Big Sean - Wolves ft. Post Malone

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SN Chainz
SN Chainz - 2 minutes ago
Song sucks
Sandeepa J
Sandeepa J - 9 minutes ago
A unique one😍
Aaron Asher
Aaron Asher - 11 minutes ago
The symbolism behind this is crazy!! Blood moon which represents end of times , pretty much join the pack or die typa shit. Evil asf!
IRTryin K
IRTryin K - 12 minutes ago
69 be like wtf?
zaki andrius
zaki andrius - 13 minutes ago
neymar ft post malone ?
Dumisani Domingo Phiri
Dumisani Domingo Phiri - 14 minutes ago
raised by the wolves; sewn by the wold dogs; breed by the hyenas; taught to walk by bears...
Jada Grimsley
Jada Grimsley - 23 minutes ago
I love dis
chagwey - 25 minutes ago
damn! killed it!
Esther Okure
Esther Okure - 49 minutes ago
My 6yr old daughter likes this song too much
mrwil341 - 50 minutes ago
Im not a big fan of seans part
vxphoenix - 50 minutes ago
Man what are post malones suits, i need them, especially the white and black one
Jef Den
Jef Den - 59 minutes ago
Love you posty /💕 From Thailand 🔥 🇹🇭💪
FUZZ BURROW - Hour ago
Posty out here looking like a whole Bond villain
Alejandro :3
Alejandro :3 - Hour ago
That's music.
Ski oo
Ski oo - Hour ago
Factory 🔥🔥🔥🤟🏾👌🏾
Goat GOAT - Hour ago
so the king is back
Issakson Sherrif
Issakson Sherrif - Hour ago
we love grapes😁😁
CrystalKai - Hour ago
безумно можно быть первым
Gabrielle Fernandez
Gabrielle Fernandez - Hour ago
this could be a soundtrack for F9
ERYS - Hour ago
1:43 is when the song actually starts. Thank me later.
Brian lam
Brian lam - 2 hours ago
sounds like kAhuSh me siwezi
Latifa Mthembu
Latifa Mthembu - 2 hours ago
The beat drop🥵🥵🥶
Real Talk
Real Talk - 3 hours ago
"Said ud die for me well there's the ground"
BluuBlood Râ
BluuBlood Râ - 3 hours ago
Boogies Fikrah
Boogies Fikrah - 3 hours ago
You back here again?
How many more times u gonna listen to it?
CJJ1 - 3 hours ago
quesjrob - 3 hours ago
Wellington Nhando
Wellington Nhando - 4 hours ago
Me 🏃🏃🏃 to Spotify to put this on repeat for the rest of the week
Tarry Mcknee
Tarry Mcknee - 4 hours ago
Yes, nice Video! We need more new, epic and unique music!!!!
Ganesh Ramkumar
Ganesh Ramkumar - 4 hours ago
Post malone looks damn bougie tho
BRYCE MACK - 4 hours ago
I bet a Mike Dean Version of this would be super dope!!!
Ganesh Ramkumar
Ganesh Ramkumar - 4 hours ago
Gangsta G
Gangsta G - 4 hours ago
hard vibe tho
Jessie Cruz
Jessie Cruz - 4 hours ago
Big Sean standing on a xbox series x?
Kerliboi - 4 hours ago
Plain Jane lofi version ? HAHA
P Murda
P Murda - 4 hours ago
Are we talking wolves in sheep clothing? The road to hell was paved with good intentions?? Mmmmm don’t know man.. just stick with kev. Gates. At first liked it until..
Abdul Jah
Abdul Jah - 5 hours ago
“You said you’d die for me... well there’s the ground” I love post man!! 🔥😂❤️
Riffaldy 7
Riffaldy 7 - 5 hours ago
Ride with the mob, Alhamdulillah
Check in with me and do your job
Ferg is the name, Ben Baller did the chain
Tourneau for the watch, presi Plain Jane
Don't blame if this sound the same
Rob P
Rob P - 5 hours ago
Is it just me or does POST MALONE look like a RUSSIAN GANGSTER very cool.
Counterfit Mimic
Counterfit Mimic - 5 hours ago
Damian Pascu
Damian Pascu - 5 hours ago
me in the car going to get groceries: *I was raised by the wolfs*
Themanmir - 5 hours ago
ait ait
Omkar Jagtap
Omkar Jagtap - 5 hours ago
Behold the 2 hairstyles of quarantine
night wing
night wing - 6 hours ago can't belive this video
Tray Sanders
Tray Sanders - 6 hours ago
Big Sean Tha Don
God - 6 hours ago
2020 anyone?
Big Live
Big Live - 7 hours ago
😳New Artist In Miami 🌴 @BigLive 🔥🔥🔥🔥
DAD - 7 hours ago
Who here before 1 billion ?
The Black Hand
The Black Hand - 7 hours ago
You better Play it right....... *on repeat*
Veda Roberson
Veda Roberson - 7 hours ago
Fire I agree
Emmerson Kargbo
Emmerson Kargbo - 8 hours ago
Posty:Raised by d wolves never play by d rules
Kyleigh Fenton
Kyleigh Fenton - 8 hours ago
I was in a car accident listening to this song... guess you could say it’s killer... 😳
(Yes I’m fine, just can’t listen to this and drive)
I do love this song tho lol.
