Dax - Thought Those Were My Last Words (Official Music Video)

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Dax - 6 days ago
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Don't GetVAX
Don't GetVAX - 7 hours ago
Biggie Smalls
Biggie Smalls - 9 hours ago
Totally not a rickroll usa-video.net/LoI2gzMG3_c-video.html
Natalia Rivera
Natalia Rivera - 10 hours ago
Love that jacket, I knew I've seen it sonewhere....Bitch you should've knew I was coming 😂🤣😂....I love that song DAX✌❤
Frederick Richard
Frederick Richard - 12 hours ago
After listening to this video I decided to try somethings. #Positive Change
Inush boestuff
Inush boestuff - 12 hours ago
You killd it
💕𝘽𝙇𝙕 𝘾𝙡𝙖𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙛𝙮
Dax if you don't love this comment your gay and you like James Charles
Indian Guru
Indian Guru - 18 minutes ago
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - Hour ago
The only rapper who never fail's to give a special message through his rap.
Stupid Community
Stupid Community - Hour ago
Everyone keeps saying "It's DAX"

But no one is asking "How's DAX"
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty - Hour ago
I hate clothes for this reason, DAX FACTS🥰
El Jeffe
El Jeffe - 2 hours ago
I've been watching this 1 million times but the views beg to differ.
Ashton Coutts
Ashton Coutts - 2 hours ago
Fucking litt
Tahsin Mugdho
Tahsin Mugdho - 3 hours ago
Love from Bangladesh brother ♥
It's Dax👽
Even though KSI is not a bad rapper, but he can't beat Dax. Cmon, everyone knows that.
GodlyOpp 1x
GodlyOpp 1x - 5 hours ago
Thanks for replying to me a month ago on ig dax @ccn0s
Fred Severance
Fred Severance - 5 hours ago
this shit fireeee
Larenzo Speed
Larenzo Speed - 5 hours ago
Please dont sell yo soul dax your the first rapper that i liked in a long long time your the best but these wack ass rapper are really trash and messing it all up and we need a rapper that is good and thats u dax😄
EMCEE BRUCE - 5 hours ago
Crypt said dax better make more vids like this one because it's fire 💯🙏❤️🔥
iiCloudySkiesii - 5 hours ago
2020 is the year of the rat

