game or consoles ect. as a treat instead of going out somewhere
I hope Chuck E. Cheese gets back on their feet. I have so many memories of going there and it’s just so much fun, I would love to take my future kids there.
Gogeta Super Saiyan
Gogeta Super Saiyan - 34 minutes ago
O man...
Joy McGuire
Joy McGuire - 34 minutes ago
The store here has closed. - It was a gang ridden cesspool. I was afraid to go in there! Something is definitely wrong when a armed security guard has to be on duty at a kids' venue.
Cookieplayz - Roblox
Cookieplayz - Roblox - 38 minutes ago
Av - 40 minutes ago
the reason is actually because people started complaining about the suits smelling terrible
Benjamin G
Benjamin G - 41 minute ago
They changed his appearance 8 years ago today
Mwiah - 46 minutes ago
I can just imagine a guard taking a shift at chuckE cheeses while it’s locked down “What on earth are you doing here?”
mythic pyramid
mythic pyramid - 52 minutes ago
Ive been to chuck e cheese since age 3, im hoping that they stay open. I love the past of the place and their old tronics. It kinda bothers me how the restaurant is just "ooo spooky" now and "omg real fnaf."
Karina Baez
Karina Baez - 56 minutes ago
Peter piper picked a pack of pickled peppers
Say that 10 times fast
OPAARTIST - 58 minutes ago
I've never been to Chuck E. Cheese.
Daryl Dunn
Daryl Dunn - Hour ago
Now it could come all five night at Freddys
Alastor - Hour ago
Bro. Corona hit right as I was getting in the mood to go places. I was planning to have my 21st birthday there too. I was gonna spend all of my new found adult cash and get as many tokens as I wanted, get top shelf prizes, hop into the ball put again. Please God dont let this happen.
Mochii Gacha
Mochii Gacha - Hour ago
Chuck E Cheese = Freddy Fazbears Pizzeria.
Tom Blackstone
Tom Blackstone - Hour ago
This was a very informative video. But you're not taking into account the fact that, after 2008, companies were encouraged by the Fed to take on excessive debt. This was supposed to "boost aggregate demand" by creating a "wealth effect." Many companies went into debt to buy back their own stock. At least Chuck E. Cheese bought profitable companies with the debt instead of purchasing their own stock. They didn't expect the Fed to start hiking rates every quarter beginning in 2017. Nor did they expect the Fed to do "balance sheet reduction." The bankruptcy of Chuck E. Cheese was predictable once that move was made - and bankruptcies of many other companies will follow in its wake.
Karina Baez
Karina Baez - Hour ago
Can you do the thing about toys r us reopening? That would be cool
BlackLivesMatter - Hour ago
We have grown up, we are going to Dave & Busters now.
uriah Wingfield
uriah Wingfield - Hour ago
I hope they go out of business cause they pizza slices dont match they take pizza that havent been eaten by other customers and then heat it up and serve it up like it was just cooked gross
Binalz - Hour ago
Why does the show biz beat look like the animatronic from gravity falls episode
Antwan Reese
Antwan Reese - Hour ago
The going into dept might be the reason why they kept bringing up prices in tickets and tokens bc I spent over 80 dollars or more in tokens and made 1'000 tickets or more and I could only get 2 small things with all those tickets that was the last time I went there
Qazwsxedc Bob
Qazwsxedc Bob - Hour ago
You don't out pizza the Hut and get away with it.
Gordon - Hour ago
I remember the first time going into a Chuck E Cheese in the late 80's as a kid and those damn animatronics scared the hell out of me at first.
Liam McLaughlin
Liam McLaughlin - Hour ago
What kind of investor gave them 1 bil dollars.
Chuck E' cheese's animatronics scare me
MrColz - Hour ago
Chuck E Cheese finally got sick from its own petri dish.