Syed Nadeem
Syed Nadeem - 8 hours ago
idk why im getting pop smokes music video vibes
JG osa
JG osa - 8 hours ago
See you in 7 years When this gets Randomly recommended to Us 😂
dracooo moritz
dracooo moritz - 8 hours ago
Leader of the Pack
shankar nadar
shankar nadar - 8 hours ago
Madzy - 8 hours ago
B. Rinsangi
B. Rinsangi - 8 hours ago
Mizo ngaithla ho kha chuan like mai ru
Arsh Inder Singh Sodhi
Arsh Inder Singh Sodhi - 8 hours ago
I was afraid of the Remus Lupin
Brett Cook
Brett Cook - 8 hours ago
This shit bangs.. we got Sean doing a lil peep flow and post Malone not being a rapper.
I dig it.
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei - 9 hours ago
Posty looks like he has an offshore account thats used specifically for money that was previously in a bank
5Dee Ceeks
5Dee Ceeks - 9 hours ago
He sounds like jcole
Clout Snap
Clout Snap - 9 hours ago
Song goes so fucking hard
Alexis Gintz
Alexis Gintz - 9 hours ago
s j
s j - 9 hours ago
This somehow has Chinese undertones
sotuur aeei
sotuur aeei - 9 hours ago
This song is 🔥
TheFewmr2 - 9 hours ago
Post Malone Killed this shit, don't @ me 🔥🔥🔥
eQc - 9 hours ago
Idk man kinda sounds like the next theme song for Despicable Me 4
d t
d t - 9 hours ago
the vibe and the cinematography looks like JAY-Z - On To The Next One. i wonder if it's the same director
Gemii - 9 hours ago
yall just pulled out my emotion this is exactly how i feel
Karen Andrea Cardenas Estrada
Te amo post malone💗
Serkavalo - 9 hours ago
John Lemley
John Lemley - 9 hours ago
Good thing you got post to save the song. Song was ass till he came in.
TeenDillBill - 9 hours ago
Miss the old post
Juliana Giza
Juliana Giza - 9 hours ago
My ex best friend made fun of post malone because of his hair..... I felt like slapping her.....I love his music and his style! It's so unique
Harrison Levy
Harrison Levy - 9 hours ago
ONLY 2 mil
Manuel Sebastiàn
Manuel Sebastiàn - 10 hours ago
Presi Plain jane
NoneYa Bidnez
NoneYa Bidnez - 10 hours ago
Man down, where ya from....
Sean Mariani
Sean Mariani - 10 hours ago
We're all blessed to be apart of such a great era for music 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Andre Davis
Andre Davis - 10 hours ago
This song is 🔥
Jd Dj
Jd Dj - 10 hours ago
Big sean look like a kid with a Big fake beard and mustache
houstonboyjr - 10 hours ago
Love the song
houstonboyjr - 10 hours ago
Is that symbolic for the China flag with that red circle and white floor just asking
AKAI - 10 hours ago
Best clip
Gahh E
Gahh E - 10 hours ago
Corina Granados
Corina Granados - 10 hours ago
Naza Sosa
Naza Sosa - 11 hours ago
Nice sounds
International Relaxing music1
Hello beautiful People if you are big fan of music ,then you know what you have to do . welcome in the family God bless you All
S̶ ̶I̶ ̶N̶ ̶C̶ ̶L̶ ̶A̶ ̶I̶ ̶R̶
this shit a movie fr ... filthy
Isaac Laumbach
Isaac Laumbach - 11 hours ago
I was raised by Shepards
Adolfo Monteiro
Adolfo Monteiro - 11 hours ago
Hii 😛😎 55 🇧🇷
RaZe - 11 hours ago
Only came for Post Malone. Song would be better without Big Sean.
Pugpotatosworld B
Pugpotatosworld B - 11 hours ago
I love you gise this is my favorite song it is so Catchy
toodull_irl - 11 hours ago
1:30 Ride with the mob, Alhamdulilah
Check in with me and do your Job
Ferg is the name, Ben Baller did the chain
Tourneau for the watch, presi Plain Jane
cynthia :3
cynthia :3 - 11 hours ago
Post malone 🥵🔥
kev sheezy
kev sheezy - 12 hours ago
Damn!! I was raised by the wolves🐺
DoneZone. - 12 hours ago
wtf is this so sick
Giovanni Ruiz
Giovanni Ruiz - 12 hours ago
Why postey look like he's slowly turning into a super villain?
Andrew Carter
Andrew Carter - 12 hours ago
Another song ruined my Post...dammit Sean was so dope in this
shotoroki iceyhot
shotoroki iceyhot - 12 hours ago
I wish I was raised by wolves they have the biggest trust in their pack
madison galt
madison galt - 12 hours ago
post malones “i was raised by” givin me chils
Hammond Reign
Hammond Reign - 11 hours ago
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