No Literally it’s the lunar rat
Josh Hansen Robitschek
Josh Hansen Robitschek - 6 hours ago
F in the chat does Dax’s bum
Xanaxx Xan
Xanaxx Xan - 6 hours ago
Do you guys every wonder what he actually promised his mom cause he's making it pretty far in it
Trinity Racer
Trinity Racer - 6 hours ago
Dax sleeps in jeans
Odd World Gaming
Odd World Gaming - 6 hours ago
whooooaaaaa Just the song I needed to hear!
good stuff Dax!
Huffbag 91
Huffbag 91 - 6 hours ago
Heart this if ksi is better than you
Vybzx_ _
Vybzx_ _ - 6 hours ago
No words can explain yo music bruh🔥✊
Don't GetVAX
Don't GetVAX - 7 hours ago
I hate clothes for this reason, DAX FACTS🥰
XL22m16altce y
XL22m16altce y - 7 hours ago
Before watching this Dax was my number one rapper now he - a number so high my mind can't even comprehend
Cloud - 7 hours ago
Alicia Montes
Alicia Montes - 8 hours ago
Had to come back on my moms youtube just so i could show you that i love you brotha
Thrawnio - 8 hours ago
At least we know that he got those Vocals 🔥 fire bro keep it up G
Thrawnio - 8 hours ago
Cos u love reading comments, bet u gone heart this one too (my 5th comment that youve liked already :) )
But how havent u liked or pinned shaqs comment lol
Minecraft Gamer
Minecraft Gamer - 8 hours ago
Dax you made my birthday 2647464376437347827x better then it already was.
Thanks so much man
Gage Burns
Gage Burns - 8 hours ago
All his songs are powerful
the grinch
the grinch - 8 hours ago
Bruuhhh I was so into the song I literly wished it was longer
Aeriyanna Lashea
Aeriyanna Lashea - 9 hours ago
Love this song
Joseph Mote
Joseph Mote - 9 hours ago
Dax on a different level than any of the other rappers. Dude be spitting straight fire. The only rapper I’ve ever heard sing in 10 different voices. Keep it up bro you headed to the top.
Sirclipsus - 9 hours ago
I can't wait for this to hit 1 mil the next song I feel like is gonna be a banger
Dasahet Melchor
Dasahet Melchor - 9 hours ago
I am crying
Blingmo - 9 hours ago
You have leveled up for real. Keep it up bro
Flairuh Music
Flairuh Music - 10 hours ago
Am I the only one who thinks this deserve a 100 mil in like 3 months or less bro
Dax a legend!!!!
Mike Driver
Mike Driver - 10 hours ago
This song slaps harder then my dad's belt
Clepboyette - 10 hours ago
Straight up tho. A fucking NES with a Super NES controller...... 🤔👌🏻
Ray Robinson
Ray Robinson - 11 hours ago
Majority of this dudes fan base is white people buying and supporting his songs yet he tries to be political with a black lives matter song a few weeks ago
Freezy Ali
Freezy Ali - 11 hours ago
Heavy auto tune
kai matthews
kai matthews - 11 hours ago
Bro I love all your shit and music videos but this one stands out the most and is one of your best keep it going love u man thank u for helping me thru life.
Starlit - 11 hours ago
Real All Things
Real All Things - 11 hours ago
Dax please my bro please make a tribute to legend Juice WRLD
Macie Sanders
Macie Sanders - 11 hours ago
I'll say this again...WHY IS DAX SO UNDERRATED?! love the video, love the song and most importantly love me some Daxxxxxx
전세계 - 12 hours ago
1:01 highlight
Inush boestuff
Inush boestuff - 12 hours ago
Love from 🇿🇼🇿🇼🇿🇼 zimbabwe dax
Barkode - 13 hours ago
nah fr we lowkey needa see you on billboards
Ţämz Wolfsta
Ţämz Wolfsta - 13 hours ago
Powerful Words much respect from New Zealand Across the world from u much love Dax love this song💯❤️💛💚🔥🔥🔥🔥💯
Chevery Bowen
Chevery Bowen - 13 hours ago
Underrated isn't even the right word to describe u my guy 💦🇯🇲
Mr Znzee
Mr Znzee - 13 hours ago
First time I saw Dax with a shirt 😛👚
50K subscriber challenge with no videos
DAX will take the world by storm
FIre bruh
Watchingsolid - 13 hours ago
No more simping 😏😌
404swiss - 13 hours ago
Bro when my music hits ur radar I can’t wait to collab 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Isaac Pagan
Isaac Pagan - 13 hours ago
My little brother sleeping next to me 😴 it don’t matter 😂 he gon have to hear shit 💯💫
william Khims
william Khims - 14 hours ago
U better than Eminem
David Rodriguez
David Rodriguez - 14 hours ago
During this time, hasn't dropped a bad song yet.
TRUTH HURTS - 15 hours ago
Dax that was amazing bro... every song u make is 💥💥💥💥. Keep.uo the good work. Please wipe out all this mumble crap rappers, and end tory lanez career by releasing more fire music. Make him look stupid that u can do way better than him. If he ambushes u again with his goons, he already know he can't compete with u. Ur style of rap and singing melody can kill these hopeless mumble rapping or fast speed rap like tory (but can't understand shit) mainstream rappers.
Kevin Langone
Kevin Langone - 15 hours ago
Big impact again, yes, but newest thing I've noticed Dax is your voice man. Holy shit. Beautiful reggae tones. Is that you!? You have been working on skills for sure if that's your voice. I'm lovin the new reggae chorus. Try some more reggae rap cause jeez, you are talented
Have a good summer man. Hope uve made it out of the inner city and maybe have a kid now. You have come along way in the last few years. 2.5 million subscriber says enough. Lovin your impact through poetry and song dude Keep going and god bless you for throwing his words and spirit into your vibes
Mega OrbiTz
Mega OrbiTz - 16 hours ago
Mr Zeah zBoy
Mr Zeah zBoy - 16 hours ago
Just think if we choose all the right answers to this life.
Yang Deer
Yang Deer - 16 hours ago
Ki játszottad az élet nevű játékot 🇭🇺 🔥🔥Awesome ! (Sorry for bad English)
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