Caleb Williams
Caleb Williams - Hour ago
In my hometown it was a Showbiz that came first and was there for many years. It was popular more for the teen crowd because of the arcade and little kids were seen less often. A few years later the Showbiz became a Chuck E. Cheese and you could see the shift almost overnight. Most of the arcade games popular with teens went away and were replaced with little kids games. The whole demographic shifted, and frankly not for the better. The restaurant struggled to stay open for another 10 years, but they had the misfortune of being located next door to a KMart which was quickly declining in business and foot traffic. I recall as an adult walking into that Chuck E Cheese the last year it was open. It was a Saturday night, and the place was half empty. I knew it wasn't going to last long at that point, especially when I could remember 15 years earlier when the place was a madhouse, hard to find a place to sit in the dining room, and groups of teens huddled around game cabinets waiting for their turn to play while the kitchen staff ran an hour behind making pizzas.
Salty Bonsai
Salty Bonsai - Hour ago
I've seen so many petitions to change Chuck E Cheese into Freddy Fazbears Pizza and honestly I'm all for it.
Josiah Rentas
Josiah Rentas - Hour ago
i SWEAR i wasn’t getting these vids in my sub box
The All-American Socialist
It mostly declined because people were beating the sh*t out of each other there on a daily basis like it was a fight club.
CaribPhin - Hour ago
The man behind the slaughter
Long story short.. it was me
Aether Time
Aether Time - Hour ago
Damn I missed this place, especially the pizza
Devin Giles
Devin Giles - Hour ago
Same here!
nittasan - Hour ago
We're hoping Scott makes -killer- animatronics. Like, being killed by Glitch? Sign me up. I wanna be put in a suit.
Crazy Nerd
Crazy Nerd - Hour ago
what about hastings co?
Melo Creepy Pasta
Melo Creepy Pasta - Hour ago
I hate. Chuck E. Cheese
Robloxgamerman - Hour ago
I once been in one of the Chuck E. Cheese’s play grounds .. it smelled like piss
Daisy Vlogsss
Daisy Vlogsss - Hour ago
What about the rumor of 5 kids went missing there ?
totally not bigfoots brother
Bruh chuck e cheese was my childhood bruh we already lost toys r us
JustLanceThings - Hour ago
Don Coroleone
Don Coroleone - Hour ago
I thought this was what caused most people to quit going there.
APlaceHolder BPlaceHolder
Sounds like American way of life.
Child’s Play
Child’s Play - Hour ago
Pizza Time
pastel rose
pastel rose - 2 hours ago
Oh yeah, they went bankrupt.
brattyowo - 2 hours ago
1:43 Pittsburgh gang I was watching that shit as it came on tv
I like Youtube
I like Youtube - 2 hours ago
Ishould have never gotten a job there
Jack Beard
Jack Beard - 2 hours ago
Decline of consumer behavior and the shift of children having access to superior gaming and arcade platforms on their phones and games for free. The best strategy for buying a publicly traded company is if the consumer habits are going towards them or not. If not they need to turn themselves around which chuck e cheese didn't do. They lost out to the escape games and other party places. The arcade has been in decline for a while. The only real way to do so would be exclusivity in purchases like a Fortnite skin that can only be won in a Chuck e Cheese arcade. Stuff like that. Now kids can party with their friends online.
Lee Minsung
Lee Minsung - 2 hours ago
Honestly I never went to chuk e cheese as a kids cause it was expensive af for my family and I was never interested in celebrating my birthday party with tons of other strangers 🤷🏻‍♀️
George B. Wolffsohn
George B. Wolffsohn - 2 hours ago
In the wake of Covid-19, ball pits and jumpy houses are a thing of the past. Ticket Blaster ? Covid-19 heaven. Ew !
Corvo Attano
Corvo Attano - 2 hours ago
Virtually every big business, and some smaller businesses, killed themselves with crushing debt. Hopefully the newer generation learns from these, and does not fall into the trend of digging themselves into deeper and deeper debt.
Waterlily Lon
Waterlily Lon - 2 hours ago
And then there's that one kid who's never been to Chuck E. Cheese...

Yes I was talking about myself.
ULTRA HX - 2 hours ago
Thinking of Chuck E. Cheese,
I think of FNAF
Inco - 2 hours ago
I’m not even joking, half way I thought this was a joke and you were talking about the FNAF lore
yoidogxD - 2 hours ago
William Afton Will Take Over Chuck E' Cheese
Majestic Ridez
Majestic Ridez - 2 hours ago
I thought it went bankrupt Because the place always smelled like feet
animating soju
animating soju - 2 hours ago
fnaf happened
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